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Babylon 5 Cast Sings YMCA!

The idea for this video came in a dream, and the result may be JMS’s worst nightmare.

Here for your amusement, is the Babylon 5 cast singing YMCA in their own music video! – The Beginning

The journey to bring Babylon 5 to it’s own private space on the Internet began in 1994. The web hadn’t quite yet reached mainstream, and America Online was one of the most popular service providers for going “online.” On the service, Warner Bros. had secured an agreement with AOL to bring the TV show EXTRA to its own area. Jim Moloshok hired several people from to come work for WB, and after getting EXTRA up and running, they did a few videos for Babylon 5 that were uploaded to the EXTRA site. These included Ivanova saying “Captain, we have visitors from EXTRA Online on board” and others.

Flash forward to 1995 when Warner Bros. saw the future of the web and began putting together a team to create Warner Bros. Online. Their first properties were the already formed EXTRA and Babylon 5. Before the AOL area could be completed, however, they knew they had to get a site on the Internet created. At the time, the biggest WB property was a portal called Pathfinder, and Babylon 5 was put online with a address. (This is around the time when I joined the WBOL crew.)

Seeing the need for its own domain name, WB wanted the domain name, but it was taken by a fan, who had only put up a lone picture of Laurel Takashima from the pilot. Through letters and email, WB eventually secured for itself, and managed to transfer the site to the new domain before lost all of its operating capital and was shut own.

The web site used many of the elements that were simultaneously designed for the AOL site. These clunky screens used image aps to map out areas on the graphics that fans could click on to access the various areas.  An example is below.



Once the AOL and web site were up, WB began getting deluged with emails that the station in the lower right hand corner of the screens was upside down.  WB then corrected the image on the web site, and began the process of redoing the art for the AOL site.


Art for AOL had to be “downloaded” by the client/user’s computer. So a workaround was used where the station was actually an additional piece of art that was downloaded on top of the existing one.  This had the effect of downloading the big image first, and then a replacement graphic popping into view over the other one once it had downloaded.

I visited the set numerous times over the years, but it wasn’t until later when we were doing the Quicktime VR panoramas that I glanced down and noticed something on the main ob-dome control panel.

There, in the lower right hand corner of the actual control panel, was a graphic of the station… oriented exactly the way we had it when we launched the site!


This story still makes me laugh when I think about all the uproar the “upside down” station caused when it was put online. I haven’t put it in writing before, so I hope you enjoyed it.


Welcome to the new!

Welcome to the “new look” of After years of wondering what to do with this content, and not just have it as “old stuff,” I hope to be able to post updates about curious finds I happen upon during my never-ending journey of finding and enjoying all things Babylon 5.

As always, it is a work in progress, but I hope you find something that interests you. Please comment and share posts and pages you enjoy.

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Claudia Christian’s Red Carpet Secrets!

Just got word that Claudia Christian will be featured on the youTube show “Secrets of the Red Carpet” this Saturday, October 6th, 2012.  It will be broadcast Live  on youTube!

Claudia will be on the show to talk about Babylon 5, and her new book, “Babylon Confidential.”

The event will be broadcast live here:

About Secrets of the Red Carpet

Secrets of the Red Carpet is the ultimate Hollywood stylemaker’s guide to dressing with ease, power and maximum allure, and much, much more. Luke Reichle takes all the tricks, tips and fitting room strategies he’s used in over 25 years of making people look good and combines them with a series of internal exercises that will adjust your notions about how you look and forever change the things you say to yourself when you look in the mirror.

Babylon5Props and Babylon5Fans Merged

I have merged the photos from the Babylon 5 Prop archive,, into the photo gallery here on  Just didn’t make sense to keep two independent sites out there.  I hope to have some time to work on the site and its presentation in the coming months.  Thanks again for visiting!