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Eclipse Cafe Chat Logs

The Eclipse Cafe was one of the first chat rooms dedicated to a TV show on America Online.  While the room was open 24/7, there were times when the chat room was staffed by volunteer community leaders (CL’s). These community leaders had to undergo a through training program in how to de-escalate conflict, engage in conversations, and use the behind-the-scenes tools available to “admins” on America Online. The CL’s in the Babylon 5 area had the name: B5CL – and then whatever they wished to be named.

As part of their duties in hosting the chat rooms, they each kept a log of their chats. I have managed to keep many of these chat logs and have included them below.

You might also check out the “Fresh Aire Cafe” chat logs for even more conversations.

If you were on AOL and would like to see if one of your chats appear in these logs, I recommend using the “Search This Site” feature above. You may also want to search for some of the cast and crew too, and see if they popped in unannounced! (JMS at B5, Pat at B5, Pigdog 13, ReelKosh, etc).

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