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Babylon 5 Credit Chit Prop | eBay

US $20.00 in Entertainment Memorabilia, Television Memorabilia, Props

Source: Babylon 5 Credit Chit Prop | eBay

With a lack of “official” merchandise, many fans have taken it on themselves to recreate various props from the series. While most of the times these center around the infamous PPG pistol, or various¬†quality replicas of hand-links, occasionally you can find other replicas as well.

Here is one for a Babylon 5 credit chit. You can see Londo using one similar in the pilot movie.

The original prop had areas carved out of it to make it more 3-D, but it is difficult to tell if this one was made as precise or not. Still, a fun piece to have sitting with your collection to be sure!

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