Eclipse Cafe: 10/12/1996

SSimpson5:    no midnight kisses!
B5 Online:    SG… that would be telling. ;>
SGalKosh:    I’ll pay you.
SSimpson5:    no spoilers!
B5 Online:    LOL.
B5 Online:    Who knows what JMS has in mind.  Personally, I think he makes it
up as he goes along.. there
B5 Online:    is no story arc.
SGalKosh:    I’ll buy you lunch for a hint…
Bradfo3230:    By the way people, for our Chilean friends who are just now
getting the 3rd season, I think
NK1228:    Jackjo Check your mail
SSimpson5:    A+ fo effort Gal Kosh
Bradfo3230:    we must confine our discussions to seasons 1 & 2, since all 3rd
season eps would be spoiled
SGalKosh:    thanks.  I’m trying.
B5 Online:    :DD
B5 Online:    Bradfo.. heh. 😀
SSimpson5:    i haven’t seen many people from chile here
SSimpson5:    ‘course i haven’t asked either
Bradfo3230:    Sorry, B5, just getting tired of the “No Spoilers” stuff around
B5 Online:    Heh.
OnlineHost:    JPLD has entered the room.
B5 Online:    Then we’ll have UK people saying dont spoil us… hard to draw the
Bradfo3230:    And I’m sure we won’t discuss season4 with our UK friends who
won’t see it till next spring
B5 Online:    Hi JPLD! Welcome to the Cafe!
OnlineHost:    Kayken2 has entered the room.
SGalKosh:    B5 – I do have to commend you (JMS?WB) the shows are EXCELLENT!!!
B5 Online:    SGAL… I can pass it along. 😀
SSimpson5:    you must have insider info B%
B5 Online:    Hey Kayken2!  Glad you could make it! :>
SSimpson5:    B%=B5
B5 Online:    Insider info?
Bradfo3230:    Must admit, Walkabout and Grey17 well worth the wait
B5 Online:    Well….
SGalKosh:    I had a problem with them in the beginning, but Jeffrey made me
B5 Online:    If you all received the newsletter you know what Ive been sitting
on for a while.
SGalKosh:    with it.  I Love them now!!!
SSimpson5:    ohohohohoh, were is that news letter?
OnlineHost:    DrgonRidr has entered the room.
B5 Online:    SS… I probably should start postiong them someplace.
B5 Online:    Anyway…
B5 Online:    What it said has been said several times by JMS the last week or
SSimpson5:    that would be great!
B5 Online:    Turner has asked for treatments for two more 2 hour TV movies.
OnlineHost:    Toddzima has entered the room.
B5 Online:    And WB has asked for a treatment for a spin-off series.
Bradfo3230:    Talking about the movies coming out in 1998?
B5 Online:    But they are all just in development.  They could go or not go.
B5 Online:    Bradfo… yeah, I was kinda angry earlier in the week. ;>
DrgonRidr:    Just for curiosity because I’m new here, but what moves????
B5 Online:    Hey Drgon!
OnlineHost:    B5Guy has entered the room.
SSimpson5:    Babylon 5 stuff!
Bradfo3230:    Hey, we all have to suffer with the scheduling !@#$% at WB, glad
to see you suffer too
B5 Online:    We’re talking about the Babylon 5 TV movies that are in
DEVELOPMENT ONLY right now. ;>
B5 Online:    Hey B5Guy! :DD
B5 Online:    Bradfo.. I was aked by Babylonian not to say anything.. then they
do. ;.
B5Guy:    hi all.  I saw Valen last weekend!
SSimpson5:    they want all the credit
DrgonRidr:    No kidding. A B5 move. Thats great!!!!
IkilldKosh:    Okay,I’m bak to live, what did I miss?
B5 Online:    Ikild.. nothing much.
B5 Online:    Drgon… TV movie.  big difference.
Bradfo3230:    B5Guy, where?
OnlineHost:    LrncFSbrba has entered the room.
B5 Online:    Hey Lrnc! :>
IkilldKosh:    I was busy uploading that SAAB sound for Josh and Gal, took yten
DrgonRidr:    As long as its about B5 I don’t care….
OnlineHost:    IngoTwin has entered the room.
IkilldKosh:    Wait, not Josh, John
B5Guy:    He was in town for the AIDSwalk, doing autograph sessions at various
IkilldKosh:    Wait, not Josh Jack
Bradfo3230:    Hope his sense of humor was better than the last time I saw him
B5Guy:    This was at a hollywood-style haunted house at a mall
IkilldKosh:    {S koshno
SGalKosh:    B5O – I have some work to do for Jeffrey, It was a pleasure talk to
you.  And a pleasure…
B5 Online:    🙂  Have fun!
Bradfo3230:    He wasen’t running a guillotine concession, was he?
B5 Online:    And tell Jeff Im sorry for crashing his computer. ;>
SGalKosh:    starting the room with Ikilld and SS
IkilldKosh:    How is everybody today?
SGalKosh:    see ya all later.
SSimpson5:    night Gal kosh!!
DrgonRidr:    Later people. Take care…..
IkilldKosh:    Bye Gal
B5 Online:    Bradfo….
MRobe10683:    B5O…. Expecting Delennn tonight?
B5 Online:    Pizza’s here. ;>
IkilldKosh:    It took TEN MINUTES to upload that SAAB sound!
Bradfo3230:    Yes, B5?
B5 Online:    MR… not sure if she’ll come in tonight or not. :>
IkilldKosh:    is it……vegetarian?
OnlineHost:    LadyWendyM has entered the room.
Bradfo3230:    Damn, guess I need some too!
B5 Online:    triple decker peperonni. 😀
IkilldKosh:    igh, meat
MRobe10683:    sure missed you and her last night!
OnlineHost:    MONGOOSEPC has entered the room.
B5 Online:    MR.. thanks.  I was on IRC last night being abused by JMS.
B5 Online:    Hey MONGO! 😀
SSimpson5:    now you’ve done it, searching for pizza coupons now.
OnlineHost:    CajunDancr has entered the room.
B5 Online:    Hey Cajun! 😀
MRobe10683:    Hi CD!
CajunDancr:    good evening, all……
SSimpson5:    Cajun!
Bradfo3230:    Hi, CD!!!!
CajunDancr:    hiya, B5! 😀
B5 Online:    Sorry SS. 😀
IkilldKosh:    Hey Jack, you better be busy sending me a sound, because it took
TEN MINUTES for that sound
MONGOOSEPC:    Love and peace to my Brothers and Sisters!
CajunDancr:    {{{{ All }}}}
IkilldKosh:    CD
IkilldKosh:    {S hibart
Bradfo3230:    Hi, Mongoose!
MONGOOSEPC:    Mongo greets Cajun!
JackJo1910:    Ikill, its on its way.
JackJo1910:    {{{{{{Goose}}}}}
CajunDancr:    Mongoose, you’re not on the way out, are you>?
B5 Online:    greasy fingers
JackJo1910:    {{{{{{{{{Cajun}}}}}}}}
IkilldKosh:    Yeah, so is McQueen
MONGOOSEPC:    B5–Mongoose heard of IRC chat.  Transcript available?
MONGOOSEPC:    Hi to Brad!

IkilldKosh:    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{everybody}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
NK1228:    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{cajun}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
Bradfo3230:    I bet it’s delicious, isn’t it, B5, you !@#$%
B5 Online:    MONGO… im trying to find one myself. :>
B5 Online:    Bradfo.. its nummy.
IkilldKosh:    What’s with the
CajunDancr:    Is B5 eating AGAIN?!?!
B5 Online:    CD.. :X
CajunDancr:    Higs, Ikilld
SSimpson5:    looking for phone that is not in use!!!!!1
B5 Online:    Pizza again. ;>
CajunDancr:    Hugs, that is
MONGOOSEPC:    Mongoose found out too late to attend (pooh.).
CajunDancr:    PiZZAA!!!!!
Bradfo3230:    Pizza, CD, right in front of us!!! Make him stop, please
IkilldKosh:    Higs? Higs yes? Higs no?
CajunDancr:    {S PPG
B5 Online:    <
CajunDancr:    {S cat9tail
B5 Online:    theres a piece.. grab it! ;>
NK1228:    {S crazy
IkilldKosh:    {S spaceaab
SSimpson5:    dog looking like a pizza, must get pizza!!!
B5 Online:    LOL
JackJo1910:    {S jamesbrw
MONGOOSEPC:    Cajun–Mongoose came in 1/2 second before you (Earth time),  not
CajunDancr:    So B5, howsabout that transcript of the IRC with JMS?
B5 Online:    Did anyone go to the Melissa Gilbert conference?
MONGOOSEPC:    B5–A piece of the true Kosh?
B5 Online:    CD.. Im trying to find one myself.
CajunDancr:    ahh…..
SSimpson5:    mongo always talk in third person?
B5 Online:    MONGO. 😀
IkilldKosh:    A piece of Kosh?
NK1228:    Jackjo can you send me jamesbrw?
MONGOOSEPC:    SS, usually.
SSimpson5:    lol
JackJo1910:    Sure Nk
B5 Online:    MONGO knows Zathras.
IkilldKosh:    Zog? Zog yes? Zog no?
JackJo1910:    Mongo is mongo….is mongo…is mongo
SSimpson5:    brothers?
MONGOOSEPC:    We are all Zathras.
CajunDancr:    Mong,  😀
IkilldKosh:    No, not the one.
OnlineHost:    Kent Card has entered the room.
MONGOOSEPC:    Zog Zathras, ZZ Top….
B5 Online:    Hi Kent! :>
IkilldKosh:    {S undestan
SSimpson5:    lol
NK1228:    Zathras think a very good night for B5 crazy people !
MONGOOSEPC:    Hi to Kent!
OnlineHost:    REBinAZ has entered the room.
OnlineHost:    Shadjack has entered the room.
CajunDancr:    at the risk of sounding silly, is there a topic in the vicinity??
B5 Online:    CD.. you are silly.
Shadjack:    Hello everyon
CajunDancr:    😉
IkilldKosh:    The topic is…………………ZOG
B5 Online:    Hey REB! :>
B5 Online:    Hey Shad!
CajunDancr:    hiya, Ro!!!
SSimpson5:    what is zog?
NK1228:    Everything Zog
MONGOOSEPC:    Hi to Shad!
CajunDancr:    ZOG…….IS
IkilldKosh:    ZOG=ALL
Shadjack:    Hi B5
B5 Online:    Must slow down lest pizza be gone.
MONGOOSEPC:    Cajun, Mongoose proposes Walkabout, Grey 17 also if all have
Bradfo3230:    Hi, Reb, have a nice Hawaiin Pucnh (on crushed ice) on me!
Shadjack:    Hi MON
MONGOOSEPC:    Hi to Reb!
NK1228:    Me=Zog
SSimpson5:    is that any thing like bill & ted’s “station”?
IkilldKosh:    ZOG=One bad name for a dog
Shadjack:    yes
IkilldKosh:    ZOG=GOZ backwards
NK1228:    I’m getting Zogged
IkilldKosh:    ZOG=ZOG backwards twice
B5 Online:    ::rolling eyes::
Shadjack:    And the point is?
SSimpson5:    so zog = any word etc…
MONGOOSEPC:    Kosh–hee, hee.
CajunDancr:    Grey 17…….has everyone seen by now??   I did twice
B5 Online:    Im watching Grey 17 is Missing.
IkilldKosh:    ZOG ZOG ZOG ZOG ZOG
B5 Online:    Cant stand this part.
MRobe10683:    CD…. I haven’t…. 11:00pm!
MONGOOSEPC:    Zog=Pi=Infiniti.
JackJo1910:    {{{{{{{{{{REB}}}}}}
IkilldKosh:    zog actually means “No”
CajunDancr:    ok, MR………we’ll be nice…..
IkilldKosh:    in one of the older races tongues
MONGOOSEPC:    MRobe, OK, no spoilers yet.
Shadjack:    I got pre empted by a stupid Eddie Murphey movie
MRobe10683:    BRB all
IkilldKosh:    ZOG=NO
JackJo1910:    Ikill  {S yougotmail
B5 Online:    :DD
Bradfo3230:    Gonna OD on B5 tomorrow, Walkabout a 2AM, Gey 17 at 2, 5, and
B5 Online:    Stupid Eddie Murphy?  That goes without saying.
OnlineHost:    REBinAZ has entered the room.
OnlineHost:    IngoTwin has entered the room.
B5 Online:    Re REB! :>
CajunDancr:    Brad, you saw Walkabout already, right?
Shadjack:    thanks alot B5
B5 Online:    Hey Ingo! :>
REBinAZ:    I am back!!!
JackJo1910:    [{{{{{Reb}}}}}}}
MONGOOSEPC:    Oh, I can just see the banner on MinBarney:  “Just say, “Zog,”
IkilldKosh:    I have to leave, I have ZOG time……….
B5 Online:    What Shad?
Bradfo3230:    Reb, if you don’t want a hawaiin punhc, just say so, no need to
run away
REBinAZ:    Hi JackJo, Hi B5!
Shadjack:    Bye MON
IkilldKosh:    Just say ZOG to Bob Dole………..
IkilldKosh:    {S goodbye
JackJo1910:    lol
CajunDancr:    {S time}
REBinAZ:    Brad, I would love a Hawaiian Punch, please.
MONGOOSEPC:    Peace to Kosh, be back!
Shadjack:    I hate not seeing these shows
JackJo1910:    Brad
B5 Online:    😀
MONGOOSEPC:    Shad….Mongoose goes nowhere (fast).
Bradfo3230:    Well, yes and No, CD, saw a tape a few weeks ago, and caught
pieces parts last weekend
SSimpson5:    REB, where at in AZ?
CajunDancr:    ok, then you’re gonna have a major event tomorrow…..
Bradfo3230:    Here you go Reb, JackJo, you desire something?
B5 Online:    mmmm
JackJo1910:    What do you have tonite, Brad?
MONGOOSEPC:    Centauri Punch = spiked.
REBinAZ:    SS, I am in beautiful Flagstaff–Northern Arizona
OnlineHost:    Longshot65 has entered the room.
OnlineHost:    PSelf2 has entered the room.
B5 Online:    Hey Longshot! :>
B5 Online:    Hey Pself!!!! 😀
CajunDancr:    I watched Walkabout again this morning, and the image on
CajunDancr:    the door is definitely of shadows………
Bradfo3230:    You mean the Juice Bar, JackJo?
SSimpson5:    been there many times lot’s of fun!
OnlineHost:    CptRageASG has entered the room.
PSelf2:    good day
Longshot65:    Hello everyone!
B5 Online:    Hey Rage! :>
REBinAZ:    Brad, thanks! That hit the spot.
CptRageASG:    hey B5!
JackJo1910:    hey Capt.
MONGOOSEPC:    Minbari Punch = not boneless.
CajunDancr:    [{{{{{{{{{{ PSelf }}}}}}}}}}}] CptRageASG:    hey Jackjo
JackJo1910:    Sure
B5 Online:    Id like some water. ;>
PSelf2:    {{{{{CD}}}}}
MONGOOSEPC:    Hi to all newcomers!  Welcome to you!
REBinAZ:    B5, are you going to sign on as a member of the ‘C&C’?
CajunDancr:    Water with Pizza?
JackJo1910:    {{{{PSelf}}}}}
REBinAZ:    Hi CD!!!!
B5 Online:    REB.. dunno. 🙂
REBinAZ:    Hi MON!
CajunDancr:    Beer yes, Soda maybe, but Water???
PSelf2:    {{{{{{JACKJO}}}}}}
SSimpson5:    probably fire water
CajunDancr:    hi again, Ro!!!
B5 Online:    Ok.. this is going to far.
PSelf2:    what is up!
MONGOOSEPC:    Hi to Reb.
B5 Online:    When you say Hey MON!  I always think of jamaica.  Tehrefore I
think of Cajun.
REBinAZ:    B5, this issue(came out today) interview with your favorite….
B5 Online:    Therfore I think of chicken.
MONGOOSEPC:    And JackJo!
JackJo1910:    Ok, Brad a its a blood mary nite….
CajunDancr:    😛
PSelf2:    Who participated in the JMS chat?
B5 Online:    Pself.. I did. ;>
B5 Online:    REB… PAT?!?!?!?!?!?!
Bradfo3230:    Ok, but only have V8, that an ok base?
JackJo1910:    not me 🙁
REBinAZ:    B5, that’s the one!
PSelf2:    ..when will a transcript be available, B5 ONLINE?
B5 Online:    ::psi::
MONGOOSEPC:    When you say, B5, I always think of B7….”Kill ’em all, let God
sort ’em out.”
OnlineHost:    MarkB27UK has entered the room.
B5 Online:    Pself… dunno… im looking for one myself.
JackJo1910:    That will do fine, just add tabasco…
PSelf2:    Did he say anything interesting?
SSimpson5:    mongo funny
B5 Online:    Pself.. he offered to wash my car.
REBinAZ:    I hope next ep of B5 is good, the last two were bad
MONGOOSEPC:    B5, What did the Minbari elephant say when his kid tripped over
his own trunk?
Bradfo3230:    ::putting Bloody Mary in front of JackJo, Absolut Vodka and V8)
B5 Online:    uh…
CajunDancr:    I’m afraid to ask, Mong….
MONGOOSEPC:    “Tusk, Tusk.”
JackJo1910:    yammmmmmmmm……
OnlineHost:    Lennier1 has entered the room.
B5 Online:    Hmmmmmmmmm
CajunDancr:    hey, Lennier1 🙂
Longshot65:    That was Bad…
Shadjack:    Hi Lennier
Lennier1:    Hi all!
MONGOOSEPC:    Hi to Lennier1!
B5 Online:    MONGO…
JackJo1910:    Hey Lennier
B5 Online:    Dont make me hurt you.
Lennier1:    <——Formerly Mrobe10683
MONGOOSEPC:    Lognshot, all of my jokes are bad, or they’re worse.
JackJo1910:    You get use to them though…
Longshot65:    I can tell…
SSimpson5:    mongo not so funny anymore
OnlineHost:    NETAJ has entered the room.
SSimpson5:    but still noteworthy
JackJo1910:    if your drunk he’s fabulous…
MONGOOSEPC:    What kind of jeans do Vorlons like?
NETAJ:    hello
CajunDancr:    :::::sirens heard pulling up to the Cafe ::::::
Longshot65:    I hope that wasn’t your best MON.
OnlineHost:    Dsnwmfan has entered the room.
B5 Online:    :DD
CajunDancr:    Mongoose, this is the Literary Police…….
JackJo1910:    LOL
REBinAZ:    CD, is your ride here?
CajunDancr:    Your poetic license has been revoked
REBinAZ:    heehee
PSelf2:    ..a….car…wash….
B5 Online:    afk
MONGOOSEPC:    Osh Kosh, B’Gosh.
JackJo1910:    :::::putting cuffs on mongo:::::
SSimpson5:    police? looking for portal.
Longshot65:    From bad to worse…
CajunDancr:    If you’ll come along peacefully, sir?
REBinAZ:    So B5, isn’t that cool? Gillwoman in the ‘C&C’!
Bradfo3230:    {S PPG cuffs are too good for him
OnlineHost:    Cooldafda has entered the room.
REBinAZ:    Brad, did you kill him?
Bradfo3230:    No, just almost wounded him
JackJo1910:    Did ya’ll see the new AOL commercial, 50 free hours..   {S
SSimpson5:    glad police are here for mongo’s bad jokes!
OnlineHost:    HOUSMAN13 has entered the room.
Bradfo3230:    15 JackJo, not 50
OnlineHost:    BloodWyne has entered the room.
Lennier1:    No… 50!
Longshot65:    No 50 my cousin just got it…
BloodWyne:    Hello all
MONGOOSEPC:    Not as bad as Mongo’s verse….
B5 Online:    bak
CajunDancr:    I heard, JackJo………’s SO painful….
SSimpson5:    what happened to 15?
JackJo1910:    no, Brad commercial just now ran,,  —–50——free hours….
Bradfo3230:    Well, guess I’ll have to move every month
Longshot65:    hey blood
OnlineHost:    Top gun250 has entered the room.
Shadjack:    I’m using my 50 hours now
Lennier1:    Commercial says 50!!!
BloodWyne:    How’s the new season going in everyone’s opinion?
HOUSMAN13:    any clb’s on tonight?
CajunDancr:    just fine by me, Blood
B5 Online:    Blood.. ask us in 3 weeks when the new season starts. ;>
JackJo1910:    Great Bloodwyne….
Longshot65:    I’m enjoying it…
SSimpson5:    just glad we’re out of rerun hell
HOUSMAN13:    great
Bradfo3230:    I like it so far, Blood, just hope we get back to real arc
stories soon
PSelf2:    ..except for the music….
MONGOOSEPC:    Mongoose likes Garibaldi, lots of him!
Longshot65:    Amen SS
Shadjack:    I wish i could see it
JackJo1910:    more Garabaldi!!!!!!!!
MONGOOSEPC:    Mongoose also likes Captain Simian, TOO funny.
HOUSMAN13:    any people on tonight?
REBinAZ:    I hope the new season is good–not happy with these last two eps
CajunDancr:    Shad, you’ll just have to move!
JackJo1910:    Why Reb?
BloodWyne:    Yeah, really, is it me, or was that Walkabout deal pointless?
OnlineHost:    User135713 has entered the room.
PSelf2:    I get to see Grey 17 tonight.
B5 Online:    HEy!
Shadjack:    I know,its just disheartening, Maybe reruns
Lennier1:    Really liked Walkabout.. Haven’t seen Grey 17 (If it has Delenn in
it, I’ll like it!)
MONGOOSEPC:    Bloodwyne, Mongoose understood the Franklin-Mon, cried for him.
BloodWyne:    Me too PSelf
B5 Online:    Pat was aneough to make Walkabout good. :>
Bradfo3230:    I think if we saw walkabout when it was SUPPOSE to air, would
make sense, a break
SSimpson5:    i think they are trying to flesh out the good doc’s charachter
Longshot65:    As you all know, many things on B5 seem pointless, But come
together later.
JackJo1910:    She sure was B5
Bradfo3230:    from the tension of WWE1 & 2.  The scheduling !@#$% morons at WB
just !@#$% up
Lennier1:    I agree B5!
MONGOOSEPC:    Lennier will like Grey 17, Mongoose will say no more.
BloodWyne:    Personally, I didn’t like the Walkabout segment as well as the
other shows.  But that’s just
BloodWyne:    me
REBinAZ:    B5 Pat was great–she is great in the new issue of ‘C&C’ also!
SSimpson5:    nuff said mongo?
PSelf2:    I liked the A story. Not the B.
JackJo1910:    Enjoyed seeing shadows blown away….
MONGOOSEPC:    Bloodwyne, we all have our favorite episodes.
B5 Online:    REB.. :DD
CajunDancr:    I think JMS is giving character development on the doc, in
REBinAZ:    The walkabout was stupid..who cares about Franklin getting laid
CajunDancr:    preparation for later actions……
B5 Online:    I only get the Sentinel.
Shadjack:    Gotta Go. brb
BloodWyne:    Probably Cajun
MONGOOSEPC:    Yes, SS, because spoilers are not kosher here.
REBinAZ:    Grey 17 was lame, freaks on a missing floor with a ‘monster’ alien
B5 Online:    REB.. I agree. ;>
Bradfo3230:    The walkabout was more important than the other story, trust me
REBinAZ:    How did it stay alive these years?
User135713:    grey 17 was stuipd.
SSimpson5:    right, ’nuff said.
JackJo1910:    reb, I haven’t seen yet….
Lennier1:    Me, either
User135713:    the gorn of b5
REBinAZ:    And Marcus with his, ‘I live for the one, I die for the one.” What a
B5 Online:    ::ponders what movie to pu tin the VCR::
MONGOOSEPC:    But, Reb, more important is Franklin finding himself.
CajunDancr:    Oops, spoiler alert
OnlineHost:    GWRepBobby has entered the room.
Bradfo3230:    Grey 17 was funny, again good relief from the tension, a bridge
to the last eps
B5 Online:    Hey Bobbareeno!
GWRepBobby:    Hi girls.
CajunDancr:    Evening, Bobby!!
GWRepBobby:    What’s up?
JackJo1910:    Reb, please don’t…
Longshot65:    Looked like the Predator without dreads…
JackJo1910:    {{{{{{[Bobby}}}}}}}}
Lennier1:    Hey GW!
B5 Online:    Bobby.. the usual. :>
GWRepBobby:    Anybody see Galena tonight? I have something for her.
MONGOOSEPC:    Bobby, Bobby, Bobby!
PSelf2:    I’ll bet you do.
CajunDancr:    not since last night, Bobby
B5 Online:    Galena was on this afternoon with Delenn.
OnlineHost:    CFHDUSA has entered the room.
Longshot65:    LOL
REBinAZ:    JackJo, I am not giving away anything…but it is a bad ep
CajunDancr:    and a bit this afternoon
REBinAZ:    Hi Bobby!  Missed you!
MONGOOSEPC:    Mongoose kisses Bobby, have not seen in long time.
Lennier1:    Not with Delenn in it 🙂
JackJo1910:    okay…. I trust you    HUMMMMMMM????
REBinAZ:    B5, you want Pat? E-mail me for the issue.  ‘-)
SSimpson5:    hey folks love to stay & yak but expecting call about possible new
Bartmobile, night all!
CajunDancr:    Can’t agree, Ro…….I liked it…….
Bradfo3230:    Night, SS
JackJo1910:    bye SS
Longshot65:    Night SS
OnlineHost:    KateE10158 has entered the room.
MONGOOSEPC:    Peace to SS, be back!
Lennier1:    Bye, SS!
B5 Online:    Hi Kate! Welcome to the cafe!
JackJo1910:    I’ll be back after while.. See you guys soon…
SSimpson5:    you guys make my ears turn red!
CajunDancr:    yeah, parts were a bit lame…..but the main story had me on the
OnlineHost:    Juati has entered the room.
MONGOOSEPC:    Hello to Kate!
Longshot65:    Bye Jack
CajunDancr:    see ya, Jack
Lennier1:    See ya, Jack!
KateE10158:    Hello all
GWRepBobby:    You are all so sweet I don’t know where to start.
MONGOOSEPC:    Getting busy, Mongoose looses track….
MONGOOSEPC:    Be back, is definitely beer time.
Lennier1:    start what, GW?
OnlineHost:    GaryZepHed has entered the room.
REBinAZ:    Bobby, how’s it hanging?
B5 Online:    Hey Gary!
Lennier1:    Hey Gary!
GaryZepHed:    Hi kids!
MONGOOSEPC:    Brings second for Bobby.
B5 Online:    Yo Gary!  You get a transcript of last night yet?
CajunDancr:    Hi, Gary!!
Bradfo3230:    Bobby, hope I can trust you with all these women, be nice now,
I’ll be back later
GWRepBobby:    To the left and to the right, Ro.
GaryZepHed:    No, not yet….
Bradfo3230:    Hi, Gary!
B5 Online:    I havent either.
REBinAZ:    Ivanova is supposed to end up with Marcus, how gross. He is so
GWRepBobby:    You can, Brad, Whitney isn’t here.
B5 Online:    Although Im not in a hurry to see JMS insult me again. ;>
REBinAZ:    It reminded me of the crusades and what the Christians did in the
name of God
OnlineHost:    Delennn has entered the room.
GaryZepHed:    Hey Brad… Cajun…. everybody…
Delennn:    Hello!
CajunDancr:    hey, Delennn 🙂
GaryZepHed:    But he’s washing your car, right, B5O?  😉
Lennier1:    Delennn!!!
Delennn:    Hi everyone!  Wassup?
Longshot65:    Hey Delennn
Delennn:    {{{{{{{Room}}}}}}}}}
B5 Online:    Hey Delennnn!!  Welco,e to the cafe!
Bradfo3230:    Delennn, not B5 Delennn?  Welcome back!!!!!
GaryZepHed:    What’s your license plate, B5O?  😉
B5 Online:    Gary.. Z HA DUM
B5 Online:    :DD
GaryZepHed:    😉
B5 Online:    Feeling ok, delennn?
GaryZepHed:    Dodge Shadow… right?  😉
Delennn:    Hi Longshot, oh you too B5
MONGOOSEPC:    Back.  Here, Bobby, cold Coor’s .
B5 Online:    LOL Gary!
B5 Online:    Now THAT wouldve been cool!
Delennn:    Yeah B5, I’m okay
MONGOOSEPC:    Delennn, howdy!
OnlineHost:    DiTTOHdz has entered the room.
B5 Online:    Good.
B5 Online:    {S delenn
MONGOOSEPC:    Gary….hee, hee.
Delennn:    You like driving me crazy
B5 Online:    Of course.. everyone needs a hobby.
B5 Online:    Its either that or cow-tipping.
Longshot65:    Short trip Delennn…
Bradfo3230:    Well, really must run, program just blew up, must fix, be back
soon (I hope)
OnlineHost:    EMT 64 has entered the room.
B5 Online:    Cya Bradfo! :>
EMT 64:    hi
CajunDancr:    bye, Brad
B5 Online:    Hey EMT! 🙂
MONGOOSEPC:    Peace to Brad!
GaryZepHed:    B5O, have you heard anything about attendance figures from last
EMT 64:    sup’b5
Delennn:    Cow Tipping!  We always made such fun of they guys who would brag
about doing that
REBinAZ:    Cow-tipping, B5….in L.A?
B5 Online:    Gary.. we had 240 on our server.. dont know about the other ones.
OnlineHost:    Shadjack has entered the room.
B5 Online:    REB.. yeah, thought I could sneak that one past. ;>
CajunDancr:    maybe Cop-tipping?
EMT 64:    are there any girls out there
Longshot65:    LOL
GaryZepHed:    yeah… I remember….
Shadjack:    I’m back
GaryZepHed:    😉
Delennn:    I’m not a girl, I’m a woman.
B5 Online:    Hey!  We kept up.. their bot disconnected from us.
EMT 64:    i am bored
OnlineHost:    Sil96vana has entered the room.
Shadjack:    Hi Delenn
GaryZepHed:    “…as I was saying, the folks at WB are great!….”  😉
B5 Online:    Hey Sil! :>
Longshot65:    Get him Delennn
B5 Online:    Gary.. LOL.
Delennn:    Hi Shad!  Wassup?
Sil96vana:    hey there
Delennn:    LOL
EMT 64:    whos Shad
MONGOOSEPC:    No one is sure what Mongoose is, except my mama.
B5 Online:    JMS can play the room rather well. ;>
GaryZepHed:    I tried to log the thing, but I had my Netscape Chat logger
configured wrong… 🙁
Shadjack:    Nothing. I trying to relieve the boredom
EMT 64:    i play the drums
Shadjack:    Hi EMT
MONGOOSEPC:    Shad is our Friend.  Won’t you be our Friend, Neighbor?
Longshot65:    Mongo, she’s not even sure…
B5 Online:    I need a movie to watch.
Delennn:    Gary, you and me both!
EMT 64:    any one else?
GaryZepHed:    It was just like how he answers questions at cons….
Delennn:    Hey B5!  I rented Hexxed….
MONGOOSEPC:    Mr. Morden’s Neighborhood, “What do you Want, Neighbor?”
GaryZepHed:    Will you be my associate?  😉
Longshot65:    LOL Gary!
Shadjack:    Me! I’ll watch almost anything, except Eddie Murphey right now
B5 Online:    Delennn.. i almost did that yesterday! 😀
B5 Online:    EMT… caps is considered shouting.
Delennn:    I would have said great minds, but I’m too frightened by the
Longshot65:    First for everthing EMT
B5 Online:    Heh.
B5 Online:    Yes.
MONGOOSEPC:    EMT, this room is cool, you have found the coolest among chat
Shadjack:    But its cool to do it once in a while
B5 Online:    Its even better after I leave. ;>
GWRepBobby:    Mongoos, it is really good to see you, it has been awhile.
Shadjack:    But remember to watch B5
MONGOOSEPC:    B5, how would you know, if you have left?
Longshot65:    Yeah then we talk about you B5…
B5 Online:    MONGO.. I have always been here.
MONGOOSEPC:    B5Online talks like a Minbari….
Delennn:    Dont ask Mongoose, it’s better you not know
REBinAZ:    Bobby, I have been gone.  Did you miss me?
B5 Online:    MONGO.. I put a bucket on my head and act like a Vorlon God.
MONGOOSEPC:    Mongoose loves you too, Bobby.
CajunDancr:    {S vorlgod}
GaryZepHed:    Oh, no… not Vorlon table dancing again….. 😉
GWRepBobby:    Too sweet, Mongoos.
EMT 64:    iI ask again are there any females uot there?????????????????????
B5 Online:    Gary… ;>
GWRepBobby:    Yes I did, Ro, very much.
MONGOOSEPC:    Oh, my Kosh, a Vorlon God?
CajunDancr:    Females?   (must be a Ferengi)
GaryZepHed:    shake that encounter suit!!!  😉
Shadjack:    Cajun, can you download that wav for me?
B5 Online:    :DD
REBinAZ:    Bobby, that’s good. I like that in a guy.  ‘-)
Longshot65:    LOL
CajunDancr:    sure, Shad
GaryZepHed:    and, brother, when it encounters…. *it encounters*….. 😉
Shadjack:    Thanx
EMT 64:    no i’m not
GWRepBobby:    Don’t I know it.
B5 Online:    Gary.. yer in a good mood tonight.l
OnlineHost:    Slntwolf has entered the room.
B5 Online:    I should be the happy one.. JMS said he’ll wash my car.
MONGOOSEPC:    Bobby is a good guy, nice man, keeps too low a profile.
Delennn:    Why will he do that B5?
Lennier1:    Darn it!!  getting paged, be back in a few!
GaryZepHed:    well what do you know?  It encountered…. 😉
NK1228:    {S vomit
OnlineHost:    SAWIV has entered the room.
B5 Online:    Delennn… I dont question.. I jut accept.
Delennn:    LOL
MONGOOSEPC:    Duck Dodgers in the 24th-and-a-half Century!!!j
MONGOOSEPC:    Love to Lennier!
GaryZepHed:    And he’s getting you that raise…. don’t spend it all in one
place… 😉
B5 Online:    LOL
GWRepBobby:    And Mongoos is a real sweetheart.
GaryZepHed:    Can you do it, Dodgers?  😉
B5 Online:    If I show up as a Minbari.. you all will be the first to know.
Lennier1:    Love to what?
Delennn:    We need the Duck Dogers wav
EMT 64:    24 and a third to be pricise!
GaryZepHed:    which one?
CajunDancr:    Ok, Shad…ck your mail
OnlineHost:    PrimeKhan has entered the room.
GaryZepHed:    “Duck Dodgers in the 24th and 1/2 Century?”
Shadjack:    I agree with Delenn i want that wav. And double thanx Cajun!!!
MONGOOSEPC:    Gary….surely you know about the Duck?
REBinAZ:    MON, even though you ate one of my arms and have made life difficult
for me
REBinAZ:    I agree with you, Bobby is a great guy
GaryZepHed:    who wants that WAV?
MONGOOSEPC:    Reb, Mongoose loves you.
CajunDancr:    which wav, Gary?
GWRepBobby:    You are a sweetheart, too, Ro.
Longshot65:    I do Gary, please.
GaryZepHed:    “Duck Dodgers In The 24th and 1/2 Century”
MONGOOSEPC:    Gary, Mongoose would love Duck Dodgers wav!
Delennn:    I want that WAV!
EMT 64:    THATS GETTING OLD!!!!!!!!!!
CajunDancr:    I’d like it as well, Gary……
MONGOOSEPC:    Thank you!
Delennn:    EMT, please stop shouting!
EMT 64:    your welcome
EMT 64:    be quit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
REBinAZ:    Bobby, true…I am.
GaryZepHed:    anyone else?
Delennn:    be quit?
GWRepBobby:    Modest, too.
EMT 64:    sorrycan’tspell
Longshot65:    Modest Huh Reb?
CajunDancr:    I think he meant Quiet……..
REBinAZ:    Bobby, confident
Delennn:    Oh really…well {S ppg}
REBinAZ:    Longshot, I am confident
CajunDancr:    as in Peace &…….
B5 Online:    EMT.. you are being kinda rude.
OnlineHost:    Galena86 has entered the room.
GWRepBobby:    Yeah, OK, whartever you say, Mistress.
EMT 64:    too bad
CajunDancr:    {{{ Galena }}}}
GaryZepHed:    Galena!!
Galena86:    {{{ Cajun }}}
GWRepBobby:    Hi, Gal. I have something for you.
Delennn:    Hey Galena, did you get my gift?
GaryZepHed:    brb….
MONGOOSEPC:    EMT, like, chill, relax, we are all friends here, you are
welcome, you know.
Galena86:    Hi, Bobby! whatcha got?
EMT 64:    who’s Galenda
REBinAZ:    Bobby, thank you for addressing me by my proper title
Galena86:    delennn…yes, thanks!
REBinAZ:    Hi Galena!!!!!
Galena86:    Hi, Reb!
EMT 64:    hey mongoose thanks
Delennn:    {S aliensex
Longshot65:    Reb’s in control…
MONGOOSEPC:    We just have certain rules we abide to by mutual consent, keeps
the peace, makes this
MONGOOSEPC:    room fun.
B5 Online:    🙂
REBinAZ:    MON, you LOVE to eat pieces of me…I don’t know how much you LIKE
MONGOOSEPC:    So don’t feel singled out.  EMT is most welcome here.
REBinAZ:    Galena, the newsletter went out an hour ago!
Galena86:    cool, Reb!
MONGOOSEPC:    Reb, Mongoose loves you.
REBinAZ:    EVERYONE—Galena is this month’s ‘C&C’ profile!
Delennn:    Reb, did you get my check?
MONGOOSEPC:    Tasty….
B5 Online:    Delennn.. id like a check.
Delennn:    I bet you would B5
REBinAZ:    Delennn, not yet. I have been out of town until today
Delennn:    🙂
B5 Online:    hurmph
Delennn:    LOL
Longshot65:    If you’re passing those out Delennn?
OnlineHost:    BGamb16521 has entered the room.
Delennn:    Ro, it went out about 3 days ago
BGamb16521:    Howdy all
Galena86:     yeah, now the cops will know where to find me////
B5 Online:    Galena… they are everywhere.
B5 Online:    Kinda like Elvis.
Delennn:    hey BG, LTNS!
REBinAZ:    Delenn, I will check the P.O box Monday and send out your first two
GaryZepHed:       OK, check yer mail, kiddies… 🙂
Galena86:    B5…and i’d be sooo successful hiding from them until now!
REBinAZ:    B5, waiting for you to sign up.  😀
NK1228:    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Galena}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
BGamb16521:    So where’s the next ep preview?
Longshot65:    Thanks Gary!
MONGOOSEPC:    Yes!  Thank yo uto Gary!
OnlineHost:    Delennn has entered the room.
B5 Online:    REB.. im still not clear what the heck it is. 😀
B5 Online:    Re Delennnnnnnnn
Delennn:    Heh, hit the wrong button
B5 Online:    Hate when that happens
OnlineHost:    RF920 has entered the room.
Delennn:    {S dodgers
REBinAZ:    B5, it’s a newsletter on Claudia and the women of sci-fi
B5 Online:    mmmmmm
OnlineHost:    User135713 has entered the room.
Delennn:    I LOVE IT!
GaryZepHed:    cool!
Delennn:    Thanks!
GaryZepHed:    yep!
REBinAZ:    Galena gets it, Bobby too-you ask them if it’s good. I wrote it, so
I know it’s great!
OnlineHost:    LrncFSbrba has entered the room.
OnlineHost:    Grey19 has entered the room.
B5 Online:    :DD
B5 Online:    Re Lrnc! :>
GaryZepHed:    Geez, you downloaded that fast, Delennn…. what the heck are you
B5 Online:    hrey Grey19!
B5 Online:    Yer buddy 17 is missing ya know.
MONGOOSEPC:    Reb has a humility complex….
Longshot65:    How do we get it Reb?
Delennn:    28,800
Grey19:    hello b5 and all
Galena86:    bobby…I LOVE IT
CajunDancr:    {{{{{ RF920 }}}}}
LrncFSbrba:    Hello there, all.
Delennn:    Hey Larry!  Wassup???
MONGOOSEPC:    (Mongoose apologizes, Reb, could not resist).
RF920:    Hi CD
CajunDancr:    {S dodgers
Longshot65:    Hi newcomers
B5 Online:    {S delenn
Galena86:    {{{NK}}}
Delennn:    LOL!
LrncFSbrba:    The moon and the stars above…
Delennn:    B5…..{S cat9tail
B5 Online:    Heh.
LrncFSbrba:    ouch!
GWRepBobby:    Yeah, the newsletter is really good, and this issue looks great.
REBinAZ:    Longshot, go to the ‘B5 message center’ open the ‘other B5 fan
clubs’ folder and read
B5 Online:    I accidentally deleted both of those at home. 🙁
CajunDancr:    {{{{{{{{ Lrnc }}}}}}}}
MONGOOSEPC:    Hi to newcomers, getting busy, busy in here!
REBinAZ:    the ‘C&C’ post—all my info is there
GWRepBobby:    You should have 2 now, Gal.
Galena86:    {S jb1
LrncFSbrba:    Hi, cajun.  Whassup?
B5 Online:    Delennn… put down payment on the new place. :>
CajunDancr:    everyone and everything its seems, Lrnc
Longshot65:    Thanks Reb, I’ll do that!
Galena86:    bobby, do i have your permission to forward it?
Delennn:    You did!!  Congratulation!!!
Delennn:    1 bedroom or studio?
B5 Online:    living room, bedroom and kitchen. :>
REBinAZ:    Bobby, you are so right–this issue looks very slick!
Delennn:    Nice!!!  no more bad neighbors!
B5 Online:    Plus rec room, fitness center, pool, REAL managers, etc.
GaryZepHed:    ahhh… the essentials….
B5 Online:    All for less than I was paying here.
GaryZepHed:    geez…. the benefits…..
REBinAZ:    Galena, the interview is with Pat Tallman!!!!!  Cool, huh?
LrncFSbrba:    B5- where do you live?
Longshot65:    You’re hooked up B5
B5 Online:    i still havent told my current landlord though.
B5 Online:    Lrnc…. Sherman Oaks right now.
OnlineHost:    Jck 222 has entered the room.
Delennn:    Very nice!  One of those Communal California type places ( the kind
you see in horror
Delennn:    movies like the Howling)
CajunDancr:    B5…..gonna do a midnight move?? 😉
B5 Online:    Moving to Van Nuys (former home of ILM) in a couple weeks. :>
B5 Online:    CD.. 😀
OnlineHost:    Howeljolly has entered the room.
B5 Online:    Plus new carpet!
BGamb16521:    Speaking of ILM…Have Y’all seen the new preview for Star Wars
Delennn:    Very nice B5…congrats!
B5 Online:    And from what I saw today… a nice view of the ladies at the
swimming pool.
GaryZepHed:    Jck!!
B5 Online:    Er.. never mind.
Delennn:    LOL
Shadjack:    Hello eveybody. Was downloading files. Delenn, can i have the
dodgers and aliensex wav?
Jck 222:    hey, Gary!! how’s life?
LrncFSbrba:    B5; that always helps.
Delennn:    Don’t let Pat know about that B5
GWRepBobby:    There is the third one, Gal. And, you don’t need my permission,
they are your’s to do with
GWRepBobby:    what you want.
B5 Online:    Delennn.. :X
GaryZepHed:    its living…. 😉
B5 Online:    The only bad thing is…
B5 Online:    I dont have any furniture NOW, where I am.
Delennn:    Renting it all?
B5 Online:    Which means Ill have even less when I move.  Kinda.
B5 Online:    Oh well. 😀
OnlineHost:    Decpclp has entered the room.
GaryZepHed:    uh, oh… time to accessorize!!!!
Longshot65:    Not much to move then Huh B5
REBinAZ:    B5, I lived in Santa Monica
Galena86:    cool, reb!
LrncFSbrba:    Um, was anyone thinking, “Purity of Essence” during Grey 17?
B5 Online:    Eyup.  Only furniture I have is a bookcase, tv, vcr, and computer
desk with computer.
B5 Online:    thats it.
Galena86:    thanks, bobby!
REBinAZ:    Before I moved to Az, no smog, no 12 million people—I love it
Delennn:    Ikes!
OnlineHost:    Bradfo3230 has entered the room.
B5 Online:    Now I have a living room. Empty.. but a living room. 😀
GaryZepHed:    ahhh…. the essentials…. 😉
Jck 222:    hey, Brad!!
GWRepBobby:    No problem at all. As I said, it is just a matter of software.
RF920:    what more do you need besides a bed?
Delennn:    B5, maybe you can furnish with the spare props or something
B5 Online:    Heh.
Bradfo3230:    Hey, Jck
B5 Online:    I have a futon mattress.. might have to buy a real one now.
B5 Online:    {S delenn
CajunDancr:    B5 can decorate his new digs in early Down Below 😉
B5 Online:    :DD
OnlineHost:    LadyPisces has entered the room.
Delennn:    hey B5, you trying to tell me something?
B5 Online:    Yeah, I have tons of B5 posters I can put up.
MONGOOSEPC:    What horror movie do Pac’ma’ra “Night love?t
CajunDancr:    Lrnc, what is the “Purity of Essence” you referred to?
LadyPisces:    Hi ya’ll….thought I’d drop in for a realllllly quick moment to
say “hi”
B5 Online:    Hey Lady!
Longshot65:    Hi Lady
B5 Online:    Well folks.. I need to start packing away.
MONGOOSEPC:    of the Living Dead”Oooop
LrncFSbrba:    Cajun: think Dr. Strangelove.
B5 Online:    Talk to everyone later!
OnlineHost:    User Don has entered the room.
LadyPisces:    Hi B5…long time no see.  How are ya?
Delennn:    Night B5!
Longshot65:    Bye B5

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