Eclipse Cafe: 06/22/1999

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Eclipse Cafe”. ***
OnlineHost: Rachdt has entered the room.
Gmmas: Alwyn
B5CL Seuss: Welcome B5CL Tap, Rachdt to the Eclipse Cafe, enjoy the chat and
the atmosphere ๐Ÿ™‚
B5CL Seuss: Tyger, actuall theye were not enough I have a CD-R now ๐Ÿ™‚
OnlineHost: Letsjam16 has entered the room.
StefniLyn: Hey there Tappie!!!!!!
B5Dragn1: And it won’t work Troy??
B5CL Seuss: Welcome Letsjam16 to the Eclipse Cafe, enjoy the chat and the
atmosphere ๐Ÿ™‚
B5CL Tap: hiya Seuss ::bows to Ranger::
TygerEyez1: ๐Ÿ™‚
TARutter: almost got it, but not quite… then I searched the net, found a
similar script, and got
TARutter: that one working in 2 minutes
OnlineHost: Rachdt has left the room.
DracoB5: Hi Tap!
TARutter: grrr
Letsjam16: hi
Gmmas: Drows: Alwyn
B5CL Tap: Troy how is your kitty? {S cat}
Drowsbane: Thank you Gmmas.
TARutter: Shes a regular pain in the proverbial behind
B5CL Tap: hiya Stef ::foofsdahair::
TARutter: ;>
Drowsbane: {S madcat}
OnlineHost: KMasic12 has entered the room.
B5CL Rangr: TARutter, that’s cuz I was re writting it the whole time
B5CL Seuss: Greetings KMasic12, welcome to the Eclipse Cafe, we do not take
checks but we do take
B5CL Seuss: Centauri Ducats.
B5CL Tap: {S purr} but you love her Troy
KMasic12: HI
B5CL Seuss: Tap, lol my cat perked up when he heard that wav
B5Dragn1: {{{{{Tappie}}}}}}{S tap
Letsjam16: wanna chat
B5CL Tap: ::checks pockets for duckets..finds credit chit:::
KMasic12: YES
B5CL Tap: {S cat}
Letsjam16: 2 cool
Gmmas: hard to see the light blue type
B5CL Tap: hiya Dragn how yoube?
OnlineHost: EGatei has entered the room.
StefniLyn: ACK more kitties
TygerEyez1: Seuss, I like that wav. ๐Ÿ˜€
B5CL Seuss: We have plenty of fresh {P coffee} and Minbari tea, EGatei help
B5Dragn1: Seuss…you mean the cat from…well you-
B5Dragn1: know-where?
B5CL Tap: I have a new adage.. never type anythingin email that you wouldn’t
want to see
EGatei: kool hay!
Gmmas: Troy: you watching Crusade? or you out of all that stuff…
B5CL Tap: in 2 inch type in your hometown newspaper
OnlineHost: EGatei has left the room.
B5CL Seuss: Dragn, lol
B5CL Seuss: Well folks it is that time again,
B5CL Seuss: I will see you all at the same Bab time same Bab station
Letsjam16: what do u want to chat about
B5CL Seuss: {P jumpgate} 22-Jun-1999 09:01 PM
DracoB5: Cats…{s cat
B5CL Tap: nighters Seuss
B5Dragn1: Night Seuss
B5CL Seuss: :::passes daLink to Tap::::
KMasic12: [S CAT
Gmmas: bye Seuss
B5CL Rangr: B5CL Seuss, see ya
B5CL Tap: I want to chat science fiction ::refoofs:: catches link ::
B5CL Seuss: have a good night everyone ๐Ÿ™‚
StefniLyn: TTFN Seuss
OnlineHost: Letsjam16 has left the room.
KMasic12: OK
TygerEyez1: Nite Seussie
OnlineHost: B5CL Seuss has left the room.
TARutter: oooh.. daLink!
DracoB5: {s jarjar~1
B5Dragn1: LOL Troy…..make you long for one of your
B5Dragn1: own??
B5CL Tap: Yes Troy DALink what is this made out of anyway? :;examines link::
TARutter: ::takes daLink and throws it at Stef and while she catches it
squirts her::
B5Dragn1: {S jarjar
TARutter: heheheh
DracoB5: Nite Seuss.
B5Dragn1: I renamed it Draco
StefniLyn: HEY!!
TARutter: 0:o)
Gmmas: LOL
B5CL Tap: Hey wait a sec Troy.. that is an official link.. we accept no
StefniLyn: I am not in uniform…I cant have a link
TARutter: <~ always innocent OnlineHost: Rachdt has entered the room. DracoB5: What did you rename it to, Dragn? OnlineHost: Rachdt has left the room. StefniLyn: Yeah and I am the Tooth Faerie OnlineHost: CooDu14400 has entered the room. B5CL Tap: ROFL Troy that is very punny
OnlineHost: Damus89 has entered the room.
B5CL Rangr: :::digs in wav archive::: Jar Jar? ummm {S jawawhip}?
OnlineHost: WHITsegan has entered the room.
B5CL Rangr: nope
B5CL Tap: {S pixydust}
WHITsegan: hi
KMasic12: HI
B5CL Tap: ::tapping foot::
Damus89: hi
CooDu14400: hey every1
KMasic12: HI
DracoB5: {s Maul02
B5CL Tap: That better be your cat KMassic {S cat}
KMasic12: HAHA
WHITsegan: any one want to chat with me????
Damus89: i’ll be back in 15 minutes
TygerEyez1: Hey, I need some of those wavs Draco.
OnlineHost: EGatei has entered the room.
KMasic12: WHAT
Gmmas: KMasic: its very hard to see light yellow……
B5CL Tap: ::sets timer for 15 minutes:::
OnlineHost: EGatei has left the room.
CooDu14400: hey damus saw u today in a chat room
WHITsegan: damus hi
StefniLyn: WHITsegan, nah….I talk enough with someone under age
DracoB5: Sure, Tyger. Will send you them before off tonight.
KMasic12: NOW
StefniLyn: since when does garfield purr?
TygerEyez1: thanks.
Gmmas: KMasic: much better, thanks
B5CL Tap: So let’s see Long Night has 1.4 ratings equal to the numer 1 show
on SciFi Channel.
CooDu14400: i’ll talk 2 yaa whit
OnlineHost: EGatei has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: Do we see a trend?
KMasic12: NO
OnlineHost: Damus89 has left the room.
EGatei: hay!
DracoB5: {s Lead2War
OnlineHost: BCurie has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: What is the Lost Boys anyway?
BCurie: hello
Gmmas: Tap: it sounds good, but not as many areas get SciFi as TNT
CooDu14400: nevermind
B5CL Tap: Gmmas was Lost Boys a movie or regular show?
Drowsbane: B5CL Tap, teeny-bopper Vamp movie.
KMasic12: COME ON
DracoB5: Isn’t Lost Boys a vampire movie? LOL
B5CL Tap: Vampire movie? ewwwwwwww
Gmmas: Tap: i have no idea
BCurie: hello?
DracoB5: Or something in Peter Pan?
B5CL Tap: Farscape has a 0.8
StefniLyn: lost boys are peterpans friends in never never land
Drowsbane: yah, you might say it “sucks”, too.
OnlineHost: EGatei has left the room.
TygerEyez1: I laughed all the way through The Lost Boys.
B5CL Tap: Well that too Stef.
CooDu14400: hey any1 want 2 chat with a 10 year old girl?
B5CL Tap: Oh Drows ::hits head on keyboard::
Gmmas: Tap: and i think Farscape is best new show on SciFi
WHITsegan: any 12/m’s want to chat
B5CL Tap: Coo try Keyword: Kids
KMasic12: COME ON OK
BCurie: are you talking to me k masic12:
OnlineHost: Empathora has entered the room.
KMasic12: YES
OnlineHost: Empathora has left the room.
B5CL Tap: Draco what happened to that owl creature trying to get out of his
BCurie: cool
KMasic12: NO
OnlineHost: SupeStud00 has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: last I saw he got killed by that other creature
WHITsegan: any 12/m’s here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im me if you want to chat or
e-mail me
KMasic12: CHAT
OnlineHost: Empathora has entered the room.
BCurie: bye
DracoB5: The little guy thinks he’s emperor(which he was)?
OnlineHost: BCurie has left the room.
Empathora: hello!
DracoB5: He’s out and still with them on the ship.
KMasic12: HELLO
DracoB5: I like the ship, Moya and the pilot.
Gmmas: Tap: which show are we talking about, Sliders or Farscape?
B5CL Tap: WHIT this is a science fiction chat room, the Keyword: Kids is down
the hall and to the righ
SupeStud00: I have arrived all.
Empathora: {{{{{{tap}}}}}}}}
Gmmas: Draco: me too
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{Path}}}}}}}}
B5CL Tap: Farscape, Gmmas.. I only watched Sliders because Peter Jurasik was
on it.
Drowsbane: SupeStud00, how nice for you.
SupeStud00: ladies, you may exhale .
B5CL Tap: hiya Empathor how you be?
Drowsbane: โˆโˆ,ยฏยงโˆซโˆž`โˆžโˆซยงยฏ,โˆโˆ,ยฏยงโˆซโˆž `โˆžโˆซยงยฏ,โˆโˆ,ยฏยงโˆซโˆž`โˆžโˆซยงยฏ,โˆโˆ
Empathora: {{{{{tyger}}}}}}}}}
Drowsbane: ยชรŸยด:*ยง*:ยชรŸยด { Path } รŸยด:*ยง*:ยชรŸยด
Drowsbane: `โˆžโˆซยงยฏ,โˆโˆ,ยฏยงโˆซโˆž`โˆžโˆซยงยฏ,โˆโˆโˆ,ยฏยงโˆซโˆž`โˆžโˆซยงยฏ,โˆโˆโˆ,ยฏยงโˆซโˆž
B5CL Tap: KM..we are chatting
Empathora: i be good
OnlineHost: WHITsegan has left the room.
Empathora: ๐Ÿ™‚
Gmmas: Tap: ok, yeah, i’ve tried Sliders, but have trouble getting in to that
SupeStud00: may I post a url here?
Empathora: my goodness, drows, thank you
TygerEyez1: BBL…gonna go snuggle.
DracoB5: Drows, you’re making me dizzy.
B5CL Tap: Well that’s nice Empath.. been watching Crusades?
KMasic12: WHAT ONE
OnlineHost: EMZABRAT11 has left the room.
B5CL Tap: bye Tyger
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{PATH}}}}}}{S Pathkiss
Empathora: {{{{{{{{{drows}}}}}}{S pathkiss
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{{Room Hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}
B5CL Tap: what was Child’s Play that was #3
B5Dragn1: Night Tyger
B5CL Tap: at 0.0
OnlineHost: TygerEyez1 has left the room.
Empathora: {{{{{{{dragn}}}}}}}
Drowsbane: Later Tyg, snuggle good
B5CL Tap: ack 0.9
KMasic12: CHAT tYGER
OnlineHost: EGatei has entered the room.
KMasic12: OK
OnlineHost: EGatei has left the room.
Gmmas: Troy: have you seen Crusade yet?
B5CL Tap: Welcome aboard EG
Empathora: {{{{{{{{{{ et al }}}}}}}}}
B5CL Tap: I got it on tape.. and read the spoilers
Gmmas: Hi Empathora
OnlineHost: EGatei has entered the room.
KMasic12: I AM aeting pezza
B5Dragn1: Well…time for me to get to my
B5Dragn1: goldpile… comes early…..Night all
OnlineHost: EGatei has left the room.
Gmmas: gnite Dragn
Empathora: take care dragn
Drowsbane: Personally, I prefer pizza. But that’s just me.
B5CL Tap: nighters DRagn ::waves::
KMasic12: chat chat
Empathora: hello gmmas!!!!!!!!!!!!
B5Dragn1: {S drgnkiss} to all…{{{{{tappie Rangr}}}}}}
SupeStud00: once more, can I post a link to a site here?
DracoB5: Nite Dragn, I got to go too. Hubby says go to
Drowsbane: Nite Dragn
OnlineHost: B5Dragn1 has left the room.
B5CL Rangr: Night Dragn
Gmmas: bye Draco
KMasic12: hi hi anyone talling to me
DracoB5: and get map to Atlanta for us-sigh.
OnlineHost: TARutter has left the room.
Empathora: take care draco
B5CL Tap: ack we lost Troy
DracoB5: Nite all.
Drowsbane: Sorry, Teletubbies are so boring.
OnlineHost: DracoB5 has left the room.
KMasic12: i now
KMasic12: hi
OnlineHost: B5ZEN has entered the room.
OnlineHost: SupeStud00 has left the room.
B5CL Tap: Drows that is cause your not 2 years old
Drowsbane: I’ll be, it actually worked. LOL
B5ZEN: {{{{{{{{{{{Hi Ranger, Tap, empathora}}}}}
B5CL Tap: hiya Zen how yoube?
B5ZEN: fine– & you?
KMasic12: i am 9
Drowsbane: A little birdy told me to say that when SupeStud asked about his
Drowsbane: site, B5CL Tap, guess she knew what she was talking about.
Empathora: {{{{{{{Zen}}}}}}}
OnlineHost: AZZclone has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: hiya AZZ welcome aboard
KMasic12: huhu
AZZclone: Howdy!!
B5CL Tap: its a she, Drows?
B5ZEN: Hey– Empathora– I saw your post on the web!!
Empathora: {{{{{{{{{{ZZ}}}}}}}}hi hun
KMasic12: ok
B5ZEN: {{azz}}}}}}
Drowsbane: I think it’s actually neutral,
KMasic12: i now
Empathora: which, Zen?
Gmmas: afk
OnlineHost: Tegans Law has entered the room.
KMasic12: what is afk
B5ZEN: how many are there?
Tegans Law: hi
KMasic12: 100
B5ZEN: the recent thing for crusades
Empathora: hee
AZZclone: {{{{{{{{ Zen, Tappie, Gmmas}}}}}}}}}}{S
AZZclone: zzkiss
B5CL Tap: Welcome aboard Tegan
Drowsbane: BRB=”Be Right Back” AFK=”Away From Keyboard”
Empathora: ahhh, yepyep
AZZclone: {{{{{{{{ Path }}}}}}}}}}}{S smooch
Empathora: short and to the point, i hoped
KMasic12: you kiss your silfer
Empathora: mmmmmmmm, ZZ {S pathkiss
B5ZEN: god, I hope this stuff works
Gmmas: bak
Gmmas: {{{{{{AZZ}}}}}}}
AZZclone: wb Gmmas
B5ZEN: all the postage is killing me!!
KMasic12: bak huhu
OnlineHost: LaurenN504 has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: Zen you do snail mail?? ::shocked and appalled::
Gmmas: back at keyboard
Empathora: always worth trying, zen
B5CL Tap: welcome aboard Lauren
AZZclone: Yo Ranger dude!!!
B5ZEN: Hey TAP== any news on the plight f the crusades?
AZZclone: Yo Drows !!
B5CL Rangr: Evening Azz dude
Empathora: hello rangr!!!!!!
B5ZEN: Tap– why appalled?
B5CL Tap: Zen it has good ratings. better or equal to anything SciFi channel
B5CL Tap: Zen you got Email at your fingertips. the heck with stamps::foofs;:
Empathora: sheesh, two CLs, at once, what did we do?
B5CL Rangr: howdy Empathora
Gmmas: Zen: i think everyone needs to write letters, if possible
Tegans Law: I read that Crusade was only showing for 13 episodes.
Empathora: {S ididnt
Tegans Law: Is that right?
OnlineHost: LaurenN504 has left the room.
OnlineHost: Lynn0721 has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: Yes Tegan it ends on September 1st…
B5ZEN: I was just afraid they wouldn’t see the e-mail!!
KMasic12: you mak me mad and sad to much do you now that but i now that
Gmmas: Tegan: thats correct, but if enough people write and watch it may
change that
B5CL Tap: unless the ratings are very very good.. so far. so good
OnlineHost: Lynn0721 has left the room.
KMasic12: chat is
OnlineHost: ‘KMasic12’ permagagged for 5 mins
AZZclone: personally, I would rather see it on the Sci-Fi
AZZclone: channel
Tegans Law: Well I watch the show. maybe should start writing
B5CL Tap: ya know KM you need to sit in the corner for about 5 minutes.
B5ZEN: lol
Empathora: i still want it on Showtime, hmph!
Gmmas: Tegan: good idea, and do it soon please if you can
B5ZEN: a virtual time out???
B5CL Tap: Tegan it was 1.4 against basketball and a southpark special ..they
were pleased.
B5CL Rangr: with a dunce cap?
OnlineHost: RavnCobalt has entered the room.
Empathora: hello ravn!
B5CL Tap: hiya Ravn welcome aboard
AZZclone: Ranger, do they make them that large?
Drowsbane: No Showtime, no SciFi.
RavnCobalt: good evening everyone
OnlineHost: B5CL Rangr has left the room.
Empathora: hee
Gmmas: Drows: thats unfair
B5CL Tap: Dunce cap is good. <:-) AZZclone: Yo Ravn !!! Tegans Law: crusade is a good show. it deserves the publicity RavnCobalt: glad to see you all here tonight Gmmas: Tegan: true, it hasn't had much publicity Drowsbane: Life is unfair, by defination. Tegans Law: Hi ravn B5CL Tap: Tomorrow nights show is awesome Tegan dont' miss it B5CL Tap: I read the script ::refoofs:: RavnCobalt: {{ZZ}} Gmmas: Drows: seems that way sometimes Tegans Law: I'll be taping it, Tap! AZZclone: Ravn, glad to be seen Drowsbane: Marriage, however, makes up for it. B5CL Tap: Well of Forever RavnCobalt: hi Tegan B5CL Tap: or it proves it right, Drows
Gmmas: Drows: agreed, hopefully!
RavnCobalt: ZZ perhaps your spending too much time a work
Tegans Law: Question: does anyone know if Londo is gonna show up in an
Drowsbane: It does, for me anyway.
OnlineHost: Zeta 28 has entered the room.
Gmmas: Tegan: he’s not in the first 13, no
AZZclone: perhaps
Tegans Law: ๐Ÿ™
Empathora: hee
Drowsbane: I think Richard Biggs is.
Gmmas: Tegan: Dr. Franklin is in one; Lochley is in a couple;
B5CL Tap: No Tegan. only people scheduled is the Doctor, Locksley and Zack I
Gmmas: Tegan: i really miss Londo too
OnlineHost: BCurie has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: Bester was due.. but they stopped production.
AZZclone: ::moves quickly to the seat next to Path,
AZZclone: ploping down:::{S thud
Tegans Law: Londo was one of my favorites
Drowsbane: Stephen Furst is supposed to direct the ep with Rick Biggs.
Gmmas: Tegan: mine too
Empathora: :::bounces in seat::: well hello, love
BCurie: hello everyone what up
B5CL Tap: Tegan you watch Sliders? he was in that show last week, due for 4
more shows.
OnlineHost: Pmacke001 has entered the room.
Gmmas: Hi BCurie
Pmacke001: hiya all
Empathora: hello, BCurie
AZZclone: mmmmmm Hi
Tegans Law: i never watched Sliders
RavnCobalt: evening Pmacke
BCurie: what up wanna chat?
Empathora: :::smiles at ZZ:::
B5CL Tap: He directs 2 of them Drowsbane. its worth watching Tegan just to
see how he looks in reality
Gmmas: Tap: its weird to see Jurasik not as Londo
OnlineHost: B5ZEN has left the room.
B5CL Tap: Yes Gmmas with hair
Drowsbane: I used to watch Slider’s, until it got rather moronic.
OnlineHost: B5ZEN has entered the room.
BCurie: brb
Empathora: wb zen
OnlineHost: Pmacke001 has left the room.
B5ZEN: sorry
AZZclone: wb Zen
B5CL Tap: get the boot Zen?
B5ZEN: just- blinked out there a second
RavnCobalt: Nost taking the evening off then?
OnlineHost: Zeta 28 has left the room.
Tegans Law: Andreas Katsulas who played G’Kar was in an episode of Millennium
B5ZEN: no I was twiddeling with my mouse
B5CL Tap: No Ravn she works tonight. be in about 30 minutes
OnlineHost: Zeta 28 has entered the room.
Drowsbane: Nost is usually on at 8 PM.
Tegans Law: it was strange seeing him as himself
RavnCobalt: goodie ๐Ÿ™‚
B5CL Tap: Zen you shouldnever twiddle the mouse it might bite!
B5ZEN: I found that out!!!
Drowsbane: Tegans Law, he was also in several eps of Next Gen.
RavnCobalt: she’s been kickin snert butt
OnlineHost: Zeta 28 has left the room.
Tegans Law: i don’t remember that. Must have been before I saw B5
Drowsbane: Tegans Law, he was Tomalok.
Drowsbane: The Romulan.
OnlineHost: EGatei has entered the room.
Gmmas: Gnite all; have fun watching Crusade tomorrow evening!!!!
Empathora: take care gmmas
OnlineHost: Gmmas has left the room.
OnlineHost: EGatei has left the room.
AZZclone: be careful Gmmas
B5ZEN: by gemmas
Tegans Law: Interesting….I wish i could remember better
B5CL Tap: Gmmas poofed!
AZZclone: {S doh
Empathora: hee
Tegans Law: night Gmmas
Drowsbane: Remember the one who threatened to “haul the Enterprise back to
Drowsbane: Romulis as a war trophy”?
AZZclone: kinda the way Tap poofs
AZZclone: lol
B5ZEN: so are they airing B5 reruns anywhere at any time?
B5CL Tap: not me. I refuse to poof..I count to 10
Tegans Law: Drows, kind of rings a bell.
Empathora: hee, nah, tap foofs!
RavnCobalt: i’m impressed
OnlineHost: HRamos1113 has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: 7am -9am every Saturday morning, Zen
Drowsbane: Zen, Saturday Morning’s at 7-9.
RavnCobalt: its rather quiet tonight
OnlineHost: HRamos1113 has left the room.
B5CL Tap: well about time , huh Ravn?
AZZclone: Ravn, you could make more noise
RavnCobalt: yes Tap
B5ZEN: WHAT!!!!!! who’s awake then on sat am’s????
Drowsbane: Tegans Law, that’s who he was. He played Tomalok twice, the other
Drowsbane: time, I think, was when Riker was “traveling in Time”, but was a
Drowsbane: prisoner of the Romulans.
B5CL Tap: ah well I am Zen but then I am up at 4am
Empathora: i am
RavnCobalt: ZZ Nost has had her hands full all week with the snerts
AZZclone: Zen, the VCR NEVER sleeps
B5CL Tap: well its 2 hours of B5
Tegans Law: That’s what a VCR is for, Zen ๐Ÿ™‚
B5CL Tap: too true AZZ
B5ZEN: Tap– only you would be up at 4am—why???
BCurie: im back
Drowsbane: I can find several reasons to be awake at 4 am.
B5ZEN: mine hates to be programmed– it’s got a glitch
RavnCobalt: brb
AZZclone: ::raises hand:::I too am up at 4am on Sat
B5ZEN: lol=drows
BCurie: any one want to chat with BCurie?
OnlineHost: EGatei has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: Okay Drows.. milk the cow{S moo}
Empathora: ya, ZZ {S whoop2
OnlineHost: EGatei has left the room.
B5CL Tap: and get eggs from the chickens{S chicken}
AZZclone: {S woop
Empathora: hee, thassit
B5CL Tap: actually I sleep in to 6am on Saturdays
B5ZEN: azz- bet your worn out by 5am?
AZZclone: naw, still up then too
B5ZEN: lolol
AZZclone: play til early afternoon
Drowsbane: Well, you could vaguely describe it that way, B5CL Tap
Empathora: ZZ never wears out ๐Ÿ™‚
BCurie: bye
AZZclone: shh
OnlineHost: BCurie has left the room.
Empathora: :-X
B5CL Tap: vaguely? I always felt that was straightforward
Drowsbane: Nevermind…….::whistles innocently::
OnlineHost: EGatei has entered the room.
OnlineHost: EGatei has left the room.
Empathora: drows!! innocently, hah!!
B5CL Tap: ::dumps glitter on Drows’s head..just for the heck of it:::
OnlineHost: B5CL Rangr has entered the room.
AZZclone: Drow, nice look!!
Empathora: wb rangr
Drowsbane: I see Bill Mummy’s online.
RavnCobalt: bak
Tegans Law: Got to be going. Don’t forget about Crusade tomorrow! night
RavnCobalt: sorry
B5CL Tap: hiya Ranger. you get booted?
B5CL Tap: bye Tegan
AZZclone: wb Ravn
Empathora: oooh, drows looks nice in glitter, tap
RavnCobalt: thanks ZZ
Empathora: wb ravn
OnlineHost: Tegans Law has left the room.
B5CL Tap: yeah I thought so Empath red is his color
RavnCobalt: {{Empath}}
Empathora: hee
B5CL Rangr: I really hate AOL at times ….
B5ZEN: where is mummy onine?
Drowsbane: Deep, blood red, even
B5CL Tap: gee Range only at time?
B5ZEN: Hi Ranger
B5CL Tap: lets not get gross Drows::feels queasy::
AZZclone: :::sighs::::
B5CL Rangr: I’m sitting here minding my own biz and *poof* I’m gone
AZZclone: I want my monitor back
Drowsbane: You know, I haven’t had any problems since I installed CarryOn.
B5CL Tap: I had a friend that fainted every time he saw just one drop even.
Empathora: awwwwwwww, ZZ
B5ZEN: glad you found yourself ranger
B5CL Tap: well ya know Ranger I thought so
OnlineHost: WimziFizz has entered the room.
AZZclone: but Drows, you MUST have a registered PT to
AZZclone: use that
Drowsbane: I have at least one, Azz.
AZZclone: ok
OnlineHost: WimziFizz has left the room.
Drowsbane: Currently, PT8.2
AZZclone: 8.2?
AZZclone: 8.2.56?
Drowsbane: 8.2.57 percisely.
B5CL Rangr: 8.2.57 is the current
B5CL Tap: geesch back to the code of the PowerTools
Empathora: :::sighs:::
Empathora: ๐Ÿ™‚
AZZclone: Tap. would YOU be without it?
B5CL Rangr: ok guys …don’t show Tap your Power Tools
B5ZEN: oh god– I’ve got to update power tools again
B5CL Tap: AZZ I never had it!
Drowsbane: {S ta-yeah}
AZZclone: oh MY
B5CL Tap: I type 120 wpm.. that is how I do the chat!
Empathora: no PT here
AZZclone: Tap, you don’t know what you are missing!!!
B5CL Tap: nope no PT’s
B5CL Tap: Yes I do AZZ something to that will clog up my computer that is
tempermental as it is!
OnlineHost: KMasic12 has left the room.
Drowsbane: I type at 60-70 on a good day, but I hate typing somethings over
Drowsbane: over, so I cheat.
B5CL Tap: no thank you
AZZclone: oh no Tap, the clogs are caused by AOLs leaks
B5CL Tap: cut and paste, Drows?
AZZclone: and PT fixes those too
B5CL Tap: ::sighs: I know
B5CL Rangr: I like PT’s for one reason …auto log
B5CL Tap: AZZ I am a simple Tapestry. nothing fancy thank you
AZZclone: ok
AZZclone: but remember me when you have IMs pasted
AZZclone: all over your screen, and mine are in ONE
AZZclone: window
B5CL Rangr: PT’s logs everything with out me having to set it up
B5CL Tap: So anyways I dont’ recognize Child’s Play what was that a movie?
Drowsbane: I like PT’s for the IM Manager, the Wav Manager, the Custom Editor

Drowsbane: for macro’s, and all the other bells and whistles.
AZZclone: and I can type more than one line in at a time
AZZclone: with unlimited length
Drowsbane: Exactly, Azz.
B5CL Tap: Drows you would like bells and whistles
Empathora: almost
B5CL Rangr: Drowsbane, those are nice too
Drowsbane: Depends on where they’re haning B5CL Tap.
Empathora: oh my
Drowsbane: Not to mention the BMP manager.
B5CL Tap: well somehow I survive.. and do you guys get bonus’s for
advertising PT’s>
B5CL Tap: does one need their BMP’s managed, Drows?
AZZclone: Tap, NO
Empathora: they sure should, huh?
B5CL Tap: LOL AZZ I feel like I am in an informercial
B5CL Rangr: yup ten bucks everytime we use the name Power Tools
B5CL Tap: I knew it ::swats Ranger::
Drowsbane: B5CL Tap, sometimes, yes.
B5CL Rangr: :::runs:::
AZZclone: hey Tap, DL it, run it for 20 days, and if you
AZZclone: don’t likeit, it will go away
Drowsbane: Let’s you see the BMP”s without having to constantly run them in
B5CL Tap: hmm I dunno Drows I don’t htink I have BMP’s in my computer.
Drowsbane: room or with Explorer.
Drowsbane: Hey, where’s my back pay then??????
B5CL Rangr: AZZclone, her puter may not like it
B5CL Tap: AZZ you know I htink I tried to load it once last year. and it
didn’t work.
Drowsbane: LOL
B5CL Tap: my computer is very tempermantal.sort of like Ranger
Empathora: right behind your front pay, drows
Drowsbane: Well, time for me to wander all, a certain “Goddess” to worship
and all
Drowsbane: that.
B5CL Rangr: Drowsbane, you need to go to www.Pwoer
Drowsbane: “May god stand between you and harm in all the empty places you
Drowsbane: must walk”.
B5CL Rangr: Tools/kickback.payme./money
B5CL Tap: later Drows ::waves::
Empathora: take care of you, drows
AZZclone: Ranger, I have this leeeeeeetle Pentuim90
AZZclone: laptop with the minimum needed to run PT, she
AZZclone: has to be better than that
OnlineHost: Drowsbane has left the room.
B5CL Rangr: Drowsbane, see ya
B5ZEN: nite drows
B5CL Rangr: AZZclone, can you say Nintendo?
AZZclone: {S rofl
AZZclone: no
Empathora: :::covers ears:::
B5CL Tap: hmm I got a Pentium 166
B5CL Tap: I looooooove my Nintendo
OnlineHost: Resrv 58th has entered the room.
AZZclone: Tap, you should have no trouble running PT
B5CL Rangr: AZZclone, well that’s what the guy at the locate puter store
tells her
B5CL Tap: hiya Reserv58 LTNS
B5CL Tap: AZZ easy for you to say…
B5CL Tap: what local computer store?
Resrv 58th: Hiya!!! just stopping in to prove I’m still alive ๐Ÿ˜‰
B5CL Rangr: well gang I’m off have a good night all
Empathora: hello res!
OnlineHost: WLDCARD58 has entered the room.
AZZclone: Tap, the latest version is virtually trouble free
B5CL Tap: well glad to see ya Reserv..
OnlineHost: B5CL Rangr has left the room.
Empathora: take care rangr
B5CL Tap: nighters Ranger ::tickles::
WLDCARD58: hey everyone!
B5CL Tap: oh darn I missed him
Resrv 58th: WLDCARD!!!!!!
B5CL Tap: Welcome aboard Wldcard
Empathora: hello wildcard
WLDCARD58: you guys enjoying Crusade?
Resrv 58th: hi Empathora
Empathora: ๐Ÿ™‚
Resrv 58th: ayep ๐Ÿ™‚
AZZclone: Yo Res!!
B5CL Tap: I am waiting for tomorrow nights show, Wldcard.. then I will tell
you ๐Ÿ˜‰
B5CL Tap: I give all shows at least 3 epiosdes before a decision
Resrv 58th: hi AZZclone!
WLDCARD58: ok, have missed most of the first two
OnlineHost: EGatei has entered the room.
OnlineHost: EGatei has left the room.
Empathora: i missed last week ๐Ÿ™
AZZclone: Card, you need to tune up your VCR
Empathora: i think i will live, though
B5CL Tap: oh Empathora you want to read the show?
B5CL Tap: i got the spoiler site link
Empathora: ubetcha, tap!!!
Resrv 58th: I still like Galen the best ๐Ÿ™‚
B5CL Tap: okay.. will email it to you
Empathora: thank you most kindly, tap
OnlineHost: EGatei has entered the room.
B5ZEN: TV Guide newsmagazine will be running a profile on the crusades
OnlineHost: EGatei has left the room.
B5ZEN: assim– just sent an e-mail
WLDCARD58: ratings are doing terrible
B5CL Tap: no prob Empathora its pretty acurate
OnlineHost: TexasLea has entered the room.
Empathora: kewl
B5CL Tap: no Wldcard its doing better than most SciFiChannel shows.. you want
to see the rating?
OnlineHost: StuntsFX has entered the room.
B5ZEN: This Friday night
B5CL Tap: hey Stunts how you be?
OnlineHost: TexasLea has left the room.
StuntsFX: Doing great, I’m damn near living on Walker these days.
Empathora: hello stunts
B5CL Tap: We have to remember cable ratings are not going to be network
WLDCARD58: I’ve read it hasn’t done so well
RavnCobalt: afk
StuntsFX: Hey Tap, do you know if Kerry is coordinating Crusade?
B5CL Tap: I will send you what I read. Wldcard
B5CL Tap: nope Stunts.. not a word
StuntsFX: gggggrrrrrrrrrrrr getting production information on this is like
finding hens teeth
Empathora: hee
AZZclone: Stunts, hens don’t have teeth
WLDCARD58: thanks tap
B5CL Tap: I know Stunts Centurian1 might know
StuntsFX: very good Azz. Got it right on the first try
OnlineHost: EGatei has entered the room.
OnlineHost: EGatei has left the room.
AZZclone: I try
OnlineHost: TygerEyez1 has entered the room.
StuntsFX: Next week we’ll start you on shapes and colors
Empathora: wb tyger!!!!!
AZZclone: well, thought I might stop ya from continuing
AZZclone: the sreach
WLDCARD58: everyone I must go but have a good night!
Empathora: lol, stunts
OnlineHost: WLDCARD58 has left the room.
TygerEyez1: thanks Path.
B5ZEN: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{tyger}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
Empathora: ๐Ÿ™‚
OnlineHost: JeF164 has entered the room.
B5ZEN: missed you!!!!
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{{Zen}}}}}}}}}}}}}
Resrv 58th: hi Tyger
Empathora: hello jef!
StuntsFX: Tap, would you mind e-mailing him for me?
AZZclone: {{{{{{{ Tyger }}}}}}}}}}{S zzkiss
JeF164: hey
TygerEyez1: missed you too, Zen.
B5ZEN: felling less tired tonight tyger?
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
OnlineHost: Letsjam16 has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: gee Stunts email me what you want to ask.. and I will
B5ZEN: feeling–sorry
TygerEyez1: Zen, I’m always tired.
StuntsFX: It’s been months since I talked with him. I don’t know if he will
remember me
OnlineHost: Letsjam16 has left the room.
B5CL Tap: oh sure he would..
TygerEyez1: Hi Reserv.
B5ZEN: poor tyger!!!
B5CL Tap: he works for Paramount now I think
OnlineHost: Damus89 has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: Tyger need vitamins?
OnlineHost: Damus89 has left the room.
RavnCobalt: bak
Empathora: wb ravn
B5CL Tap: wb Ravn
AZZclone: wb Ravn
AZZclone: you ok?
TygerEyez1: I need something.
B5CL Tap: try multivitamins first.
Empathora: i need something too, tyger
B5ZEN: vacation soon tyger???, I start mine next week!
B5CL Tap: if that don’t work get a check up
TygerEyez1: Zen, I wish.
B5CL Tap: thyroids sometimes mess you up too
AZZclone: Tyger, time for Geritol?
B5ZEN: planning– tyger– your Need a vacation
B5CL Tap: makes you tired and slow..
TygerEyez1: ZZ, {S thwap}….I’m not even 30 yet.
B5CL Tap: vacations ..only dreams
Empathora: hee
B5ZEN: lolol
AZZclone: is there a minimum age ?
B5CL Tap: Geritol is just liquid vitamins
RavnCobalt: Tyger perhaps its your Iron
B5ZEN: what ever works tap
TygerEyez1: certainly not 29.
Resrv 58th: well, hate to say it, but I have to go already, dentist appt
tomorrow am ๐Ÿ™
StuntsFX: ok Tapp you have mail
B5CL Tap: Iron deficency anemia is any age, Tyger
RavnCobalt: suffering from Anemia
AZZclone: hey, could it hurt?
Empathora: take care, resrv
B5CL Tap: thanks Stunts
B5CL Tap: will pass it on..
StuntsFX: No, Thank you
OnlineHost: ASHLEYCB99 has entered the room.
Resrv 58th: night all!! I’ll try not to be such a stranger ๐Ÿ˜‰ {{{}}}
ASHLEYCB99: i know someone in this room
OnlineHost: Resrv 58th has left the room.
StuntsFX: If I get a day I’ll buy you lunce……
OnlineHost: Bubbaluvsp has entered the room.
StuntsFX: lunch
B5CL Tap: Luch is irrlevant
OnlineHost: Rissy8 has entered the room.
Empathora: lunce is good too
OnlineHost: Bubbaluvsp has left the room.
B5CL Tap: Lunch.. even
OnlineHost: Rissy8 has left the room.
OnlineHost: HRamos1113 has entered the room.
OnlineHost: HRamos1113 has left the room.
StuntsFX: lol Some body shoot that typo deamon (+)
OnlineHost: Babs5Capt1 has entered the room.
Empathora: {S ppg
B5CL Tap: hiya Babs
RavnCobalt: Hello Babs
Babs5Capt1: Hi
B5CL Tap: Nost will be here in 5 minutes
B5ZEN: :::ducks:::
Empathora: hello babs!
AZZclone: {{{{{{{{ Babs }}}}}}}}}{S zzkiss
Babs5Capt1: ((((((((((AZZ))))))))))))
OnlineHost: Lacerta0 has entered the room.
Empathora: oops, no need to shoot, is gone
Empathora: you may get up now, zen
StuntsFX: Tap do you know if Crusade was picked up?
B5CL Tap: I wonder what happened to our regular typo demon.
B5ZEN: thanks—::whew::\
B5CL Tap: They wont’ know until the 2nd week of July, Stunts
B5CL Tap: you know the regular biting nails bit
OnlineHost: Kenickie5 has entered the room.
OnlineHost: Babs5Capt1 has left the room.
Kenickie5: Hi Tap
B5CL Tap: hiya Kenickie
Empathora: hello kenickie
OnlineHost: Lacerta0 has left the room.
Kenickie5: Hi everyone that’s not Tap
OnlineHost: B5CL Nost has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: Hiya Nost how yoube?
StuntsFX: Boy do I. Sons of Thunder did not get picked up but Walker has
extended at least 3 more
StuntsFX: seasons
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{{Nostie}}}}}}}}}}}
B5CL Nost: Hello {{{{{{{{{{People}}}}}}}}}}}
Kenickie5: I’m REALLY HYPER!!!
RavnCobalt: (((((((NOST!!))))))))))))
B5CL Tap: kewl Stunts job security huh?
Kenickie5: NOST!!HI!!!!!
AZZclone: {{{{{{{{{{{{{S Nostie}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
B5ZEN: {{nost}}
StuntsFX: well some at least, Till I’m seen to much this season
Empathora: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{nost}}}}}}}}}{S pathkiss
StuntsFX: then it’s back to finding my next job again
B5CL Nost: {{{{{Tyger Ravn Emp Tap Zen ZZ Kenickie
B5CL Nost: All}}}}}}}
B5ZEN: Tap– your time up so soon?
B5CL Tap: how about growing a beard?
B5CL Tap: yeppers Zen 5 minutes
B5ZEN: bummers
OnlineHost: ASHLEYCB99 has left the room.
OnlineHost: ASHLEYCB99 has entered the room.
B5CL Nost: Who is growing a beard?
AZZclone: Tap. I have one
Empathora: who’s growing a beard?
B5CL Tap: a mustache? sideburns..??ah shave your head?
StuntsFX: If they want a beard they will put one on me lol
RavnCobalt: very prompt timing Hostess
Empathora: grrrrrrrrr
B5CL Tap: well he doesn’t want to look the same all the time
StuntsFX: already shaved the head before
B5CL Tap: oh Nost you know StuntsFX right?
OnlineHost: Alex777A has entered the room.
Alex777A: Ave, all.
Empathora: hello alex!
B5CL Tap: so Stunts you look like Garibaldi?
B5CL Tap: hiya Alex ::waves::
B5CL Nost: Tap no I haven’t had the pleasure.
RavnCobalt: hello Alex
StuntsFX: I get more roles with the Patrick Stewart look
B5CL Nost: {{{{{Alex}}}}}
Kenickie5: Is anyone else REALLY HYPER!!
B5ZEN: I think I am– but not on purpose– I’m just getting older
AZZclone: Yo Alex!!
StuntsFX: lol No Jerry is taller then me
Alex777A: ::waves back:: ๐Ÿ™‚
TygerEyez1: Hiya Alex.
JeF164: bye room
B5CL Tap: shoe lifts?
B5CL Nost: Nice to meet you StuntsFX.
B5CL Tap:
B5ZEN: hey- tyger- you hyper?
StuntsFX: G’eve Nost
Alex777A: Really hyper? Only when I take my dexedrine. ๐Ÿ˜‰
OnlineHost: Eieal has entered the room.
StuntsFX: To be that tall I’d need a body lift
TygerEyez1: Zen, no, I am definitely not hyper tonight.
StuntsFX: I’m only 5’8″\
B5CL Nost: I hear you are working on one of my other
Alex777A: A little height can be a very good thing.
B5CL Nost: fav sows StntsFX? ๐Ÿ™‚
StuntsFX: but it works great for Walker
B5CL Tap: perfect height
B5CL Nost: Eieal, hello
JeF164: fine dont say bye!!
B5ZEN: me either– I’m on an antibiotic
Kenickie5: I’m eating COCOA CRISPIES!!1
B5CL Nost: Excuse the typos. ๐Ÿ™‚
Alex777A: Ave, Eieal.
OnlineHost: JeF164 has left the room.
StuntsFX: You a Walker Fan Nost?
B5CL Tap: Antibiotics in CocoaKrispies?
B5CL Nost: Yes Stunts. ๐Ÿ™‚
Kenickie5: NO
Kenickie5: Don’t be silly
Empathora: afk
RavnCobalt: ohhh sad
B5ZEN: when ara their antibiotics in cereal?
B5CL Tap: gee see what happens when it scrolls to fast
Kenickie5: Sounds kind of interestin
StuntsFX: Nost I’ll send you my headshot
RavnCobalt: horses dead
Alex777A: Ew!
RavnCobalt: ๐Ÿ™
B5CL Tap: Well time for me to jet ::passe Minbariteapot to Nost:: :later all!
B5CL Nost: I got hooked on Walker because it comes on
B5CL Nost: right before Earth Final Conflict here. ๐Ÿ™‚
RavnCobalt: burned to death in fire
B5CL Nost: Stunt Thanks!!
Alex777A: Cya, Tap.
B5ZEN: {{{{{niters tap}}}}}}
B5CL Tap: ::Waves::: {S tap} see ya tomorrow..same bat time.. er B5time
AZZclone: {{{{{{{ Tappie }}}}}}}}{S zzkiss
TygerEyez1: Cya Tappie.
Kenickie5: Bye tap
OnlineHost: Eieal has left the room.
B5CL Nost: ::::::takes teapot from Tap::::::::::
B5CL Tap: ::grabs jacket and heads out dadoor::
RavnCobalt: oh very sad
StuntsFX: G’niters Tap

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