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Welcome to Babylon5Fans.com

Welcome to Babylon5Fans.com .  I have included many personal stories and recollections of having worked with the show as the person “behind the scenes” running the Official Babylon 5 areas on America Online and the Official Babylon 5 Web site at www.babylon5.com. Throughout the site you will find many downloads that were thought lost – restored to their former glory here on babylon5fans.com.

Babylon 5 was a dream given form. And as with any dream, it tends to fade from memory with age. This web site is hoping to bring Babylon 5 fans together into one central place, through a distinct web address, so that we can continue to preserve the memories of the show, and keep the fan base excited about the prospects of maybe one day, revitalization and perhaps a feature film.

If you have any questions or suggestions for the web site, please feel free to email me. Please note that rather than spend excess time and energy on the latest and greatest design, this site is going to be kept simple, for the data, not the design, is what we are trying to focus our time and attention on.

So welcome to Babylon5Fans.com. You are clear for docking. Please surrender control of your your vessel to our computer on my mark. MARK!

About Troy

Troy Rutter was the original webmaster and producer of Babylon5.com and Keyword: Babylon5 on America Online. One of the "first ones" of fans, Troy continues to enthusiastically promote the show and remains active in B5 fandom. His ultimate goal is to create a traveling B5 exhibit to take to cons throughout the U.S.


  1. Well Troy I only wandered a portion of this area but so far it looks like a lot of fun!
    We are all going to go tripping down memory lane and deal with the struggles of
    waiting for the new episodes, the threats of cancellation before the finish of the arc,
    the baseketball playoffs.. ad nauseum.
    Anyways I am glad that its here if only
    for those who never went through it all might see how it went down.. and for those
    who were there each nail biting second, from the birth to tearful demise of the series, will
    always remember.


  2. I loved Babylon 5! I love how JMS was one of the few people in television history to have total creative control over his work — and it shows; you can see it in the quality of the series … My favorite characters are Kosh (before he and the rest of the Vorlons went Stalinistic towards the end) and I love how Sherridan went from being “the star killer” to being married to Delenn of all women. I especially love how, in the end, the Human race eventually became similar to the Vorlons. That scene when the Marcus-looking dude was talking about suiting up and taking off before Sol went nova so he could make it in time for the party of all parties was absolutely perfect.

    Faith manages.

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