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Eclipse Cafe: David Eagle

OnlineHost: B5 Eagle has entered the room.
B5CL Drows: Dragoniize, he’s also a Hugo Winner.
Spongy Tom: Who dearie
B5CL Drows: Lets all welcome David Eagle, one of the excellent directors of episodes of
B5 Eagle: Hi everyone
B5CL Drows: Babylon 5, the hot Science Fiction TV show.
TygerEyez1: Who is right, Sheridn.
SandyV4752: Welcome David!!
B5Sheridn1: {S greetings} B5Eagle
Dragoniize: Hell Eagle
B5Sheridn1: Thank you Tyg
B5Delenn1: {{{{{{{Eagle}}}}}}}
Dragoniize: Hello
B5ZEN: hello!!
Trav56725: So Delenn, I saw that you had a Bad Hair Day
Dragoniize: dang it
B5CL Drows: Good evening Mr Eagle, and welcome to the Best Chat Room on AOL!!
Spongy Tom: Howdy and welcome Mr E!
B5 Eagle: How’s it going everyone?
B5Delenn1: yep…happens occasionally, Trav
OnlineHost: ItsMissM has entered the room.
B5ZEN: great!
SandyV4752: Great now that you are here Mr E.
Spongy Tom: Pretty peachie David…and you?
B5CL Drows: Mr Eagle, it’s going fine here, how’s things with you and your projects?
B5Sheridn1: Later y’all
B5CL Drows: ItsMissM, welcome to the chat 🙂
B5 Eagle: I can only stay a few mins so does anyone have a specific question?
Trav56725: did you watch tonite? I missed that one first couple times it was on
ItsMissM: hi
B5CL Drows: Mr Eagle, is your Disney project still in the works?
B5Delenn1: later Sheridn
Dragoniize: Bye Sheridn
Spongy Tom: good one Drows
B5 Eagle: No, the disney project went down the tubes
OnlineHost: NGHTSBR has entered the room.
Spongy Tom: I’d like to know too
OnlineHost: B5Sheridn1 has left the room.
Spongy Tom: crap
B5Delenn1: brb…….have to break up feline fight!!!!!
SandyV4752: Oh sorry to hear that.
B5CL Drows: Mr Eagle, sorry to hear that, it sounded pretty good.
B5CL Drows: Delenn, cold water works for that.
B5 Eagle: But I just did a SLIDERS and will be doing another soon
Dragoniize: Water pistols
B5CL Drows: Hiya NGHTSBR, come on in and stay
B5CL Drows: awhile. :-)Sl
OnlineHost: Psicop22 has entered the room.
B5CL Drows: Mr Eagle, I was just going to ask about Sliders, actually. Great news.
B5CL Drows: Good Evening Psicop22, welcome
B5ZEN: what sort new projects are you working on?
NGHTSBR: I’m back, sorry I was cut off an hour ago
SandyV4752: Can you tell us what they are about David?
B5CL Drows: aboard the Fresh Air Lounge.
Spongy Tom: Cool….Mr. Eagle…it was’t until B5 that I really noticeed directors on TV
OnlineHost: Trav56725 has left the room.
B5 Eagle: SLIDERS is about an hour!
B5 Eagle: Just kidding!
B5CL Drows: B5 Eagle=David Eagle, one of the talented Directors of the television show Babylon 5.
Spongy Tom: You do “stand-out” work
SandyV4752: LOL!!
B5CL Drows: Mr Eagle, I see the sense of humor is still quite intact. LOL
B5 Eagle: Thanks Spongy
B5Delenn1: ok…back..had to find my spray bottle
TygerEyez1: did it work, Delenn?
B5CL Drows: Tom, same here, actually.
Spongy Tom: Are you exclusive to TV or will you go to features some time?
B5 Eagle: My ep is about one of the new characters confronting 2 other versions of herself
OnlineHost: B5Delenn1 has left the room.
SandyV4752: Oh sounds good!
B5 Eagle: Peter Jurasik was in my episode
B5CL Drows: Mr Eagle, any word on working with other shows?
Spongy Tom: no way!
B5 Eagle: and Jerry Dole is working on the one that is shooting this week
OnlineHost: B5CL Nost has entered the room.
OnlineHost: ItsMissM has left the room.
SandyV4752: That’s great!!
Spongy Tom: certainly 2 solid reasons for catching that SLAIDERS then!
B5CL Drows: Everyone, join me in welcoming my colleague B5CL Nost.
B5CL Nost: Hiya Peeps!!
Dragoniize: {{{{{{{{{Nost}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
SandyV4752: Hi Nos!!
Spongy Tom: ((((((((((((((Nost)))))))))))))))))
B5CL Nost: {{{{{Drowsy}}}}}
B5 Eagle: I’m working on getting assignments on other shows too
Spongy Tom: SLIDERS rather
B5CL Drows: Tom, agreed, if TCI would pick up Sci Fi here.
B5CL Nost: {{{{{Tom}}}}}
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Nost}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
NGHTSBR: Hiya Nost
B5CL Nost: {{{{{{{{tyger}}}}}}}}
OnlineHost: B5Delenn1 has entered the room.
B5 Eagle: Hi Nos!
B5ZEN: {{{{{nost}}}}
Psicop22: Hi Nost
B5CL Nost: {{{{{Zen Delenn}}}}}
B5CL Drows: Mr Eagle, will you let us know what comes up? We’d love to know so
B5CL Nost: Hiya {{{Eagle}}}
B5CL Drows: we can make sure to watch.
Log Count: There were 12 member(s) in Fresh Air Lounge at 07:45 PM
B5 Eagle: Will do
B5Delenn1: {{{{{{nost}}}}}}
B5 Eagle: No other questions?
SandyV4752: What other projects are you working on Mr E?
Spongy Tom: I really don’t know of many directors that are as recognized by fans as the great ones of B5
Dragoniize: Hey, Nost am I chopped liver?
OnlineHost: B5 Lome has entered the room.
B5ZEN: ask us one Mr eagle
B5 Eagle: I’m working on a big documentary too
B5CL Drows: Dragoniize, would you settle for diced?
Spongy Tom: (((((((((((Lome))))))))))))))))))))
B5CL Nost: {{{{{{Dragon}}}}}}}}} never dear.
B5CL Drows: B5 Lome, welcome to the chat 🙂
B5 Eagle: OK
B5 Lome: {{{{{{Tom}}}}}
OnlineHost: Cedarga has entered the room.
B5 Eagle: What are some of your fav episodes?
Dragoniize: Drows, If it is yours!
B5 Lome: thanks Drows
SandyV4752: What’s it about Mr E?
Spongy Tom: ((((((((((Alibaby))))))))))))00
Cedarga: ::::waves at Eagle:::::
Dragoniize: {{{{{Lome}}}}}
Cedarga: Hey Tom
SandyV4752: Severed Dreams of course
B5Delenn1: what kind of documentary, Eagle????
B5CL Drows: Mr Eagle, you know, you have directed most of my all time favorite episodes of Babylon 5.
B5 Eagle: The doc is about the Holocaust
B5 Lome: Hye Dragon
B5CL Nost: My fav has always been *Severed Dreams and Hour of the Wolf*.
B5CL Drows: Welcome Cedarga, its good to see you here today. 🙂
B5 Eagle: Thanks Drows
Dragoniize: Mr E, where will it play?
B5Delenn1: ahhhhh,,,,,,,,a very touchy subject, Eagle
B5 Eagle: Hi Ced
B5CL Nost: {{{{{{Ced}}}}
B5ZEN: severed dreams–but I like them all’
B5CL Nost: {{{{Lome}}}
B5Delenn1: I commend you for undertaking it
Cedarga: Tom I’ve got Maddest Kind of Love uploaded if you want it
Dragoniize: {{{{{Ced}}}}}}}
B5 Eagle: Haven’t sold it yet!
Spongy Tom: who did “Face of the Enemy?”
B5CL Drows: Mr Eagle, that’s hard to cover, did you have family that went through it?
Dragoniize: Mr E, great subject matter
Spongy Tom: Ali, I’ll take any kind of love from you…you know that ] B5 Eagle: Yes, I’m taking a relative back to the 4 death camps he survived
NGHTSBR: I don’t know names, but I can tell you my fav scene: The 1st Drahk encounter.
OnlineHost: LEPerky has entered the room.
Dragoniize: Mr Eagle, have you ever been to one before?
B5CL Drows: Mr Eagle, so, it’s sort of a personal journey for you as wlel, then?
Spongy Tom: ((((((((LEP)))))))))
SandyV4752: When are you going Mr E?
B5Delenn1: {{{{{{{Perky}}}}}}}
B5 Eagle: Yes Dachau
B5 Lome: LEPLEPLEP!!!!!!
B5CL Drows: Hiya LEPerky, come on in and stay
B5 Eagle: Spring
B5CL Drows: awhile. 🙂
Spongy Tom: That sounds very moving
B5ZEN: {{{{{perky}}}}}}
Dragoniize: They are very unsettling, I have been as well
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Perky}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
B5CL Drows: Perky, look who wandered in to chat!!
B5CL Nost: Oh My Eagle, that sounds really interesting.
LEPerky: MLMLML!!!!, {{{{Spongy Tom}}}}}] {{{{Drows}}}}}}}, {{{{{Tygerrrrrrrr}}}}}
B5CL Nost: {{{{{{{Perky}}}}}}}
OnlineHost: B5 jgDalek has entered the room.
B5 Eagle: Anyone remember And the Rock Cried Out…
OnlineHost: SUZY52 has entered the room.
LEPerky: Good to see you again, Mr. Eagle!!!
B5 jgDalek: Hiya
SandyV4752: You betcha Mr E
B5 Eagle: Hi LEP
B5CL Nost: Eagle i like that Episode too.
Spongy Tom: Yes David!
Dragoniize: {{{{{{{{Perky}}}}}}}}}
SUZY52: hi all
B5Delenn1: i do, Eagle
LEPerky: {{{{{[Dragon}}}}}}
B5CL Nost: {{{{suzy}}}}
B5 jgDalek: {{{{{{{TYger****}}}}}}
LEPerky: I do, mr. Eagle!
B5CL Drows: B5 jgDalek, SUZY52, welcome to the chat 🙂
B5 jgDalek: {{{{{Delenn}}}}
B5CL Drows: Mr Eagle, yes, it was an excelent dichomoty using the Hymn while the
Psicop22: hello Suzy
B5CL Drows: Narn’s disposed of Refa.
Dragoniize: {{{{{{Suzy, Dalek}}}}}}}
LEPerky: {{{{{{{{{Nost}}}}}}}
SUZY52: hi there p22
B5 jgDalek: {{{{LEP}}}}
B5 Eagle: So, what B5 staff or cast members have been in here recently?
B5Delenn1: {{{{{dalek}}}}}
NGHTSBR: Oh… It took me a minute to think which one!!!
B5 jgDalek: {{{{Suzy}}}}
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{{Dalek**}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
OnlineHost: Trav56725 has entered the room.
LEPerky: {{{{{Dalek}}}}}}}
B5 jgDalek: {{{{Dragon}}}}
B5 Lome: Hey Dalek
Cedarga: Eagle, did you say *one* of your relatives survived *4* camps?\
Cedarga: Wow!
Cedarga: Eagle, great ep
SUZY52: last one i remember was melissa
B5 jgDalek: {{{{{Angel}}}}}
B5CL Drows: Mr Eagle, Jullie Brown was in right before VORCon, that’s all I’ve seen.
Spongy Tom: We had a talk with Wayne Alexander in a related chat room recently
B5CL Nost: Eagle John Copeland came to a chat a couple weeks ago.
B5 jgDalek: {{{{{Lome}}}}}
B5CL Nost: Walter comes in from time to time.
B5CL Drows: Welcome Trav56725, I’m delighted you could join us tonight. 🙂
B5 jgDalek: Drows, Tom….Hiya
B5CL Nost: Julie drops by also.
Spongy Tom: Hey Dalek!
SUZY52: david, will you make a trip to st louis for a con soon?
Cedarga: Okay, after all those chatlogs I distributed, why didn’t I get any? Hmmm?
B5 jgDalek: ::::::walks over sita with Tyger & Delenn::::::
SandyV4752: I chatted with Julie a couple of days ago.
Spongy Tom: I want candy
SUZY52: ced, i never had set or made a log yet
B5 Eagle: Well I just worked with Peter Jurasik, I’m having lunch with Steven Furst next week
B5 Eagle: and I’ll be seeing Tony Dow this weekend
B5 jgDalek: {{{{{{{Ced}}}} ya sneaky I didnt see you
LEPerky: Cool!!!! Mr. Eagle.
Cedarga: Eagle, you worked with Jurasik on Sliders?
B5CL Nost: Peter came for a visit a couple months ago.
B5CL Drows: Mr Eagle, please send my a greeting from me, if you think of it.
B5 Eagle: Yes CED
SUZY52: has tony dow made any mor eps?
Cedarga: ((((John))))) Hiyas!
B5 jgDalek: {{{{{Nost}}} Hiya
Spongy Tom: Mr. E, we are all really appreciative of the attention to the fans the B5 cast and crew
Spongy Tom: show
LEPerky: {{{{{Cedar}}}}
B5ZEN: unreal lunch schedual– I had dinner with my
B5ZEN: cat!
B5 Eagle: Yes, he and Steven have done CRUSADE
Cedarga: Hey (((((LEP)))))
B5CL Nost: Great.
SandyV4752: That’s great!
LEPerky: Mr. Eagle… which eps? or are they going to be show soon?
SUZY52: cool
B5CL Drows: I did hear that Stephen Furst did episode 5 of Crusade, I believe.
Cedarga: Eagle, steven said he directed a b5 actor on Crusade when I saw him in Madison
B5 Eagle: LEP – which eps what?
B5CL Nost: Drows i didn’t mean to barge your chat but i have a little announcement to make.
Cedarga: Drows, that’s the one he talked about…105…
NGHTSBR: I’m looking @ the Crusade info right now & all I can say is “wow”!
B5CL Drows: Nost, not a prolbem, you know you’re always welcome in my chats.
SUZY52: david, can you tell me why jerry doyle is not going to visions on nov 27th?
B5 Eagle: Yes, I think Rick Biggs was in that ep
B5CL Nost: B5Cl Stef is the happy mother of a 9 lb baby boy!!!!!!!!!!!!
B5CL Drows: Good news for the Franklin fans.
OnlineHost: R2na has entered the room.
B5 Eagle: Don’t know SUZY
Dragoniize: All Right Stef!!!!
OnlineHost: R2na has left the room.
LEPerky: Mr. Eagle.. which episodes of Sliders will Peter, and Stephen be in?
Trav56725: GOOD GOING STEF!!!!!
SUZY52: i really wanted to see him
B5CL Drows: Nost, sorry dear, I betcha to that one. 🙂
B5CL Nost: Mother and son are doing great??
Cedarga: ::::grins:::: I can watch a little more Biggs…
B5 jgDalek: Way to go Stef!!!!!! Woohoo
Spongy Tom: Yeah!!!
B5CL Drows: Good Evening R2na, welcome aboard
B5CL Nost: Drows well worth repeating. LOL
B5CL Drows: the Fresh Air Lounge.
Dragoniize: Nost, thanks for the info!!!!
LEPerky: Atta girl Stef!
B5 Eagle: Peter is in the first two of this season. Steven is not in any
Cedarga: Nost, is it Joseph or James Darius?
SUZY52: was hoping jan would had called me tonight before i came back on in here
B5Delenn1: good going Stef
B5CL Nost: Joseph Ced.
LEPerky: thank, you, Mr. Eagle.
SandyV4752: When does it start Mr E?
Cedarga: Thanks, Nost
Spongy Tom: LEP…Jerry Doyle is in one though
B5 Eagle: Anyway, folks, gotta go
Spongy Tom: Ick. I have to go my friends. Mr. E, thanks for poppin’ in!!!!!
SUZY52: bye david
SUZY52: bye tom
B5CL Nost: Eagle it was nice to see you!!
SandyV4752: Thank you for coming in Mr E!!
B5 Eagle: thanks for inviting me Sandy
B5 jgDalek: Bye Mr eagle
Psicop22: bye Tom
B5Delenn1: Thank you for joining us tonight, EAgle
Spongy Tom: mwah!
B5ZEN: bye Eagle
B5CL Drows: Mr Eagle, thank you for stopping by, and for giving us some of the most
B5CL Drows: vivid images of the show.
OnlineHost: Spongy Tom has left the room.
B5 Eagle: See ya again soon
SandyV4752: My pleasure Mr E
Dragoniize: Thanks for the caht Mr E
LEPerky: bye Mr. Eagle!!!
OnlineHost: SUBZERO482 has entered the room.
B5 Eagle: Bye
Psicop22: Bye Mr Eagle
B5CL Nost: Take care Eagle and keep us posted please.
OnlineHost: B5 Eagle has left the room.

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