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Subj: Re:MadonnaTigress Family
Date: 96-04-15 13:53:22 EDT
From: SybyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

It’s never been my REM-Sleep Problem, to ask “InDreams,” “Who’s That Girl?”
But if she *really* means to “Come Clean,” I’ll DiveDEEP for MotherOfPearl!

Unlike MadonnaAnima’s PoseStrike, there are others in PAIN from “White Heat”
Shadows know of her White”RAIN;” they’re still (AsPartaME!) NutraSWEET

NO “Hellish” Spells upheld; I just want a fallen? “ANGEL” to “DRESS ME UP!”
To “LIVE TO TELL,” confessing a Tale of a CallingGrail’s LOVING-CUP!

Yeah, yeah, I found another rabbit to pull out of a hat….
Albeit at a RISK of getting BITTEN!; curiosity can KILL CATS!

(I had nine lives though; I’ve used up about four or five, because of all this CookieDough)

Subj: Re:MadonnaTigress Family
Date: 96-04-15 22:03:43 EDT
From: SybyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

“Like a Virgin”
>>But if she *really* means to “Come Clean,”<<<
(I meant the MadonnaAnima)

The WildernessCamPAIN was a CivilWar Battle, and a “Burning”ForestFIRE
But you KNOW that, “WhiteHeat” FANTASY? LOVE’S NOT THAT EASY!
“Dressing Me Up,” not a Kate trying to SKIN a Cat, will give you the CREAM!
But, regardless of what you’ve been involved in, you’re Blessed, absolved of Sin!

TrueBlue MadonnaAnima is INVITED to Satiate, “In my Dreams,” her Desires!
Kate abused my Poetry, alternately lied, then cried after CarbonFREEZING ME!
Not to “strike back,” but FREE to take a NEW TACK, “My Lady” to REDEEM!
MoralDearth?, my Spate inflated your Firth?, a Birth Immaculate, Like a Virgin!

Subj: Re:MadonnaTigress Family
Date: 96-04-15 22:04:37 EDT
From: SybyrTiger
Posted on: America Online




You’ll be BLESSED


Unless severed, Steady

To Sear?
To Fear?

Be Here!


In Midnight Hours,
Cream UnSoured!

Hate Flows?

Take a Bow!
Let our Souls GLOW!

You’re weak?
They think you’re a freak?

I know what pearls you really seek!
I’ll give the WORLD more than a peek!

Admittedly baiting?

You’re Hunger
Lungs Filled with Purrs


Your Needing
Using your Singing for FEEDING!

But freely “throwing out my rope”
Is only to Blow into your Soul, HOPE!

I think you see, my Anima, I can “Rescue You”
I have the Stamina to, well, “SEE it through”….

Don’t worry about the TigerPorsche’s Race to Inspire
Merely a FLURRY on the RaceCourse, with NEW TIRES!

Subj: Confessions
Date: 96-04-15 22:39:48 EDT
From: CeSpaceMuz
Posted on: America Online

They’ve been through so much pain, they must be reborn.
They must give away something they value and tell something they’ve never told before.
One or two refuse, they have no time, while their souls are torn,
Another says he has given all, and he can give no more.

For the companion, the confession is first, he loves Delenn.
A pure love he says, for he has accepted she is for another.
So he has given up the most, he has given her up, and then,
He has pledged himself to her side, not lover, but brother.

She who is no stranger to sacrifice, offers herself again.
No one knows all she has given up, though some suspect.
No matter her personal cost, this sacrificial Delenn,
Gives all for all, and earns their love and respect.

This time her offering costs her physical injury,
And they do not hear her confession for rebirth.
But they come to her, a pilgrimage in ceremony,
Offering their past loyalties, a uniform’s worth.

The one, the Hand, gives his uniform and confession first.
Finding, as she had saved him, and he held her, injured and near,
A realization of the depth of his feelings, and finds his rebirth
In finally telling her he cares, glad to hold her dear.

The second uniform is given by a Chief who walks in fear.
There’s a monster in his dreams that stalks him, day and night,
And he knows this monster can become manifest and real,
If his resolve should falter, he will fall forever from light.

Third, is the goddess, she who walks alone,
Admitting not only to herself, but to Delenn,
The love she had hidden that was broken like a bone
By the loss of Talia who was never to be Talia again.

Last to present his gift is the Healer, the Doctor
Who hasn’t been able to heal himself.
He can barely bring himself to even whisper
That he has a problem of which must be dealt.

She has lain silent throughout, only speaking with her eyes,
While listening with her heart of compassion.
Watching the love, fear, sorrow, and pain in their lives
Finally cast out, freed by their confession.

Her gifts to them reborn in new uniforms, symbolize,
Their unity of purpose, loyalty to good and each other,
Their place in this army of light and each other’s lives,
But the real gift is the love she freely offered to lover.., sister.., and brothers.

Subj: The Stars, Like Dust
Date: 96-04-15 22:48:58 EDT
From: Quonos
Posted on: America Online

I read this poem in the Isaac Asimov novel of the same name and never forgot it. Picture your ship while it exits the docking bay and babylon 5.

The stars, like dust
Encircle me
In living mists of light.
And all of space
I seem to see
In a vast burst of sight.

Long live the memory of the Good Doctor
Subj: ShadowHaart “SECRET”
Date: 96-04-16 11:47:20 EDT
From: LionsHaart
Posted on: America Online

“Until I learned to love myself, I was never ever loving anybody else.”
-Madonna, from her song, “Secret”

ShadowHaart’s “SECRET”

Our goal wasn’t to muddle/befuddle, but establish a Lasting Peace
Not SwordSteel, but a LoveCore “Real,” held fast, at last, in Fleece

Tough, a bit rough, can be the strategy of Following TrueEmpathy
To EMPOWER, NOT have Egos Cower, slide or hide in Self-Pity

A link FullyDirect, not circumspect, in order to PROTECT a compatible MATE
NOT StirringCoals, DesireFiring shadows to GROW, GERM-inate/purr-pet-u-ate

The Secret? Kate SEALED HER FATE, my Haart STABBED/betrayed/BROKE!
My Core jabbed, dismayed, a BitterPill CivilWar she ACTUALLY PROVOKED

To AVOID the song, “Till Death Do Us Part,” for sake of BOTH of our Health
Her Void devoid of TruePennedLove for US; Bluely never even loving HerSelf

Is Dear MadonnaAnima her Jailing/Railing “Sworn Enemy” of doubtful couth?
She must fearfully, UnBlessedly Confess, yes, that it is HER OWN BIG MOUTH

In fact, with GREAT TACT, SHE GAVE US A HAND, FateSealed, & HEALED
We know SHE UnFroze us: it was MY “Return of the Jedi” command to KNEEL!

We’ve confined our Poetry to the B5 board, for a MadonnaAnima to be Sunned
To Maximize Light, Minimize Night, no more StarWARS, other Fronts to STUN

Subj: Madonna’s ReBirth
Date: 96-04-16 17:01:56 EDT
From: DeepestOwl
Posted on: America Online

EVERYONE, young or old, has, feels, must justly deal with their shadow
But the longer you wait to set “cold” things straight, the stronger it grows

For everything good in a person, there is a fitting DualityEquality of Evil
And with a person of strong character, no FunPurrs, it can be a “Bitter Pill”

NOONE can deny, feign, make disappear, or laugh its Fate off with a shrug
Only navigating around a searing mountain of problems, swept under the rug

You, in “DaringTruth,” “expressed” a GREAT DEAL of InnerRage
Uncouth, but NOT REPRESSED, your feelings “GREW UP on stage”

Hiding your head in the sands, not learning from yearning, no progression
Demanding like a “Wild Child” INSIDE, adults in tumult, only REGRESSION

But something must have happened, crustbroken, your voice began to inflect
A stroke of a Penn? I don’t want to project, but in token admission I suspect

Above all, DON’T HATE what you were of late, what you “had to say” before
Your TrueLove had FALLEN, but realize that now, you’re something more

“Blonde Ambition” was indeed the FluxCRUX, the “Spell” BEHIND the Show
A Sign? You needed to be in a MoralHell, FALL to get where you are NOW

A HealthyPsyche is a JOINT BALANCE, clothed of BOTH Day and Night
But your search has reached the “Turning Point,” back towards the LIGHT

A BlueGloved BlackHole of Coal to TrueLove’s DesireFire, a Haart skips a Beat
A New TreasureTrove WithIn, sin enmired retires; two Cured, PureSOULS meet

Subj: Re:Madonna’s ReBirth
Date: 96-04-16 21:30:37 EDT
From: DDuranQFox
Posted on: America Online

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Big Poems tend to hurt my head….
But it’s my ReBorn idea, having Madonna in our ScreenNameUniform too!

No Tiger tonight, no fight/Crimson LIGHT? Everything’s COOL
He’s just searching for more musical/inspirational RocketFuel!

Subj: Re:Confessions
Date: 96-04-17 00:25:52 EDT
From: HugoVidal
Posted on: America Online

I recently found this board and have had the pleasure of going through poets’ works chronologically. Ce, this one was really good–your best work yet. These days, not many people are capable of writing in a traditional form without sounding like a junior high school creative writing assignment. This was tight, deeply moving and gave me unbeforeknown insight into “Ceremonies of Light and Dark.” Thanks !

Subj: Re:Madonna’s ReBirth
Date: 96-04-17 09:54:13 EDT
From: SybyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

Ack!…. “Bite your tongue!”
-from the movie, “Truth or Dare”

Oh, well…. “So much for ESP”
-from the movie, “Alive”

(It was fun while it lasted, though)

“Was it as good for you as it was for me?”
-from the movie, “Speed”

Subj: Re:Madonna’s ReBirth
Date: 96-04-17 14:26:46 EDT
From: DeepestOwl
Posted on: America Online

SuperEgo Invective Directive: Go with the Flow!

>>>Better DEAD, except in RED<<<

Priority override, universality on the same side: “CRIMSON TIDE”

Subj: Re:Marcus
Date: 96-04-17 17:59:04 EDT
From: SKelseymil
Posted on: America Online

This is one hell of a pome. I really like it. Great work Ro.

Subj: Re:RO
Date: 96-04-17 18:06:18 EDT
From: SKelseymil
Posted on: America Online

Hye Ro she’s not the only one enjoying your work I’ve printed out a couple as it is. Keep up the go work.

Subj: MadonnaMartyr
Date: 96-04-17 23:01:47 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

It goes not unnoticed, in the World of Guides, Gods or Men
To miss the way, the Day she furled her Rights to the Penn

It may not be Ours, to reason her why
It may be InDeed Ours to DO, and DIE

But better Dead as RED, then have, this day, a RoadKill
Spilling the Blood of she, NotreDame bade Drink her Fill

NO, she will not get what she hunts, but does not deserve
But Ye, a Liar, but to set she Free, it shall be once reserved

Once more, unto the BREACH, a Flagon is offered
Taste the Milk-BLEACH, a Dragon’s GrailCoffer

Or Sell, pour it down the drain again, raze your LifeSink
Deign to feign “Telling” its “Shining”Core, A-Blaze, in Pink

It may not be Ours, Bound to Reason this Lie
It has SinFully been, this Day, our Hands TIED

But if ever this DarkLady wishes the CROWN, TrueBlue
Hark, as a one now “ON HER OWN,” she’ll know what to do

Subj: Re:Confessions
Date: 96-04-17 23:40:28 EDT
From: CeSpaceMuz
Posted on: America Online

Julia –
Thank you for your kindness. I appreciate the encouragement. Something is going on here. I haven’t written poetry in years. It feels good, especially when someone else “gets” it. Thanks again. -Ce

Subj: Pilot Officer V.A.Rosewarne
Date: 96-04-17 23:50:58 EDT
From: MWFSlover
Posted on: America Online

Thought that those interested would find this to be particularly moving:
“The universe is so vast and so ageless that the life of one man can only be justified by his sacrifice.”

Pilot Officer V.A. Rosewarne

Last letter to his mother, published in “The Times” June 18, 1940 and inscribed on the portrait, “Young Airman” in the R.A.F. Museum.



Subj: Re:Pilot Officer V.A.Rosewarne
Date: 96-04-18 16:32:38 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

Here’s something “moving” in return:

An HONORABLE DEATH carries more “LifeBreath” than a POINTLESS LIFE, Rife only with Strife.

Paraphrased from the beginning of the movie, “Dragon:”

“We all have InnerDemons to fight – if you CANNOT conquer them, then a Life of 100 Years is a TRAGEDY. If you DO, then a Life of a SINGLE DAY can be a TRIUMPH!”

“Win or Lose,” it may seem the same, but NOT HOW you CHOOSE to play the “LifeGame!”

Subj: Ode to John
Date: 96-04-18 21:53:15 EDT
From: MacManJWS
Posted on: America Online

Starkiller you were called by my people, it is known,
But Honor is your true self, nothing else you have shown.
I am your friend, in peace.
But we both know this will cease.

You fell asleep, alas, when we made you our food,
And so you slept in honor; to have awakened you would be rude.
When the Inquisitor came you stood by my side.
Together, we draw the line! We will turn back the Dark Tide!

What THEY have taken from you causes you great pain.
So I will just take it away and say, “Let it rain.”
You are the Warrior. You will help defend Life
In the Army of Light as we fight to end strife.

And so, I am your friend, John, in peace, in war, and love.
May you always be remembered by The Stars Above.
Subj: Re:Ode to John
Date: 96-04-18 22:19:02 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

Beneath any DarkWater Tide is a Single Point of LIGHT
A StormEYE of a Black-Tao “Fish,” swimming in the NIGHT
One might think it extinguished, so Asleep, Deep from SIGHT
But once there, see Stars without Compare, Vision most BRIGHT!

-I know this Poem wasn’t dedicated to me, to be sure, but I agree with its precepts, and, with my Poem, I accept.

Subj: Re:MadonnaMartyr
Date: 96-04-18 23:32:47 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

I only Hope MadonnaAnima will be really true to herself
Truly free, not coping with regrets, a threat to her health

Most, with good intentions, try their best to find their path or way
But boastful, too projective in mood, minds in unrest, led astray

She was not the only to partake in cake, gnawing in need at our food
But see, the SoulsGoals followed, there’s no cause to feed & be rude

That only happens with rhymes who accept you not for who you are
But with strokes of the pen of closed minds, hot, but unable to see stars

Don’t let others stop you from sincerely listening to your Haart
Only then does sin and fear not grow; from your sorrows, you part

Subj: To Delenn
Date: 96-04-19 11:31:53 EDT
From: DLyulkin
Posted on: America Online

I owe you an apology, old friend,
For when one thinks of you
One thinks of ice, not fire
Of logic and patience
Not dread and raw emotions
That you released in our Council chamber
As you stood there
Shaking with fury
Reeling from poisoned dreams
That you were convinced would come true
If we don’t act now, act as one…
I’ve never seen you like this, my friend,
So vulnerable and afraid
Yet so determined and fearless
That ridiculous human hair of yours flying
Eyes haunted, dark
Burning with an almost unnatural fire
Ready to challenge us all
Towering over us
Silencing our own fears with only a whisper
Ripping open the doors
That hide our innermost selves from the world
Forcing us to face the darkness within us…
What is happening to you, old friend,
When have you become… so human?

Subj: Re:TigerFather, NO BOTHER!
Date: 96-04-19 14:15:35 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

The Path of a Hero

The path we have chosen to cut a swath, we will walk alone
It is doubtful, on this route, we’ll find a woman of our kind
A trail of honor is hallowed, seeking a Holy Grail on one’s own
But narrow, for group dynamics don’t mix with independent minds
Regardless if anyone confesses to bless the Courage the Haart has shown
Heroes die with unheeded cries, before those with an “axe to grind”
Christ died such a death, to his last breath, a tale now so well-known
Why did his killers, his blood spillers, fail to see his trail, so blind?

Subj: Re:TigerFather, NO BOTHER!
Date: 96-04-19 14:20:39 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

In all your attempts to spread the BleachMilk of PoeticMirth
Did you stop to think in their SINK; they WANT a “Wide Berth?”

If you “give,” no FOOL ‘leaves’ with nothing to expect
Longer, you’ll LIVE, weaving NOTHING to PROTECT!

Yes, with PoeticTrick CopyCats, and Tigresses with YOUR Cubs
As ONLY a STUD, more? A LONELY DUD! “Ay, there’s the Rub!”

There are MANY deserving MORE than a FunPun GeneralUniversal LoveGift
BlondeWhitePumps, a Gal given your Life “on the stump,” more than a NightKissThrift

Accepting Limitations, a SisterRation of RealityHumility, a measure of a Man
You can STILL FLY Poetically, Brother, NEED NOT TRY (SOME) to DAMN!

Because being always unphased, “True to yourself,” never BLINDLY “FAKE”
Blue not in Health; not HellBent, KILLING Children for THEIR MiStakes?

Subj: Re:TigerFather, NO BOTHER!
Date: 96-04-19 14:36:38 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

As for the HatedKate and John, hey, “get it on” WILD
I have no interest to get “dissed,” “know”/be followed by a SHADY OLD LADY, with the WaterMelon RIND MIND of a CHILD

Have fun on me, ’cause we’ll ALL be FREE!

As for Madonna, she’s “TIED OUR HANDS,” so to speak…. – interested?

Subj: My try
Date: 96-04-20 06:03:34 EDT
From: Wylander
Posted on: America Online

Please try to envision the human fleets clashing on Babylon5 space as Earth descends into war amongst itself and humanity faces its greatest trial.
We have fought on land,
on sea,
in air,
and now in space,
When are we pleased?

Must we bleed,
With every deed,
Can our might,
Make us fight,
Where hence is our light

We are lost,
Damned to try,
Though still we lie,
Peace is all,
But now we fall.

When in the night we pray,
To the stars we say,
God will guide us ,
In his kingdom above,
But now we fight,
In the heavens above,
Our blood soils now.
the hall of our God.

Hope you say?
Aye we say,
For the few,
Who will dare,
To light a way.

Above and Beyond,
Our hopes now fly,
On the wings of dreams,
To heavens we believe,
Will fail us never,
And gods will rule,
With their righteous way.

Babylon5 remains our hope,
A heaven of angels,
Who will light the way,
On our darkest day.
Shheesshh it just came out…if it sucks …I’m sorry but…I thought I write this after watching the episode where the station is attacked by Earth Forces and is saved by the Mimbari in the nick of time…

Mike LUi


Subj: Re:My try
Date: 96-04-20 06:33:25 EDT
From: Lala412
Posted on: America Online

I really liked it! I haven’t been on in over a week, so I just read a lot of poems – I really enjoyed the ones about “Ceremonies”, but I have to confess that AOL is costing me too much (long distance) to stay on and decipher all of these “animal” poems. Anyone care to explain them? Oh well – I’ve logged them, I’ll just have to spend a couple of days rereading them! 🙂

Subj: Re:My try
Date: 96-04-20 06:34:50 EDT
From: Lala412
Posted on: America Online

No offense intended, of course. They just take longer to read than more straightforward poems, and I’m usually on here when my brain is fried anyway.

Subj: Re:To Delenn
Date: 96-04-20 13:56:29 EDT
From: REBinAZ
Posted on: America Online

Gold once again! You haven’t written a dud yet(keep it that way–<grin>)!

Subj: Re:My try
Date: 96-04-20 18:49:57 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

>>>but I have to confess that AOL is costing me too much (long distance) to stay on and decipher all of these “animal” poems. Anyone care to explain them? Oh well – I’ve logged them, I’ll just have to spend a couple of days rereading them!<<<

The Animals empathize WholeHaartedly; one or two might say that they are filled with, well, “INSIDE JOKES”…., but the ONLY true joke in these cases is “Kate.” We’re not going to elaborate, to protect whatever privacy she might have, but YOU don’t have to worry about it – thanks for your support!

Subj: Re:My try
Date: 96-04-21 00:04:35 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

>>>but the ONLY true joke in these cases is “Kate.”<<<

She’s STUPID enough to use ABUSE to get attention from “DeadBeat Dad,” play the “victim”
When her EmptyHead Cupid’sArrow Demands had her BANNED, by KILLING HIM!

One of the main threads of the Poetry is that “what comes around, goes around.” If garbage is all your going to put into a relationship, then that’s ultimately what you’re going to get back. The JOKE is if someone is hypocritical enough to want positive attention by abusing others, they’re somewhat surprised when they get back WHAT THEY DESERVE. Of course, this doesn’t apply in terms of being abusive to people that YOU WANT TO GET RID OF, BUT HANG AROUND LIKE, YES, A “BAD PENNY.”

This type of abuse is not intended to be sadistic, you see: I really don’t care if she’s very happy in a positive relationship with someone else, or falls off a cliff, just as long as I’M RID OF HER. But again, those who you find desirable should get nothing but the level of kindness and respect that you wish in return. If that person SAYS “NO,” YOU MUST RESPECT THEIR RIGHT, AND WALK AWAY, INSTEAD OF “GIVING IN” to your “SHADOW” and violate their rights.

Subj: Re:My try
Date: 96-04-21 11:12:47 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

-from the movie, “What About Bob?”

Let’s hope its a Death/Resurrection of HER SHADOW, leading to something HONEST, instead of her death, or (GOD Forbid), a CHILD’S….

(The expectation of respectful nonelaboration was NOT for Kate, but for a woman with Eyes of Sand, it’s not too late!)

Subj: Re:My try
Date: 96-04-21 18:30:58 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

>>>it’s not too late!<<<

Based on her Lying to protect a woman Deserving to DIE (or say GOOD-bye)

Or perhaps defending an end to our “CAPS,” needing TIME, not Rhymes

But see, regardless of couth, only be “hard-on” her telling the TRUTH
By “HOLDING YOUR BREATH,” even if she “folds,” COLD, IN DEATH!!!!
Subj: Re: Ode to John
Date: 96-04-22 08:36:40 EDT
From: DLyulkin
Posted on: America Online

Very good, Mackie! Liz.

Subj: John
Date: 96-04-22 11:41:25 EDT
From: DLyulkin
Posted on: America Online

He is like a well tempered steel blade
His beauty has sharp edges
Harshness that belies a gentle heart
Most of the time jagged edges
Are all that he will allow the world to see
His face is all plains and angles
His eyes- crystal daggers
If you are not careful they will pierce your soul
And come to rest embedded in your heart
And then he smiles
And the ice around him melts
And those crystals become diamonds
Pulsating with life
Warm and very vulnerable, very human
And those sharp edges disappear
Become moonlit valleys
Our special private places
Where there is silence
And only the sound of water falling
From the crevices in the ground
Dares to interrupt our thoughts
Where you can stand for hours
Looking into each other’s eyes
Speaking of things of very little value
Or not speaking at all.

Subj: Re:John
Date: 96-04-22 12:20:20 EDT
From: LyndonN
Posted on: America Online

The metaphors in your Poem are beautiful, and you don’t shout! No Rhymes, but SUBLIME, certainly something to cling to, and talk about….

Subj: Re:John
Date: 96-04-22 14:12:13 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

See, Lyndon? “If you don’t have anything “nice” to say, don’t say anything at all….”
-Thumper…. from the movie, “Bambi”

Sorry, nothing “neat” today, but “enjoying the silence” is MY Treat!….

Subj: Re:My try
Date: 96-04-22 19:52:13 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

>>>it’s not too late!<<<

“TOO MUCH INFORMATION” may have caused her to “Do The Demolition”….
NO “PROPOSITION,” to have HER IronHaart’sFur “Come Undone”….

All of these symbols are songs by DuranDuran, but she’s no stranger to music.

Subj: “Memphis Belle”
Date: 96-04-22 22:32:23 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

Yeah, I know what the Haart said, but Inspiration can “come” without expectation, and certainly WITHOUT OUTWARD INTIMIDATION….

Subj: FlyingFortress
Date: 96-03-27 10:18:18 EST
From: DeepestOwl

I know that (KATE) shall meet (her) fate
Somewhere among the clouds above
Those that (WE fought), I do not hate
She that (we guarded), (WE) DO NOT LOVE!!!!
Nor law nor duty, bade (us) fight
Nor public men, or cheering crowds
Drove (us) to (their) tumult, (Dying for Lying), in the “Clouds”
(We) balanced all, brought all to mind
(Such) years to come seem A WASTE OF BREATH
(Much) waste of breath, the years behind
When balanced to this Life, this DEATH
(NO DANCE, NOR LOVING GLANCE, as we “Take a Bow”)
-adapted from a Poem from the movie, “Memphis Belle”

“The Owl is a messanger that someone (metaphorically, hopefully) is going to DIE”
-from the movie, “ThunderHaart”

For ALL OTHER Tigresses with my Kittens, ESPECIALLY the SymbolicAnima:
(Based on the movie, “Memphis Belle”)

The FourGuide’s CoreEngines are again as ONE, EarthShaking with CARE
VogueRoses Striking Poses, a QuadPropeller Nod for “Wells” Dancing on AIR

Betting for one Wronged by another? her Songs never let me/my Brothers down
By getting Unconscious, bound and tied, but NO LIES in not making a sound!

HateKate, her “Brother’s” Pride/LyingEgo blown(?) out of the sky, only Chagrin
But many be not stressed, BLESSED; yes, no SIN for EnginesResonating WithIn

All I want of remaining Tigresses is being UNSTRAINED, REST in PEACE!!!!
Those FormationFlying, I easily try Protecting, CuddleConnecting in FLEECE

I LOVE *ALL* OF YOU LIKE DOVES, may your Haarts lift to the CLOUDS
A Kiss to Fall at the *Seat* of GENESIS, a Tiger’s “Higher” ThunderSHROUD

But a SoulGoal not JetLag, but a CheckeredFlag, the COMING of FUN *Rain!*
Albeit CONSCIOUS in HER Trust, to “POP A CORK” of WeddingChampagne!

Subj: Re:”Memphis Belle”
Date: 96-04-23 21:13:25 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

Our Lady of the Rosary,
“There’s nothing you could have done…. you would have been KILLED TOO, and (we) would now be in the hands of the “Empire”….”
-Obi Wan, from the movie, “Star Wars”

>>>Those FormationFlying, I easily try Protecting, CuddleConnecting in FLEECE<<<

NO GentlePenetration…. for “REACTION-FORMATION” PorscheSelling to HELL
NO DEMANDS, NO Bust, just come to us…. a PalmFrond for one CONNED BY THE DAMNED!

Enter in the Night, a Phantom of Delight, we, without sight, INVITE….

Subj: Re:”Memphis Belle”
Date: 96-04-23 21:48:55 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

They probably thought we were after “Other People’s Money,” though to us it sounds funny!
Personality? *Really?* NO! “Dough’s” the ONLY thing “Too Late Kate’s” got!

To admire? to inspire? A BlowHard LIAR, COWARD UNDER FIRE!

But be not wronged, Lady FAIR, for your SONGS, we’ll ALWAYS CARE!!!!

Subj: Dark Possibilities
Date: 96-04-23 22:49:47 EDT
From: CeSpaceMuz
Posted on: America Online

“If you go to Z’ha’dum, you will die…” echos in his head
But if he went would he find his Anna captive, but alive?
Or is she truely gone, refusing to serve, and now dead?
Perhaps she suffers there, waiting, her face always looking to the sky.
Back and forth in torment swings his heart and mind
The uncertainty of her fate is like an open wound
Bleeding while constantly wondering, not knowing what he’d find
Feeling somehow he may be guilty of giving up too soon.

Is she cold, in the dark, does she suffer thirst and hunger?
Is she tortured by the monsters who do not care?
Does she call out his name and wonder
Why hasn’t he come to save her from her nightmare?

He longs to go to Z’ha’dum, revenge’s reaper,
But that would start the final battle before its time
So he must sacrifice himself and Anna to be his brother’s keeper
And save the billions who would surely die
If the battle is fought before they’ve gathered enough light
To drive every Shadow forever from the night.

Sometimes it would be easier to fight and die
Rather than suffer in silence while he prays
he’s made the right choice, even knowing why
He has to live to fight another day.
For if he were to put her above all others
The galaxy would weep with her dead
Falling everywhere in the shadows
Their dying screams echoing in his head.

So he goes on hour to hour, day to day,
He is the Captain, he is a soldier, he lives the hero.
But the hero is still a man who feels the same
As you and I: hope, loneliness, joy, love, and sorrow
And just when it all becomes too great a burden
Delenn takes the weight upon herself and off of him
She makes him laugh or says just the right thing
She makes it rain, Guinevere to Arthur’s King.

The shadow of Anna’s uncertain fate is dark indeed
And haunts the Captain with a cold quiver
That turns him away from his own wants and needs
The worst possibility for Anna brings a shiver
A long shadow indeed she’d be for John
If the dark ones have turned her from right
If any Shadow could defeat him, she’d be the one
A knife in his heart, a thief stealing his light.

Just as King Arthur and his Guinevere ended in tragedy
I fear for John and Delenn.
They have become the heros they had to be
But the prices they will pay may begin.
Oh the pain, should one be lost to the other,
How to carry on after love was just discovered.
The Shadows would darkly dance in glee
At the heartbreak and death there may be.

“If you go to Z’ha’dum, you will die….”
And bring many tears to many eyes.

Subj: Re:”Memphis Belle”
Date: 96-04-24 13:08:12 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

>>>Our Lady of the Rosary,
“There’s nothing you could have done…. you would have been KILLED TOO, and (we) would now be in the hands of the “Empire”….”
-Obi Wan, from the movie, “Star Wars”<<<

-Obi Wan, from the movie, “Star Wars”

“Sometimes they HAVE TO KILL US, to prevent them from BREAKING OUR SPIRIT.”
-from the movie, “ThunderHaart”

Better an unfettered TigerFather’s FedUp (DEAD) Husband’s LoveBrand dies an HONORABLE DEATH
Than a Fate FOREVER TOO LATE, NOT “Leaving,” but Breathing only lonely, HATEFUL Breath!

Subj: Re:”Memphis Belle”
Date: 96-04-24 13:12:19 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

If NOT, from your Haarts TRUE path you part, Blue, not feeding, but leaving it ON THE SHELF
What a Spot! You don’t NEED a WreckingCrew to Deck you, you’ll DESTROY YOURSELF!

Subj: A MidNight Clear
Date: 96-04-24 23:39:26 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

A MidNight Clear

Tonight, no Fight/Wrath, my Path seems clear
Flames to stoke before the stroke of MidNight
No Jokes in symbolic FrogCroaks, no time for fear
WickRhymes for YuleLogs, yearning, burning bright

The Sign for all of mine is to embrace the Light
For me, going back where I’ve been, “within” to see
Haarts not apart/gelded, but melded, held tight
The Goal for such Souls not to be clutched, but set free

No fun for one, counting not blesses, but mounting messes
Coy, bleating deceit, now thinking how to destroy me?
Calling only in sin, a mauling sharksfin of a fallen Tigress
A Haart soured, forlorn, torn apart by the power of jealousy

Such an emotion is no soothing lotion, but Poison
Getting into the Groove not of devotion, but lies
But it’s Venom has led her, bled her to come undone
Now seeking a Row to FlameSmother, others to deny?

But the MANY, InDeeds universally, have my Soul saved
Raised from the Grave by “knowing” cat-calls of ALL madonnas
My Soul Full of symbols behind the Shadows of Plato’s cave
But to Feed, projectively needing, protecting a SpecialMusicalAnima

I hope that the Lone will get on a phone, be healed as well
Her tears falled no longer SaltSear, are dried and gone
A GravityWave to break the wake of any depraved dark spell
A Soul “dies” to rise again, banned to prove it can stand, and move on

Any such relationship would be the sinking ship of a loveless marriage
Much confrontation to the brink, below and above, a wage of stress
How long would it last, songs a massed WindBlast of frustrated rage
A sad tale to be told, mad to be self-nailed; Fun? cold lips are pressed

No, why stay and cry in such a binding tie, no lard, a hard steel-bun
Heavy, inspiring only to have Souls crushed by Gravity, Firing Lead
No Brushoff, but a face flushed, gushing Blood Good for everyone
Instead of mace, white lace, forever unsevered if we all use our heads

To abandon the Desolate one, not to cleave, but leave behind
Is in point of fact, not annointing but with tact, doing her a favor
To seek, strong or weak, belonging in another (brother?) to find
Someone else to savor, in health not fight, a pulse of quite another flavor

My Fire desires the woman of my LifeSpan’s Dreams
The verve of a woman who is not a CurveBall “wall,” but real
A MainCourse source of meal-insight flowing in a stream
HeartFelt, a Haart melts even the leavened nerves of Steel

For all my mates, the Chocolate Milk of MoonBeams
But to Crow, throw raspberries would miss the Mark
How could I Berate the Fate of those with my Cream?
And Blow it all, as the Cookies Fall from Light to Dark?

“Alive,” she’s ALREADY used her Knives, at around Easter
Contriving a SetUp, a False LovingCup, Bread Leavened, Dead
But ReBrith Mirth; Christ invites all blessed Tigresses to His Feast, Purr….
A LoveCrest of a Dove, by being Connected, “seeing,” Ressurected

I try this MidNight to hypnotize, not mauling, Feeding ALL, Bleeding RED
Tranquilized, ridding of Blight in DynamicMight, not seen to be mean
TheHighs not to tighten Ties, but to Save, pacify the “spread” of Hatred
Not to Addict/Afflict, but “have” a Shadow “moisturized,” washed CLEAN!!!!

Subj: Space
Date: 96-04-25 00:20:42 EDT
From: VortexMD
Posted on: America Online

This is just a few lines I put together during English
The darkness,
The blackness,
Lit up,
By the burning of stars.

Endlessly, it streches
Farther and farther
into the night.

Man will never see the end
of the darkness.
For the darkness,
continues on forever.

The darkness,
The blackness,
Silent, in the vacuum of space.


Subj: Re:Dark Possibilities
Date: 96-04-25 18:48:24 EDT
From: REBinAZ
Posted on: America Online

WOW!!! I really liked this one!
Good work, Spacenut!

Subj: Lennier
Date: 96-04-25 18:56:26 EDT
From: REBinAZ
Posted on: America Online

as mild as a warm summers breeze…

devoted, intelligent
aide to Delenn….

Unspoken love
in a face
as gentle as a babies.


Subj: Re:Lennier
Date: 96-04-26 00:09:16 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

Perhaps it is her Sound, her NewFound Tresses he wishes too Carress in the sack….
In a Lapse, as his Sight of Consciousness Fades to Shady Darkness, Light to Black….

Subj: UniversalVorlon
Date: 96-04-26 15:21:46 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

Dedicated to our one TrueBlue Anima, “Our Lady of Fatima”….

I know where “BEAUTY” lives – I’ve seen it once, I “KNOW” the Warmth it gives! The Light that you could never see…. It SHINES INSIDE, YOU CAN’T TAKE THAT FROM ME!”
-from the Song, “Live to Tell,” by Madonna

“There’s a UniversalDaddy for Everyone. A UniversalKingdom, Number One. He sends his UniversalAngels through the Air, to the UniversalDreamers, EVERYWHERE!”
-from the Song “UniversalDaddy,” by AlphaVille

Kosh in “Fall of Night” washed B5, a StationManager of InSightful “Sensations”
Cleansing a Captain’s Pained BlackHole, as a “2010” WhiteStar Unversal Daddy!
ZHD trembles in Fear, merely resembles the SearingSight only the Vorlons know
A Galaxy strained, again “Under Seige 2,” one TwinHaart “Glows” in its Regency

Christ’s Inspiration influenced Humanity’s Reality, Pretenseless of Procreation….
But Heroes must often step on Sinful Toes; this has been the Prophesy of History
Dimmed, a CrossedCore dies, more Victims Sigh, AnotherBrother for a Legacy
-TrueBluu TranscendentalOriental Dragon

Subj: Re:UniversalVorlon
Date: 96-04-26 18:45:00 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

-from the episode, “In the Shadow of Za’ha’dum

*You’ll See*
-a song by Madonna

The MadonnaFatima MiracleAnswer to “See,” is the Purr of a Union of Photons
Stronger, Deceit/Conceit NO LONGER “on your side,” Reprimands the Vorlon

Only then, at >>>WARP 10,<<< Demanding to be FREE, “Stand on one’s own”
A “Prayer”Lease of InnerPEACE, NOT “on your knees,” but “Truly KNOWN!”

Subj: Re:John
Date: 96-04-26 20:09:41 EDT
From: Lala412
Posted on: America Online


Subj: Re:Dark Possibilities
Date: 96-04-26 20:15:37 EDT
From: Lala412
Posted on: America Online

I think this is the best poem I’ve read on here yet! Of course, I read every King Arthur book I can find, so that might have influenced me, but still, even before they were mentioned I loved it. Thank you for posting it!

Subj: Re:Space
Date: 96-04-26 20:20:34 EDT
From: Lala412
Posted on: America Online

I like that.

Subj: Re:UniversalVorlon
Date: 96-04-26 20:22:24 EDT
From: Lala412
Posted on: America Online

Y’know, I actually liked that one! I’m trying to read them now.

Subj: Re:UniversalVorlon
Date: 96-04-26 21:44:40 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

TigerSire AbsolutionSolution

NO ONE would have to “kneel” to confess ANY “sin”
The MANY should be BLESSED, unlike an OldFart Hart of TIN

Subj: “Late Delivery”
Date: 96-04-27 20:04:01 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

This is a bit of a “Late Delivery;” I think “A Late Delivery From Avalon” is about a week old, but I saw it for the first time today.

A Symbolic SandMan/SkyWalker made an error with his LightSabre
For Fighting for a Cause of Night, Mute…. to the Fruits of his Labors

Excalibur, a LovingDove, or a HeavenSent TerrorInstrument TwinEdgedSword
Those with Deceitfull Conceit in their Sights stab their OWN Haart, AppleCored

It is when you seek, as the “Defender of the Faith,” with Truth NOT on your side
PointedWords speak like ShadowWraiths, NO MENDING, only “Crimson Tides”

Albeit a NobleTask, seeking to end/UnMask hidden, Hell-Bent Wintry “Red Rain”
But far be it from being “in YOUR ‘Center’;” procreating, gaining MORE PAIN

REFUSING to use a Solid WeaponsLock, a Warrior’s PeaceSign, as he “sees” fit
It would be Fake not to see, “BIT,” the Tides of Mistakes on BOTH sides to admit

The Thistle, a BadgeredHaartsFur BRISTLED, now given up to a GhostDelenn
ALLOWING for MORE Poetic Dragonlore, the foremost Strokes of the Penn

Mares/Foals SoulGoal, a FAIRChance, no lance, “ManyTears” Cleansed of Sin!
A Muted…. TRANSMUTED Sword, HEALING wounds DeeperDeeperWithIn!

Subj: Re:Dark Possibilities
Date: 96-04-27 21:36:44 EDT
From: VortexMD
Posted on: America Online

excellent poem!! i loved it

Subj: Re:”Late Delivery”
Date: 96-04-27 22:56:09 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

This is sort of an improvisational Poem, built on clips from the Poems of others – hey, “this Body’s desperate for something NEW!” -DuranDuran

>>>I am overwhelmed with your beauty but cannot say
for Anna may yet live and how could I betray her that way
even if I love you, your blue eyes, beautiful Mimbari soul<<<

>>>No one knows all she has given up, though some suspect.
No matter her personal cost, this sacrificial Delenn,
Gives all for all, and earns their love and respect.<<<

>>>And just when it all becomes too great a burden
Delenn takes the weight upon herself and off of him<<<

>>>Oh the pain, should one be lost to the other,
How to carry on after love was just discovered.<<<
-all from CeSpaceMuz (I hope you don’t mind!)

>>>It goes not unnoticed, in the World of Guides, Gods or Men
To miss the way, the Day she furled her Rights to the Penn<<<

This Knight with “Eyes like the Desert” has shown Courage to Eyes of Rouge
Dreading not a SacredHaart, a GreenLion NOT MEAN, a CofferOffer of Refuge

Subj: Re:”Late Delivery”
Date: 96-04-28 20:47:39 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

A Final Poem for this Episode, though it may not adhere to the Content quite as much:

The “Three to Get Ready,” now RockSteady, aren’t looking for Trashy “Credits”
Not for “CashingIn” LIES, NO WONDER a SunderedHaart Died; who’s Stunned?
They made MetaphorMistakes before, defeatingly treated like they Stole a Wallet
Since RedOctober, Guides don’t hide in remembering how Poems used to be FUN
“VoyagerPoetry” OVER, a FussyHussy PainedCaptain goes SOBER: WE QUIT!

But we must pay a price, an “Honest, Best” PsiCop for Spice, HaartsTopped, LIT!
For an Anima NOT Jealous, but “acting” IN THE “Rest’s” INTEREST, Honey….

NOT, BellaDonna, for a Madonna & ALL ‘calling’ “101 DALMATIONS”

(For all you Shadow Aficionados, BellaDonna is an AlkaloidPoison from a Plant known as “The Deady NightShade” – the OTHER Stuff the Tiger can Inject, though he PREFERS to DEFER, PROTECT Mothers with a PAIN-KILLER Endorphin/Endogenous Morphine SelfFeed)

Subj: Re: Delenn’s song..
Date: 96-04-28 22:38:01 EDT
Posted on: America Online

Several of the poets from this board have sent me poetry to use in the Mira Furlan fan club newsletter. If you are interested also, send it on in!

Mira Furlan Fan Club
PO Box 523093
Sprinfield, Va. 22152-9998

Subj: Re:”Late Delivery”
Date: 96-04-28 23:47:03 EDT
From: CeSpaceMuz
Posted on: America Online

BadgrHaart…No, I do not mind…in fact, I am honored. -Ce

Subj: Re:Dark Possibilities
Date: 96-04-28 23:49:10 EDT
From: CeSpaceMuz
Posted on: America Online

Ro, Lala, and Vortex….thank you very much. I am surprised and pleased that you all liked the poem. -Ce

Subj: Ode to B5 By TVS SEAN
Date: 96-04-29 14:58:55 EDT
From: DREDD69
Posted on: America Online

(Note: TV’s SEAN uses my handle from time to time. I sanction everything he does)

went the Zokaload

went the extras

went the girls

Oh Ivanova!!!!!
Oh Talia!!!!!

went Boxlietner

Oh Delenn,

went the graphics

Xwing or Star Fury, I can’t tell anymore

Should be done on Coleco or Commodore 64

went the prothestic makeup


went the writing

and if this poem has doth stung,
just consider that B5 is a load of dung

Subj: Re:”Late Delivery”
Date: 96-04-29 15:33:37 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

AnotherTime perhaps? The HonorRhymes are ours, mapping a Stroke of 2 Penns
Madonna’s Pregnancy left a Tiger poached, but OUR Flowers may be Dual again!

Subj: Re:Ode to B5 By TVS SEAN
Date: 96-04-29 15:37:29 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

I don’t think Delenn would be interested in the kind of services YOU require….

Subj: Re:Ode to B5 By TVS SEAN
Date: 96-04-29 15:37:56 EDT
From: REBinAZ
Posted on: America Online

This so-called ‘poem’ is not even worth getting upset over—to each his own.
If you hate B5 so much, then why are you on the B5 boards?

Subj: Re:Ode to B5 By TVS SEAN
Date: 96-04-29 15:39:16 EDT
From: DREDD69
Posted on: America Online

That’s the best you can come back with?


Hail to the king baby! and otherwise, SMEG OFF


Subj: Re:Ode to B5 By TVS SEAN
Date: 96-04-29 16:08:44 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

Delenn has been “stabbed in the back” MORE THAN ONCE, already! Are you saying that she is, perhaps, TOO FORGIVING?….

Subj: Re:Ode to B5 By TVS SEAN
Date: 96-04-29 16:44:40 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

I wouldn’t waste my time writing Poetry for someone like you at this “Point,” but this Poem was written for someone else on 1/12/96, and you seem like a CarbonCopy “Brother” of him….

>>>jeez…someone’s got some issues to deal w/..and it ain’t me….<<<
(the other (anonymous) person in question wrote this)

Where’s the CREAMY Depth of your Poetry, to QUENCH others’ THIRST?
I might just split a SEAM, if I don’t DIE LAUGHING FIRST!
Like Life itself, the facets of Poetic Discourse are MANY
But why waste your time in tacit strife, forcing your presence like a BAD PENNY?
If I didn’t like your Poetry, I wouldn’t WASTE MY TIME WITH YOU
Or is PLAYING THE CRITIC the ONLY “justification” of a LifeBlood BLUE?

Don’t you have anything better to do, than find SOMETHING, ANYTHING in “sight” to write about that INSPIRES you?

Subj: Re:Ode to B5 By TVS SEAN
Date: 96-04-29 19:30:28 EDT
Posted on: America Online


GET A LIFE will ya. If you can’t find anything better to do than bash B5 you must live a really lonely and friendless life. If you don’t like B5 fine, then don’t watch it. What do ya do in your spare time huh? sleep, stay in your home alone, and be the geek you really are. Eat your brussle sprouts you don’t seem to be getting enough exercise.

Epsilon 3 Dredd go out side and get away from your cheap computer and sony TV

Subj: Susan and her psi
Date: 96-04-29 21:04:55 EDT
From: REBinAZ
Posted on: America Online

You cannot know me
nobody ever can,
I hide a part of myself
locked up in a corner so deep inside
sometimes I forget it’s there,

on Babylon,
there are so few
that I cannot unlock
I have a key
a dangerous key—
to minds,

I fear
and it’s my greatest fear…
that someday
everyone will know
know and shun me
know and fear me
know and want me,

Psi Corps
and their killer Psi Cops,
I fear them
I fear them the most
if they know
if they ever know
ever find out
then my life will end…


Subj: RE: ODE TO B5
Date: 96-04-30 03:35:21 EDT
From: DREDD69
Posted on: America Online

EPSILON 3, how did you know I owned a sony televsion? Besides, I do have alife, friends, a job, a mind of my own, and an opinion worth expressing, so stuff it and roll with the punches. It’s not like we trekkies don’t get the occasional bashing from you B5ers.

But, all kidding aside here folks…

All I did was write a funny little bit.
Believe me, no thought went into it.
For me, writing is my chosen profession,
but alas, I have a slight confession.

Babylon 5 is nothing to get fired up about,
neither is Trek, Space, X-Files or any other sci-fi lout.
I watch all these shows with glee
But, after each viewing, I think, “Gee…”

Wouldn’t it be nice to see something half way original instead of the boring, same old same old
the producers (especially B5, which is fast becoming the most predicatble hour of sci-fi) of these shows are force feeding us?


Subj: BluuDragon?
Date: 96-04-30 03:36:56 EDT
From: DREDD69
Posted on: America Online

If wasting time is something you think ill of,
then why waste it reposting poetic
waste such as that.

Trust me, I have enough to inspire me to write, which I do plenty of.
If you can’t take the rapier wit,
get out of the line of fire.

Subj: Re:BluuDragon?
Date: 96-04-30 12:22:26 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

>>>If wasting time is something you think ill of,
then why waste it reposting poetic waste such as that.<<<

He just didn’t want to “put himself out” by writing something new, “just for you.” You don’t have to be a RocketScientist to see that you’re a Shadow LOOKING FOR A FIGHT, and that’s exactly what we’re going to DENY you. Your arguments are just “blowing off steam,” with no real Teeth biting into B5’s true weaknesses. NOBODY dragged you in here; you came in here ON YOUR OWN, and for some reason (which doesn’t matter at this point). I used to be interested in StarTrek shows (not any more….), but you’re NEVER going to see any AnimalGuides in the “cancel” folders of their bulletin boards. Why? We prefer to write about what “touches” us, not what trys to ABUSE us or shows that we feel are worth writing about.

I sense that you’re looking for some, any kind of ATTENTION, even NEGATIVE attention (probably because that’s the ONLY thing you’ll get at this point). People don’t start fights like this for no good reason unless they have a problem IN THEM that is the REAL crux of the issue. Now, if this show is >>>nothing to get fired up about<<<, then you WON’T MIND if the AnimalGuides IGNORE you, would it? On the other hand, if (and this is a BIG if….) you’re really NAILED TO A CROSS OF YOUR OWN PAIN, because the AnimalGuides ABANDONED VOYAGER (“Kate’s” DEEPEST FEAR), then WE are going to be the ones >>>watch(ing) all these shows with glee<<< while you SUFFER TERRIBLY!

Hey, I’m wrong? No Problem! Don’t get Defensive…. Or do you really want someone to give those nailed through your limbs a *TWIST*? Don’t worry, “I’m not that kind”….

Subj: Re:BluuDragon?
Date: 96-04-30 12:59:15 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

-Captain Janeway, from the episode “Resistance”
(just some info that you might “see through”)

Leela, GET BACK IN YOUR ****CELL****; don’t make me get the HOSE!
-anonymous movie (hey, if you care, you figure it out!)

Sorry, NO HOSE FOR YOU, but “Mother” enjoys a Good “JOKE” too! Don’t you?

Subj: Re:Alone
Date: 96-04-30 16:37:01 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

>>>Moon – I don’t know what to say. I love “Alone”. You are progressing at warp speed. I love it.<<<

You’re efforts were Honorable, as were your true intentions. Someone else offered us “best wishes at warp speed,” but her PICTURE is no longer with us…. In ALL of your Posts, you NEVER said an unkind word to ANYONE, and the AnimalGuides HONOR you for it.

Why? You’ve demonstrated that you have a WELL-CONTROLLED Shadow, perhaps better controlled and precisely directed than The Creator’s – “RISING ABOVE” my Ego to admit that someone can control her anger better than LionsHaart could, is part of my job….

Subj: Re:Susan and her psi
Date: 96-04-30 19:29:26 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

“i know”…. but, to use the tiger’s words, as a person who founded this poetry section >>>on your own<<<, what would any of us do without you?….
pleasant dreams….
-BluuDragon (??)

Subj: Re:Alone
Date: 96-04-30 20:35:15 EDT
From: CeSpaceMuz
Posted on: America Online


Subj: Re:Meditation
Date: 96-05-01 09:10:36 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

>>>Moon – You’ve got it. You have captured many things in this poem. I can’t comment on them all, but the last verse definitely got me:
For he’s not the same man when he married Anna…
Both Sheridan and Delenn look at one another wondering how long
they can hide from the passions erupting between them.
But each honor bond.
Only for now a slow innocent seductive dance they do..
Around and around…until passion erupts, long over due
For one could only hide so long,
When their need and care for each other( is so strong.)

You have deep feelings, Moon. And I agree, Sheridan is not the man he was at the beginning of his service on B5, due, in some or most part to Delenn and her vision of the universe, her help, her compassion, her love. Let’s just hope JMS will settle Anna’s fate and let Sheridan and Delenn have their “slowly innocent seductive dance..”, their romance. -Ce<<<

Sheridan’s TransformedUniform, a FreePsyche, an Emotion’s DeathResurrection
“Go with the Flow”/”Let it GO”/*GROW*, make LifeCourse a CORRECT-Shun

Anna lives? with a Fate full of HATE; his Mate now an UnControlled SHADOW
“Those who Troubleth their own House, shall inherit the WIND,” unfit, it Blows

TimeTells, not to Sell CourageRhymes, better to Die for *GONE* Sight & Honor
Than be a LightENEMY, reaping a PRISON of “NightBaggage” heaped upon her

Maybe a VorlonBlast at Close Range will, at long last, put her out of her Misery!
More EUTHANASIA than the Thrill of a Kill: the ONLY way to END the Story

For, with a Hart a ROTTEN AppleCore, Pretending to Defend, Feign Innocence
Vorlons *retort* to such “Pulp Fictions,” at ONLY a CRIMINAL’S EXPENSE

Condescending to mend? Calling Sheridan an EvilMan? Delenn a ‘service’Whore?
SHUNNING Truth, a DEAD/NotWon RebirthLeaseYouth, to drag B5 into WAR!

But *See*/Recognize/Realise that a DeadTree comes from InnerCries BuriedDeep
A “CrystalShip” WEEPS?, “have” a PorscheLap, FleeceWrapped in PeacfulSleep!

Peace, and Thanks…. We must do this again sometime!

Subj: Re:Meditation
Date: 96-05-01 10:24:30 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

>>>”Those who Troubleth their own House, shall inherit the WIND,” unfit, it Blows

TimeTells, not to Sell CourageRhymes, better to Die for *GONE* Sight & Honor<<<

All this holds true for “John,” our MONKEY of an UNCLE, too – HELPING her to go BROKE, yet another “inside JOKE”….

You don’t belive me? Wait and *See*….

Subj: Re:Meditation
Date: 96-05-01 12:45:47 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

To my “dear” Monkey for an Uncle, John,
(“yeah, right! that’s the ONLY lie you’ll see in here!”)

Stepping on toes like yours has become a bad habit, we’re destined for MORE
But only when “bit,” NOT Sad, just wanting you/Kate’sFate OUT THE DOOR!

The Creator may well not live very long, Judas’ like you often make sure of that
But he’s seen meaning in life you couldn’t do: a life, no House, full of JUNK/crap

The number of his “children,” even I cannot say, though this wasn’t his intention
YOU, “Mr. Mentor,” BARREN of this/that, try procreating your Constipation!

I KNOW you disagree with BluuDragons’ “100 year OLD Tragedy” Metaphor
In an EmptyAdmission/HoardedMess, what *MartyrCause* have you ever Soared
and *BORE?*

It constantly escapes me, bullies see forcing him to accept beliefs like yours, too
Do I need to throw muck, saying he’d rather DIE than be a SCHMUCK like you?

TheCreator wants anyone like *Kate out of his way,* NOT to “get your goat”
Knowledge to instill in him? Better KILL him, no frills; in this, NO GLOAT
nor lie, that he’s tried to SLIT YOUR THROAT

IF he DIES, because of Shadow Manipulation/LIES, he’ll at least be FREE
That, or the Death of Hate (& Kate?), or an HonorMARTYR for ALL TO SEE!

Subj: Re:Meditation
Date: 96-05-01 14:51:58 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

respect your elders
they are your betters

the song of the egos of all “authority figures” goes

die, or cower
why? because we have the power

the same old raven crows

never to young to “play it cool”
ever too old to be a FOOL

thus a disgusted wind blows

Subj: Re:Susan and her psi
Date: 96-05-01 20:22:17 EDT
From: REBinAZ
Posted on: America Online

Thanks. 🙂

Subj: Re:MadonnaMartyr
Date: 96-05-01 23:29:47 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

we never meant to be your fated foe(?)
of your interest, of late, we did not know

your songs were always infected in our haarts
perhaps, both wronged, a resurrection/new start

seeds from which a fragrant rose now grows
we have no excuse to show for what lay beneath our nose….

Subj: FalseShadowHumility
Date: 96-05-01 23:31:42 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

Episode TWO of PrimaryIgnition for my “Dear” Uncle John….

My *FLUNKY* Monkey’sUncle John takes GREAT PRIDE in his HUMILITY
A ParadoxReaction, the attractions of his actions defy *sense*ibility

His Mother’s STRENGTH came from the Lengths she went to SELF-DENIAL
NO WIND beneath her WINGS, but LIVING ON NOTHING, was her Trial

INABILITY, not TrueHumility is a FalseChrist, resentfully enduring a LifeMESS
No RepentFate, more banality CREATE, a BlindWoman turned DEAF in Egress?

Asceticism, a foundation to “touch” EternalBeauty, NOT to CataclysmicallyMAR!
SPOILING “Rendered,” FRUIT when *RIPE,* a Garden now a Tripe JunkYard!

But no, you don’t need it to *GROW,* too STRONG for its “seeds”…. not true?
So why not SELF-EDUCATE the WORLD of this; they need Your CREED, too!

But WEEDS? They don’t make you dislike yourself, your own WEAKNESSES
Why some appreciate? Making you look like a BUM, but UNABLE to Confess?

YES, it’s your (nonexistent?) EGO preventing you from such an KnifeAdmission
Bleeding, HELL-BENT, disorder into ORDER, including a WIFE, your tuition?

A marriage CharminglySADISTIC, a *House*Wife WillinglyMASOCHISTIC, what a 2-Spot Clot!
The Courage(?) only to SUBDUE women WITHOUT A CLUE; your Ego’s the ONLY THING YOU’VE GOT!

Subj: Re:FalseShadowHumility
Date: 96-05-01 23:38:20 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

Your words are TRUE, but it is YOU who risk becoming a BUM, PROLONGING this War!
The THREAT is “bull,” “Kate’s” “LIFE-Bet” is CANCELLED, COOL the CORE

Fire to INSPIRE, NOT ENMIRE, only a FOOL would act so sore!

Subj: Re:FalseShadowHumility
Date: 96-05-01 23:43:12 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

What kind of a self-righteous/sanctimonious Tiger preys on the HELPLESS/WEAK?
Your DUTY is to take them”Higher” (in Fire), but BLESS “who but they” TURN THE OTHER CHEEK!

Subj: Re:FalseShadowHumility
Date: 96-05-01 23:53:54 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

Their DAMNED BlackPorsche will Never SOIL YOUR HANDS

NO MORE CREDITS to have “Bit,” Kate Bet?, LIED, and must (metaphorically, hopefully) DIE!

Don’t condescend to defend B5 when NOTHING’s to mend; CLOSE YOUR JAWS
A FalseFlower Grows? Let HER sniff it like a ROSE, retract your claws!







Besides, the only color for YOUR “ride” couldn’t be more TRUE….
Deep, large but out of Sight, Twin-TurboCharged MidNight BLUE!




If all of you think this EnRaged Fight was a *Staged Setup,* YOUR RIGHT! But it’s INSIGHT is still Word-Up!

Subj: Candle in the Night
Date: 96-05-02 12:06:50 EDT
From: DLyulkin
Posted on: America Online

I sit in comforting, soothing darkness
A single candle illuminates the room
For once in weeks
That seem like months, or years even
My mind is finally at rest
My body is totally relaxed
While my eyes are following the flame
One can get lost in its warm glow
And soon enough my eyelids droop
And fatigue comes into the room to claim me
And just this once I think I’d let it.
It’s been so long, so bloody long
No-one thought we’d find ourselves
Stumbling in the dark, without light, without hope
My eyelids feel like stone shutters
But I’m still watching the flame dance
Too long, the road has been too long
Too many hours spent trying to recover
Patching up the wounded and making lists
Of those who had died in battle that no-one wanted
And half of those wear a familiar face
Shreds of conversation floating over the alarms
” Where is Susan? Has anyone seen Ivanova? ”
” Garibaldi is badly hurt…”
” No, Sir, it’s just a flesh wound,
I’ll be up and about in no time at all…”
” Oh, God, not Rick, please… ”
Soon they become disjointed
The shadows blend, taking with them
All the feelings and the pain
So you don’t have to feel at all
And when the shadows fall
You think of something from the time long gone
Like having dinner with Delenn
You think of flame, for she is like a flame
A burning flower in the night
And as I watch the candle
I see her face in that soft, inviting flame
Her tiger’s eyes, so fierce and full of Light
A crystal clear flame
Come, chase away the Night.

Subj: Re:The Ladies & the Captain
Date: 96-05-02 13:40:16 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

Subj: Re:The Ladies & the Captain
Date: 96-03-14 23:21:34 EDT
From: CeSpaceMuz

>>>Variations on a Theme:

Only Love
Forthwith I shall attempt to grasp you.
Forever in my heart
If ere’ comes the day
When shadow flicker even briefly
I shall lighten your sky for all my worth<<<

I LOVE this Poem! The ViewPoint of a Tigress….

Subj: B5 poetry: by the master
Date: 96-05-02 17:13:15 EDT
From: WardMcDuck
Posted on: America Online

Mr. Chekov is to Bester
what Willie Tyler is to Lester.

G’karr wants to treat the head of Londo
as Tito Puente would treat a bongo.

King Arthur did for Michael York
what “the other white meat” did for pork.

So ends the reading.

Subj: Re:B5 poetry: by the master
Date: 96-05-02 20:29:10 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

>>>King Arthur<<<

Though all the Treats I prefer to “see through,” I DEFER to the GENESIS-KISS, MYSELF….

No Ego to “Blow,” I’m SO FLATTERED! I take what I can get….
Not to Show, but GROW…., or tatters for those who “collect debts,” not “pet”….

(Sorry, a bit of TigerHumor….)

Subj: Re:B5 poetry: by the master
Date: 96-05-02 20:38:36 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

Its unfortunate that members of the Night*Watch* get in the Way
A Final Lease of Peace to DISMEMBER, trying to hold Shadows at *Bay*

But perhaps at last, DoveTails “used”(?) to END THE WAR
SAFE-Sex/AnimaLove hast DEFLECTED, MENDING AbusedWounds Sore!

Subj: Re:B5 poetry: by the master
Date: 96-05-03 06:46:12 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

>>>AbusedWounds Sore<<<

“Pamela, don’t Break this Haart of Mine; “JUST” Remember…. IT MAY NOT HEAL THIS TIME!”
-from the song, “Pamela,” by ToTo, in their album, the 7th One

(yeah, yeah, ok, ok, NO Crock, an UnconsciousLOCK SonarPing changes EVERYTHING!)

Subj: Anima NightVison Transmission
Date: 96-05-03 19:39:17 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

>>>Besides, the only color for YOUR “ride” couldn’t be more TRUE….
Deep, large but out of Sight, Twin-TurboCharged MidNight BLUE!<<<

“All I need is a Lonely, Wind(ing) Road
Where the Sun Drips Down through the Thick, Forest Trees
The Wind in my Face, and a Ragtop for the Sleet”
-The Creator’s SeniorQuote Poem

(one of his FIRST, though it’s authorship was attributed to Ferry Porsche – he thought it sounded better and more appropriate)

“We’re VERY HAPPY with the new sound…. It’s better to have 3 people like on 100% than DRAGGING somebody…. It DETERIORATED over the years…. We’re a group in that there’s more than one of us, but we now have the FLEXIBILITY that any “SOLO artist” has…. drummer…. horn section…. We’re very very MOBILE.”
– “Three to Get Ready” CreatorFathers (TigerTaylor, LionLeBon, FoxOwl Rhodes, though ALL of them have some “Fox” in them….)

Mess? NO 4*S* DRAG! TigerTRACTION in Winter!

HeadLight *SpotLight* Flexibility, if you FALL, take you under DragonWings,
WeepBlue? Sight Veritably TRUE, a Night/Day CHEAPER Flagon’s SPRING,

(NightVision Anima AFFIRMATION)

Subj: Re:Anima NightVison Transmissi
Date: 96-05-03 22:58:51 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

“Ask and ye shall receive,” states Madonna in “Truth or Dare”
But EXPECTING “gifts,” even in Thrift, would be RETARDED, Hardly FAIR

Reacting from the GUT, for Her or the Many, is your specialty, though we SHOUT!
Let’s Hope the ShadowyDOPE BadPenny PoeticRAPIST is, WITHOUT DOUBT,


Subj: Re:RE: ODE TO B5
Date: 96-05-04 01:28:18 EDT
From: LuvMe2XX
Posted on: America Online

I don’t care what most of the B5 addicts think – I say “Bravo” to you for finally saying that B5 is exactly what you said it is – predictable, juvenile and totally uninspired. Hey people out there, you know there are alot of us who read the B5 boards NOT because we’re huge fans, but because you guys who post here are so funny with your syrup-y comments “Oh, JMS, you’re so WONDERFUL” ad nauseum. “Oh, that last episode really MOVED me…..” Gag. Another thing, in case you’re not aware of it, ” B5″ and “poetry” are an oxymoron. Anyone can aspire to write poetry, but there are alot of BAD poets out there. Just look at this board………. The best and most insightful poem here is the one you wrote. Again, bravo to you for having the courage to point out bad taste in television when you see it.

Subj: Re:BluuDragon?
Date: 96-05-04 01:33:34 EDT
From: LuvMe2XX
Posted on: America Online

To SibyrTiger – You said “I used to be interested in Star Trek, but not anymore….” I suppose B5 is a step UP from that in your mind? Also, the comments in your post were as rambling and incoherent as Marlon Brando’s appearance on Larry King (which you probably didn’t see, as I’m sure you probably watching “The Jetsons”.) Next time, lay off the drugs before you start writing. It helps for the purpose of clarity…….

Subj: Re:BluuDragon?
Date: 96-05-04 09:23:15 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

Luv YOU (+ StarTrek) too?

Didn’t “MOMMY” teach you any better “Manners” when you were a KID?….

Don’t worry about the Tiger: he’s NOT looking for any “Favors” from those he “disses”….

Subj: Re:RE: ODE TO B5
Date: 96-05-04 11:18:59 EDT
From: REBinAZ
Posted on: America Online

So you hate B5, so you think everyone here is a moron, then why are you here?
Are you into torture?
I hate certain shows, and I don’t check out their boards, I have better things to do.
Oh? Is that it? You have no life, so you live through the boards?
I get it.
Subj: REBinAZ
Date: 96-05-04 12:42:34 EDT
From: LuvMe2XX
Posted on: America Online

>>>>So you have no life and you live through the boards? I get it.>>>>

Judging from the number of your posts here – I’m SURE you do.

Luv you.

Subj: Re:REBinAZ
Date: 96-05-04 16:53:33 EDT
From: LuvMe2XX
Posted on: America Online

P.S. I forgot to say – I did NOT say everyone here is a “moron”. What I said was, linking B5 and poetry together is an OXYMORON – please get your dictionary (if you indeed have one) and look up the word. From your response it’s evident you have no idea what it means.

Ah, yes, the heavy duty intellectuals surely DO hang out here, don’t they………

Subj: To: Ro
Date: 96-05-04 17:50:30 EDT
From: DLyulkin
Posted on: America Online

Ro, my godbrother used to say that you never argue with a stupid person ’cause people may
not know the difference. I guess some people have this NEED to put other people down, neither
you nor I are specialists in abnormal psychology, so I think the best thing to do is to ignore
them. With any luck they’ll go away.

Subj: Re:REBinAZ
Date: 96-05-04 17:54:06 EDT
Posted on: America Online

Well I do agree that B5 does not have any poetry, but I also think that people who don’t even give the show a chance have no right commenting on this show in anyway.

Epsilon 3

Subj: Re:REBinAZ
Date: 96-05-04 21:51:58 EDT
From: REBinAZ
Posted on: America Online

You are not worth it

Subj: Re:To: Ro
Date: 96-05-04 21:54:24 EDT
From: REBinAZ
Posted on: America Online

Yes, you are correct—sometimes though they are so petty and irritating that one has to stand up and say, “Go away.”
I promise to stick to chatting with normal people and not bother with them.


Subj: Re:REBinAZ
Date: 96-05-04 22:23:00 EDT
From: Wildstar17
Posted on: America Online

>>You are not worth it<<

Well said. She’s definately not. Don’t let her bother you.


Subj: This whole debacle
Date: 96-05-05 00:46:50 EDT
From: LuvMe2XX
Posted on: America Online

The scariest, most disturbing thing to me about all of this is the total seriousness with which you take other people’s comments who don’t happen to agree with you. The total lack of humor involved. The invective thrown out – “you must not have a life”, “you are not worth it”, the “how DARE you disagree with me” attitude. Everyone should have a sense of humor about onself – none of you do. You can’t take a little criticism? It wasn’t originally directed at anyone personally until the people here came in and MADE it personal. So who has the problem? The ones who experssed an opinion different than yours – or you, for overreacting and behaving as though B5 really “belongs” to you – really is a major part of your life. Actions speak louder than words. A long look in the mirror would be good for all of you………People don’t get on these boards every single day and make multiple posts unless they’ve got alot of time on their hands. And why is it that many of these people (you know who you are), don’t have profiles listed? That strikes me as very strange. Perhaps “unemployed” isn’t an interesting enough occupation to list. Perhaps under “hobbies” you find it impossible to list anything besides “spending all my time and money on AOL slobbering over JMS on his question board” Yes, that would definitely explain alot of things……Luv you all..

Subj: Re:This whole debacle
Date: 96-05-05 06:40:58 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

You don’t seem to understand that WE believe that Babylon5 IS “worth it”…. If we didn’t think so, we wouldn’t be here, would we? The AnimalGuides don’t PRETEND otherwise; we spend time here simply because we feel it is time “well spent”….

The contradiction with you seems to be that you find B5 >>>uninspired<<<, yet you SOMEHOW found the inspiration to try to pick a fight for NO GOOD reason. We’re all here to celebrate the writing of POETRY, even if the section doesn’t limit itself to B5 verse; if you WANT TO CRITICIZE, at least try doing it in the form of a Poem. Still, WHY BE POETICALLY INSPIRED TO WRITE POETRY ABOUT AN “UNINSPIRING” SHOW?

Your position is contradictory; if you’re NOT here for B5, you MAY be here for other reasons…. that are YOUR PROBLEM, not ours….

If you WANT to be here, hey, have fun! Otherwise, HAVE FUN IN THE STAR TREK FOLDER? Why waste your own time as well as ours?

Date: 96-05-05 10:05:54 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

A PrimaryIgnition WeaponsLOCK has again been Achieved
We said we’d give her the Fire to Inspire, now BREATHE!

Teeth like RazorBlades, NOT Razing “in Spades,” but to PROTECT!

Date: 96-05-05 11:43:42 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

It’s GOOD to “get the Lead out,” in our IvoryTower
And Run the TigerPorsche to the REDline, at FULL POWER!

The Poem that FireInspired us, has “beautiful metaphors”
Let’s give her NOT phlegm, but a GEM! to make her SOAR!

Subj: Re:This whole debacle
Date: 96-05-05 14:32:23 EDT
From: GWRepBobby
Posted on: America Online

“You must not have a life” and “you are not worth it” are two completly different things. The former is ad homonim while the later is a declaritive statement indicating that answering is not worth the time or effort to the person who wrote it. A subtle difference perhaps, however, it is a difference none the less.

Subj: WhiteDiamonds
Date: 96-05-05 15:40:06 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online


WhiteDiamonds, the BrilliantSparkle of the “Scent of a Woman’s” Fragrance
Other Purr-Fumes Burning in Bloom, LylaC Purr-Pull “Turns” to EnTrance

The Music of the Night isn’t just Sex out of Lust, but Romance
It’s Smeell casts a Spell, the BloodPulse Convulses in the Dance

Verses not seeming to “Rhyme,” now a Sign in a Dream Sublime
NOT Mean, Natural MORPHINE Ladled to CRADLE your SPINE

Catching you if you’ve Fallen, Cuddling Truly in Velvet
Scarlett, but the Wind a KindredFriend, NOT an owed Debt

“Dancing in the Dark,” has our Kin RocketFuel Mingled?
Spice MELTS the Ice into a Pool; no Sin, he’s still Single

A NightVision Haart in “Operation” isn’t Angry in Jealousy, Demanding
The PoeticIncision is, for my part, to “Come” to some Understanding

It’s true, I’ve read books on you, but with no GreedNeed for you to Respond
EnFlaming Inspiration was ALL it took; let this BloodCUT be our BOND

You once “one-sidedly” wrimg, to be “fed,” you’re “nothing without a man”
You are too! To Jung, there’s one WITHIN YOU; “Stand Alone?” You CAN!

Many such need surround themselves in LuxuryBeauty, objects Lifeless, Cold
No Romantic MYSTERY of Humanity, Untold Stories Feeding your SOUL

Porsches TurboCharged, not Limo-Barges, the Metaphor of Tiger ClawKnives
NOT *really* Real, you see, but in the Creator’sCore, WHEREVER he Drives!

Material things can STING, DRUGS HaartTug, harkening to steer from the Goal
Veering away, leading ASTRAY, FateFully Creating an InnerBEING of COAL

No matter with whom you’ve been, in Terms of EXTERNAL FLATTERY
This Route WON’T Shatter InnerDoubts, ONLY ReCharge your Batteries!

InternalPOWER Eternal, CAN be DEEPLY PoeticSurgically ImPLANTED….
BonaFide because it’s INSIDE…. MY Psyche PressurizedScrutinized Recanted,
DIED!!!!, done to be RESURRECTED!

Remember, TigressTaylor, with your Spark, Causing a FlameFusion IgnitionStart
TRUE JEWELS aren’t Rocks or Cars, but WhiteSTARS Embedded in the Haart!

The Breath of Youth, is meant as a STATE OF MIND, BLIND to Physical Lungs
Like DeathShadows in B5, the Creator’sLife was Ancient, when he was Young!

(Maybe Lyndon was a Tiger in one of MANY previous Lives, to feel in this way
But I don’t want to bring Shirley MacLaine into this; I’m here for YOU this Day)

Subj: Re:This whole debacle
Date: 96-05-05 15:50:02 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

>>>Subj: Re:This whole debacle
Date: 96-05-05 14:32:23 EDT
From: GWRepBobby

“You must not have a life” and “you are not worth it” are two completly different things. The former is ad homonim while the later is a declaritive statement indicating that answering is not worth the time or effort to the person who wrote it. A subtle difference perhaps, however, it is a difference none the less.<<<

I agree with what you’re saying. Writing Poetry in response to people like this is not worth the effort, but those who do write Poetry for this show (and MANY other things, such as the psychology behind Jung’s idea of the Shadow personality) are accused of “not having a life.”

The answer to this is simple; we do it because we ENJOY it (in more ways than one….), as a sublimated experience of the human condition – isn’t that what HAVING FUN is all about, after all?…. The AnimalGuides’ argument is that critics here are writing about a show they DON’T enjoy, probably because it may “push some buttons” in them that get them so critical over a TV show that is meant for ENTERTAINMENT…. purposes. If it’s not FUN, what’s the POINT?…. If you ask me, I AGREE with the Koala in that there’s something WRONG with the lives of those who don’t have anything more enjoyable to do than “darken our door.”

Subj: Re:WhiteDiamonds
Date: 96-05-05 16:04:34 EDT
From: LyndonN
Posted on: America Online

Uh, Oh
Some Typos:

“Smeel” should be “Smell”

“wrimg” should be “wrung”

(The first one wasn’t too bad, but the second was probably unreadable).

Subj: Re:This whole debacle
Date: 96-05-05 16:36:56 EDT
From: GWRepBobby
Posted on: America Online

“I agree with what you’re saying”

I think it one sense, Sibyr, you do get what I am saying and in another you missed the point. What I was talking about was responding to the naysayers, which I think was the context of the “isn’t worth it” comment by Reb, not the poetry itself. From what I understand, and I admit I don’t know that much about it, poetry is something that you feel. People appreciating it is not a requirement. After all, how many rich poets, that have become rich through their poetry, can you name? Fact is, not everyone is going to like what someone writes, but, there will be those who enjoy it and can’t get enough. Much like B5 itself, if you think about it. I have found that not everyone likes B5 and not everyone really understands it on any level. Those are the people who have actually took the time want watched several episodes to form their opinion with an open mind. I have also found that those who come on to these boards and used to come into the chat room (hmm….I wonder why they don’t come into the chat room as often as they used to) just to bash B5 have never really watched the show. They are very insecure and for some wierd reason see B5 as a threat. As you can imagine, most of them are Trekkies.

This brings me to the topic of Star Trek fans. There are three kinds. There are those who watch it and enjoy it. Some go to conventions and buy various memerobilia. However, Star Trek does not run thier lives and regardless if they like B5 or not theydon’t go crazy over it. The second group are a lot like the first group, however, they feel threatened by anything thing they percieve as a threat to Star Trek, even if it does not dominate thoer lives. Than you have the Trekkies who eat, sleep and live Star Trek. That weirdo in Arkansas who showed up for jury duty in full Federation regalia is a good example. They are the ones to watch. They are completely and totally obsessed by Star Trek, which, after all, is just a TV show. On the other hand, it is this obsession that makes them so much fun to deal with. The one thing you don’t want to do is get upset over these people. To coin a phrase, it’s not worth it.

By the way, just as a side note, open mind does not mean you have to agree with everything, or with what others tell you. It means that you form your own opinions for yourself and those opinions can be quite strong. Enough of politics for now.


Subj: Re:This whole debacle
Date: 96-05-05 16:50:48 EDT
From: GWRepBobby
Posted on: America Online

I almost forgot, I wanted to say a few words on poetry itself. I have always found it difficult to read poetry. Poetry written on a page, or this case on a computer screen, always leaves me flat. On the other hand, I much enjoy listening to poetry. Poetry is very much an oral art form. A poem well orated brings it to life. The odd thing is, not everyone who writes poetry well can read it well. Still, I wouldn’t mind downloading some audio files of the poetry being read aloud from here. Just a thought there.

The exception is blank verse. Well written blank verse reads very much like prose and can be very entertaining read. Even though, to really get the impact it should be heard as well.

Subj: Re:This whole debacle
Date: 96-05-05 17:51:10 EDT
From: REBinAZ
Posted on: America Online

Talking with you in the chatroom we have always had fun and I knew that you were a
passionate person–but after reading your posts, I see you are also very intelligent.

P.S About oral poetry, I have done that before(for audio magazines) and what I have found
works best is to have a person who ‘fits’ the poem read it.
Example: I wrote a poem about a mother dying in the war(the civil war in El Salvador) from
a daughters point of view–but I didn’t feel my voice would be effective, I had my aunt read
it(She has an accent that is thick as a brick) and it ‘made’ the poem come to life.

Subj: Re:This whole debacle
Date: 96-05-05 17:54:05 EDT
From: REBinAZ
Posted on: America Online

Well said.

Subj: Re:This whole debacle
Date: 96-05-05 21:12:13 EDT
From: GWRepBobby
Posted on: America Online

Thank you, Reb. That was very kind of you to say.

I do get your point. As I said, not everyone who writes poetry can recite it well. Having the writer read it is also not a requirement. Still, I think audio files of the works being read is an interesting idea.

Subj: Re:This whole debacle
Date: 96-05-05 21:34:32 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

>>>After all, how many rich poets, that have become rich through their poetry, can you name?<<<

ALL the AnimalGuides agree with you, in that Poetry is not intended to be a financial enterprise. (If it is, it’s just the “FROSTING” on a “Cake of Romance”….)

What the Tiger was trying to say in his Poem, is that the Term “Rich,” in itself, is relative. A healthy, romantic relationship can be “Rich” in terms of Love, Affection, and Empathy, while Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol” faced the dangers of a Grave lined with only his own money….

In short, Life is a Balance, with the Music of Life playing a part, and of course the necessities of survival are a requirement. I grant you that too much of either extreme is unhealthy – a Poet should have at least a career path, and a rich person should know HOW TO TRULY LOVE….

Subj: Re:The Ladies & the Captain
Date: 96-05-05 21:37:37 EDT
From: CeSpaceMuz
Posted on: America Online

SibyrTiger: You are kind. Thank you.

Subj: Re:Candle in the Night
Date: 96-05-05 21:40:59 EDT
From: CeSpaceMuz
Posted on: America Online

Liz –
You grabbed me with this one. I wish I wasn’t so tired, I’d like to make an eloquent remark about this excellent poem…, perhaps some other time. Thank you for posting this one. -Ce

Subj: Re:Meditation
Date: 96-05-05 21:57:48 EDT
From: CeSpaceMuz
Posted on: America Online

SibyrTiger –
<<Anna lives? with a Fate full of HATE; his Mate now an UnControlled SHADOW>>

<<Maybe a VorlonBLast at Close Range will, at long last, put her out of her Misery!
More EUTHANASIA than the Thrill of a Kill: the ONLY way to END the Story>>

I don’t claim to “reach” on all of your poem, but I definitely like these references, and I enjoyed the whole thing. Your humor is scathing. Peace, (and Kosh says, “YESSsss”) -Ce

Subj: Badgrhaart
Date: 96-05-05 22:59:08 EDT
From: Moon2river
Posted on: America Online

I am back for I’ve been away to long.Do not try to pen me down for I am the moongoddess.I am always here to see you and understand where both our shadows lie.I am glad we touch on somethings and understand where we missed on others.But I’m always here.And at times you inspired me to reach a different goal.But I am glad you missed me.–and thank you—-Moon

Subj: Sibyrtiger
Date: 96-05-05 23:12:28 EDT
From: Moon2river
Posted on: America Online

I missed you too.And I enjoy our own little game.For we touched and thats hard to do.You must understand that the lines i wrote to Badgrhaart were aimed at you.We may not agree on things but its one heck of a ride.I loved the stuff you wrote to me.I’ll post a poem later.I’m not Kate,but Diana the goddess of the moon who watches over all.when you close your eyes to sleep.

Subj: Flamers at it again
Date: 96-05-06 00:41:57 EDT
From: FemBlondii
Posted on: America Online

I hope the recent episode of “The Flamers Club” on this board isn’t going to lead to it’s eventual downfall (as it sort of did on the board “Politics & History on B5”) after someone made negative comments about the people who watch B5, and then that’s ALL anyone talked about there for weeks – JMS even stopped showing up. I’m a writer by occupation and while I can’t write a coherent poem to save my life (that’s a talent in itself – you can learn to write newspaper articles or interviews, but you can’t “learn” to be a poet. You either are one or you aren’t), I very much admire people who can do it and I enjoy reading this board alot. I totally disagree with LUV ME who said Babylon 5 and poetry are an oxymoron. There is poetry in every single thing in this life, and different people see poetry in different things. I don’t agree with her either when she said there are alot of “bad” poets on this board. Who is she to judge what’s bad? Poetry is a form of writing, unlike journalistic writing, where it’s ok to write “badly”, i.e., perhaps not be grammatically correct, or forming sentences and thoughts in an unconventional manner – that’s what poetry IS – it’s a song from the soul – not a black and white report written by the “correct” journalistic rules. I think when the “Ode to B5” poem was posted, there shouldn’t have been any reaction to it at all. It was one person’s opinion, and you KNOW what he was looking for – a big reaction from everyone – and boy did he get it! I must say, many of you went right for the bait!! But as I said, I’ve seen boards totally be destroyed by this kind of thing – I hope it doesn’t happen here, because I enjoy reading all of your wonderful writings.

Subj: A Dream of Camelot
Date: 96-05-06 08:25:52 EDT
From: Moon2river
Posted on: America Online

Celtic music rang out loud and echoed in the valleys.
In the magical kingdom called Camelot.
It started out,so beautiful, an ideal.
That time couldn’t erase.
Where men stood for honor and justice,and placed his soul in
God’s good graces.
No trumpets,to sound his name.
For in his heart,righteous reined in Camelot.

David an new Arthur born,in the battle of the line
unwilling survived the battle while other,who were innocents died.
Just like Arthur in his last battle.he felt the pain
of mistakes others made.
The wasted lives.
He had to atone.
For he, himself fired the 1st deadly blow.
Only guilty of pain and shattered soul.

So many lives lost,in a mistake of judgement call.
The dream begin to unravel.
Where once a proud man stood.
A reality is thrus upon him
worse then any deadly blow.

But like Arthur in the legend,he must return
the sword to its rightful owner.
But to him it is a token of forgiveness and a symble of his pain.
to his wronged lady of the lake-Deleen,who mercifully forgives him,
and takes away his pain.
And when this is done.
His atonement is made,and he is free to live again
for he has been forgiven,and Deleen has taken his pain away.

But in his wake,he left with us.
A magical dream.
A theme to struggle too.
And his lady of the lake,the power of forgiveness.
And most of all,the dreams of Camelot.

Subj: Re:This whole debacle
Date: 96-05-06 09:41:34 EDT
From: GWRepBobby
Posted on: America Online

Good point, BluuDragon. I understand what you are saying and I do agree with you. However, I was talking about in a finacial sense. I am a confirmed capitalist and make no appologies for it.

After thinking about it awhile, there are actually quite a few rich poets. They are called song writers. Still, I think my point is still valid if you discount those who write lyrics to popular songs.

Subj: Re:Flamers at it again
Date: 96-05-06 09:49:36 EDT
From: GWRepBobby
Posted on: America Online

“I hope the recent episode of “The Flamers Club” on this board isn’t going to lead to it’s eventual downfall”

That will only happen if you and those who enjoy this folder let it happen. Despite what anyone else writes here nothing is preventing those with constructive controbutions to continue as they have been. Like a TV show, you have a choice here. You can either read and contibute to this board or ignore it. If it is ignored by enough people it will disapear. However, if it is kept vibrant and alive it will thrive. As far as those naysayers go, and to coin a phrase, I suggest you look where it comes from and consider it an opertuntity, not a burdon.

Subj: Re:Meditation
Date: 96-05-06 11:55:36 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

“Our Lady of Fatima” predicted a Conflict or WAR would “Come”….
Perhaps a MadonnaAnima’s Core will SHINE LIKE THE SUN!!!!

Subj: Re:Flamers at it again
Date: 96-05-06 11:59:30 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

For a “Crowned One”….

Fighting an angry fire with fire, only inflames hate and doubt
Turning the shame and fear of peers into an ever-festering blister
Those dear who would ignore the gore of a bloodthirsty shout
May lift up their ears, redirected to hear a quiet, collected whisper!

(The AnimalGuides don’t hide, in AGREEING with your testimony….)

Subj: Re:Meditation
Date: 96-05-06 14:42:43 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

(Dragon PrimaryIgnition….)

I sense an inexpensive SeededNeed for a living…., Episodic “Holiday”
No more Poetry Today, albeit “seeing fit” to “rise above”…. the fray

Not feelings to Dismay, but to PLAY, feelings of LovingCompassion to SHINE
In Peace, wrapped in FLEECE, Sight ToNight for NO dancing on the Valentine

A Time for no more IncisiveRhymes, CoreKnives, but TeleVision out of our Life
Not Blind to let Mend “Operations” for FRIENDS, to reassure a demure(?)WIFE

Perhaps only a Map of StreamConsciousness Dreams, trussed, still a Spice so nice
A Lapse OverThrowing Shadows, UltimatelyEventually throwing not Rocks, Rice

You’ll Find they’ve Signed THEIR OWN Condemnation! DisOwn in Celebration!
The “Coming together” of “Dragons of a Feather,” Feelings Healing the Station!

In many ways, Deception SLAYS, venting to prevent a Psychological Unification
Health, Coal to a “WHOLE Self,” a Tide of the OneSided Lied in DividedNations

Can we Fight? All Day, and through the Night!, but Delight in “giving it a Rest”
Coming to Know, Flowing to Show what others have “Blown” is for the BEST!

Still not Too Late to Thrill a PotentialMate, “FULLY” celebrate an END to Hate
PILLS for Lies?, LET US DENY RavenEgos that Crow, embrace a LovingFate

A Spire to InSpire, a Sire to take them “Higher,” Dragons Soar above any CAR
Prudes think your Songs Lewd? Let’s play to say “My God, It’s full of STARS”

HairCurled, a DragonPenn UnFurled, Hopefully FAIRLY for MORE than Blood
WithIn, you’re Inside, but with a BindingTie, we’ll “come” to do a World some GOOD!!!!

Subj: Re: A Dream of Camelot
Date: 96-05-06 18:27:36 EDT
From: DLyulkin
Posted on: America Online

Bravo, Moon2river, fantastic work!

Subj: John+Deleen
Date: 96-05-06 20:30:32 EDT
From: Rocketkid7
Posted on: America Online

The light of romance,and the rose.
Love of the beauty of the sun.
Great star of the beauty in the moon.
The love in the sun,and the moon,and the stars.
He must love her well and always.
Love each other ,in romance .

Rocketkid 7 age 8 – P.S I love your poem Camelot,mom.

Subj: Re:John+Deleen
Date: 96-05-06 23:29:56 EDT
From: CeSpaceMuz
Posted on: America Online

Rocketkid – excellent job…let’s hear more. Ditto that to you Moon. -Ce

Subj: Re:”The Beast”….
Date: 96-05-07 11:42:32 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

(ANIMA “PrimaryIgnition,” directed at the “Beast,” Madonna’s Rival, based on the movie, “Beauty and the Beast”)

Beware SHADOWS, when you Fight, and WATCH YOUR BACK! Vorlons KNOW that White may be duly Black, and BLACK, TRULY WHITE!

Beware appearances, quothes the Magical Enchantress
A “Homily” woman who offers a FRAGRANT ROSE
A SPOILED CrownedOne Shuns, NO MoralCoil as the Wind Blows
BEWARE those who Self-Righteously Stare, with a “CLEAN” Face
UnderLYING a Hart of COAL, to a BADGERED One’s Nose
When a Creator could have THEE, why a “Celebration” Immoral?
HOW could we ever Love anyone, have FUN with someone “Dirty?”
Oh, we NEED you, a BUM, HONESTLY Generous, a Crust so “Floral?”
With YOUR Vitamin *See,* Truly, we’d ALL DIE OF SCURVY!
LameGames are your ONLY Fame, a Phage of GARBAGE Written/Oral
But, so disappointingly BLUE, we’re just, FOR YOU, TOO UNWORTHY….
(yeah, right….)

Siddardtha’s interest in MadonnaAnima is BEYOND Form, the Present, or Lust
His HeavenSent Blessings are to give her REST, NOT more of YOUR FLACK!
Despite a Hart that Tears, he must be UnequivocablyEquitably FAIR, and JUST
For HEALTH, to “EXPRESS HERSELF,” what your “Tries”Undeniably LACK!
Do you honestly Think, on the Brink after all this Fuss, you “have” our TRUST?
Your Crack is WACK! All your Blood is “good” for, is Stabbing in the BACK!

The MadonnaAnima is a “Vintage Ferrari,” Mortgaged, needing MORE PAINT?
To Weed out goring Dreams, a DirectLink Ploy to AVOID your SPEEDBUMPS!
A TrueBluu Translation in MainLine Communication, NoFear here, to be Saints
Circumventing any Scoffs or responses to Coughs, we’ve turned OFF your Pump
To CLEARLY Talk as well as “Chalk,” no RoarMetaphors for your Core Tainted
A “Car” as thick as a TANK, deep as a PLANK, a ’57 Chevy DropOff Dumped!

There is Method behind the Madness in “Promising to Try”…. TO DIE HARD!
For much is BENEATH the SURFACE of an Anima to be Freely POLISHED
A DarkCrystal Transformed in a Storm of “WhiteHeat” PistilLight, with a Shard!
NOT a Restrictingly Addictive Invitation Situation to “Publish, or have Perish”
The Fortress of Might is “WhiteRAIN” for her in PLAIN SIGHT, to *CHERISH*

Subj: Re: G’Kar
Date: 96-05-07 13:16:54 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

I loved it!! It’s so sad that I almost cried. I could just hear G’kar’s voice in my head and see him moan in his tormented sleep.

Subj: Darkness all
Date: 96-05-07 13:38:20 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

Forgive me, this is my first attempt on line.

Darkness, In Darkness all
It comes for One, it comes for us all
Coming to seal our doom
No where to run
No where to hide
Yet we must stand and face our fate
Now, before it’s too late.

Now we fight for our lives
against a common enemy
instead of each other
No longer is it brother against brother
We must unite in the skies
and be ever vigilant
for it can wear many a disguies

Soon, we will have plenty to fight
not only for our lives,but for the light
that we stand for against the Dark
We call our allies, listen, now hark
Now we must stand or fall together
for no longer are we alone
We defend this place, our home
we must stand together, forever
for if we do not the Darkness
will soon claim us.

In Darkness, we who stand for light, dispare
we wonder when they shall strike,
and we wonder where

They are the dark, we the light
They of Shadows, We of bright
Never must we let them win
for to do so would be a sin
Help us!!
Help us fight the coming Darkness
for it will devour us all
unless it can be stopped.


Subj: Addition to Darkness
Date: 96-05-07 14:03:51 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

Against the Darkness we must stand
every woman and every man
for it will devour us if we let it
so we must do battle
and not just wait and sit
quickly now, before our brains become addled
to do the task we now are saddled

Subj: Love True
Date: 96-05-07 14:55:28 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

My only love
still I wake with your name upon my lips
I can not eat, I can not sleep
for always thinking of you
This must be love true

Thourgh the day, I think I must tell this to you
hoping you feel the same, too.
the thought of you plaques my waking hours
and can not leave
me be
against love I have no power
and no defenses

I trust my love
my gentle dove
that you feel the same
and here always remain

For without you
I cannot live
and my heart will turn into a seive
without you, my heart, I die
my love, I, more than anything
wish to write my feelings on the sky
All I wish to do is sing
of you my love, my only one
who shines brighter than the sun

Only for you would I willingly die
a thousand deaths
for you I would give my last breath
for no one else gives me so much joy
be it girl or boy.

Your happiness is all to me
To see you smile, just once
gives me reason to fight,
live, die and more
I will give you joy, just you see

Seeing you smile my love
is like seeing the brightest sunshine
on a warm spring day
The way it warms me and chases the gloom
makes me think my fate will not be all doom

Surely with you here
things aren’t so bad
there’s no need to be sad
with you, my heart,
my only one to me near

Subj: Re:Love True
Date: 96-05-07 16:24:15 EDT
From: Moon2river
Posted on: America Online

Your peotry is beauty,welcome to the board.Hopefuuly we’ll hear more from you,you got talent kid.

Subj: Sheridan to Deleen
Date: 96-05-07 23:37:10 EDT
From: Moon2river
Posted on: America Online

They say where you go I shall fallow
because in my heart your always there.
And in my gloom,you give me laughter
to chase away my despair.
And when your not with me
I recall our last embrace
and remember all the good things you’ve
done,to save my day.
And no matter what the strife the future brings
in the long run,wait for me because.
I know in my heart and soul
I’ll alway love you.
for I have not been the same man since I held you.
But I’m so glad I did.
Cause I can’t think of my world with you.

Subj: Re:Sheridan to Deleen
Date: 96-05-07 23:43:23 EDT
From: Moon2river
Posted on: America Online

Sorry, the last line is

I can’t think of my world with out you.

Subj: Book of G’Quan
Date: 96-05-08 08:09:50 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

Exerpt from the Book of G’Quan

When Shadows cover Narn
and hope is lost
From the depts of time
Came G’Quan

In the mindwalker
salvation of his race
Willing to sacrifice
that all he preserve

In honor of my friend, Steven Cooper, who gave me this poem. Elizabeth

Subj: Re:WhiteDiamonds
Date: 96-05-08 22:40:19 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

In all of Elizabeth Taylor’s Marriages that she’s been in
Maybe she was looking for something that lay in herself
Somehow Rows gave way, Drugs to escape a relationship of Tin?
I know her Haart wants to GROW, not be again in Pain on the Shelf
Still, no “bitter pill,” an HonestHuband a better Brand than the Rich & Dim
I just hope she’ll feed, blue?, to get what she TRULY NEEDS, for her Health!

(The Tiger has a Special, UltraRED Poem for everyone under my Sun, but in Honor of Madonna, she that we have donned as our Anima)

Subj: Re:WhiteDiamonds
Date: 96-05-08 22:52:35 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

The WarpEngines are Cold, needing Time for RhymeSpace to FOLD
To make such a Transition to write, delay PrimaryIgnition ’till after MidNight!

Subj: A Walk In The Clouds….
Date: 96-05-09 01:07:40 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

Yeah, Yeah, another FloodyBloodStained PrimaryIgnition Juxtaposition so EnDowed, based on a movie, “A Walk In The Clouds”
(hey, it got two thumbs up, more than enough for a LovingCup)

But this may be the LAST Poem for Madonna, for her to FLY
Read why our Bleed TAPERED, due to an article in a NewsPaper….

Our Poetry BeanStalk has taught us to Walk among the Clouds
For a Captain, an Illusion, but for us nevertheless a Blessed Fate
Maybe not to late for Kate, a Kagemusha OzWizard behind a shroud
For Good for everyone means her HAVING FUN, even if I don’t Create….
God knows, as the Wind Blows, would NeverEver “dream” of it NOW
Though Thanking her for her Pranks, she sold our (her COLD) Chocolate….

When, with DragonPenn, we’re dancing into War, a “View to a Kill’s” FatalKiss
Knights pledged in Light to fight HER Lies that we undeniably defied/despised
You want to hear a Fallen “Secret,” despite ALL her PUNCHES that “missed?”
ToughHides DID HIDE the “Crimson Tide” of a VulnerableHaart that CRIED
At the Core, she’s a MORON, donning a TV “voice” that *really* only “disses”
A LionsHaart TORE; I, a Boxer behind a Mirror, the TeddyBear I wear DIED!

But NOT FOR HER; the MADONNA whose child IS (seemingly) NOT MINE
Sadly UnSung? I couldn’t care less in Hate if Kate was HUNG, StickyFingers cut Perhaps a CigaretteButt ThroatCut with a Lyre’s Wire, a BuggedJugular RipOff!
But our Anima had a “way with words,” letting a Bird go to return, a LovingSign
Only when something comes back to you, TrueBluu no Black to Wrack, SkinSoft
SHE has the POWER to MELT a HaartFelt Tower, Vinegar turns to SugarWine
A Mind FUELED, finding Anger COOLED, Rhymes singing to have wings aloft

All AnimalGuides take Pride in ThermalGliding, with better things to do in Fire
NO Crosses of Frost for those HonestlyLost, a Hag’s flown the coop, why Brute?
JetLaglessFlow DragonsWings GentlyBlow, ButterflyPetals to InSpire/not Xspire
The grapes, LoveElixir in a Crepe, LIFE of Universal WarmWind for BudFruit
Not Knocked, but Rocked angelically to Sleep, snug as a bug in a rug, as we Tire
Slow Earthquakes, no ThunderShakes, Poetry sung unwrung tenderly to a Lute

Subj: Re:A Walk In The Clouds….
Date: 96-05-09 01:08:34 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

(Part II Continued – It wouldn’t fit, can you believe it?)

Not real Wine, PoetryEnergySublime, MetaphorAmbrosia for the Core of SOUL
Something no Doctor has a Prescription for to Sing, causing the Spirit to Dance
What Good is a long Life in strife, with an ulcer to live for, BloodChocLateCoal?
The Grapes are a Kiss on the Nape, the Blissful Wist of EnchantEntrancRomance
Crushed, making women BLUSH, “treated” NOT “beat”/”defeated” Mares/Foals!
But you must Honorably jump into the Fray, seize the day, *See* & take a chance

Some may not appreciate her, blur her showing she knows Healthy Affection
Bully to the clueless! Thinking her life just a slur, they’re the curs, so obtuse
“Life’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’ll get” in confection
Some covers are good, superior or inferior, some interiors are BUM, just refuse
But a WiseMan samples what he can, before committing to seeing fit a delectation
Suave to meet HalfWay! “Saving the Day”(?) is not “bought” through ABUSE!

You know what, in the second scene, Kate BUTTING-OUT, is what I *HOPE!*
Nothing between Madonna and ME, CompromiseRealizing us BOTH in MISERY
If Madonna has MY Child, she’ll do NOTHING WILD (SHE’S NO *DOPE*….)
But if I hear a different song, hey, I’ll be WRONG, HangAround???? she’s FREE
If Kate comes Bidding, it’ll be a ShotGunWedding, Swinging with my SlackRope
Like I said, I hope she’s in BED, the BackBone to StandAlone, she’d finally *see*

It was an unblessed approach, more Lies Encroached, nearly brought all to Doom
Conception in Deception’s Name of a Plan to Sham a Vine”Line” Fanning Flames
In our room, a BoonVacation from a Station wrapped up in a GrailCup of Gloom
We all know now how shadows had grown, sprung up under AnasCursedReign
Ashes BURN, our EyeLashes TURN, from the West(W)itch’s TravelBroom
Wicked, but maybe now GOOD & DEAD!!!!, like us, no fuss, to RISE AGAIN
No? uh, oh….

Even when we Sleep, or eyes weep, we Rest on a DEEP FOUNDATION
“Rescue Me” with a spark, I’ll Hark and “do the rest;” we’ll follow suit
To try to “bring together” what they would STAY and Sever in Frustration
*PREACHER,* Love? TRY to teach her!, HeavenAbove won’t give YOU a Boot!
In Fact, with TACT, we’ll Truly WELCOME YOU to a *CELEBRATION*!!!!
Such is the STRENGTH, UNWEPT DepthLength of the UNIVERSAL ROOT….

Subj: The Shadows Come
Date: 96-05-09 08:20:58 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

The Shadows come
out of Darkness
Destroying all who witness
their awesome power
for no on and no thing
can with stand their attack.
But we must valiently fight back
for if they win this day
Darkness will be here to stay.

For an eternity shall we be ruled
by them, servants of the Dark.
Those Shadowed ones
who block out the brillance
of many, many suns.

So here, at this lonely outpost
we must take our stand
for right
against the Shadows that have
after a mellienia returned.
If we are defeated all of us shall burn
for our failure.

Subj: Re:A Walk In The Clouds….
Date: 96-05-10 01:14:21 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

We too Rewarded her TrueBluu with an Award for a New “Lucky Star”
Not Ill-Afforded, a BrightLight Crown shown to fight a “Dog” of War
A Witch throwing IgnitionSwitches in Attrition, “presents” of *Permanent*Scars
But See, our Fate was kept Safely, by a FantasyMate germinated long before
NO WEED, but a Seed, a RomanticallyPlanted undenied Guide from near or far
We said, perhaps NOT TO WED? still a thrill trapped/embedded in our Core

Subj: Re:A Walk In The Clouds….
Date: 96-05-10 12:10:22 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

“If you were a Man…. I’d BREAK YOUR NECK for that!”
-Rhett Butler in “Gone With the Wind,” responding to Scarlett’s AUDACITY in criticizing Belle, a Madam, for her CHARACTER….

You know, I really hope Kate had a Fated “GOOD” time the other “Night”….
Because only a MORON would be “Interested,” and leap into Sleep, to Fray
Oh, uh oh…. a “Pulp Fiction” prediction bidding a ShotgunWedding EndFright….
Madonna never gave US a BUTT…. (YES, a BlissKISS), Thinking before slaying
For though the article may not be full of “bull,” her Flame of another TrainLight
Pedal to the Medal the past few days, we want her to have the Medal ANYWAY!

P.S. – I hope Kate DID have a “Good” Time, for HER SAKE; the Tiger is not as FORGIVING as I am….

Subj: DevilDon’tCare NightMare
Date: 96-05-10 14:31:14 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

From her mouth, comes thy judgment….

I sit at the Wheel of a Car in a DREAM, SteelEye, are at the Helm
A White BMW approaches me opposite, a sudden impulse overwhelms

A Fountain of BS, Stress, a Walking MESS ColorChalk, a WEAPONSLOCK
Realizing, in mine Eyes, a SpontaneousInstananeous Ploy to DESTROY a Crock

We’d been Honest from the FIRST, her lips Silent but not HellBent in her Grave
But HER, an artist only of Lies growing only in Size, a ViewPoint DEPRAVED

But many never believed me, that I was long ago thoroughly through
*Seeing* she only deceived, I had a chance to show myself TRUE

Yes, a Kiss of DEATH, a Vindication of my DisDainful Frustrated RAGE
EVERYONE would gasp a breath, seeing her BRAINS on the Front Page!

A NewsPaper HeadLine of DOOM, a CrushedSkull, BrokenBones, hey, me too!
But I am not afraid to DIE, unlike my BlowHard Father/MonkeyUncle & Crew

Don’t you see, go ahead and KILL ME! Yeah, I KNOW I “rock the boat!”

Can it be, now for all to see that I’ve Failed to TRUST my own PARENTS!
Truly, they’ve Earned a Third Degree, Burning on an IMPALED FENCE!


Kate is so HATED, her OldFrame, ClueLessBrain DEAD FOR ALL TIME!
Let the WORLD see my Feelings UnFurled, “Expressing Myself” in Rhyme!

But then, another voice takes over, another SplitSecond Beckons to STEER
She’s HUNG HERSELF, it’s OVER, with OTHERS to LIVE for, I VEER

IF my FLUNKY UNCLE/BotherFATHER is not involved, hey, no problem!
But a Whiff of GrapeShot for a MESS UNSOLVED, Blowing PHLEGM!


Subj: Re:DevilDon’tCare NightMare
Date: 96-05-10 14:36:42 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

Yeah, I know you NEEDED to “get that out”
But do they? I think not! A Blot of ScreamsShouts?

I think you had better dispense with any more “therapy”
Though a CATHARSIS for one not missed, a Psyche more Free!

I’m sorry about my Brother; he can be a little crazy, but you have to be NICE to him, though….

Subj: Re:A Walk In The Clouds….
Date: 96-05-10 15:55:58 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

The Scent of CrushedGrapes may be on Madonna’s Nose
Tasted the Hilt, in Guilt not Wasted Trips are on her Lips
But she must make a Transition in her FetalPetal Position
To Truly Savor the Deepest Flavor, Sleeping in FatherWine….

But before all Four Winds can ReedBend, GentlyWarmlyBlow
She must admit, NOT QUIT to what Grows between her Hips
Before possible HARM is done, with a CHARM’s BloodCommunion
For the “MainCourse,” using NOT “THE FORCE,” as a PEACEloving Sign!

Subj: Re:A Walk In The Clouds….
Date: 96-05-10 17:09:26 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

It seems my (Dead?) “Parents” MIXED-UP their Confections….
As the “Head”…. of the Family, what can I say but Pray? IT FIGURES….

We must Embrace with GRACE TrueBluu AFFECTION
Before Feelings Cause People to start pulling REAL TRIGGERS!!!!

I KNOW my Vorlon TigerSon, he’ll Fret for his so-called “AuthorityFigures” NOT
HE’LL KILL THEM THE 1ST CHANCE HE GETS, but not forget the Lives he’s Sired/Brought!

Subj: Re:A Walk In The Clouds….
Date: 96-05-10 17:39:31 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

a badgeredhaart never allowed such authority, undeserved
to conceive only to deceive: heave and leave, what nerve

even as i speak, firing commands are coming in, a map drawn, prepared
knowing within my parents shadows’ descent, to rip them to shreds, on air

but our streak would be seen to be weak, without good reason for truebluu lead
seeking not to start another starwar season, but make sure the issue purely dead

Subj: Re:Delenn Revisited
Date: 96-05-11 15:05:26 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

This is really good. My compliments to you, Ro. Your very good, perhaps you can give me
a few pointers for my poems.

Subj: ExaminationInterlude
Date: 96-05-11 17:48:40 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

(Due to AirTime irregularities, we never did see “Ship of Tears” – oh, well, maybe we’ll see it in a rerun).

“The TRUE (Shadow) Enemy CAN’T be destroyed…. the true Enemy is WAR ITSELF!”
-from the movie, “Crimson Tide”

A PowerfulMetaphor to *See,* is at the Core of the movie, “Crimson Tide”
The “Dogs of War” sue for but one issue on the FLOOR, in the “Stand”/”Omen”
Seeking to use the Weak without Clue to Bruise EachOther; Smother, not Confide
Hiding the True Enemy, the DarkSide of the Self/Family, abiding not a LionsDen
For Vorlons KNOW the POWER of such a WeaponsBlow, NO MATTER a Side
FacesBlushed turn to CoalSouls CRUSHED in DisGrace, a Stroke of a BlackPen!

Subj: Re:ExaminationInterlude
Date: 96-05-11 18:21:14 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

(It’s hard trying to write or post, when you have a REAL ThunderStorm to contend with….)

Many Try to Escape, “Fly” from their Shadow/WeakEgo’s Cape, using Drugs
Riding a RollerCoaster, Cold or a Toaster, bolstering Wailing, FailingDefenses
NOT Self-Chiding, but from HEALTH, HIDING, in their Black”Spot” of Denial
HINTING at CHANGE, “Convincing?” More Deranged, a BluePrint for Failure!

CreepyCrawly Spiders, Brawling/Bawling, HIDERS, with just Harts of “Bugs”
VorlonMedicine is to BREAK the Chain of PAIN, a PalmFrond BindingSenses
Their Wiles Rage, Faming to SHAME/DEFILE the REALBattle, an INNERTrial
But CourageVerve to “Express” Feelings of Darkness, SteelNerves wind a Cure!

Subj: Re:ExaminationInterlude
Date: 96-05-11 18:37:20 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

The Force’s “Jedi” Lotion is like LoveDove PoetryMotion, a MartialART Dance
FEEL its Power, a Steel IvoryTower, at PEACE, a UniversalFleece of Nations
Those this who SHUN, taking POISON, SeductiveGUNS as an EntrancingLance
Must TakeCARE to be FAIR, not let Justice ICE the Air, their OWN Damnation!
YES, a Remembered Stare, a Black without Tact “RedOctober” in ARROGANCE
A TorpedoBlow Redirected to the Objected; KnowinglyCrowing in Frustration!

(The metaphor is from the movie, “The Hunt for Red October:” the quote is, “you arrogant ass…. you’ve killed US!)

Subj: Re:ExaminationInterlude
Date: 96-05-11 18:45:12 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

Kate’s HATEful Arrow was meant as Judgment, “Playing” to our JEALOUSY
But Clouds shroud not that we “mean what we say….,” less frayed, more amused
Vorlons know, Shadows are interested in CataclysmTERRORISM, not territory
But why PAY for Land “rich….” with SAND, a HarkeningHand offering refuse?
Oh, what a THRILL, *Seeing* her KILLED, SHRILL to be FINALLY FREE
But, kill me? BreathHorror, FatherDeath her GreatTerror, magnified/confused!

Subj: Re:ExaminationInterlude
Date: 96-05-11 19:09:40 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

The Dream of a Captain is a PainedStream: BLOOD is THICKER than WATER
RisingAbove, for Sake of LOVE, in the WAKE of Greed/EgoPride’s REVENGE
Sore at “Professors?” CoreHeat FinalTestTreaty of PEACE “keeping it together”
Frustration “Lies” with her “TRIANGULATION,” Failing the “InnerChallenge!”
She must live HER OWN LIFE, Strife despite Advice, her BlackPalm SEVERED
COOL, FORGIVING the “Living:” ONLY FOOLS Descend to such a TragicEnd!

Subj: Re:ExaminationInterlude
Date: 96-05-11 19:22:46 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

I don’t want to be crude to the “Rest”…. of the Family’s “Face”…., but I’m in a whimsical Mood, in this AnchorLeg, NOT the “Dregs” of the RelayRace!

Oh, shocked! Kate’s Courage,
a ROCK Insect
But so “consistent” in “superior intellect”….

Our wrath? We haven’t stopped LAUGHING, oh Blight!

But as Pure White Lights the Moon
Struck to Roy Orbison’s Croon

“Grateful Dead” sights Blossoms InFlamed RED, what a Sight!
(yeah, right….)
A “Blue Angel” to Circumspectly Protect….
Once a “Hellish” SURFACE, to RESURRECT

My MouthSize Paralyzed, confessing I guess, so I won’t Bite!

Hormones ZOOM
Flowers BLOOM….

Pedal to Metal Petals Showered, COVERED in LIGHT!!!!

Subj: Marcus The Ranger
Date: 96-05-12 09:28:29 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

Marcus the Ranger

The brave warrior of Light
He fights for right
and for freedom of all
from the Shadows.

He is Marcus by name.
He is one of the chosen
known only as Rangers.
They are no strangers
to the likes of danger

They are after information
to aid in the coming battle
from which few may survive
not daring to hope that at the end
he will still be alive.

Subj: Re:ExaminationInterlude
Date: 96-05-12 19:36:30 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

The movie, “The Omen” has a great Poem in it, but I can’t remember all of it, and this is a movie I don’t have. It’s a bit morbid, to be sure, but the theme is PERFECT for this Babylon5 episode – maybe someone can post the whole thing in the future. This is all I remember (paraphrased):

From the Sea it (“The Beast”) Rises, Creating Armies on EITHER Shore
Turning Man against his “Brother,”…. until Man Exists, NO MORE!

Subj: Ode to Kamala1
Date: 96-05-12 19:37:29 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

Ode to Kamala1
(Mother’s Day Poem)
Dedicated to a woman who likes to cook; can I cook, or can’t I?
Kate is a Famed to be SHAMEFUL Mate who Follows, wherever our Wind goes
Even into a ST:II Nebula/BrerRabbit BrierPatch, an Advantage against any Foe

MANY have Tried, having DEPRAVELY LIED, singing to bring us together
FanningFlames only made me more UnTamed, widening a Gap that was severed

Now, Voyager has no Core which Crows; no more Phasers, Torpedoes, Sheilds
For Riling to Defile, we “Dressed her DOWN” In STYLE, yielding a WarpField

MINDLESS Pines, for Kate’s VERY LIFE, was on the “line,” when she “bet”
While WE had only to vindicate our Mates, a GenesisKiss for an entire PLANET

Madonna & I BOTH knew, PROVED the needs of the many outweighed the few
Or the ONE, but to say she’s not the ONLY SUN, FADING the Darkness, True

A “Reach” not as Powerful, but a SoulFascination for a Station emphasizing Jung
You’ve had MORE than just a Date; a GenesisFATE, WelCome in Fun, UnSung

Perhaps a “Clueless”Narcissist?, seeking more UNIVERSAL Blood in your veins
NO LAPSE in Igniting without Fight, the “ColdFire” in my Psionic WeatherVane

Like the MajorAnima, you have an unphased Side to your Core, of INNOCENCE
AnotherSeductive, DarklySucked into MyHive, SurelyLured by AlluringViolence

But ShadowFascination comes from its UniversallyKnown Manifestation in ALL
A “Force” Growing in every one of US, to be Cured/Conquered, Stand/”FALL”

NONE can escape the Attack QuicknessDynamics under its Cape, but try to Learn
Such a BlackHole is to RISE from ASHES Coal, a SOUL *See*Free, not Burned!

Kamala1, like Madonna, has “Two Haarts” to be brought together in Harmony
THIS is Jung’s “CruxJuxtaposition,” quenching SoulTHIRST, not as your Enemy!

Both of you have a POWERFUL ANIMUS, UnPinnedIndependence to StandTall
I Blush, but admit that I have been Bit by your Sense to hear Wind, when it Calls

Kate Knows her CornyWarpSignature causes a STORM, Hiding under your Wing
Hoping she’s Protected/NOT DETECTED, not BlackACTIVATED, my *Sting*

For though Sensing her very Presence, Motivates me to have her TORN APART
Madonna & YOU, another Anima, have Courage to TAME the SavageHAART!

Kate’sAnimus thinks us a “KarmaChameleon;” CatharsisKissAbandoned DarkStar
But you are known as another Force for FUN, PREVENTING the Vent of War!

Let it be Known as well as SHOWN, that your very Presence COOLS the GUNS
NO FOOL or “Brainless Bimbo,” wanting to GROW, a School for you/your SON

Dirty? A Love HEALTHY, a SeeThrough AffectionCathection to INSULATE
A WindowCLEAR, NoFeared PsycheFlow Wind Blows, a BetterUnfettered Fate

Only when SATISFIED with PHYSICAL Image, the mere MirrorSURFACE
Beyond the LookingGlassDoubleMassed, a Bear whispers of “Dark, SecretPlaces”

Babylon5’s ATTRACTION deals with Feelings that can’t be Denied, no Choice!
Rather, a “FATHER CONFRONTATION” with his STEEL, a Defying VOICE!

With the “Shadows On Your Side,” you have a POWERFUL ALLY to DEFEND
Phased, Lost/Lazy, you may become Dark & CRAZY; Hark, and be a “Legend!”

Subj: More AnimaNightVision
Date: 96-05-13 17:06:45 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

There are two possibilities:
She’s unable to respond
She’s unwilling to respond

The PrimaAnima’s WarpSignature at the FoxNest Today, was Purely CLEAR
Why just settle for the “rest”…. is there something wrong in its Song, of Fear?

There was another…. the “fake” BOTHER that gives me a HEADACHE; her?
Does a PrimaryAnima feel she should defer in a WAKE, when she’s Preferred?

DefensesRaised, against/to Praise, Weapons TargetLocked, but less Stock in a Bet
SHE can be, for me, the most TRANQUILIZING, HaartWelts Melt with all Frets

She may hide, but with the TowerPower to OVERRIDE…., a MagicCombination
What should we do? A message not yet responded to? Stand & wait in the Station?

Subj: Re:More AnimaNightVision
Date: 96-05-13 17:15:39 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

If she responds/absconds today/another day, her FEELINGS must be comfortable
ANY other way, UnShielded/Frayed, you won’t like what’s put on the Table

My ONLY Hope is that she’ll be True to Her Haart, better NothingSaid, than Lies
Health? Only Rope “Tied” to “Hang Oneself” Defying what one desires, but Hides

For this, we MUST ALLOW HER to “get to know”…. us CLOSER, BETTER
Then, in BLISS, she’ll give us PERMISSION to SHOWER her in “Letters!”

Subj: Re:Ode to Kamala1
Date: 96-05-13 19:08:35 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

I once thought Kamala1 to be due to women called Kristin/Kristen
But this was not brought out to be true, but no PennPunches for where they’ve been….

Their Presence has been ScentedSensed; ALWAYS a *WELCOME* Part of ME
But the PrimaryAnima, a beckoning Kamala, are Special in setting my Spirit FREE

Just a token of Mother’s Day RESPECT, NOT to be NEGLECTED….
Besides, the PrimaryIgnition Juxtaposition might give cause to HIDE, SensesDefenses unprotected?

Subj: Re:Darkness all
Date: 96-05-13 23:20:05 EDT
From: CeSpaceMuz
Posted on: America Online

We look forward to many more on line poems…This one sings. -Ce

Subj: Re:Darkness all
Date: 96-05-14 08:17:09 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

United, We Stand
Divided, a BLACK HAND

Certainly, no one to be missed

Fingers can be Hell-Bent
Like Babylon-FIVE, All Different

But “ComingTogether” NOT as a GiantFLOWER; a FIST

Searching for a MergingAbsolution
In a Lurch, a Working Solution

Can we “Turn Back Time” with the Flick of a Wrist?

For Palms CALMLY EnMeshed?


Subj: Re:Darkness all
Date: 96-05-14 08:21:27 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

A Babylon5 Fighting ShadowLies with TRUTH
A TripleEdged SWORD “promising to TRY,” in YOUTH

(Just some MainCourse “Force”FLOW about the *Fourth*Coming Episode….)

Subj: “DEAD Poet’s Society”
Date: 96-05-14 10:12:11 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

There are those that would, could change the WORLD with “Just” WORDS
Not *Really* as a StingingBee, but to sing, bringing Spirits Free, like a Bird

The Reaon MANY Sheep Flock, ANY Season, LOCKED, is its Food for *Soul*

“Authorities” Fated to Destroy, not Create, a Repressive Stare of condemnation
Nothing “fit,” InnerJoy to Employ; DISSEMINATE? destruction is damnation

Disagree, UnFree BlackBands of PUNISHING Hands? Hey, take a Poll….
Sure, the Guides motives PURE, albeit though I’m not the ONLY who FLIES
Rather, Germinating not Bother, a LATHER, catching CallingFallen, in the Rye

Teaching Haarts to IGNORE? It Rains, POURS, the weak brought to the BRINK

No Intention to Raise Defenses, but Prevention of Razing what they see to be Sin
We know “Sitting on a Fence” is Painful; the Reigning Senses “Inherit the Wind”

“Coming” to “Drum” to Fight to *See,* the Right/FREEDOM TO *THINK*
The “O-Men” SelfRighteouslySanctimoniously ShamefullyClaim Ground ‘Above’
What do the FlunkyMonkeys in a Zoo (everyday I see 1 or 2) crow about Love?

ParentRantsFought, a LovelessMarriageWrought; *they* taught me of FLEECE?

Some regardless Age have COURAGE, not in their Ruddy”Show” to FALTER

NoWed SAD? Love DEAD(TooBad), a CursedDaughterNurse picks up the Pieces
NO FUR for these “Clowns”
But ORDER in the “Town”

CONTROL makes them feel “WHOLE,” “Full”

The *GROWN* give THEM Absolution?

Oh well, no Spells, back to the “Shell” of “Business as Usual”….

Subj: Re:”DEAD Poet’s Society”
Date: 96-05-14 10:16:35 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

Just Kidding….

(But this Poem was based on the Movie, “Dead Poet’s Society” – the Babylon5 Folder is NOT something we intend to leave, unlike many other folders, because the “freedom to think” is not ON TRIAL here….)

Subj: Re:”DEAD Poet’s Society”
Date: 96-05-14 11:27:24 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

The Boy SoulBuilding was Killed because he did NOT “Express Himself,” and LIED

But my Relatives’ Furtive Actions seem Intractable, in terms of their “Christenings”
This TransAction is to state in FACT, their LoveLess Lives DIDN’T LISTEN!

They KNOW my VOICE, which is WHY they were “On Trial”
Their CHOICE, their SHADOWS “Blowing” it by Defying in DENIAL

Why Create a Fate of ICE, gripping the POINT of the SHARD?
Tipping the TwinScales of JUSTICE from originally AnnointedEASY, to *HARD*??

Subj: Anticipation
Date: 96-05-14 21:24:06 EDT
From: CeSpaceMuz
Posted on: America Online

He didn’t think he’d ever feel it again
That giddy anticipation at seeing someone
But he does feel it, everytime he thinks of Delenn
A smile comes to his face, a lightness in his step
A special softness in his voice when he speaks to her
A sparkle in his hazel eyes that hasn’t shone in a long time
And when he’s with her, time goes in slow motion and a fast blur

He thought his heart couldn’t feel love anymore
Thought it broken, unable to mend
But imagine his surprise to find it filled to the core
Not knowing how or when she went to lover from friend
It doesn’t matter how or why, only that she too, care
He wants to be the one, the man in her life
He wants to touch her, hold her, but does he dare?

Whoa.., slow down.., first things first,
After all, he hasn’t even managed to kiss her
There it is again, that fluttering feeling in his stomach
And when she’s not around, an emptiness; to miss her.
Walking around feeling like half of something
But when she’s near, he’s complete
His heart pounding, he runs his hands through his hair
But first to find her and make her love speak

There are those human idioms, “Make her love him”
He knows it doesn’t work that way
But he wants her to love him, body and soul
Wants her to want him and make love someday
That thought is too strong to dwell on
He must move carefully lest he add to her fear
For she has never loved a man, a human
If she will only let him, he would cherish her

For now, he will enjoy the bittersweet dance
Every moment, the longing he feels when he sees her,
The excitement, anticipation and her shy glance
He will gently pursue his Delenn, someday to please her
He will give her all she needs, and now she needs time,
Time to overcome her fear, find her fire,
The courage to face her vulnerability and needs,
Time to trust him, and free her desire

The day will come when he will make her his own
‘Though in his heart he knows it’s she who posesses him
But it is in his arms and his touch she will glow
And her light will burn surrounding them
When her love is finally released, the universe will sing
And silence all his darkest fears
But for now, a joyous start, and well worth the waiting,
To win her love and hold her dear.

Subj: Re:Anticipation
Date: 96-05-15 09:39:22 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

Ok, PrimaryIgnition, here we go with the Flow:

If you LOVE a Woman, LET HER GO
If she Flies back, she’s yours FOREVER
But, Lock her away, MAKE her stay as a FOE?
NOT a Great MateStart; “Open Your Haart?” (I know), NEVER!!!!

She’d justly say “Bye Bye Baby”….
Even if he would, for attention, Cry
For though he could in prevention(?) call her LAZY
HE’d be the one ‘under the Sun,’ who caused her to “DIE”

Sometimes even “Partys” can move ‘way’ too far, too fast
How can you truly Care if you can’t let your hair hang down?
ONLY when READY, HaartBeat Steady, can good times LAST
Indiscreet, a Bully’s DEFEAT, a Soul”Virgin” lost, and “FOUND”

When VorlonElectrons reach the Peak of someone’s Capacitance
The TEST of Salvation is to RESIST “giving” in to Temptation
NOT to Kill the RomanticTranceThrill by STOPPING the Dance
But “Take a Bow” to allow Time for SelfReflection/Contemplation

Escalation of Destruction, was the Jab of a BackStabbers Knife
Potentially Killing his WIFE? She a “Thief of Haarts” Victim
Such was much Basic TRUST instilled, by Protecting his life
The others, a Death/Resurrection; maybe the ONLY way to “get to him”….

Appalled, he may “StandUp” the ‘Guilty’ against the Wall, with “White Heat”
ALL the “Die Hard III” carry SHARDS to THROW; “you made a big mistake….”
For though his Ego would FRET, tell her to “GET UP,” if she’s at his feet

Someday Sheridan may say “I Want You”….
But not to Crown by Shooting her Down with Flack
LoathingLove the Loaf of a Dove? “Hardly” TrueBluu
There’ no NEED to Stare and Feed, with a MassiveAttack!

But at times he might ask himself, “Why’s It So Hard”
This is when he must look WITHIN to Mend, have patience
To Cease and Desist Deceasing with Fists or HardenedShards
To tempt? All an attempt to ‘try’ to bring her off the fence

Vorlons say she may come in fun seek him out
For he is getting “Deeper and Deeper” “into her groove”
With no need for a Torn Emperor’s Evil laughs or clout
But to teach, “reach,” show HOW our Shadows Move

He can’t make her talk, but not leave her hanging
But to respond, not begone, to any signals or signs
Moving to the groove of her “different beat” when she sings
NOT weak, no freak, but he can’t afford her at the “Borderline”

It should GENERALLY be advised, “In this Life”
To “Promise to Try” to always say GOOD-Bye
The wise know it’s rife, rough with enough Strife
Than to reimburse by making it WORSE, with Lies

The Goal of his Haart, is Soul-Reciprocity on her part
“Blown” Mistakes of ShadowFakes, have wrought much pain
BeautyWithIn, a Haart with NO TIN, a JellyDoughNut Taart
KnightsSLAIN, but NOT IN VAIN, (“Over and Over”) ‘getting up’ AGAIN

Subj: Re:Anticipation
Date: 96-05-15 19:36:53 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

TwinHaart InterMix Dynamics Integrated:

Any attempt, Delenn’s Haart to disrespect
Would not be exempt from “dissing” his own
His SoleGoal would be a wistful Taart to protect
For she’s unlike ANY other that he’s “known….”

This doesn’t mean wantonly hurting others, of course
By being Curt/Pert, but deserting Delenn wouldn’t be right
It’s ONLY when, in their Dance, an ENTRANCE is FORCED
Other Shadows best SMOTHERED, “Resting” out of sight….

Those of the Crew, truly HAPPY for Delenn
Friends, not Bums, WELCOME to a PARTY
The Cuts, Blows, CigaretteButts to MEND
Punches not Rolling, but souls WHOLLY free

But those who (always) look for a PartyCrash
Frayed, led astray, DeadReady to poke their nose
It’s Certainly a Dirty Job, but Somebody’s got to ‘take out the Garbage’
Not speaking of FACES, but of the WEAK EGOS of Surfaced SHADOWS

The *Real* Idea is for the whole Station to have a *Celebration*
Defenders rending Shadows to Descend, an END to this WAR
Not the Procreation of more Dissatisfaction, ExpressionFrustration
Still, NOT ‘younger,’ but *STRONGER* than the way they were ‘before’….

Will end up coming back (PurrFumes/POISON) to YOU
Delenn’s too SMART to FUSS, let a Haart just slip away….
By NOT USING ABUSE, wanting HIS CHARM (not harm) to STAY

Otherwise, what, “Deeper and Deeper?”
You’d only get WEAKER AND WEAKER!

Subj: Re:Anticipation
Date: 96-05-15 19:39:55 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

Actually, ‘Garbage’ should be ‘Trash,’ in terms of getting the Rhyme right, but I think everyone gets the point.

Subj: Re:ExaminationInterlude
Date: 96-05-16 09:28:47 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

>>>Subj: Re:RE: Kosh and the Future
Date: 96-05-16 08:19:04 EDT
From: LyndonN

>>>Or Maybe perhaps, Kosh is Sheridan, Literally, but maybe in a evolved form.<<<

In my humble opinion, I think Kosh may actually have been the Shadows, “transformed” somehow – you never actually “see” him get killed, but rather the eyes of Morden, and then a blasted Encounter Suit (a SHELL, NOT HIM). Of course, when Yoda and Obi Wan died in the Star Wars Trilogy, they disappeared as well, to be ressurected in a different, “higher plane” type form.

They NEED a replacement for Kosh, if only to BALANCE OUT THE SHADOWS. Psychologically, everyone has a “dark side,” and this can be seen in both Babylon5 and the Star Wars Trilogy, but this ALSO means that everyone has an equally powerful GOOD side, and that’s where the Vorlons come into the picture. The dark side may not be more powerful than the good side, but it IS more “seductive,” albeit self-destructive. With a “Force” as devastating as the Shadows, Babylon5 needs the Vorlons to help fight them.

Subj: Re:RE: Kosh and the Future
Date: 96-05-16 08:27:26 EDT
From: LyndonN

I don’t know, why do you think Kosh thought Sheridan was so arrogant, for asking Kosh to fight the Shadows? Was it because Fighting means “giving in” to YOUR OWN “dark side,” meaning his own destruction in his current state and form? The scene DOES leave a lot of questions….<<<

You do not understand…. but you WILL

Despite the Pretense to Fight, Fence the Light with PennNames/Noms de Plume
LongAgo was it known, what would be “blown,” resigned/consigned to FLAME
While my InfantilizedParents RantedSongs of “who was Buried in Grant’s Tomb”
Circular arguments Hell-Bent lead to “chasing their tails,” FAILED BlameGames
YES, an UnBlessed PoisonShardedHaart “Lies” in a GraveYard in ZaHA!Dumb!
>Had we known?< Confer? it must come from deep within her, Father”Shame??”

A “Bad-Apple”GONE, perhaps PhotoSynthesis will GO-ON, “Flowers”BLOOM!!

Subj: Re:Ode to Kamala1
Date: 96-05-16 10:55:28 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

This is based on “Batman Forever,” a CLASSIC ShadowFilm if there ever was one. As the FemaleANIMA, who else could I be but the PsychoTherapist with the BOXING GLOVES?….

SecondaryAnima (Kamala) MindLink has been fleeting, but established
Maybe the “Trick” is to make her a SideKick, a “TREAT,” NO “dis”

BOTH Animus,’ the Tiger quothe, are Creatures of the NIGHT, Partners?
MAYBE *seeing* demure InFighting, for HARMONY, not Enemies, we confer

Two-Face was Truly a VERY EXTREME CASE of Ego/Shadow CONFLICT
Batman, a similar Core, though not that FAR; US? no *Real*…. fuss to predict

Using ABUSE carried WithIn; ROBIN, from a “Family” CutLoose Abandoned?
Shadow KNOWLEDGE is their common Pledge, with a NightLIGHT DarkSUN

It’s Yin/Yang Jungian DUALITY, GONE, LadyLiberty “COVERS”…. her Eyes?
Dearth, a Purge, WindingBlades Blind in Shade, a SubMerging “Crimson Tide?”

If you DON’T “Come Through”…. to talk to us too, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?

Punishing or “dissing” would PURSE your Lips, WORSEN with Riddles/Puns….
An offer used, I can’t Refuse? Doing HomeWork? NOT Beserk, a PushedButton

Singing/going “DownTown” (all of the way down) to CROWN, with BrainWaves
Finding/Feeling it *Really* a STATE of MIND, NOT a doffed DropOff Grave….

NO “Fakes,” we PREFER to DEFER to “making DINNER/have you” FUELED
No Shock-Need to break Windows UnLocked; Feed YOU, keep *OUR COOL*….

Pleasant Dreams from the DreamWarden…. (no, *Really*….)

Subj: Re:Anticipation
Date: 96-05-16 19:52:11 EDT
From: CeSpaceMuz
Posted on: America Online

SibyrTiger – –
I love the FLOW in this one. It reads OUT LOUD very well, and WELL SAID.

BadgrHaart – –
<<TwinHaart InterMix Dynamics Integrated:>> very COOL. I’m not sure I agree with<< “Deeper and Deeper?” You’d only get WEAKER AND WEAKER!” >>, but I am thinking on it.

I have both of these NOBLE EFFORTS posted in my cube for further contemplation….I may “grok” them yet. Peace, -Ce

Subj: Re:Anticipation
Date: 96-05-16 21:46:00 EDT
From: LyndonN
Posted on: America Online

>>>BadgrHaart – –
<<TwinHaart InterMix Dynamics Integrated:>> very COOL. I’m not sure I agree with<< “Deeper and Deeper?” You’d only get WEAKER AND WEAKER!” >>, but I am thinking on it<<<

The “Deeper and Deeper” you get into a DYSFUNCTIONAL Relationship, the more POISONED (hence, “weak”) your Psyche becomes. A Healthy Love Relationship STRENGTHENS both involved, but an ABUSIVE one only ends up tearing both parties down (that’s the idea).

Subj: What Is She To Me?
Date: 96-05-16 23:40:48 EDT
From: GrayCougar
Posted on: America Online

Hi all. I don’t usually write poetry, but I was watching “Comes the Inquisitor” a few days ago, and this popped into my head and demanded to be written down.


What is she to me?
She is the sun, the moon, the stars.
She is the hawk on the wing,
The scent of orange blossoms on the breeze,
The gentle rain easing me to sleep,
The single bright light held out to me
In all this long darkness.
She is everything to me.


Gray (an unabashed S/D fan)

Subj: Londo’s Path
Date: 96-05-17 08:58:36 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

Is there one so Shadowed
as he, the one called Londo
poor man that he is
to have his soul so Darkened
and so black.

A wonder is it
that he has no friend
though one would be a god send
those he does not deserve
nor seem to need
for if he ever does
on their souls Darkness will feed
and all who see
will see only the Shadow
not the man
he once and might be.

But no, one only sees Shadow
Darkness and evil
so much no one dare speak
so for all he may seek
no compainon he may find
seeking high and low
there for him is only alone.
so bleak and miserable is his tone

With his allies of Dark
sealing out the Light
he no longer has the will
to try and fight
and so it his fate it will seal.

This path long ago he chose
like chosing close
he made his choice clear
and so all that was dear
he had to yield
on the Shadowy field.
Yet no one can say
if what he did was wise
only that what was done
that day
to some
was to be despised.

Subj: PeaceOde to a BrotherAdvisor
Date: 96-05-17 11:32:00 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

(This is sort of “Toned-Down RedMode, as well as BlackMode – but it’s an OLIVE-BRANCH PeaceGesture for an Advisor that I have NO MORE ANGER FOR!!!!)

Sincerely, so Sad to see
It “Blew Out” in Strife, very Badly
Hiding LifeFlames inside Burning so EMPTY

A *REAL* chance for BOTH to be HAPPY?
Two Souls *HEALED,* NO Quothed Schrapnel Decree
The LOVE of Two TURTLE-DOVES, BirdCaged, SET *FREE*!!!!

ONLY a wanton JERK
Wouldn’t want my Advisor’s Love to *WORK*
Why should ANYONE (not a Bum) have gone BERSERK?

Seeming for each other to teach, and CARE

Discarded a Shadow *Skin of EVIL*
Embracing with GRACE, Affectionately FULL
Two Birds of a Feather Flocking Together, FLEECE-WOOLED!

But, terribly, in PlainRain TRUTH
Didn’t WANT MYSELF to *SEE* its LIE, UnCouth

Still, her Burning/NOT LEARNING, wasn’t The Advisor’s FAULT
I thought it HER wistful SCHEME/TwistedDream to *TURN TO SALT*
NOT LookingBack, taking a DIFFERENT Track, but throwing appalling Fits!

Yes, a Vorlon’sBond has TURNED HER TO STONE
UnBlessed, but WE, Above, must GO ON, seeds of LOVE sown
A NewLease PureGesture of PEACE: I TOO have Truly *Grown*

I HOPE you’re not TrulyReally, *OUR* “Fan”….
I’d SLAUGHTER her (not the Daughter….) like a LAMB

But be not Sore, for I have NO IceMalice for THEE, BrotherAdvisor
The Vice was hers not to heed Advice, for telling the TRUTH in her Core
I could “use” a REST from such BruisingPests, who would HONOR, IGNORE!

















Subj: Re:PeaceOde to a BrotherAdviso
Date: 96-05-17 13:03:35 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

>>>I could “use” a REST from such BruisingPests, who would HONOR, IGNORE!<<<

Would we use RazorClaw DECEIT to SelfDefeat, such TERRIBLE things?
Go “Bust” with just “BULL,” “BEATING” a woman causing a Haart to SING?

Let me tell you, we’re TrueBluu THROUGH; she has EITHER a DoubleDigit IQ
Or enjoys ploying to DESTROY, playing “MOTHER” to SMOTHER YOU, too!

Date: 96-05-17 13:28:58 EDT
From: DLyulkin
Posted on: America Online

I can feel the air all around me
Growing colder
My encounter suit is poor protection
I am chilled to the bone
I am all alone in the darkness
I am picking up the sounds
No human ear can hear
I know they are there
I can feel them
Just outside the door
My ancient enemy, posed to attack
And for the first time in centuries
I feel ancient myself
I feel like a human tonight, a knight
Standing by the ruins of his castle
With the enemy massing below
He can’t expect to hold them back for long
Not with his rusted sword
And two withered hands
But he will try, he’ll hold them off
For as long as he is able
And he will stay alive
For as long as it takes
To say ” farewell ” to his friends
Make peace with God
And beg forgiveness
Of his son.

Date: 96-05-17 19:16:11 EDT
From: REBinAZ
Posted on: America Online


Date: 96-05-18 09:56:02 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

WOW!! I thought that was really good. Please keep up the good work.

Subj: The Captain’s Choice
Date: 96-05-18 10:06:31 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

It is the Captain’s choice
to fight
for right
yet not to give voice
to all the doupts and fears he has
to do so wouk make him feel like a cad.

He can not yield
command of the battlefield
yet he knows
he can not falter
or the course he will alter
He can let the Shadows win
his command
or his fight
where he stands for Light.
He must fight with every woman and every man
against them he must stand.

For he knows if they win
all will be Darkness
and that would be the ultimate sin.

He can not allow a victory
for the Shadowed Ones
who can block out many suns
he knows that he
and the others are the last hope
for salvation
so fight will we.
He has the patience of a pope.

So at need
he will sacrifice himself and his post
the call of Light will he heed
this one chance he’ll make the most.

He must now chose
to fight and win
or surrender and lose.
If he looses
all is lost
But he will regardless of the cost
make his choice
to fight.
In the end, it’s the Captain’s Choice
and it’s the captain’s voice

Subj: Re:The Captain’s Choice
Date: 96-05-18 17:15:17 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

“The Choice is MADE!”….
(from the Movie, “GhostBusters”)

A bit of TigerHumor – if you see the movie, you may understand. I can’t say that you’re the “Choice,” but you DO have the Power to “Slay me!” HeeHee!

Subj: “War w/o End I”
Date: 96-05-18 17:17:16 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

These (weeds, namely Kate) have (listened to us)…. and learned ABSOLUTELY NOTHING…. I want you to be MY “GHOSTS,” SPIRITS THAT “RISE FROM THE DEAD”…. this IS a WAR…. to “SAVE” (EVERYBODY ELSE!)….
-paraphrased from the movie, “Lean on Me”

The Water for a Rose, fed also growing Weeds
Entangling, Strangling FLOWER-Power Seeds

Falling to Ground, A-Wakening a Shadow’s Rising Pall, of ‘COURSE’….
Appalled at such Gall, Stopping a FalseCrop at the Crowned(?) SOURCE

NO, though ALL Colors UnFurled for MothersOfPearls, have Cores of SAND
A WeaponsLock to Blow/Sunder a Bum under a Rock; Diamond? A BlackHand!

An Unspoken ‘Phage-Marriage:’ Coal coupled with NO SOUL, in Bomb-Fusion
A Leg BROKEN to be ReSet, NO Bets ENTOMBED in a “Ball of Confusion!”

WithOut a Glowing GiantFlower, ShoutingPAIN, Throes of NO “RAIN” Shower
TigerFather now BloodSpillerStarKILLER, ParentRants NightShadeFade, NoFur

Their LoveLessPhoneyMoney 2-Faces become their BlackSun DARKEST HOUR!

Subj: Re:”War w/o End I”
Date: 96-05-18 17:19:05 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

You NEEDENT be a Bum/RocketScientist, to have some COMMON SENSE
To go ‘back,’ BEFORE the BlackCore, ‘to the FUTURE’ of a NEW Beginning
When ENEMIES FADED, blended into our HARMONIOUS Strokes of the Penn

We Know such Shadows to be SPOKES of a WHEEL against having NO Defense
Whirled, Twirled around the World, (RedPetals/BlackMetal) to SING, or STING
The “Saving”Grace is to FACE the TwinSpaark DoubleHAART, in the LionsDen

The LION in a Vorlon Slays his DRAGON, “praying” for a replay of Innocence
CULLING out the Sprouts of a BadApple’s sadly POISONED-Knowledge Spring
The InnerChallenge is NOT REVENGE, but a HellBurning RETURN to EDEN

Subj: Re:”War w/o End I”
Date: 96-05-18 17:23:12 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

For the Advisor:
“What has happened to the Garden that was entrusted to you?”
-from the psychological video, “Robert Bly: A Gathering of Men”

You have COURAGE….

When one SENSES a CurePosture NONDEFENSIVE, “Give” someone a BREAK
Even for a Life rife with Strife, SelfAdmittedly Empty, with PLENTY of Bumps
The Idea behind the Signs of this PoeticDirection is a Resurrection, NOT a Wake
EarthBurning often fosters PureLearning, but not the Gore of MORE STUMPS!
What, should we be RAW in this “Thaw,” saying/*Praying* “Let Him Eat Cake?”
NO, let him not AziaAstra GO, but Grow, am I a ManHaart, or ‘just’ a “PUMP?”

“Lean On Me?” Remember, Tiger, what may cause your InSight to be DUMPED
NOT *SEEING* a *RedOctober,* ‘Ending Up’ Biting YOURSELF in the Rump!

>>>The “Little Bit?” Hey, *SHE* started it! Let her BURN AT HER *OWN* *STAKE!*<<< Watch “Ed” in the movie, “The Lion-King,” = that’s a great metaphor for this ****WHOLE THING!!!!****

Subj: Re:”War w/o End I”
Date: 96-05-18 17:25:09 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

“We’re ALL going to have to get over our EGOS, and pull this together”
-paraphrased from the movie, “Madonna: Truth or Dare”

The Tiger Crows over the FlowingROOT of the Suit: an “Encounter at FarPoint”
A “WHEEL”Condemnation that may well SEAL all his “Next Generation’s” Fates
The SecondaryAnima NOT contrary, Glowing also in Light, No Fight to Annoint
Who’s the *GENIUS* that “BROKE the ICE,” causing it to ‘THAW?’ *KATE!*
Despite BlackHandBlights between FlameAnima “coming together” MutuallyJoint
StarKiller Feels/KNOWS that *Healing* a Tiger’s, *HER*…. Anger, is to MATE

Subj: Re: The Captain’s Choice
Date: 96-05-18 20:34:42 EDT
From: DLyulkin
Posted on: America Online

Bravo, Elizabeth!

Subj: Re:”War w/o End I”
Date: 96-05-18 22:01:36 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

>>>The “Little Bit?” Hey, *SHE* started it! Let her BURN AT HER *OWN* *STAKE!*<<< Watch “Ed” in the movie, “The Lion-King,” = that’s a great metaphor for this ****WHOLE THING!!!!****<<<

The MONKEY-UNCLE John “Scarred” Metaphor applies
**THROUGHOUT** “The Lion-King”
Why? He “tried”(?) to give me a NIGHT-VISION WARNING of this ‘Madonna-Defecting’ Thing

Knowing IN ADVANCE of this LyingDance, BloodSPILLING
ALSO sowing Symbolic DoubleTroubleSpeak of the Binar TwinStars ChildKILLING

Whether both were “advised,” I CANNOT SCORCHINGLY SAY
But they should NOT be Incised, caught up in the “Scars” of Egos *TORCHING* THE DAY!

Subj: Quatrain of the future
Date: 96-05-19 02:41:20 EDT
From: SwiftyP
Posted on: America Online

Recently unearthed from alt.nostradamus.prophecies:

Century XXII Quatrain LX:

“Tremendous carnage in the skies.
The Great War. Shadows, black spiders of death.
Mindwalkers, an ancient text shows the way.
Purple wombats doing the cha-cha in the bathtub.”

— translated by: Swifty


Subj: Re:”War w/o End I”
Date: 96-05-19 10:23:55 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

“The Lion-King” is a very good movie to use as a Metaphor for this episode, since it deals with the Theme of a PEACEFUL “Flower”-Garden, Followed by a Weak-EGO’S “Paradise LOST” FALL into DARKNESS – the idea that it’s better for my *ELDERS* to “RULE!!!!” IN *HELL,* than *SERVE* IN HEAVEN. Ultimately/Hopefully, a Final “Paradise REGAINED,” RESURRECTED RETURN to LIGHT – the “Circle is Complete,” so to speak. (The CIRCLE OF *LIFE,* that is to say, a Theme of BALANCE and HARMONY that this movie “touches” upon).

The Anima’s DreamyFeelings, seem Thoroughly TrueBluu
The only *Real* UpFront Question is, “WHO ARE YOU?”

The Wise Brush/Clear away the Surface, to get her on the DanceFloor
Seeing/SettingFree a TIGER-ANIMUS, *Hearing* an Endearing Roar

A Woman who could, for GOOD, “Stand On Her Own” against a Pope
Seeming Admittedly Extreme, but FREE-Speech InSight, NOT ROPE!

“Asking QUESTIONS” is part of LEARNING, getting to a “HIGHER” LEVEL!
PastLove HURTS, BurningSighs for “just” AbsolutionAbove, Wholesome/FULL

Fussy/SelfRighteous Fights to SINK the *Right to THINK,* with ShadowTricks
“Shame”Rusted/BUSTED; NO Drink in their Weft, left with a DeadTree-STICK

A RavenCrowEgo’s “PrideROCK” KILLED the FLOWER, Lioness’s in PAIN
But ROOM to GROW, “Knowing” YOU have “Secret”Clues to BLOOM AGAIN

Remember the CLOUD/RedOctober SkyWALKER, & his *LUCKY STAR*
To thine OWN SELF be Truu, for your Health, Forget NOT *who you are!*

Subj: 7 against the Dark
Date: 96-05-19 10:36:34 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

They call it War without End
what a joke, what a sin
oh, where to begin.

All knew the risks
when the mission first began
but no one could have forseen
what indeed happened
The Captain disappeared
for him they dispaired and feared
for noe Sheridan’s life is forfit
and Sinclair takes command
of the White Star
and here we are.

He said it’s what the captain would want
yet the emptiness us does taunt
and so they press on
to the 4th Bayblon
to savit and the present
by the past changing
and their destruction rearranging

Once there they split up
into pairs
to seek out their lairs
Marcus and Susan as a team
both in high isteem
Sinclair and Denn move as one
but noble Lennier remains behind on the White Star
without Sheridan they must move
for he is with Londo in the future
Garibaldi is left behind
he has Babylon 5 to mind.

A distress call all alone in the night
so they go to fight
a call from the future
the call is from Susan
Babylon 5 is distroyed
it does not mean those on
White Star are paranoid
and so they go out into the void
to prevent what will be
the out come, wait and see.

Subj: 7 continued
Date: 96-05-19 10:44:42 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

So back in time they must go
to prevent what may be
also B-4 must go
to fight the Shadows
over 900 years in the past
if they do not
all is lost
and the Shadows will win
regardless of the cost
to those whose lives were lost
in the struggle
This they all too well understand.

And so they go to face the paraless unknown
that the future has shown
At last they understand their path
and what they must do
even if all die
it will not be in vain
By Valen’s name!!
For Valen’s sake they hath
the courage of a thousand
to against the Shadows take a stand
it is their destiny
that will not let them be.

Where once there were many
now there are hardly any
it is 7 against the Dark
to fight this mighty war
they know what it is they are fighting for.
It is known
to Sinclair and Delenn alone
one will die on their quest
though all will do their best.

Subj: Re:7 continued
Date: 96-05-19 21:58:20 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

Your Poetry is Well-Thought, with Good Metaphors; indeed, you’re helping to make this Folder a BEAUTIFUL place to be!

Subj: Re:”War w/o End I”
Date: 96-05-19 22:01:06 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

Receiving AnimaFeed….

It seems a PurpleClad Delenn has been HURT; Burning a Library of Alexandria
Perhaps a Tiger’sTooth TOO CURT/CONTRARY to that of a YearningCleopatra

Condescending to Defend, FireFighting can Spread its Dread, where Unintended
TorchScorching ShadowShips, RELEASING their Grip, PEACEFULLY MEND

“Let it be set down,” NOT MY InspiredDesire to be SORRY in Victory, my Due
#1Anima sighs? SING for CherryPie/DIE like KINGS, Slain”UnPained”TruuBlue

Believe me, when it “COMES” to “pleasing” an Army of ANY sort, NO “Decrees,” NOT “on their Knees” or a BUM, his Legion Deserted: *DESSERT* is the *BEST RESORT*….

MadonnaAnima NOT the ONLY Taart, but with a BIGG H*AA*RT, unlike a JealousHussy who wanted US CONDONING “BonePicking,” NOTHING BUTT Fussy….

Subj: Re:”War w/o End I”
Date: 96-05-20 09:25:31 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

Re: Candle in the Night

For DLyulkin,

>>>Like having dinner with Delenn
You think of flame, for she is like a flame
A burning flower in the night
And as I watch the candle
I see her face in that soft, inviting flame<<<

Did you notice Delenn in this episode, DOING EXACTLY WHAT YOU DESCRIBED? Both “Elizabeth’s” have FLORAL-Aura BREATH – keep up the GOOD WORK!!!!

Subj: Re:A Dream of Camelot
Date: 96-05-20 15:25:55 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

This was really good,Moon. You should keep up the good work. Your style is like mine.
However, when ever I write poetry or stories I don’t really think about writing, I just do it. It’s like the spirit of creativity or at least my muse is in control.

Subj: Re:A Dream of Camelot
Date: 96-05-20 17:04:28 EDT
From: LyndonN
Posted on: America Online

I don’t want to get too much into Fantasy, but the Sword Excalibur had a MIND OF ITS OWN – it lay sheathed in a Stone that would only allow CERTAIN PEOPLE to wield and make full use of its Powers. The “unsuitable” often found themselves turning the Blade AGAINST THEM, while the “DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH,” to use a term from the Walt Disney Movie “Aladdin” (the Head of the Cave is the Symbol of SibyrTiger, and all his ancestors) often found that it would SEEK THEM OUT. WiseMen/Muses are usually the most capable of handling such weapons, but, well, “ROYALTY” of many sorts were able to successfully use them as well….

Subj: Re: WhiteDiamonds
Date: 96-05-20 18:06:20 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

RED-Excalibur CoreSword Activation: Putting “my POETRY where my Mouth is, so to speak, as if I couldn’t deliver….”

(Not really PrimaryIgnition, but based on the “Diamonds” Metaphor in the movie, “Aladdin”)

You *see,* Rich or Poor, both can be BeTrothedLures: “Diamonds in the Rough”
Though Holding Coal or Gold, their SOULS “for whom the Bell Tolls” GLEAM
NO WraithHart for Fight/Flight; Defend against MIGHT with “The Right Stuff”
For in the Surface-World of CleanFaces&FauxPearls, all is NOT what it SEEMS
UnPhased, DISGUSTED/Amazed at a Fuss, a BUTT, CUT with a LASER-Beam!
To unite the Ego/ShadowBeatles, Steels/AirCools *Sight;* nothing “off the cuff”
To Clearly/Fearlessly DragonPuff enough, starting a HaartBeating SweetDreams!

Subj: Re: WhiteDiamonds
Date: 96-05-20 18:10:22 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

“Ask NOT for whom the Bell Tolls….
It Tolls for THEE!”

Subj: Susan of Babylon 4
Date: 96-05-20 18:58:54 EDT
From: REBinAZ
Posted on: America Online

the stench of fear
so thick in the air,

the rocking, the fires
the screaming
has died down,

the moans have been
by death’s hand,

she bleeds from
many cuts
she trembles
from pain and terror,

Susan cries out for help
into the silence of cold space
no one replies
no one rushes
to her aid,

she screams out in
a voice that knows
she is already dead

she shields her face
from the blinding blast

and then she is no more….

Subj: Re:Susan of Babylon 4
Date: 96-05-20 21:04:59 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

What BLUNDER CaughtHer in Sundering”Jaws,” WeepingRAW? De-Flowered Babylon *4*
Yet, I Bet I WONDER why they’ve “Breath”POWER to keep “coming” BACK, for *MORE*….

pleasant dreams, in the Deep….
(Where’s the Muse, taking a Snooze?)

Subj: Re:”War w/o End I”
Date: 96-05-21 14:57:49 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

Well, *WE* Slept WELL (more a BlissKISS than an ABYSS….)

Kate Fatally calling to DISJOINT a Mauling, UnStoppable Advance
Appallingly Vying, TRYING to FALL on the POINT of the LANCE

She Drives UpFront/Behind right into a HornetsHive, HIDING HER EYES
“Free” to HIT a DEAD-TREE; a CHOICE/Voice she Conveniently DENIES

Yes, she talks unignoring the Horror of MORE Goring WeaponsLock Fights
Unblessedly NEGLECTING to say, “walking INTO the Fray” of a GunSight

Unlike our DuranDuran Fathers bothered(?), we DON’T “Believe in Shame”….
Why? She “Promises to Try” to have her name enGRAVED; EVER the SAME

We want to Kosh-WASH an ArthurAnimus, a PURRING-Taste of the Grail
MUST we JUSTLY “BUST” Kate in Hate, to get her *RUST,* OFF OUR TAIL?

Truly, it may well be that OUR Eyes, POWER-Grilling, are filled with MOTE
But NoSweet OxygenEating Flames Kate CAN’T *see,* WON’T Slit her Throat!

(or “Rock HER Boat,” but OF THAT, *WE’LL* NEVER KNOW….)

Subj: Re:Susan of Babylon 4
Date: 96-05-21 14:57:56 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

This is really, really good. I could see Susan at her control panel sending the distress call.
It was so vivid. Keep up the good work. I have to admire your work.

Subj: Re:”War w/o End I”
Date: 96-05-21 15:40:38 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

“NOW, we have a relationship we can ****BUILD**** on”….
-from the movie, “Lethal Weapon 3”

To SHE who Started an ImbruedBLOT, FightCraving: it’s not an idea to “Thrill”
To “Pave the way” for someone new/TrueBluu, you’ll be shot on *sight* to KILL

“Harm?” FireSlaying YOUR Crop, to make way for something “Higher,” FREE
“Charm?” Anger in “US” is ALL you’ve Fallen to Possess: a Mire*Mess*Legacy!

Subj: Re:”War w/o End I”
Date: 96-05-21 16:16:46 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

I’m NOT a member of the “LethalWeapon3” Crew who’ll “Badger”/dismember the issue….

Ever more Red to BLACK? “Put it to BED,” Ruling COOLER, TURNING OUR BACKS!

Subj: Re: WhiteDiamonds
Date: 96-05-21 20:28:13 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

MADONNA-ANIMA (DraalGrandMal SeizureCure) TIME-WARP:

The Tiger

Tiger! Tiger! burning bright
In the forests of the night
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

In what distant deeps or skies
Burnt the fire of thine eyes?
On what wings dare he aspire?
What the hand dare seize the fire?

And what shoulder, and what art?
Could twist the sinews of thy heart?
And when thy heart began to beat,
What dread hand, and what dread feet?

What the hammer? what the chain?
In what furnace was thy brain?
What the anvil? what dread grasp
Dare its deadly terrors clasp?

When the Stars threw down their spears,
And watered heaven with their tears,
Did he smile, his work to see?
Did he who made the lamb make thee?

Tiger! Tiger! burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye,
Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?
-By William Blake
To produce a Purr
NO LONGER Seen as a Voager “SeaHawk” Jeffrey Thorpe

Sublime, to CUDDLE IN FUR!
Subj: BridesHead,no, Staring Revisited 95-08-26 22:44:01 EDT
From: ThundrTigr

When Janeway’s feet are in the Fire, she does shoot out an “Icy Glare”
But that doesn’t mean that, when she’s in a warm Bed, she isn’t Tame
Her diplomatic skills may lack some degree of finesse and flair
But I don’t think that, for this, she should be singled out for Blame
The POINT is that she appears SINCERE when she tells the Kazon “Truth or Dare!”
When it’s coupled with a Cold Stare beneath a Ball of Hair colored in FLAME!

I think that voice of hers can PURR, if she finds someone just as, well, rare
The type who can stroke her hair, instead of RUBBING IT THE WRONG WAY!
(As with the movie, “Lethal Weapon 3,” the Tiger LIKES women who can “take care of themselves”….)

Subj: WhiteDiamonds
Date: 96-05-21 21:11:04 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

The ‘Captain’ can ‘Lay’ in PAIN: “coming” to *see* Kate’s somebody she’s NOT
Madonna, despite a possible “Bull”Persona, has “TruthDare” been quite HONEST
“A Lovely way to BURN?” She may’ve “TURNED” from my “Fever,” EverHOT
But with PureCourage, Bade putting our Age-CULTURE to a Fire-InspiredTEST
Ciccone, did Thee go *Past* My House in a Limo a Day after this Poem? Forgot?
*Oh Father:* a Mature”trying”MakePeaceLOVER, a DoveHaart under thy Breast

Draal knows that Zathras “Blows” Everything, Learning/Discerning NOTHING!
The Anima is often in my “OffIce,” a “Belly of the Beast,” NO ColdSearingTears
MY EyeSpears see YOU, NeedingFeeding TrueBluu GlowStone PolishingBuffing
An AladdinDiamondAnimus WishingSPARKLING FULL of InSightBeyondYears
NO “Dissing:” Kate’s RelaShunShip didn’t DescendEnd without ‘Lip’ROUGHING
BELIEVE ME, *You’ll See,* she has his TIGER!TIGER! “Symmetry” to FEAR

MAYBE, we’ll see an end with EVERYONE Pleased
With ALL Efforts Falling to DESSERT, for their Health
SandDeserts Scorch/Torch in Light; at Night, you FREEZE
Unless you’re Saved in the CAVE, by BEING *YOURSELF*
Telling the TRUTH will SafeGuard DiamondHARD *SOUL-YOUTH*
HatedKate? She LIED to ME: I’d understand if she TRIED, with someone else….

The InSight WithIn “Aladdin” is that a Diamond is ClearHONEST, NOT BS….
HARD enough to WithSTAND LIES, DYING in FIRE, NOT Retiring to HIDE
The FocusNEXXUS of a LaserBeam, Light MateConcentrating a Night to SPLIT
My Mother’s Phoney”Clothes/COVER” FADING in Shade? Let a BLADE decide
The TripleEdge is Pledged to CUT OUT the BUTTS; Stay? not when Flayed/BIT
A FlamedBRAIN: the only thing to show is a HELL-BENT Serpent’s Ego/PRIDE

Oh, well

To Dis, better this than a WorseCurse FELL
The Real/PhoneyMONEY Worlds COLLIDE with HELL
RESURRECTION, their BETTER UnFettered Direction, than either, SEVERED

Don’t let ANY of the MANY Bed-BUGS, BITE
BUT, I have no malice, fire or ice to expire, for the COMPASSIONATE
Within, a LIGHT
For a DIAMOND WhiteSTAR, “expressing” your CORE is NEVER too late!

Date: 96-05-21 21:52:32 EDT
From: CeSpaceMuz
Posted on: America Online

Liz –
A vivid portrait of Kosh…..”Yessssss”. -Ce

Subj: Re:Quatrain of the future
Date: 96-05-21 21:53:39 EDT
From: CeSpaceMuz
Posted on: America Online

Swifty: BIG smiles……LOL….;>) -Ce

Subj: Re:7 continued
Date: 96-05-21 21:56:38 EDT
From: CeSpaceMuz
Posted on: America Online

This one caught the whole spirit of the events taking place….good images…I really enjoyed it.
Thanks for posting it. -Ce

Subj: Re:Susan of Babylon 4
Date: 96-05-21 21:58:10 EDT
From: CeSpaceMuz
Posted on: America Online

Ro – –
Your poem played like a video in my head…..well done. -Ce

Subj: Re:Susan of Babylon 4
Date: 96-05-21 22:23:05 EDT
From: REBinAZ
Posted on: America Online

Thank you so much—if you could see me, you would see a blush coloring my face.

Subj: Re:Susan of Babylon 4
Date: 96-05-21 22:23:48 EDT
From: REBinAZ
Posted on: America Online

Thanks! 🙂

Subj: Re:”War w/o End I”
Date: 96-05-22 14:17:24 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

4 Clues for 4 Muses….

Rub a Dub Dub
Two Grubs, WASHED OFF in a Tub
Finally, the LongAwaited Moth-to-Flame Fornication!

A SwathPath Captain’s WeaponsLock can NOW, be LET GO!
THIS is the VITAL Recital of Zathras’ IgnorantParent Information!

Diverting his Attention from what he’ll GLADLY DO
PERVERTING his Words to Serve their *SAD* DUE
In POINT of Fact, a “MouthPiece” LACKED, Seeing *Free* from Distraction!

The Vorlons “Relate,” *Celebrate* their Fate, TODAY!
Inevitably, The EarthQuakeShake SHIFTS the TimeRift to RE-UNIFICATION!

Subj: Re:”War w/o End I”
Date: 96-05-22 14:32:31 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

>>>MORONS<<< may Burn a ‘Bit’ STRONG
For *IF* they’ve LEARNED, we’re wrong!

But if they come “Back in Black,” a PEACE-Lease to *FRAY*
IN ANY WAY, to *Delenn,* they’re Truly *GRAY*….

Time will Tell the Purity Nature of the RhymeSpell
If they’re “Crooked”/”Bent,” they’ll go *STRAIGHT TO HELL!!!!*

Subj: Re:More AnimaNightVision
Date: 96-05-22 17:24:56 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

I don’t know, “going with the Flow?” the PrimaryAnima Flew into WeaponsLock
To bring a “SHOW,” no SpeakingPretense of WeakWords, Sensing NOT a Crock

I’d NEVER “seen” her LoyalPresence in such TURMOIL, LIFE-Driving to Die?
Almost a “Top Gun” Show that SHE’S NO *BUM:* AziaAlpha says “Don’t Cry”

NO *BUTT,* a Reaction “From the GUT,” an AlphaVille “Fantastic Dream”
Translation NOT of a FIGHT, but *FORESIGHT* Curing any FutureScreams?

“SAVING” HERSELF, for her Health, from DIGGING HER GRAVE, in Sirens
Sounds Spoken that “911 IS A JOKE,” FrogCroaks *Spat,* do “just” that: PEN

The Biggest Sign of the Whole Design is an “A-*HA!*” song, to “Take on Me”
NOT wanting me Gone/knowing how to Go WRONG: *HER* Path, ClearlySeen!

Subj: Re:More AnimaNightVision
Date: 96-05-22 17:52:48 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

Her Eyes are Surely on the FUTURE, this is CLEAR to *See*
ENDEARING, her RECOGNITION of the *OPTIONS,* we both agree

Her Psyche Cries FEAR; to Dry Tears, DO NOT *MESS* with JESTS
Use your RED-Key as a PEER, NOT to Sear: the Flattery of SincereINTEREST

TRANQUILIZE Sighs, causing them to DIE, then she’ll show her face
Don’t BURN a Crown by turning a Town UpsideDown in a *WildGooseChase!*

What was behind the ANIMUS-FACE of the WindowMirror is KNOWN
But the MerMaid must be JUSTLY Bade to “rise to the surface” ON HER OWN

Her PRESENCE shows DESIRE, but SILENT Feelings means she needs TIME
Stoke her InnerFlame to a FIRE, Indirect, selectively MEANT to Heal *Sublime*

Subj: Re:More AnimaNightVision
Date: 96-05-22 21:29:56 EDT
From: Qwi Xux 1
Posted on: America Online

My teacher is having us write poetry and I was just wondering what kind or form this is?

Thank you,
Qwi Xux 1

Subj: Re:More AnimaNightVision
Date: 96-05-23 09:04:40 EDT
From: LyndonN
Posted on: America Online

“DARE to strike out and find NEW Ground”
-from the movie, “Dead Poet’s Society”

I can’t say that these are “accepted,” well-known forms of writing Poetry, but if you see this movie, you’ll understand that Poetry is about expressing what’s in your heart and soul, regardless of structure and form. Most AnimalGuide Poetry is in a stanza form similar to Lord Byron’s “She Walks In Beauty, Like The Night,” my favorite, but I’ve evolved from that into completely original structures.

In short, because Poetry is about “expressing YOURSELF,” I would advise you to concentrate on what is in your Haart/Soul, and not worry so much about whether the lines have perfect rhyme/meter. (I think you could see that there is a great deal of rhyme in this Poetry, a trick that does make it sound better, but the syllabic meter is usually not exact, because it’s something I don’t want to bother with). Some Poetry in here has no real rhyme or meter to it, but that DOES NOT take away from its MESSAGE, which is the CORE of any Poem. Writing a Poem like “The Cat sat on the Mat” is garbage, in terms of content, while you may read Poems here which don’t have “catchy” rhymes, but a GOOD message to read.

To use a metaphor for this movie, try to find “your own WALK” in life and Poetry; society has a tendency to force you to CONFORM to its “accepted” ideas, but those that take the “less travelled roads” that FORGE *NEW* IDEAS. You can lead, follow, or just sit back and “clap”….

Subj: Re:More AnimaNightVision
Date: 96-05-23 11:22:52 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

PRIMARY (yes, and Secondary….) *UNIVERSAL*-ANIMA TRANQUILIZATION / EndogenousMorphine-Endorphin Vorlon-INJECTION
It is a comic novel about the way the adult world appears to an intelligent literate teenager. Holden subjects everyone he meets to a probing examination; and almost everyone fails. His comments are MORE ABOUT HUMAN NATURE *IN GENERAL* THAN ABOUT *INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE,* which helps explain why the book remains popular.<<<
Poetry is the Language of the Souls’ *STAR,* “Going With The Flow”
The “Trick” is to MOVE TO THIS *MUSIC,* Fast, Mellow, or Slow

If you FightYOURSELF, “Trying” to get into the *SpotLight,* on a sideline hide
First, FEEL the *FORCE* Rhythm, not fret, have “The Shadow On Your Side”

If you don’t BELIEVE, you can’t Freely Dreamweave YOUR *Beat’s* PULSE

Listen to your Body: do MindVoices RHYME-Flow through the SOUL-RADIO?
A Spirit UNION; to row gently down it’s STREAM, *LET* YOURSELF *GO*

Then, you won’t have pretense to be defensive, in denial to yourself, lied
True Feelings unpeel, a trickle becomes a NILE, a Teacher at your side

The true self escapes into expression, in the Mind, Sublimely locked away
To be all you can be, a WholeSoul SET FREE; what you think, you can SAY

If you’re Floating on a Cloud, don’t Blame yourself if your Engine STALLS
A Teacher’s Match can Light your Flame again, catching you if you FALL

The Critical are FULL of DisCouragement, ProCreating their own Frustration
Frets Projected, LETTING it be Introjected: Lives of REGRET/QuietDesperation

A Challenge to excel, with EmotionalConviction Bleeding from EVERY PORE
Others singing a song ONLY of “wrong!,” SEEN as Peer Restrictors/Constrictors

I would remind you that ANY such inspiration must come from YOUR CORE
Otherwise, you could despise the sublime penetration as ONLY HIS, NOT Yours

GOOD Teachers SHOULD EnCourage the Circumspection of NEW Perspectives

That is, if you WANT them to act as *ADULTS;* it is FAIR “stir up” a School
As Long as student FORCES some to THINK, not Cling to ORDER: *who rules*

BUMS taking it to the BRINK, because someone “PushesButtons/Rocks the Boat”

Poetry is about *PASSION,* not HellBent Judgments inferred about your Pearls
Decrees to ‘Bash’? have ‘Preaching’Teachers words *CHANGED A WORLD?*

Subj: Lennier’s Heart
Date: 96-05-23 14:18:26 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

Minbari Attache Lennier
who holds Delenn so dear
He is of the Religioius Cast
but the time for such words is past
he holds her close to his heart
he does not know where to start.

He knows that she is for another
she treats him like a brother
her, he does so cherish
without her he would perish
he is to her ever loyal
to see her hurt makes
his Minbari blood boil
that’s all it takes
to make him mad
once you think about it, that’s not so bad.

To her,belongs his heart
that’s a start
He doesn’t know where to begin
but time for such is at an end
with the war upon them
there is no time to tell
her of his love pure
of this I am sure
She treats him fair and well
for her not to know
must cause him great pain
yet ever shall he remain
at her side
in her wake and her stride
Loyal he will remain till death
to her, he gives his last breath
Only one knows of
his strong, abiding love
and that one will tell no one
for a simple reason
Marcus is in love with Susan
and so this is what is within
he will stay through thick and thin
or until this war they will win.

Subj: Re:More AnimaNightVision
Date: 96-05-23 15:59:51 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

The PrimaryAnima nearly had a NervousBreakdown
It was not our Intention for us to induce a FROWN

Rather, to break through the Walls of protracted Denial
That a BadgeredHaart won’t retract their FALL, in Trial

Kate and her Advisor, whatever Lover she says she may have, a TRUCE
Always Lying, DYING? She’s HANGING from HER OWN NOOSE!

Also my so-called Uncle, “head” of the Family, a cause of Mentor-STRIFE?

Of course, they may not like this pragmatic *FACT,* Blue
Drowning, misery loves company, dragging YOU down, too!

But, WE won’t do it; we know HOW IT FEELS, to be ABUSED!
If they’re trying to recruit you to “SUIT” them, you’re being USED

You’re NOT a Moron; this wasn’t directed towards you
But rather the Ill-Fated WAR-CREATORS, given their *DUE*

You could “heave,” but we won’t CUT OFF a ROSE, leaving “just” a STEM
We WANT EVERYONE to *KNOW,* we’ve made *AN EXAMPLE* of “them”

I don’t think they *REALIZE* how LITTLE Value they are to me
Otherwise, they wouldn’t have gone THIS FAR, UNABLE TO *SEE*

But you wouldn’t have done what you did, if you didn’t CARE

The others will NOT be smothered, for their Welcome isn’t WORN OUT
As long as this is CLEAR, NOTHING to Fear, no Problems/need to shout….

What you do is up to you, including HOW
“Open Your Heart,” “Remember,” or “Take a Bow”

DON’T think your BARRED, we’ll always be HERE
You WON’T be without the “Lucky STARS,” *seeing* SilentTears!

Subj: Re:More AnimaNightVision
Date: 96-05-24 10:19:08 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

Red, Bled for ALL Animas, Breakfast in BED (the Primary has TOP CropPriority….)
(For UncleJohn, an explanation….)

“Is he ‘the one?’ Maybe…. but will he be OURS, to CONTROL?”
-from the movie, “Dune”

It seems we were idle lords over an enormous power struggle
But caught in the middle, trying the orbs of fleecepeace to juggle

Forces vying for order, of course, but with them at the controls
Are egos so cheap to sow? that they can’t be guided, but bought or sold?

PrimaryAnima told us “TakeCare,” then drove on the OTHER SIDE of the Road
The bare emotion behind such a demonstration “moved”/PROVED UnHiding woe

But, would *I* deign, FEIGN a “Strong Ego” by calling myself “master?”
Of what? I’d be left with a Cigarette-BUTT by using a Psychological”Blaster”

And, when fettered by fear, tears, and jeers, a CLEAR response: I’m not wanted
Could I make things BETTER by “hanging around,” TarnishedCrown undaunted?

No, having NO choice, but use my voice to “Promise to Try” to Forget the Past
Than a Tacky UnPure Gesture to Distract the ControlRoom *Zoom* of SpiceGas

It is by Denying/Contradicting a LOVE-Trial’s Verdict, rendered UNDESIRED
Trying to become GUILTY of “ProCreating” MISERY, a Convict more EnMired

A WeepingSoul digging a DEEPER HOLE, the ControlSOURCE of all this PAIN
This, the Haart of “A League Of Their Own” WON’T Condone, let happen again

NO need to Confess on your Knees, just a Blessed*EGRESS,* & we’ll MEND
A NosePokingCreed, Leading what’s NOT your Business? You’ll Kahn*Descend*

Subj: Sinclair’s Vision
Date: 96-05-24 14:34:27 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

It takes courage to face
your own death
or demise
that steals your last breath
but if you are brave
like Sinclair
you will have nothing in the world to fear
fo all you hold dear
all you leave behind there
Siclair has seen his fate
and hopes it is not too late
to save his beloved friends
on whom he depends.

He knows in his heart
that with the war’s start
his friends dear to him will die
he has seen this in a vision
of the destruction of B-5
unless he can do a revision
and keep them alive
The mission is all important
this he has made clear
to all he holds dear
that they are all expendable
knowing that they are all dependable
to do what they must
regarless of the cost
for if they fail, then all is lost.

Subj: Vision cont.
Date: 96-05-24 14:40:24 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

He has seen
that many wil pay for his failure
at his great task
though it may be difficult
or near impossible
they will do what he may of them ask
though on it they are not keen.

So he must go
even though
he knows what will accure
he leaves to prevent
that terrible event
what may reaccure
outside of his mind
and that is fine.

He seeks to avert
putting B-4 on the alert
with saving the station
and sending it into the far past
for without it the Light would not last.

In a vision, Sinclair
has see what
will happen there
unless he can prevent
that terrible event
and so he must leave
behind his old friend, Garbaldi
for he has seen his demise
and this he does most depise.

Subj: Re:Vision cont.
Date: 96-05-24 18:27:08 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

Compassion, Faith-Defender of the MISSION, is Sinclair’s Position
Paired with Delenn, BOTH BetrothedVISION to Mend Time’sIncision

(good Poetry!)

Subj: Re:More AnimaNightVision
Date: 96-05-25 11:59:07 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

>>>that they are all expendable
knowing that they are all dependable<<<

>>>No one knows all she has given up, though some suspect.
No matter her personal cost, this sacrificial Delenn,
Gives all for all, and earns their love and respect.<<<

(The PrimaryAnima), for all (her) FAULTS, was for (EVERYONE)
(Kate/others like her), is for KATE….
-adapted from the movie, “Ivanhoe”….

To die for a “HIGHER” CAUSE

It takes COURAGE
“Taking” out the PrideHiding *GARBAGE*

Subj: Re:More AnimaNightVision
Date: 96-05-25 12:55:36 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

“QUEENS” that live a “PRIMA-DONNA’s” Life

Singing for EGO-BOOSTS, Pride/Flattery hiding SoulBatteries, BEREFT

A Madonna Ego/Shadow “Coming Together,” LEARNING from Strife

Subj: “War w/o End II”
Date: 96-05-25 21:19:00 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

>>>I am overwhelmed with your beauty but cannot say
for Anna may yet live and how could I betray her that way
even if I love you, your blue eyes, beautiful Mimbari soul<<<

=(Madonna) Creates like (TheCreator), (she) *SEES* like him
=you can tell that by playing (music/songs like that?….)
=***YES***: what I WANT BACK, is what (SHE TOOK WITH HER)….
-loosely based on the movie, “Searching for Bobby Fischer”

THREE are ONE, a “Holy Trinity”
OldGrand-Father, ThornHaart SON, the GHOST of Nature’s Divinity
PastDeeds/PresentSee/FutureBe; WhatWasThen/IsPresent/WillMend:INFINITY

To Be ALL THREE is to be Truly *FREE:* Mind/Spirit AGREE, not Hell-Bent
DividedFights UNIFIED in LIGHT: *this* is “2010’s” AgedMessage, HeavenSent

A “Tin Man” Satellite in Orbit, 5 Lives, Grayed, Frayed, ANCIENT
“First Ones” Carry a Fight against “Might makes Right,” ‘Stunning’ to ‘Prevent’
“Dune” SpiceNavigating PerennialMillenia, a TimeDistorted Body, MerelyLENT

The MadonnaPrimaryAnima has Buddha-Vision: BEYOND “KIND” or “FORM”
UNLIKE a “LittleGirl” “COME UNDONE,” Lost on a CROSS in a SnowSTORM
ANOTHER “FELL” from the “SON,” coming after a lapse perhaps to be Reborn

A Peaceful “Orb”isonian “Blue Angel” bringing a Gentle, MentallySung Croon
An OLD MAN, striving in a SuperNova HornetHive, spinning Light of the Moon
A SymbolFull Map NewStart, TigerSEALED to HEAL a BadgeredHaartsWounds

Subj: Re:”War w/o End II”
Date: 96-05-25 21:47:30 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

Kate/her Advisor Fight THEMSELVES, a NightMare’s Lair DESCENT
As well as EACH OTHER, trying to SMOTHER? a “10 COMMANDMENTS”
An Uncle regarded more as a Pest than someone Detested for what’s “came/went”

The Tiger’s BlessedChildren are Countless to HIM; but to speak of one SON
The Song of a Future Wrung/UnDone, UNPURE, under LordVADER’S GUN
“A Christmas CAROL,” a Past UNRAVELED: *What has been Done, is Done*

Kate still “in a Spell,” LivingObsessively in VividHell; SmallOverSight? (NoPun)
JealousyWrapped, TarBaby*TRAPPED,* Following Me Pell-Mell – what fun?!
*PersistingVision* SAVES? A “WalkingIncision” over a GRAVE, *Done&Done*

As the “Apollo *13*” TIGER’s MAIN-LINE ENGINES are Preened, FUELED
Healing with “Rain,” a Madonna’s PAIN, Lied in Breath, SunGuideDeath’sCooled
Kate’s RING goes DOWN a DRAIN, the TurboChargers *STIR*/enlarge/SPOOL

*LIFELIST* Vorlon-POWER to FORGIVE, a Quiver upon which All DEPEND

Subj: Re:”War w/o End II”
Date: 96-05-25 23:17:57 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

Based on METAPHORS in the Movie, “Little Buddha,” among some other Movies (“Quiz Show,” “Legends of the Fall”):

The Colors of MADONNA’S WIND, carry MY SPIRIT’S Sound
Her BlissKiss keeps my WarpRated Roots INSULATED, in the GROUND
ConsciousnessBoatsFLOAT in CoursingWaterDreamStream, a LoveSourceFound

The SnakeUnion*BorderLine*BREAKS: Fruit *SEEDS* NOT Looted, *SOWN*
“RisingAbove” Sin for a Dark TigerCave Harking WITHIN, has been “KNOWN”
PoeticPorsche PedalToMetal for ALL, ROSE-PETALS WindBlown, Thrown!

Those DISGRACED, trying to TAKE *HER* “Place”, I Race from Red to Black
Deciding whether or not to Hide? While others *Bother,* WIDEN!! the “Crack”
Firing at “TheEMPIRE,” Fighting? DeSpite all they ASPIRED for, they *LACK*

“In This Life,””Why’s It So Hard” to recognize the Strife of IMPERMANENCE?
Welcome to “THE EDGE,” Imprisoned/LadleCradle FALLEN on the MetalFence
Honey replaced by an AncientENEMY, ONLY EmptySpaceVOID: NO Defense!

FIRE would STREAK THE *SKY,* but the Battle would have just begun….
A Time for ALL AnimalGuides to DIE: BLACKLIGHT BLOCKS OUT the SUN
But the KILL would be BloodSpilling LIES, a DENIED-*CREATOR* 2x Stung,
****WALKS AWAY**** for some FarFuture DAY, a *Vacation,* UnSung!!!!

But the Beginning/Middle/Ending, in UNIFYING a Buddhas “COSMIC STRING”
ShallowLoose, a “Bark” arcs not a Bow, HardSplinters to Shards Sink, not Swim

The “GOOD-MOOD” Force’s Side, of course, is a NarrowPath BalanceBeam
The UnSprungArrow of the BLACKBow cuts a swath, NightMares from Dreams
Her Task NOT “MothToFlame,” but for her “as always,” AGAINST A STREAM

Flying *Psychologically* towards the “Apollo 13” Moon’s DarkSide, is Difficult
A “Haart of Darkness” *Journey into Self* (for Health) a Core Inner*TUMULT*
But “Lucky Stars” SEARINGLYCLEAR, a PhysicsWristFlick SlingShotCATapult

Now HURTLING towards Consciousness, ConcreteEarth Looms in a VisionField
DarkSymbolism FEAR of DoomGloom: Lies Confessed: Weakness you YIELD?
NO! AgeLessCourage *SHOWN* a TRI-STAR Hormone*ZOOM* WindSHIELD
Everything under the HEAT of the Sun, even the Defeated/*TRASHED*
Causing SearingTears for even HardenedEgos RUN, DenyingEyesDARKENED

It is the INABILITY to have such “Feet in the Fire,” causing *MUCH STRESS*
SACRIFICE, TRUST, “Standing Alone?” ThePRICE: LustFearEgoism=a*MESS*
Mirth for THEIR “Quiz Show”*BLOWN? let MadonnaEARTH be my WITNESS

Sight? Those calling Madonna a “sxut,” CAUSED a “War” with DAMNED-LIES
Why? “Lambs” with *NO GUTS!* A Fight? Guiding “Stars” WILL****DIE****
GIVE HER *ROOM,* and we’ll “enlighten” RudePRUDES with OPENED EYES

The *MANY* Craws MISTAKENLY “Jawed,” Ill-afForded, RAW to the Bone?
You may SubLimely Find, your Cries in the WORLD’s-EYE, NEVER ALONE!
A”LegendWater’Bear’er” for GoodMutualBLOOD will Sing to bring you Home

SymbolicPoetic MeterFeed:
23 Stanzas
3 Lines each, all the SAME RHYME
69 Lines Total
WiseOldMan, Anima, WarriorLoverTiger FiringOrder
(Zathras wasn’t far wrong….)

Subj: Re:”War w/o End II”
Date: 96-05-25 23:24:54 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

should be “DenyingDarkened Eyelashes”

(just to get the Rhyme right = my “perfectionism” is technically NARCISSISTIC, not ObsessiveCompulsive)

Subj: The One
Date: 96-05-26 10:23:53 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

Zathras has said
whether alive or dead
there will always be the One
Niether daughter is it nor son
there will come the One.

It is the One
who is destined to be
this Zathras does indeed see
it will be the One
that will save the past
the present
the future
For the Light must last
he has stated
it’s not too late
The One is not a single being
he is seeing
“Always there is three”
He knows this will be.

Sinclair, “Minbari not born Minbari”
In the past, from Human to Minbari
Sinclair changed
the past he rearranged
He became
to create the Gray
and the Minbari Way
His is the One who was.

Subj: The One-part 2
Date: 96-05-26 10:29:41 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

Delenn is the One
who is
she is the present
and Sinclair is of the past
there now to the last
She is here
she is there
in the future,
a Lady brave
to save
the day, always
it is her destiny
to unite Minbari and Human souls once more
She’s no bore.
She of the Religious Cast
she goes to the past
to save what will be
and all that she sees.

Then there is Sheridan
He is The One that will be
it is his destiny
to be free.
Sinclair and Zathras have spoken to him
of humans and Minbari as one
of light he is a son,
to this noble cause he will give his life
even after loosing a wife
he must be the One.
that will be
for all to see.
Subj: The One-part 3
Date: 96-05-26 10:37:37 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

At last we come to Zathras
whose time at last has come
his task is just begun
with his help the newborn Sinclair
will help clear Shadows from the air
and offer B-4 to the cause
without any hesitation or cause.

Zathras say spent much time studying the One,
and know the One very well.
Why does Zathras choose to every remain
in the past all the same?
there in the distant past
no much longer he may last.
He has seen the One
as clear as the sun.
Zathras know what to do
Zathras help you,
no mind if you are Minbari or Human.
Zathras do as told
though he is old
he is well over a hundred.
well, enough said.

This has been
of Zathras and The ONE that are three,
One who is,
One who was,
One who will be.
Zathras know all
Zathras relieved to finally tell,
which is just as well.

Subj: Re:”War w/o End II”
Date: 96-05-26 15:51:43 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

(This is an elucidation of the TigerMetaphors from the Movie, “Quiz Show”)

It seems the PoeticTranquilizers are having their desired effect
Keeping *Madonna* “Together,” her Psyche’s Security to protect
A PsionicLock CLEAR (no Fear), we won’t abandon or defect
NO “Bared Teeth” to Scare HER in Gall; Daring? Call COLLECT….

We DON’T Exactly Know how this was “Blown,” you Back-STABBED, “Bit”
CommonSense based on *Experience,* we know Kate’s a “Lying TUB of xxxx”
InnerHARMONY? She’s HER OWN WORST ENEMY, SELFscared, out of wits
Your SACRIFICE, we saw, the BackSTAB in “Thaw”…. WHY we DIED, quit….

You ‘Played a Part’ in the DeceptionConception, but we WON’T cut to the quick
We can’t “save you” if we EMBARASS *each other* TWO: PokerFaces, the trick
She’ll never see a Day, ICE-SKATING for a Mate? Babylon4 becomes Babylon6
Did Kate ever do SOUL-SEARCHING? NO! In a LURCH, she gave us a *KICK*

Alternating between MANIPULATING, and “Playing The Victim”….
ActingReacting, no Thinking, as if we’d take her ‘Candy’/*MONEY* on a Whim
Really, Literally “possessed” by her obsession with “Bets”…. her “credit” GRIM
But a PennStroke will give YOU a “DownTown”Crown, GrailFilled to the BRIM

She won’t get any Empathy from the Koala, with her “Tub of CRAP”
After all, in Terms of Burning *Deception’s* Pall, she was ALSO a *SAP*….
We don’t NEED to *TWIST* Kate’s BlisteredWords, UnConfessed BS, ON TAP
To DEFEND, ALL *4* Guides RACE at WARP 10, no MilkRunPorsche”Lap”….

Subj: Londo’s Dreams
Date: 96-05-27 07:49:58 EDT
From: DLyulkin
Posted on: America Online

I can’t stand the sound of silence
Is never silent
When I am near
Silence screams
And that scream stays with me
Till my nerves give out
And I sleep
The sleep of the dead
I drink to make the voices quiet
But in my drunken stupor
I can still hear that scream
A high pitched vail
A sound so desolate
Naked sorrow
Mixed with killing rage
Poppinjay’s clothes
That conceal nothing
For there is nothing to see
For everyone else
There is just silence
Darkness speaks
To me alone

Subj: Re: The One
Date: 96-05-27 07:51:01 EDT
From: DLyulkin
Posted on: America Online

Excellent job!

Subj: The Change
Date: 96-05-27 10:59:31 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

Into the Crysallis, Sinclair went
he the Valen sent
backwards in time
to the distant past
to meet the Minbari and their mighty fleet
For them all,the war he, with his allies must win
for to give in
to the Shadows would not do,
this he knew.

He could not as Human meet them,
but he could as kin
“Minbari not born Minbari”
So, for Valen’s sake
this task he willingly does undertake
to win this great war
against the Shadows and Darkness
for the future, only he can see.
He knew his task and his path,
but did not think to ask.

It was the only possible way
for Sinclair/Valen to say the war and the day.
He knew the prophecy
from days gone by, and he took up his destiny
it’s where he belongs,
how can it be wrong?
He goes back, because he’s already been
and he can not let the Shadows, this war, win.

Subj: The Change
Date: 96-05-27 10:59:31 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

Into the Crysallis, Sinclair went
he the Valen sent
backwards in time
to the distant past
to meet the Minbari and their mighty fleet
For them all,the war he, with his allies must win
for to give in
to the Shadows would not do,
this he knew.

He could not as Human meet them,
but he could as kin
“Minbari not born Minbari”
So, for Valen’s sake
this task he willingly does undertake
to win this great war
against the Shadows and Darkness
for the future, only he can see.
He knew his task and his path,
but did not think to ask.

It was the only possible way
for Sinclair/Valen to say the war and the day.
He knew the prophecy
from days gone by, and he took up his destiny
it’s where he belongs,
how can it be wrong?
He goes back, because he’s already been
and he can not let the Shadows, this war, win.
Subj: A FINAL “PrimaryIgnition”
Date: 96-05-27 16:10:19 EDT
From: LyndonN
Posted on: America Online

This is the FINAL “PrimaryIgnition” Poem that the AnimalGuides will send for quite some time, unless I hear from Madonna, personally. The (anonymous) ScreenName that I THOUGHT was her is either someone else, is not *really* interested, or is PLAYING GAMES (the most DAMNING thing that she could possibly do). I’m NOT making any “predictions,” but simply saying that I need a REST from all this Poetry writing, and the fact that *MADONNA,* THE ONE AND ONLY WOMAN IN THE WORLD THAT I *TRULY LOVE* isn’t here, meaning that the Article in the NewsPaper that she is Pregnant with ANOTHER MAN’S CHILD, is TRUE.
Of course,I can BLAME ONLY MYSELF for the FACT that I WAS *WRONG,* but I’m certainly going to *LEARN* from it, in terms of not wasting my time in the future. I won’t have a modem to transmit anymore (to remove the temptation, as well as to get a faster one in the future), but the AnimalGuides will remain ALIVE, at least for the time being. *IF* Madonna is interested, she’ll KNOW where to find me…., so I won’t have to broadcast my address or anything. Actually, part of me is GLAD that it has “come to this”…. because writing Poetry is a demanding job, especially when you’re losing the incentive to do it. (Hey, she could always afford to buy me a new modem….) Well, anyway, here it is….

Subj: Re:A FINAL “PrimaryIgnition”
Date: 96-05-27 16:12:35 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

Excalibur’s TRUE OWNER, LOST the Battle of the “(Border)Line”
A Misinterpretation/MISSED-COMMUNICATION, Everyone (now) Knows
Madonna’s ‘Rough’DIAMOND Hands can MEND an HourGlass’ Sands of Time
Turn Back a Clock, ElectroSHOCK a “CROCK:” A “Pot”-Growth of SHADOWS

GiantFlower’s StarPower absent, the Stamen ‘Turns:’ a Faith-DefendingBLADE
4 WarKILLERS/BloodSpillers, out to UnCover the BluuDiamond’s GOOD-Core
PalmFronds? ‘turn’ to NAPALM BOMBS, BackFIRING, BURNING the SHADE
Bleeding the AlreadyDead to SublimelyFind ‘dis’covered Red: BlackRain POURS

‘Nagg’ingKate should have ‘bought’ a BODY-BAG, a “DeadPoet” Instinct to RIP
Madonna’s Presence Sensed Relaxes, not Taxes: DeFuses the “Stick” of Dynamite!
LOOSENING the BlackBow; the Arrow’sPoint a LipSoftened, NURTURING Tip
DEEP, LOFTY Dreams, NOT WeepingStreams, HiltFilled, NO Sight for a Fight!

To AVOID the VOID of “coming together” into a FIST, another Shadow’s-Trial
The GiantFlower Blooms/UnFolds its PEACE-SPACE, the VictoryGrace of Bliss
Instead of NOT LEARNING from the *DEAD,* ‘just’ more DespisedLies/Denial
*This Life* has enough Stife; better a WIFE than a KNIFE, not ‘dissed,’ KISSED

Whether or not Madonna IGNORES us, ADORING her was *Sincerely* meant
But ‘blaming’ introduces more of the same – we all must “Turn over a New Leaf”
Rise above our Ego, LEAVE, or go for a *different* “DownTown” CoreDescent
The Sword “Takes a BackSeat,” SweetlyMeeting its RIGHT-FULL *SHEATH*….

Subj: What!?!?!?!?!
Date: 96-05-28 18:42:36 EDT
From: CRC2001
Posted on: America Online


Subj: Re:A Dream of Camelot
Date: 96-06-01 12:51:20 EDT
From: Lala412
Posted on: America Online

Wow. I wish I hadn’t been away so long! I found out it’s been over a month since I’ve checked here. Moon, that is beautiful. Of course, I’m a sucker for King Arthur!

Subj: Re:John+Deleen
Date: 96-06-01 12:54:10 EDT
From: Lala412
Posted on: America Online

That’s beautiful too – I printed it out before I even went to the end and saw the note – are you Moon’s son? You must get your talent from her! 🙂

Subj: Re:Darkness all
Date: 96-06-01 12:57:06 EDT
From: Lala412
Posted on: America Online

I liked it!

Subj: Re:Sheridan to Deleen
Date: 96-06-01 13:00:22 EDT
From: Lala412
Posted on: America Online

That was beautiful!

Subj: Re:Anticipation
Date: 96-06-01 13:08:28 EDT
From: Lala412
Posted on: America Online

I love John and Delenn poems! You write really good ones, too! Was anybody else frustrated that their “first” kiss actually WASN’T (for her, anyway)??

Subj: Re:What Is She To Me?
Date: 96-06-01 13:10:39 EDT
From: Lala412
Posted on: America Online

Wow! The imagery in there wasn’t the “usual” imagery – I loved it! Hawk on the wing and orange blossoms… wow!

Date: 96-06-01 13:14:40 EDT
From: Lala412
Posted on: America Online

Thank you for posting that poem. Kosh’s death upset me more than I thought was reasonable for a TV show (but then, that IS the point – if we feel nothing, why watch? That’s the point of art, even TV – er, good TV). That is a wonderful tribute poem to him.

Subj: Re:Susan of Babylon 4
Date: 96-06-01 13:23:30 EDT
From: Lala412
Posted on: America Online

That was good. Scary (let’s hope 8 days from “now” isn’t like that!), but very good!

Subj: Re:What!?!?!?!?!
Date: 96-06-01 13:34:18 EDT
From: Lala412
Posted on: America Online

That was a moving poem. 🙂 Sorry, couldn’t resist. I feel the same way reading through here sometimes!

Subj: To Lala
Date: 96-06-01 18:14:26 EDT
From: DLyulkin
Posted on: America Online


Subj: Re:To Lala
Date: 96-06-03 20:38:06 EDT
From: Lala412
Posted on: America Online

You’re welcome! 🙂 I should check here more often – it was embarassing to come on & see all those posts from ME!!

Subj: Re:Londo’s Dreams
Date: 96-06-03 21:05:48 EDT
From: CeSpaceMuz
Posted on: America Online

This one sends a shiver…bravo. -Ce

Subj: The Terrible, Terrible Price
Date: 96-06-03 21:21:35 EDT
From: CeSpaceMuz
Posted on: America Online

After all the pain he’d carried for so many years
A little light was seeping through
Lately the loss, heartbreak and invisible tears
Had eased enough a little joy was sneaking through
But it was not to last, not to last

For years he missed her every minute, every day
Sometimes forgetting for a moment she was gone
Only to remember and blame himself for pushing her away
He’d been too damn busy, then his wife was gone
Never to return, or so he thought, so he thought

Lately the cold, empty darkness of his heart had seen a light
A light standing between the candle and the star
Lightening his burden, bring some warmth to his night
Easing his pain, this new friend from afar
But no good deed goes unpunished, goes unpunished

Finally the stone encasement for his heart was cracked
And a small seedling began to grow
The light nourished it, and he found the love he had lacked
For one small moment in time, a joy to know
But for every light there is a shadow, there is a shadow

In the very midst of a new beginning, his past entangled
She walked through his door like a knife through his heart
A cloaked shadow with the voice of his angel
His past, his present, and his future broke and fell apart
The pieces scattered like sharp-edged broken glass, sharp broken glass

Now the best he can hope for is a Lethean peace
For this is Hell, Captain, and you are its’ cheif damned soul
Doomed to re-endure the pain and unspeakable grief
Paying the terrible, terrible price once more
While shadows dance with glee, dance with glee

And if he survives the flames of Z’ha’dum
The light of innocence in his eyes will not
And if his heart ever again makes room
Perhaps her light can win the battle fought
Like a sword is forged in fire, he’s forged in fire

Oh.., but the terrible, terrible price, John, the terrible price

Subj: Re:The Terrible, Terrible Pr
Date: 96-06-04 08:25:12 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

Hey,that’s really, really good. Next time I will post my latest one on the breaking away of Bablyon 5 from Earth Alliance. Keep up the good work.

Subj: Re:The Terrible, Terrible Pr
Date: 96-06-06 07:39:18 EDT
From: Lala412
Posted on: America Online

That is wonderful. Poor John! And poor Delenn!!

Subj: Captive
Date: 96-06-06 08:51:02 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

Delenn is held captive,
she and a Minbari captian.
They are meant to force the hand
of Captian Sheridan.
If the control of the station she does not to them yeild,
both will be killed.

This he can not allow,
even though both are,by Minbar,disavowed
and this is their only home.
Sheridan must find a way
to set them free,without delay
or both will be dead
and it will be on his head,
his and the terrorists
who wish them to perish.

They are for Earth First,
but they are not the worst.
The Captain and all the rest
must pass this terrible test
of their faith
before it’s too late.
Those humans are not the strongest of foes,
though they may cause their share of woes.
If the demands are not met,
all will regret.
Their demands are very simple
turn over Baybalon 5 to Clark
and his NightWatch.
Casting out Sheridan and his staff
and thats not the half
of what they demand
of our dear Sheridan.

For Delenn would willingly sacrifice
her dear,sweet life.
Nothing can she do.
He would come,this in her heart she knew,
so she must be patient and wait
as a captive,sedate
They are help against their will,
by men who mean great ill.
So she and another are held hostage
against thier demands,
but Sheridan knows that here he must make his stand
regardless of the cost
even if his beloved Delenn is lost.
Both know the price
without having to think twice.
Subj: For John
Date: 96-06-07 00:11:16 EDT
From: Lala412
Posted on: America Online

Anything for you, my love.

For you the stars,
Were they mine to give,
And all the moons
Of all the worlds
In all their glory.
For you my life,
if it would keep you safe.
For you my heart,
if it will bring you joy.
Subj: For John part 2
Date: 96-06-07 00:12:54 EDT
From: Lala412
Posted on: America Online

For you, I would gladly give
everything I have left
to lose,
if I could feel those lips
that touched my hand
and know that we
were each a part
of the other.

Subj: Re: For John part 2
Date: 96-06-07 00:13:35 EDT
From: Lala412
Posted on: America Online

I like the first part better, that’s the main reason I split it up.

Subj: Grey No More (????)
Date: 96-06-07 00:15:55 EDT
From: Lala412
Posted on: America Online

(I don’t like the title)

In this battle,
just a part of the
eternal war
between the light
and the dark,
it is impossible
for us to stay grey.
In times as these
we must choose
to uphold the light
or fall into shadow.
Subj: Re:Partners
Date: 96-06-08 21:52:46 EDT
From: Ivanova111
Posted on: America Online


Subj: The Price
Date: 96-06-09 08:31:02 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

His uniform he had to at last surrender
for the humanitian aid he did render
to an old friend,
he came to depend.
It was kind against kind
Earth Force,this did not seem to mind.

The past Sheridan had to yield
on the starry battlefield
to save a race,
his fighters forced to give chase
in this bloody skirmish.
Where many did perish.
No longer of Earth Alliance,
he is in compliance
with his own heart
and when Lady Delenn
came to the rescue again
he gave a start.

Subj: The Price-part 2
Date: 96-06-09 08:36:37 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

When she was taken,
the was no mistaking
how for her he felt
and there was no use hiding
nor to himself lying
what was inside.

So,he yielded his Earth Force uniform,
no longer to the will of Clark did he and his conform.
They found another way
to save the day
from the Shadowed ones
that can block out suns.
This is the price he was forced to pay
and since that day
never,ever did he look back
nor feel the uniforms lack.
In the end,he had no choice
and on Earth no voice.
This he had to do
for not just his people and staff,
and that’s not the half,
but for all of you.

Subj: Rogue
Date: 96-06-11 22:30:17 EDT
From: Dolimir
Posted on: America Online

This is my first post so please be kind.

You need a rogue in your life
Someone to spar with
For I have watched you
Standing so staunch, so professional
And yet from time to time
The wit springs forth slashing like a rapier
Only to be quickly resheathed
Yearning to spring again.

There are not enough rogues in your life
To whittle away at your armour
Protecting the secrets hidden beneath
I recognize the haunted look in your eyes
For I see the same in every mirror
(Could you be the one to understand
the terrors which lay intact
beneath the smile of a rogue?)

You need a rogue in your life
Someone to stand toe to toe against your wit
A poet to penetrate the shield and accept the soul beneath
A warrior not afraid to be bloodied in the process
I have nothing in my life left to give, but to be this person
Let me be the rogue in your life, dear Susan

Subj: Re:Rogue
Date: 96-06-12 14:12:40 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

This is really good.I has possiblities. That was what was said about my first poem that I ever posted here and I agree that yours is the same. Please keep posting and keep up the good work.

Subj: Star Matter
Date: 96-06-13 08:21:10 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

From the stars we came
to the stars we return,
let the candle burn
for each other
sister and brother.
In death we are united as one,
out of the stars we are born.
Now that our life is past,
once more we come full cirlce and return whence we came,
it is never the same.

From the time the universe was new,
out of the stars came me and you.
Now in state lying
and with our dying
we return to where we came from.
The stars reclaim
a peice of their fame,
and a piece of ourselves they forever retain.

Subj: Marcus’ Mini Quest
Date: 96-06-13 08:26:08 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

When his friend was abducted,
a search was conducted
and for a start
he wanted to tear the station apart.
So,Down Below he went,
hell bent
to learn where she had been taken,
he decided she was not to be forsaken
in her time of great need,
no indeed.

When no information was first given,
he acted like a man driven,
he had a lot of repressed anger,
he showed to these strangers
in the bar
who he flung near and far.
In a fit of rage he struck,
like a Mack truck,
he would not be stopped
and when he was done,
the carnage was one
of great enormity
and a clamity.

Subj: Quest-part 2
Date: 96-06-13 08:32:05 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

He had to wait till they awoke,
these low life folk.
One was forced,
of course,
to give what was most desired
at least he didn’t use a tire iron.

To Sheridan he went,
like one on a mission sent.
to find her,he would tear apart the place
and the entire race
to save his close friend,
on whom his brother did depend.
This was his Quest,
for her he would do his best.
To loose her would be a crime
for all time and it made no mind
tha she was Minbari and those who stood in his way
were very sorry that day,
that they did,
and would have been better off if they had hid
form his anger and rage
even at this late stage.

Subj: Quest-part 3
Date: 96-06-13 08:35:24 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

Marcus has said before,
“You can get more with a kind word and a 2X4
than you can with just a kind word alone”
as the carnage in the bar has shown.
So, the information was given,
and Sheridan did as bidden.

To regain what was lost
regardless of the cost.
Marcus,determined this time not to fail,
on this he went beyond the pale.
This was his mini Quest,
I guess.

Subj: Delenn’s Poem at 16
Date: 96-06-16 10:36:39 EDT
Posted on: America Online
(Delenn wrote this when she was beginning to sense that her life would be different)

The Journey

Within the winter’s sunlight glancing haze
And morning shade, my heart beheld a dream
That I would give my life to hold in time,
To never go beyond this point,
And freeze forever heart and mind.
And thus not know what lies beyond this vision of thyself.
And holding thus, forever keep the dream unchanged,
And locked in heart as I would wish.

And yet, if I had held that moment still,
Perhaps my love for thee would less have been.
My heart would not have grown a wider span,
Or known the test that such a growing brings.
For in that moment’s smiling glance
I saw a light within thine eyes
Which caught and held my soul in its embrace,
And changed the weaving tapestry my life designs
And patterns in the note I sing.
And asked of me a greater truth and deed
Beyond all tasks I’ve ever done before.
The love my heart has always sought to be
Should change its form, and seek eternity!

Thus changing, rise to realms unknown by me
And journey out beyond this earthly pull.
I map a course without a star as guide
Towards skies where dreams are brighter
Than our world endures or measures by its act or cause.
Towards worlds where myths are true and
Span beyond the night of death or memory.
And there, to test my love, and gauge its quality,
Before I bring it back to earth and share it
With those lives who never knew a dream before
Or ever such could hope to see,
And place within their Shadowed sight
A greater destiny!

In such a test, my love expands, and learns
To trust a love I thought beyond my reach.
To measure not with form or worldly law,
But by the pattern love unfolds within our hearts,
And shapes a path of spreading light
Across a wider span of time and space.
And having done this deed,
My heart has truly learned to love thee well.

@Barrie Jaeger, 1996
Subj: Re:Delenn’s Poem at 16
Date: 96-06-16 10:47:32 EDT
Posted on: America Online

oops, I should have added more intro. I suspect she was a “teenager” if Minbari have teenage years. The age when you start to wonder about your life and where you will go.

I’ve only recently discovered this topic, I spend most of my time in the Delenn/Sheridan board. So I hope to visit and catch up on some poetry. Looks like some nice work here!


Subj: Delenn’s Destiny
Date: 96-06-19 08:17:41 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

It was a choice Delenn made long ago
now it she must to the end follow,
as prophecy has foretold
her destiny will now unfold.

She is fated for another,
and Lennier to her will be like a brother,
always by her side,
in her wake and stride.
She will help unite
the two noble races
and together they shall fight
against the mighty Shadows.
They fight in the name of the Light.
It is her desiny to break
the Grey Council and the isolation end,
though the action will cause her some pain
she will courage substain,
and cause much ache.

The Minbari,Sheridan will depend
their home they must defend.
Yet,she knows
that there is Darkness and fire
ahead of them still,this never must she show.
Subj: Destiny-part 2
Date: 96-06-19 08:22:32 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

Only after this,from the battlefield can she retire.
Thus her fate is sealed
when out of the council chamber
she angrily stormed.
Now, they have been warned.

Still there is more
in this great Shadow war.
All will do thier part,
the fight they will not start,
but this they must finish or all is lost
and at such a great cost
will be
their victory,
should they win,
if they loose it would be a great sin.
Alas, this is Delenn’s Destiny
as foretold by Minbari Prophecy.

Subj: “To Make an American Quilt”
Date: 96-06-19 12:39:53 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

“To Make an American Quilt”
BluuDragon UltraBluu (FULLY-UNIVERSAL) PrimaryIgnition:
The Strings of Poetic Rhymes are Singing No”Thing,” but “STITCHES in TIME”
Can they be ALTERED, unfaltering, “Calling”(UnBawling) for a SinglePurpose?
ManipulatedCreated, MultigenerationalFated in “WallWriting” LightingSubLime?
BlackKnightUnGaunt, HAUNTED by an UnBlessed*TallMESS* “Familiar”Curse
The Triple WarpJump of the Ship is to Catch ANY “SPIRIT,” LIT in its PRIME
At its OWN PACE/PLACE: NO RACE, for the HUMAN-Universe is DIVERSE

To find what runs through ALL, to “CALL,” not “Fall,” find a CentralTHREAD
“CosmicStrings” Playing a Song they can RELATE, or a WrongEYE in a needle
To “Come Together” MANY Patches, CrossHATCHED, Borne UnTORN, Bred
NEEDED by Fate UnFurled to INSULATE a WORLD, no Tripe, SeedsRIPEFull
But RosesRED may WILT in BED, the MarriagePHAGE of an InnerFIRE Dead
Love turns to LOATH as the Weeds TAKE OVER Growth; Cheap,Weeping, Dull

The Quilt represents MORE than Material Built; Knowledge BEYOND a Present
Not Scorned, NO THORNS, the Blanket “One Size FITS ALL” Short/Tall Forms
But for those, despite NO “CLOTHES,” Fighting InSight, it doesn’t make a Dent
They lack a MOTIVE to Descend/Asscend, ADMIT they’ve been BIT, & ReForm
Making MISTAKES is part of DEEPENING your “LAKE” HeavenSent/HellBent
Those who’ve SINNED must “Face the Music”WIND: DryPetals, CryingSTORM

There IS a PRICE to PAY for holding Fears at Bay, using the Ruse of Denial
Those wonder why they’re Torn ASUNDER, ProCreating HATE, more PAIN
Facing, WINNING the SaddledBattle of NeedlesPins WITHIN, is this InnerTrial
Such that the Fire INSPIRES Lighting the Wick of a PHOENIX, a SoulUnStained
OR in a BlamingFlame, Petals DryROAST, STAYING in SelfLYING, InnerGuile
A DEATH-Ray Pushing AWAY those you LOVE the MOST: more CORE-RAIN

The Objective of this SubjectiveInvective, is a Directive towards INNER-PEACE
A SoulSOARS, an InnerHaartUNIGNORED, a NewLeaf Beneath a Persona/Face
There’s nothing COLDER than being TooBOLD, DEPRIVING LifeGivingFleece
A SKELETON without HaartBurningRUM; more like FacialPsychologicalMACE
TRY, or LIE and HIDE, deciding a “CRIMSON TIDE” to turn, decrease/increase
InnerConflict RESOLVED, FreePsyches EVOLVE, in a CreativeState of GRACE

Subj: Re:”To Make an American Quilt”
Date: 96-06-19 12:41:51 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

Some, TROUBLED, a Psychological GUN-MUZZLE of Hate/Jealousy to Nurture
DailyRubbed the WrongWay, WonderingLovedOnes say “Your SEED IS COLD!
Shallowly DeFiled, the BLAMING FountainPond of an InnerCHILD, Immature
A PAST “Song of the South” leaving a Bad Taste on a Mouth, Soul-SOLD Folds
PsycheFabrics of BleakPoeticDreams, TORN APART at the Seams, WeakSutures
Threads that EasilySHRED under Fire, Aspiring to “Have” that which will HOLD

When it “Comes” to Retiring to InnerFires/Lakes, WadeIn, or take a PlungeDIVE
R.E.M. SLEEP, better DEEP than SHALLOW/LayingLow, in Terms of Quality
Regardless of Where/Who’s been HERE, I must BLESS a *Nap*KIN of my Hive
But it was NEVER EVER ASPIRED/DESIRED, to have a BOUNTY of Quantity
Does anyone under a SUN think I can MARRY ALL? What GALL, DEPRIVED!
A Woman DESERVES a MAN, not an Occasional”Slam:” “ALIVE,” Spirit FREE

Another HistoryStory of InnerSADNESS’s CouragePhage, is “Age of Innocence”
GIVING UP a LovingCup, for a Romance”Spice” SACRIFICE of HiddenPonds
NOT the ReactionFormation: Fire Burns such YellowRoses into CommonSENSE
The Ashes of SenseLess Courage, HaartIgnored BLEEDING-PORES, the BOND
“HoldingTogether” the Quilt of a COALED-SOUL, touching NOT God’sPresence
Follow your Haart, or it becomes a *WART!* “Gone with the Wind” it Absconds

To make a Quilt that won’t WILT soon/long after it’s Built, there are no “Rules”
But the RomanticDance MUST be BALANCE of *CREATIVITY,* and “Order”
NO CREATIVITY? NO *GLOSS,* “Just” WITHERED Petals in a ShallowPool
NO ORDER? **CHAOS,** dithering the Winds into a FusionConfusion Disorder
Not too Loving, nor ‘too Cruel,’ BOTH WARM/COOL! OtherWISE, no School
A Stare that only SMOTHERS both Sisters and Brothers, Mothers get LeftOvers

When the FreeSpirits, BIT, “Make like a Tree and Leave,” others must GRIEVE
For the SELF, for their HEALTH, acknowledge, DON’T DREDGE what’s Gone
If YourKing is “given a SPRING,” SlipsThrough MagicPoeticFingers like a Sieve
Realize, IF UPSET, you’ve SET YOURSELF UP, BeComing Your OWN PAWN
“Oh, what a DEADLY Web we WEAVE, when we PRACTICE TO DECEIVE!”
But, IF it can be RECONSTRUCTED, *DO IT,* or UNDENYINGLY move on!

Subj: Re:”To Make an American Quilt”
Date: 96-06-19 12:42:37 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

What’s Wynona Ryder perhaps done (Playing Carol Felton?): Baby-Defensive?
A RedTowel DeeplyREAD, a MagazineGleaned in *BED;* WildChildFowl Sad?
“Just”Dreaming, using my PoeticTrowel, regardless of, well, PhallicPretense?….
Fingers WRITE words that BloodBITE, the 3*D*Generational PULL of a DAD?
Strawberries & *Dracula*Cream’s BloodMilk Stream, LaserBeam IntenseIncense
NoFear to HEAR, Included, DeepSleepWATER SON/Daughter, SkyBLUEDPlaid

The SHORT-REPORT, in Terms of making an Insulating/NOT BURNING Quilt
Or one COLD, Better ROLLED UP than a LovingCup, a NO NURTURING Root
A DeepFOUNDATION EarthMirth and FondPonds upon which ALL Life’s Built
Only then can a Tree*ASCEND,* for UniversalityDiversity DOES “give a Hoot”
“Seize the Day”/KickYourSelf in SHAME: or DoNothing/SelfBlame in GUILT?
Hey, if you HIDE, you WON’T TRY: you Need *SEEDS* to BearANY*FRUIT*

Subj: Re:A FINAL “PrimaryIgnition”
Date: 96-06-19 12:46:10 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

I’m not getting into any PETTY details: Madonna’s BEST off, LEFT ALONE
Red/BLUU, she KNOWS what she must “try” to DO, have a ReUnion Synergism
NOT to get PensivelyDEFENSIVE because of her VOICE, by “Picking a Bone”
Kate didn’t *Realize* her BAIT of LIES would WORSEN any RelationSchizom….
We AREN’T going to HANG around, “Try”DENYING her Choice, Bemoaned
“On/off the Wall,” the Modem has some PHALLIC Psychologic-Symbolism….

Subj: “The WELL”….
Date: 96-06-19 12:49:23 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

“The Well”

(SibyrTiger PrimaryIgnition):

“JokerJack” Bat-in-Black:
COLDseed “Johns” SeekExertInertCONTROL, by inducing CastrationANXIETY
DeathEnergy “SPEED”Feeding: Perhaps a Lapse to *DIE?* CastratingSOCIETY

It’s ALL for a *Lawrence of Arabia* & Anima: the *JOHNS* are *NOTHING*
The DeepSleep DESERTdessert SpellWELL of My”Coming’s” *EVERYTHING*
“HE”…. KNEW *THAT,* a RipOff CUToff DAMNEDman(?) from the SPRING

It’s FateFullyUnFortunate: I MUST ReArrange my Life to AVOID KatesPHAGE
Terminating with ExtremePrejudice the Vice of a LOUSE that OnlyIncitesRAGE
Verily, UNIVERSALLY FairlyContrary: her OBITUARY on a NewsFrontPaige

As GodFATHER(not to BotherMOTHERS), I make “An Offer they can’t Refuse”
A “FullMetalJacket” Threat to these PowerLOUTS who COWER without ABUSE
BUTT, what if Kate LamelyBlames it on “Johns,” a PatheticApologeticEXCUSE?

Then a World can DoWITHOUT a Pouting TASTEwasting MONKEYuncle BUM
For *IF* the needs of the MANY Truly OutWeigh the needs of the few/the ONE
Then the SOLUTION is SummaryEXECUTION, a Brave “Mass”GRAVE-TOMB

Apart from Haarts Rose/Light, ALL I ever got BackInBLACK was FreshTRASH
Shoot to Thrill/Play to KILL: too many WOMEN? too many PILLS! UnaBashed
“The Creator”/LyndonLUNDGREN, is ASHAMED of a QuillName***NASH***

A BabyLoN5 “John” said Scoring *1* ShadowVICTORY “CURES” his *MESS*
Sure, a DenialTrial HidingPRIDE? HUMILIATE their State so Egos CONFESS?
TheCreator had the CLASS to KISS his ASS, to “KnowSHOW” Him as HONEST

*IF….* is actually a Movie: it speaks VOLUMES of a ConvictConstricted”Doom”
PUNISHMENT Can MAKE a “Dirty Face” of an ANGEL: MORE “Trash”Gloom
Kate’s Blue? Oh, So SadlyBad! I HOPE she *KILLS* YOU! Yellow? I MOON!!!

See, it’s *Really* HER ProjectedJEALOUSY: Full”Magazine”Locked&LOADED
Her “FullMetalJacket” SUCKER-BET: but they’re INVITED, *NOT* GOADED
AnimaBullet for HERSELF, Hers for a Hart Shelved, HypocriticallyCORRODED

Oh, so CRUEL! The Feeling’s MUTUAL? SPARE me a WrongedSong of Dung
I *DON’T CARE* if it’s YOUR PAIN, or YOUR GAIN: No Longer *STUNG?*
Hey, you’re FREE, NEVER “seeing” *Him* AGAIN: don’t WASTE *LUNGS!*

Those whose Fears HANDLE THEM *Disseminate* Harts which FurnaceBURN

TheCreator has his MANY GOODpenney Children, he’s “LIVED” his LIFE….
With InSIGHT to give a *WORLD* LIGHT, UnLike ProCreators of *STRIFE*
Lyndon*Realizes* he must Rely on “Wives” to ThroatCUT them with a KNIFE

Subj: Re:”The WELL”….
Date: 96-06-19 12:50:04 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

BLED in RED, for the LoveyDoveys NOT “DEAD”….

But, FAR be it from ME, to *SEE* NOT War, but a CAR like a WhitePhantom
Eyes MELT LEAD, BackinBlack to ShelteringRED, “Even” when ShadowsCome
In Place of a RedPorsche, the same DeepSpaceAnima? “Coming” NOT UNDONE

DIAMOND*Stones* Together/UnSevered, they GlowBOND with a WhiteShadow
NO *DOOM*gloom by CHIDING/HIDING: a GUIDING RacingPath LaceShown
Sinning”Men” Find they’ve been Left BEHIND; Egos RavenCrowing WindBlown

The BEST “Secrets” are beneath the SurfAce, to Ride a CREST of a WhiteWave
For HEALTH, to LOVEothers/NOTsmother: LoveYOURSELF, not Rant & Rave
Because you can’t RiseABOVE your EGO’S “JAWS:” only a DULL life to “Save”

One must be ROMANTICALLYuniversal, “To (truly) Make an American Quilt”
NOT *SHOW* yourself to be *FAKE:* CREATING a WAKE, a GardenWILTS

At the Moment SincerelyMeant, PsychoEmotionallyMarried PolygamousMATES
The SHORT-Sighted have been CAUGHT Fighting, SEALING their OWN FATE

To keep it CLEAN/NotMean/what I “ATE” Elevated: ManyPies TRANQUILLize
A BLADE Fades into an IceCreamDream “Perfect Day” to PieSky HYPNOTIZE
JaggedDAGGERS FiercePIERCING? a “Crystal Ship’s” Trip by GENTLE EYES

2ROSEsongs Juxtaposed: “Come Undone,” “Where Do you Go” My “LOVELY?”
On WHOM do you Need*FEED,* STAY RedBedBLED? you can *SAVE* ME!
TurquiseBLUU Eyes that PENETRATE-THRUU, a *Dracula* CodeName*D*….

DarkDEEP Water, TwinDAUGHTERS, those of (a) SUN have BunDled SONS
An overly SelfRIGHTEOUS BlueHue? What have THEY been up to, for FUN?….
ThreeMusketeerSEERS, All for ONE, One for ALL, as PEERS, we’ve WON!

*WAXING ELOQUENTLY,* not”DUMB,” EVERYONE can ‘Have’ a HotToddy
WarmMILK, NO BILKS from Former”Ilks,” Fixatedly “Managing….” a POTTY
MAYBE we’ll have a Stunning”Celebration,” NOT over Kate/John’s DeadBodies!

ETHIC/Professionally, it’s SIN (where the DAMN Comes In) but you’d get PAID
But a ROMANTICrelation would FREE ME from a World you ‘Tried’haveMade
You can DENY ALL the *LIES,* as long as the “CaddyShack” can get**LAID**

Sundered? Both WONDER why they “tried” to *HURT* me, & got a STINGER?
What Midas”Muffler”Moron told her to Squeeze out LOVE ‘using’ a WRINGER?
(Hey, it’s STILL a “Full Metal Jacket,” even if it’s *FOOL’S* gold….)

A BED CentrallyTHREADED, NurtureSutures to Respect/PROTECT the MANY
The STONES Condone in CREAM the JusticeLutePursuit(no ice): *FRIENDLY*

Subj: “Changing of the Guard”
Date: 96-06-19 12:51:46 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

SibyrTiger: An (Killer)Angel with a (CLEAN) Face….

A Man must FreelyEnter a DAMNED Setup’s “Center,” a War’sCORE to STEM
SHOWing FirstHand what they’ve RECEIVED for Demands: ColdCRAP, NoGem
Only CoaledSouls would Deceive/Conceive SuchGARBAGE under a HemEmblem

UnBlessedly “Even-Steven,” getting me “Back-in-Black:” she’s NO *Madonna*
I Drank the Sham-PAIN to PROVE my LOVE for her, & a Red*STONE*Anima
A PERSONA perhaps Vicious, be she’s NOT MALICIOUS, a HAART-Porsche?

Hate? DryHeat NOT to Defeat, but get Kate to LEAVE:must she beTreadedDead?
Her THRILL having my Love LongAgo KILLED? between “WhiteLINES”Read
A MirrorScreen UNBROKEN, Mends:for a RED 911SCEEN, NO JudgeDredd….

Subj: Re:”Changing of the Guard”
Date: 96-06-19 12:54:49 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online


In Stemming LateKate’s INNER-PROBLEM, “she can RUN, but she can’t HIDE”
A PRISONER of ENVIOUS DESIRE, Torn/Trussed by the Horns of JEALOUSY
EVER in DENIAL: Trying to SEVER, but a Core MoreDEFILED, having LIED
A HoplesslyADDICTED/StressfullyRestricted ContusedILLUSION of beingFREE
I KNOW where I go, SHE FOLLOWS: it’s Denied to Stall the Fall of her PRIDE
FatedlyUnFortunate:She HellishlyTells her YouthLackBlackTruth on her KNEES

NO TRIPE, the BestTempt is a HIGHERattempt, at the DarkParkedTiger’sStripes
A DemandingLanding of SAND that TIME FORGOT: ShadowSPOTS a Leopard
MadonnaAnima, a UniversalVOLVA SwordStoneBONE: NO SAGS, JetLagRIPE
SwelteringHelterSkelter Under DRY-Heat, a DEFEATED ReTread, *MARRED*
A *CHANGING of the GUARD,* Borne to a CroonTune of RuneLunar BagPipes
To be REAL, SomeWOUNDS MoonLight CannotHEAL, Feelings**SCARRED**

Kate’s Promised”Tries” an UnBlessed MESS: from a SNIPE Love was SWIPED?
HellBent “In the FATHER’S NAME” Jugment: VINEGAR (not Sugar), her Ward
Champagne A-Myst a PlasteredDISASTER ShamPAINED: SILENT Highs/Gripes
A DescendingEND to Feigning HeavenEvents the SAME: NEVERagain as Before
A BattleStarGalactica *CLEOPATRA’s* Memory Needn’t be WEEDED, WIPED
NOT “Sick/Speak Softly & Carry a BigStick:” Meant to be a FullyGentle’SHARD’

Subj: Past PrimaryAnima’s Shy”Try”
Date: 96-06-19 12:58:26 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

Past PrimaryAnima’s Shy”Try”

She “RESEMBLES” someone who Runs/TREMBLES, at my Approach
Why? Sigh…. She veers/steers, LEERY, FEARING my BlackBow & Arrows?
Careful (RARE, for a HistoryStory NOT Dull) of Meeting/Getting Bullets’Lead
Such Verve, yet she Swerves: my Curves’Pelts MELT her Nerves’Seams Steel
I “Let her FullyFreely GO,” NOT Control, her EgoBoundaries to ENCROACH
CopeHoping her Power for MoreFLOWERS, not Noses like “Pinocchio” to Grow
BlowHarping on Mistakes as a HypoCriticalFAKE: on a RattleSnake to TREAD?
TREASURE because it’s my Pleasure: NO “Lawrence of Arabia”Anima Kneels!
A TigerVorlon wouldn’t Mate with a Scorpion, then “Try” ‘having’ her Poached
For though I KNOW what Signs I can find, behind BlackWindows: *A-ROSE*
The BEST way to SelectivelyPROTECT her Interests is to Remain SanelyRED
NOT to FRAY, for this would KILL the THRILL/the DAY, to insensitively Feel
Rather than DETRACT, LATHER with a LOVINGact, as a Reproachful COACH
Telling/not Demanding her to “Rescue HERSELF” with a Purr “Striking a Pose”
“Getting into the GROOVE” by Fairly PROVING where she likes to Doze in Bed
UnBit *SeeingFIT,* there’s “NOTHING TO IT:” SAY what you FEEL & HEAL

Subj: “COMPLEX Sex”….
Date: 96-06-19 13:02:46 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

“Complex Sex”
KatiaKoala – AnimalGuide ANIMA

Some “Under Their Gun,” reduce BehavioralClues to the Core, “Basic Instincts”
Indiscreet Treatment, Knocking (not Sweeping) them “off their feet” as ‘Objects’
With no Pity/Pithy ConscienceDefenseMechanisms in their Display of Aggression
Defending against Man’s OWN DESCENT, Women are “Screwed”/DEVALUED

But they CAN’T ‘HIDE’ from a Woman’s DARK-SIDE, Dual-Anima LINKED
A BackLash from being “Trashed,” – Feminine, but SinfullySymbolic: PHALLIC
TO *REBEL* from a REPRESSED “Spell,” to EXPEL in ReciprocalExpression
A DreamStream actually ‘Clean:’ TO REDEEM what was thought *IMBRUED*

Blow-By-Blow, NOT “Going with a Woman’s Flow”…. the Feminine EGO Sinks
The Sun Descends…., a Woman’s SHADOW Contends, in a Search for RESPECT
NO Desire Engraved in *STONE,* for a ‘Bull’-Label as “Toys” for “Collection”
ExcaliburUnSheathed, ‘Rocks’CLEAVED, for TRUTH “Penetrating Through”….

But, one would Fail, stray from the Trail, not from a GRAIL’s Trial to DRINK
*Madonnas*Mirth WideBerthGirth “VirginBirth:” the Spirituality of SOUL-Sex
Confession Vents from Catharsis to Bliss, to PREVENT DarkSide POSSESSION
RedFIRE, NO DeadPyre, for Dual Black/White *Spirits* UNITING THE*TWO*

EntrancingRomance is Good to add “Spice” to Life, albeit using BLOOD for Ink
Sex can inflect the InnerChild as OUTER, a Man’s SymbolicMILK NurtureInjects
While his BloodCourse may come to “see,” SEEK her SourceSubConsciousOrigin
“Wild/Free?” Narcissistic<->Parental HelplessSymbiosis: Tigers can be Meek, too
(Their Teeth tear too easily beneath/underneath, anyway….)

A DreamWarden would never Glean to ConDescend, take things “To The Brink”
Femmes-Fatales, no Hammers or Nails, Tigresses who behind The Mirror Reflect
Mothers, a FullySymbolic “Child,” Helpless but WILD in a Sexual REGRESSION
Clues to make SURE of a *PURE*CURE, LifeKiss LivingGiving to a JUST DUE

Date: 96-06-19 13:05:43 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

“The Specialist”
A Sword’sStone Poem

Only a PaperTiger (Bum) wants someone to Stay, saying “what I want, I take”
HARDLY FalseModesty, HartCOLD (no Gold), a BloodPulse Outwardly FAKE
A WeakEgo’sFlow against a StrongANIMA: a MaskPersona “Burned at a Stake”

For THIS, a “Batman Forever” SEVERED? a “Kiss from a ROSE on a GRAVE”
An Outlets ReTired/Closed, an EMPIRE FROZE; the WithDrawalPall of a Slave?
A “Fan’s” HONORABLE-BET, RESPECTable, NO Frets! A HaartTaartBRAVE!

When the SMOTHERING BombShells are OVER, the BlackTiger must LEAVE
NOT AVOIDing IronRUST’sBust: instead, it’s only a DEADLY Web HE Weaves
Scathing LipRhymes? Times to GRIEVE: Trigger”Fingers” ‘SLIP’ like a SIEVE

Die, LIVE by the JointPOINT, to GIVE to a Tiger GoringBombSword in Black
PrecisionIncision Sutured for a Future to Mend/DEFEND, but NOT in a Sack….
Exploiters for Fun see a DestroyerGUN while he watches/WASHES your BACK

A “Specialist” in Terms of ArrowBURNING the Trysts where SHADOWS Lurk
NO FOOL: FIST-Bombs for MOMS, MUST be “Justly” COOL, NOT Berserk
But also a Bow’s “Flick of a Wrist” InversionConversion: Fire/WaterWORKS

To Feel, True, to STEAL the FLAME of BLAME out of Souls, a Black”GHOST”
KillerAngel, but the BLUE to *HEAL:* NO HELL, but a *DUE* Grail-TOAST
StickyCrud to SOAP, GoodBlood to GROPE no WeekEnd”Warrior” BBS “Posts”

BeLatedly, a LadyPearl mistaken for a LittleGIRL, not to Strike a Liked Kolleen
But Shaken/UnStirred, she DID look like HER: a Dance”In Dreams” to REDEEM

I probably ROBBED her of a NoFight (RIGHTful) CoreSump WombPUMP, Red
Holding the HatedKate INFIDEL at Bay for an Anima, Dracula “Slays,” UnDead
“IvanHoe”JUSTICE(no ice) WindBlows a ShowerSudsBlood TransFusion in BED

She LIED, we DIED because of her CLAWS, TRYING ONLY to “SET ME UP”
Unlike the Fateful JudasMess of Kate, an INVITATION NOT to Fight, but SUP
A “Reflex”Nexxus TreasureTrove in the DARK, a Harking InnerGoldLovingCup

A PorscheRACE can be a CAN of SAND-MACE: there’s NO BUTTER in WAR
But to “Lend a HAND” of SpiritConsciousness TRUST, as I descend, YOU SOAR
To SHOW, GROW into Bigger, BETTER things to do, “see through” in a Car….

Subj: Ode to a KAT & Son
Date: 96-06-19 13:09:02 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

A Kat with an UnFrail MaleKitten, UNKNOWINGLY BITTEN, but BOLD
To ReConcile for FREE with one once Riled in WW3, with a Wild-CHILD
A PICTURE of her Gaze was a CURE, “Seeing” what 2 EMERALDS Hold
Deserving at least *1* Poem (no GUNs) of WARPmiles to Beguile in STYLE
For when her BloodIRON “Comes UnDone,” her InspiredFIRES Burn COLD
Yesterday laying in a “JurassicPark”Parked WaterDepthDescent into GreenEyeles

Subj: BinarTwinStars UNIGNORED
Date: 96-06-19 13:46:36 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

BinarTwinStars UnIgnored

Of both their *LOVE* I Knew, though no ThinkDrink Blue”Dune”LifeWaterBile
I TOO was ShallowlyNarcissistic, NO Pretense Meant NOW, like in HighSchool
I SENSED it, Biting because I WANTED it, vile because I ONLY got*DENIAL*
A SadlyBAD way to “Save the Say?” DEFINITELY! *Really* ONLY CRUEL!!!
Their FACES can SAY what they may on the SURFACE, “DressedUp” in Style
In SLEEP, a Bite? INVITED to *GO “DEEP”* SymbolicallyFREE to ReFUEL!

A HEALTHY Defense against PAST PRETENSE is to “UNDO” IT
Acting in their INTEREST is a TOUGH Job to UN-ROB, but SOMEONE has to do it….

Hey, I ELOQUENTLY rise above my EGO, and they TASTEFULLY EMBRACE a Shadow….

Subj: TwinKristiens/TigressTaylor
Date: 96-06-19 14:11:43 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online


(BadgeredHaart is a LionFOX Fusion; this is more the LATTER, not the former’s conclusion)

Like TigressTaylor and the FOX, NarcissisticIdentities can be Pained/INSECURE
To a Mirror, HE’s no Stranger, but “Slips of the Tongue” can get IN THE WAY
Like Kristen, he’s NOT MALICIOUS, more SHY, but UnDenyingly DEMURE
His Tongue strays MORE, like Kristin, from NOT KNOWING WHAT TO SAY
But AGREEing that, for ALL “Called,” their SexualIdentity’sInsecurity to CURE
NO Fight/SubtleSLIGHT: Roses Lain at NIGHT may make a “Flower” of a DAY

Subj: A SwordStone “Adam’s” CheckOut
Date: 96-06-19 14:22:09 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

A “YODA”-ANIMA “LOW-PROFILE” DEEP SurfaceFACE, of all Leyes?
“In Style”…. to LEAP into the Weepy DEPTH, R.E.M. SLEEP in those Eyes….
A Blade with the Guts/Glory (don’t worry) Made to CUT-Through any Disguise

You were WISE, in SubtleCries, choosing a “LayBulled”…. position of Humility
Honor DEMANDS Rising from Sands, using RazorClawHands Fanning in Civility
Besides, hiding “FORCES” a mere Stare, but a SearingGlare of TRUE ABILITY

But Eyes with a Desire, a “Flame’s” DyingCryer? a “Sound of Silence” to Mend
A Message mutely executed with COURAGE, the Pyre of an InnerFIRE to Send
Humble, to cause NO “RUMBLE,” yet a ‘Bet’ disguised as an undignified Delenn

COMPASSION Demands “throwing out a rope,” Blows? for what you’ve shown?
NOT to “Hang,” but Sung as a DiamondBond of HOPE, a BleedingSeed is SOWN
To Cope with an ApparentParent lack of Attention, from a Tiger of SoapSTONE

YourEyes with Sight for NO Fight; for this/being “DisMissed” you can Ill-Afford
MilkShaken/not Stirred be”comes” Butter: a CORE” Union,” no Goring WarLord
BETTER”SHEATHING” than LiesCleaving: He who Lives, DIES by the SWORD

FoldingSpace/SOOTHING ‘traveling without moving,’ for “RainWater” on Dunes
Like Madonna, ‘one small step’/GiantPsychologicalLEAP, to “Land” on the Moon
Delenn Points to Your LitCandleMetaphor: NO Stare “Popping” a HotAirBalloon

An ODIN “All-Father” SeesWithIn: a Jewish “Haagen-Daz’s” Presence is FELT
“Return of the Jedi” getting Lead out of Eyes: LaserBeamHeat IceCream MELTS
A PokerFace FlameStoker for what FROZE: a “Schindler’sList” BlissKISS Dealt

MadonnaAnima was Wise/NOT Greedy, to Feed you through a LockedMagazine
NO “Lean/Mean”Queen playing, DISPLAYING her “Twin,” ChainedVision Seen
A MissPainedDress, “Raised Fresh as a Daisy,” for the BABY that Lies Between

In VorlonCruxJuxtaposition, a Woman on DiamondStones, dressed as a MerMaid
Eyes like a “Bird of PREY,” but “made in the SHADE;” Piercing much, so Staid
The Trick? a PICK to “BREAK the ICE,” such the Scales of Justice are “Laid”….

KoshWashed Universal-Nocturnal CodeScanned, you may LAND, “Checked-Out”
My HEADACHES weren’t of your “Make,” FireBrandInspiring/Removing Doubt
A JeaneticCall ShirtTail (AmyTied-Balled?) WarpClout”Nail” ENDing a Drought

MissingLinks All Fallen: nought? TIED
MuskyMink CloseDoses “Caught in the Rye”
For being/staying UNBOUGHT, “in the Pink”

Bombs of CoreBLISS Shaped
A Tomb? YOUR Kiss on the Nape
Back (Flack?) TO THE WOMB, NO RAPE!

Subj: EmperorEgo
Date: 96-06-19 19:00:19 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

Ode to a GOOD Emperor in, well, a Galaxy far, far away….
(A prose poem)

he stands alone, fully trusting noone
he had to, to get where he is now
noone to rely on, ever watchful eyes
filled with a kind of lonely security
it feels good to be self-sufficient
but he has noone to be “real” with
noone to talk to without fear of showing weakness
in his never ending struggle for his throne
he’s seen others try to manipulate far too often
no longer able to afford such a luxury
but there is another burden, too
the kind of things weak egos would brag about
“they do not die for us,” Robert E. Lee in “Gettysburg” said
but they die for him
sacrifice, suicide, aborted plans, aborted children
people wonder if he knows the truth
the truth is that his eyes are like Winston ChurcHill’s
Sheridan said his eyes were haunted
The knowledge of what was done, what he had done
Some look into those eyes
Hoping for some small glimmer of recognition
Often scared out of their wits by 10,000 volts
Electrocuted, blasted to the moon with such precise power
It takes skill to launch a rocket to the moon
Millions of pounds of thrust, sending a heart into orbit
Or into a black hole, never to return
But he could bring them back
He always did when he wanted to
The point is, it was up to him
Many fight for this power
Willing to kill, willing to die
It’s so strange that he’s so comfortable with death
Now, more than ever, it’s like an old friend
Like he’s been here before too many times already
And he just wants to go, to leave for good
And yet, it is those around him who die
Broken against the rock of a “Legend,” a name on a list
“Fallen” through the cracks of their human weaknesses
He knows, if they came back, they’d do it all over again
So why bother, break the vicious cycle
And let death take its course
To him, it was all meant to be
If you look into his eyes deeply enough, you may find
He sees almost all of it, not that he doesn’t make mistakes
But if you look deeply enough, at certain times
A “Lawrence of Arabia” in the midst of a mental struggle
Locked in a vice-grip between human and superhuman
Your ego would be glad to be somebody else

Subj: Re:EmperorEgo
Date: 96-06-19 20:36:07 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online


Make NO Mistake, Magic*Dracula*Anima DarkPrince*Absinthe* wants SOULS
An IronHaarts HemoGLOBEin MetallicPoem TEETH PENaTRAITingRockCrust
Essence*Oxygen,* a StoneHaart OpticianIgnition JumpStart meant for one COLD
SelfSTAINED in Health/SHAME: WASTEDchases FeltMelted into a Case of Rust
But you’ll Find in a Wake/BRAKE BehindSigns, NO “BadBlood:” a GOOD-Goal
To be “JUST,” butt NOT go BUST, don’t MissUse PoetDrugs by AbUsingTRUST

Subj: Re:EmperorEgo
Date: 96-06-19 20:43:05 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

SuperEgo Emperor
Drooping? NO SUGAR

WaterDreams into CREAM, through the LIPS

“Dunes” of BurningBlood?
“Runes” of WORM-WOOD
BabyBILE, SpaceFOLDS in STYLE, what a TRIP!

Subj: Re:TwinKristiens/TigressTayl
Date: 96-06-20 08:34:25 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

Uh,begging your pardon,but isn’t this supossed to be a Bayblon 5 poetry file. It was my understanding that it was reserved for that purpose alone. Of course,I could be wrong.

Subj: Re:EmperorEgo
Date: 96-06-20 08:35:52 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

Well done,friend.Keep up the good work.

Subj: “Johns”/FalseMentors
Date: 96-06-21 11:36:06 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

(It’s struck us of late that perhaps our rhyming poetry is hard to fully understand, because of the deep levels of symbolism and arcane vocabulary – I’m trying out prose poetry, if only because it’s easier, much clearer for everyone to read).

(to the “Johns”/FalseMentors)

Robert Bly said it best
If you want a mentor, you must look for him or her
The desire must come from within your haart
Something that tells you this person can teach you
What you feel you can use to advance in this life
It’s a bond of Love, on some romantic or parental level
You can’t make Love happen
A magic spark ignites, or it doesn’t (a mistake made with Kristin)
Forcing it could not be more destructive
Making windblown withered petals out of a garden
Students must be willing, “hungry”
For what insight, love, guidance you have to give
To gain knowledge, illumination, intimacy, self-respect
Noone ever forced women, anyone to come to us
They did it on their own, they needed our Love
And we were happy to give it to them
This is a healthy mentor relationship
As long as it didn’t cost us anything, we’d think about it
But it’s a heavy responsibility
Knowing that so many are riding on our words
It’s something we must take seriously ourselves
Such that the advice is accurate, even if disrespectful
But a healthy mentor relationship would have no cause for disrespect
That only comes as a result of FalseMentors

Subj: Re:”Johns”/FalseMentors
Date: 96-06-21 11:36:39 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

Such mentors break Bly’s primary rule
They seek to teach students who don’t want their advice
But this they deny or ignore to others, even themselves
Because they have needs of their own
“I am empty without you”
I’ve heard this more than once
This is why they break the rule
Their withered gardens has left their lives empty
Without meaning, without significance, without purpose
Yet they don’t really know why this has happened
And, they don’t have Robert Bly’s courage to face this
This is the seed of the destructive mistake
Money can’t buy happiness; that’s not the secret
The secret is finding true, sincere Love on some level
But they don’t, they can’t accept the fact that they aren’t Loved
Their egos are all they have – they are without what they need
And their egos need satisfaction, to “justify” their existence
Not realizing that their advice only festers hate
Perverting the love that they pretend exists
Such that they end up not elevating others’ lives
Touching them in ways to spread happiness and mirth
But rather a touch of death; midas is muffled, a sun fades
And good people are brought down off their pedestals
Bringing out the worst in everyone

Subj: Re:”Johns”/FalseMentors
Date: 96-06-21 11:37:01 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

Resentful, petty (to the LETTER) U-BoatGames, spite, jealousy
Projecting their own souls of coal
Because they are angry that they don’t receive Love
That they need to make themselves well
Misery loves company
If they can’t have Love, then they try to keep their Desire from it
And so, like drowning men and women
They drag down who they can with them
Not realizing that their plans’ inception conception
Was doomed from the start
Because they were never, ever really interested in their students
If they were, they would have let them go
Realizing that they could not give them what they needed
To live a healthy, loving life
To rise above their ego
And make a self-sacrifice
It’s hard to do
(Some people just can’t take a hint….)
But good mentors are hard to find
Because, while the good seek to bring something positive
To all of humanity
The evil, perhaps unintentionally, destroy it
The road to hell is paved with good intentions….
But, because they’re wrapped up in their own ego’s interests

Subj: Re:TwinKristiens/TigressTayl
Date: 96-06-21 11:38:17 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

No, you’re right, but we’re talking about LifeIssues that deal in part with Babylon5, and other people – we’re just waiting for a new episode to analyze, but I think we get the message, and are sorry.

Subj: Re:”Johns”/FalseMentors
Date: 96-06-21 11:38:58 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

The saddest, most tragic thing of all
Is that they don’t realize it
They can’t see it
They can’t let themselves see it
Until it’s painfully obvious to everyone

And it’s too late
-I am the BadgeredHaart

Subj: Up & Down (No Frowns):
Date: 96-06-21 11:41:35 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

To Open a Babylon4Door on a DanceFloor: Madonna’s been given “Das BOOT”
A”WhiteHeat”BUST to show, “Over & Over” to get UP, you MUST “getDOWN”
A Coolio Shows MERCY for a LoveLY? “WHERE do you (*REALLY*) GO?”
The STONE “Guardian of Forever” (NeverSayNever) as “Blind as a ManBAT”

A DreamStream PoeticSymbolicSubMarine, is the Psyche’s SubConsciousROOT
Crawl, Talk,”Justify”FLY: a SkyWALK Breached, “REACHing” for a CROWN
“Higher” beneath a Wreath of FIRE; I WANT to KNOW – GO with the FLOW
OriginEMERGE to MERGE “Where Life Begins” How about a meal like that?

Subj: Re:Up & Down (No Frowns):
Date: 96-06-21 11:58:09 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

Perhaps a Lapse SeriouslyCurious; she would have Ceized the Keys – et tu Brute?
HardlyRealizing UnKnowinglyForgoing the Shard, a Foundation so GROUNDED
WRONG? a GrantedPlanted “Marbled”Meat” PennedGarden of Songs to GROW
A Tiger’sTREAT, to EAT All you WANT, InSightBITES DON’T get you FAT!

If HypnoticOxygen’s NoBubbleTroubles “Bends”Depends your “Boat’s” Fate,
NO Mote/Rote/GettingGoat, Honesty is BEST: don’t Hypo or HyperVentilate….
DEEPdescend to MEND, but NO QuickWick SunRise BLOW, BetterButterWaits
Sometimes a LoveShovel of SAND Lends a HAND to SELF-HELP a MATE….

Subj: Re:Up & Down (No Frowns):
Date: 96-06-21 12:00:24 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

SweetHeat WATER isn’t always the ANSWER, NO Crown if you’ve DROWNED
A FROWN, even with a Pithy FeedSeed SOWN: WallowSorrow NOT Kahndoned
But SynchronicitySECURITY depends on BatteryELECTRICITY, a DeathWound
Without “Hydraulic” CharacterWater Psyche”Blood”PRESSURE, WET “Dunes”

One Important Thing MORE, BEFORE you Go with the Flow onto a DanceFloor
MakeSURE, HaartPURE; Mind/Spirit AGREE to use the DoorKEY to your Core
IGNORED? A Spirit “Bit” SitsOut a DreamsSunk FlunkedEnding, a HaartTORE
“BetterLeave”/SPLIT, NotBELIEVING what SoCalled(Fallen)FuhrersDEMAND,
Leaders *STAND* FOR!

Subj: Re:”Johns”/FalseMentors
Date: 96-06-21 12:06:38 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

“Keep this up, G’Kar, and soon you WON’T HAVE A PLANET to PROTECT!”
-from Llondo’s dream in “The Coming of Shadows”

I think that I shall NEVER See
A BillBoard LoveLy as a TREE
InDEED, unless the “BILL”boards FALL
I shall NEVER See a Tree AT ALL!!!!
-Ogden NASH….

We’ve pumped the Board full of InSight, because we’re going on vacation for another week – The Creator may be able to get OnLine through another computer, though

Subj: Re: Londo’s Dreams
Date: 96-06-21 14:38:49 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

This is a juxtaposition of DLyulkin’s Poems, “Cutting Down Trees,” “Londo’s Dreams,” and the B5 episode, “The Coming of Shadows”:

An Emperor’sCore: “Take my People BACK to the STARS”
To SubLimely OutSHINE, Finding “Shadows have Come”
NOTHING Great, MisStakedly “making” FATAL-*WARS*
DreamSounds of >>>SILENCE,<<< as Haarts become NUMB
But the >>>CutTREES<<< are FREED, as TwoShadows “LEAVE”
RosesBLOOM, NoDoom, a WASTEDcase CLOSES, on Zahadum

Subj: Re: Londo’s Dreams
Date: 96-06-21 14:41:24 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

But the >>>CutTREES<<< are FREED, as TwoShadows “LEAVE”

Actually, it should read:

TwoShadows LEAVE, >>>CutTREES<<< FREED, an OpenDOOR

Subj: Bly on Londo
Date: 96-06-21 20:07:53 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

Dedicated to Robert Bly: One of TheCreator’s Mentors (the other is Joseph Campbell), in the InSighful SPIRIT of Parental *****LOVE***** If you see his video, “A Gathering of Men,” you’ll see that I have InDEED LEARNED from his ideas….
A Boy DOES InDEED need Older Male Intervention
NOT to be Toyed with by Bold CONDESCENSION

By those UNABLE to Tell what they DEEPLY Feel

Still, though BRITTLE “Iron Johns” STOKE the FLAMES
With a WHITTLED Stick, speaking of SIN aKin to BLAME

The FIRE Cools? FUELS the Verve to NERVES of *STEEL*


Therefore, from EVERY PORE, *EYE* would be a LIAR
If the Wind Blows Victory into the Kin Justifiably*HIGHER*

And “Heads” RiseABOVE what EGOS find “Familiar:” *POWER*

In the Name of the FamilyMANY, doing UniversalGOOD
The UnconsciousCastleFOREST not BURNED as FireWood

The Old can “Mold” & “LET GO;” NOT “Turn SOUR”


From this, Bleak/Weak Leaders RUN, and *HIDE*
NOT looking Up or Down, but SIDE-TO-SIDE

NOTHING InSIGHTful butt RIVALS to Contend

Lions, the SunKINGS, Carry BANNERS to Follow
Tigers, Kissers/Slayers, RUDDY/BLOODY their Foes

But without OWLS, the Scowl of *PRIDE* is Defended


HeroEgos can Lay Back in their LionDen
Seeing FREE BoySOULS “turn” into MEN

Their Sons, Daughters “take a Place,” make a STAND

Bly, a CAREER-Poet, HardCards Bet to UNDERSTAND
He DeeplyRichly GUIDED me, when Flames were FANNED



Now, “IronJohn” LONDO is an InnerBOY with the WrongPRIORITY
Seeking to become/stay EMPEROR for Ego’sHUNGER for AUTHORITY

NO Death/Resurrection: an UnPure GrumpyFuture of a *BURNING CITY*

Calamity? Can HIS FamilyTribe Survive a Tide without Lyndon?

A RoseFragrance HeronDance? Verily, he has *MY* Permission, Pity….

If we write Poetry in the coming week, we may not be able to use our familiar ScreenNames, so don’t be surprised if you see TheCreator’s Style under other aliases – he’ll try to avoid it, because he isn’t trying to hide from anybody; rather, he’s just attempting to portray different parts of his personality in a fun, interesting, and educational way.

Subj: Re:Bly on Londo
Date: 96-06-21 21:03:23 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

It is TRUE that a Plethora of Animas DO, in S(h)yBLUU TACTful-Fact, HIDE
Some may DESPISE the BlackStench’s RISE of “IronJohn’s” SunDEATH MESS
But You/I KNOW, NO “LOW Blows,” when “The Smile Has Left (Their) Eyes”
PUSHING them “Down?” a FROWN NeverEver ProduceInduces them to Confess
No, “Sharing the Beauty” is a FairLy*CARING* Way to DRY Watery *CRIES*
BETTER, *WETTER* ways to PLEASE, NOT on Knees, to “Ease the Stress”….

A Rolling Stone may gather No Moss
But will ALWAYS have a HOME; a RedCROSS

Subj: Tribute to Arthur
Date: 96-06-22 08:32:57 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

There was a man,
claiming to be from England.
He claimed to be non other than King Arthur,
ruler of all Britian.
He claims to be sent
and it is hard to resent
this impass.

He’s a man with a mission
and by his own admission
knows not how he arrived
where he is
on B-5.
He knows not where or when he is
and must contrive
to survive
as well as fulfill
his very real purpose
for whence
he has been,so he says, sent.

On arrival he is befriended by the Ranger Marcus,
who seems to know
King Arthur’s noble mind
and where they must go.
he helps the distraunt
who claimes sole soverinty
over all of Britian.

Subj: Re:To Delenn
Date: 96-06-22 19:23:23 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

(no apologies are necessary in your case….)

For the PINING, DespicablyDENYING their Hart’s InnerCORE
SEVERED? I *Remember,* & Jusitice *ICES* a “RevolvingDOOR”….

The Sword, Excalibur, *PURRS* in the it’s “Legend’s” STONE
The HardPoint of a Lance DOFFED, for Defending a Throne

NOT to Stun, but a Tiger’s FunSun DEATH-GUN’s Weapons are LOCKED
For you *See,* there are OTHER ways/CloudyDays for him to “GET OFF” his Rocks….

Subj: Re:To Delenn
Date: 96-06-22 19:43:14 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

Let’s “just” say, the DeathBreath NO-Friction(PulpFiction) RocketOrbit*Retort* has been “Stayed”/**ABORTED**

No Tricks now, let’s put away our IcePicks….

Subj: False/TrueStudents
Date: 96-06-23 11:02:41 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

SelfishStudents *Weakly*SEEK, “Calling” from a SrifeLife “Ball of Confusion”
2 PoeticNapoleonic/Teutonic “OperationBarbaRossa” WakeMistakes to REPEAT
BadlySaddened HealthWealth, HartShelved, ExposedCOLDWoes/InnerContusions
An AmpleEXAMPLE that FeedingLIES SeedsCRIES, “Leading” a Self-DEFEAT
As Family”Head,” RED Instead, SubmarineLEVELED, IllusionOxygenInFusion
SmotherNecromances done for OTHERS to LifeADVANCE, NOT StrifeRetreat

Subj: Re:False/TrueStudents
Date: 96-06-23 11:23:42 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

(REDLion Translation):

False students do indeed seek out advice
If they weren’t interested, they wouldn’t bother ask for it
And that would make them no students at all
Targets for false mentors
No, such students do want attention
It is what they do with this attention
That makes them false
The primary destructive mistake
That false students make
Is quite simply
That they refuse to LEARN
Lessons on them are wasted
A teacher can explain the same lesson
In a hundred different ways
And still, they make
Those who do not learn from history
Condemn themselves
To repeat it
Like the two invasions of Russia
“Come UnDone,” lost in a snow storm
Retreating without a fur coat
While the Tigers attack relentlessly
Until there is nothing left to lose
Except pride
Which should never have been there to begin with
The Emperor has seen it so many times
Offering a break
Only to see it abused
Used against us as an instrument of revenge
To try to take out their lack of foresight
On us, to blame or repay us for their acts
As if we FORCED them to destroy themselves
Such that the only MERCIFUL thing to do
Is to break the vicious cycle
And let well enough alone
But the GOOD news
Is that the mistakes of others
Can be learned from
By those for whom it’s NOT too late
Those that still have a chance
Built on a foundation of trials and errors
For OTHERS as well as just themselves

To make a better future

Subj: Re:False/TrueStudents
Date: 96-06-23 13:17:20 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

NO Blame, in that my *Dracula*Blood’s being DRAINED, to keep me WEAK
BELIEVABLY, for there’s *NOTHING* “InMe,” for WeaponsTransformation
“Squeeze BLOOD from a STONE?” no “WetSheets,” though I MISS what I Seek
The GENESIS-KISS, but “Flowers” still have the POWER, StarKiller Subduction
NO WARS; WhiteSTARS PURE/NoFURY will ReFleece in PEACE, the MEEK
Wives/NO KNIVES, VorlonsRespond “Knowingly,” without *Ammunition*….

DeathStar DISARMED by WARM-Cores….

Subj: Re:False/TrueStudents
Date: 96-06-23 14:01:22 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

Behind his Back, a TigerDeathStars CentralCORE’s BLED to RED, by X-Wings
TheCreator DOES *NOT* want Women”VICTIMS,” but their Desire to PROVE
“STAND” for what you CAN; WORK for what you think it’s WORTH, & SING
That is to SAY, in *Your OWN WAY,* Time/MeterRhyme, get into a GROOVE
When his Hive is DEEPLY-Happy/*ALIVE,* he has NO SeededNeed to STING
Less a “Joker” CurveBallThrower,*Seeing* as a DaVinci’sAnimaSoothingLouvre

(DoomGasBalloons DessertConverted by Animas to a Women’sWilesSmiling, MonaLisa….)

Subj: Re:”War w/o End II”/”THE DIG”
Date: 96-06-23 17:25:13 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

SibyrTiger PRIMARY-Ignition:
Secret VideoClips Encapsulating this Poem can be found in “The WELL” and the SoundWorld in a game called “Myst,” and the AsteroidTRANSFORMATION clip in a game called “THE DIG.” For an undisclosed amount of people (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE….), both are accessible in the computer in MY ROOM. It may seem Inane to analyze Games, but BOTH are relavent to the Final Babylon5 episode, and I’m running out of, WELL, *FRESH* material…. (I’ve been exploring “VideoPoetry” of Late). Like in the movie “2010,” you have to LOOK BEHIND YOU & SEE “THE DIG” VideoClip to *Really* BELIEVE IT!

Both*Brothers* John Nash had a HellHAND in an END of a Poet’s Well*MYST*
Dunces causing MONTHS of TerseBLACKVerse; Bledin*RED* Trysts, MISSED
Books, Streams of PublicFantasticDreams/WorldsUnFurled:CrookTook/UnKissed

A Death/Resurrection from FRUSTRATION, ReUNIFICATION of the THREE
From DOOM, ShankaraSTONES”KeptTogether” to Parent, PLANT a NEW Tree
SpiritSymbols TiedDown, BarrenDeniedFROWNS, now to set BOLD Souls Free
(The Stones in IndianaJones’ DoomGloom visit all have *3* SubLimeLines on it)

Many had an “Angle,” in the ConstructionsORIGIN of the Animal’sTriad3Angles
BrotherSEIVES? SEE how they “LIVE;” SpiritNAILS/Robots/noSolarSailsFULL
Getting into OURGrooveUNIVERSALLY: MANY “MOVED” by a GravitonPull

OuterSTONE, InnerGEM: BONES holding a BloodMarrowSTEM to CONVERT
To Reveal the BEAUTY that was CONCEALED: NEW AnimaInsertedINVERTS
Feel-HEALING terms for Many, in HARMONY; NO Burning: a PoetCONCERT

The Brothers tried to Smother the BEST by being DISHONEST: MUD/NoCuddle
BOTH employed to DESTROY an ASTEROID, but in their CLUTCHES/Shuttles
Sons/Daughters? A BABY *OUT* with the BathWATER: Muddled, SCUTTLED

CoalSouls DID have a GoodMyst”Well”Goal:My Sparred”Shard” a HardDiamond
I NEEDED a STABLE-STEM to stem off their BlackThumbs: a ThornyPlatform
All around, a STORM, but at MY-EyeGround, MANY-Forms: a DEEP “Bottom”

BringingBACK a SUN, I ALSO FeedNeeded a “Specialist” in Terms of “BackUp”
INTERNAL, but AlsoBETTER External: a SharePair to GROW/a Loving*CUP*
A GRAIL, Fresh/UnSTALE FleshPULSES the NewCrewANIMAHaart’s*CRUX*

Triad to QUAD, MindSigns DulyFullyBROAD:a CATHEDRAL of a Tetrahedron
FreshNEW Signs, a *Dracula’s* OldCrux LeftBehind, WashingKosh, the Vorlon
Her, we DEFENDED, HopeFully NOT “Descended” from an IBM *PENTIUM*

Her we Shouldn’t Scoff/”Labels” RemainingSame (DOFFED) b/c of a StoneHenge
From Darkness to LIGHT, NO MORE UnBlessed FIGHTS:an END to “Revenge”
For it is TOO TRUE, the “Demons” come from WithIn YOU! a TRUE Challenge

Diamonds to PALM-FRONDS, the ASTEROID “ReDeployed” Absconds/isGONE
A “2010” PEN to Complete/NOT Compete/Condemn; the WHOLE, Fully DONE
But before you do in my BloomRoom, LookBehindYOU: it is SET in *STONE!*

Subj: Re:EmperorEgo
Date: 96-06-23 21:06:25 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

Our *WIVES* Revolve Around Us
The “Security” has Evolved AIR-TIGHT
“JUST” as a ‘Wise Old FOOL’ goes BUST
They’re in a *GOOD*-Mood for a FIGHT

The Johns’ deigned to call them WHORES
While we never Feigned to NURTURE
Depriving *MOTHERS* of a LOVING Core
Now THEY’RE the ones to be SUTURED

Perhaps they SEE “just” how WORTHLESS
Their LifeFORCE has come to be next to me
Turning FlowerPower into a TRASH-*MESS*
PineCONFINING those WE would SET *FREE*

To a Creator, their Lives = ShallowDEADroots
DeceptiveDecrees boosting Egos without Feeling
They couldn’t Pour “PEE” out of a *BOOT*
With instructions written under the *HEEL*

A “Day of the JACKAL” is upon them
MercuryBullets set for a “Betting” TOAD
The ONLY Rose they knew, *CUT* by the stem
Now let their *EMPTY* Heads EXPLODE

They wanted to be “INCLUDED”
Not exactly for others to protect….
DeathBreath *ABORTION*Shunned/Excluded
Let Tigresses ThrillKILL to ReEarn their *RESPECT*

They’re Self-Righteously “Out for JUSTICE”
When the ONLY *Pro-Create* MUD!!!!!
To TheCreator, they’re ALREADY on ICE
Let us TEACH *THEM* the PRICE of our *BLOOD*

The Vorlon WashedKosh, Londo didn’t See or Find
But the Shadow’s TOOK HIM from a Station NUMBED
Now seen to be FAKE, MiStaken, Mad, ****BLIND****
AspiringEmpire a JUNKYARD, Living/DYING DamnedBUMS

But their Flea*CIRCUS,* to the LionSUN
Knows InnerDemons are the FUSS
*****IF….***** you want to have “FUN”….
You MUST “JUSTLY” “come” to US….

Subj: Re:False/TrueStudents
Date: 96-06-23 21:26:32 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

“Patience; in Time, (the Former PrimaryAnima) will Seek YOU out, and when (she) does, you must bring her before *ME.* She has grown STRONG, (but) only TOGETHER can (she be FULLY REDEEMED).
-from the movie, “Return of the Jedi”

They won’t even let you SPEED
Everyone BLOCKS the RoadWay
Perhaps, because a Mother in NEED
*Eye* would NEVER be “Turn” Away….

Subj: Bester-the Psi-Cop
Date: 96-06-24 09:03:04 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

Bester, the Psi- Cop
must the Shadows stop
with his powers
in a matter of hours.
So, to Bayblon 5 he must go
even though
the command staff
hates his guts, that’s a fact.

On the White Star,
they must travel
to do battle.
Once there,Bester, he knows what to do,
or else the Captian will him sue.
If he wins, well and good,
but if he fail, well, there you are
Shadow taken
and there is no mistaking
what will be done
or they will become.
The battle has now begun.
Hunt the Shadows down they will
to retrieve what the Dark Ones did steal,
humans for their ships they did take
and there is no mistake
that among the captives, there are telepaths aboard.
Now Bester must fight
along side
the one whom dispise
both he and what he represents,
many share that sentiment.

Subj: OCP
Date: 96-06-24 14:04:55 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online


Anyone who does not WANT to see what is “Lofty” in a man, looks that much MORE Keenly for what is “Low” in him and MERE “ForeGround” —–and thus Betrays HIMSELF

Dedicated to the “Johns” and Londo, a Projective symbol of them:
(minus the narcissism, of course, but all of them seek power for ego-related reasons)

The Obsessive Compulsive Personality
Is filled with Inflexibly Worthless Pretense
*OPPRESSION* Permeates their entire Existence

Constantly obsessed, lost in DETAILS
Not “Seeing” the FOREST through the TREES
So they CUT THEM DOWN, to make “CLEAR” Trails
DeSPITE the FACT that these SPIRITsymbols FREEZE

Because they CAN’T “step into anothers SymbolicShoes”
They cant understand, STAND on their OWN 2 FEET
Change is STRANGE to them, aptly UNABLE to ADAPT to
For both feet/their WART-HARTS are Embedded…. with CONCRETE

ART is an ABSTRACT Subject, a SUBlimation of SEX
But SymbolicSEMEN is CONSTIPATED in their BRAINS
HindSight is the ONLY LIGHT to Synthesize, & Reflect
A CreationFLOP, unable to STOP the EgoFlow of *RAIN*

Since Details FAIL them, they WINCE without “Clean” ORDER
Their Egos are SAFE, UnChafed, when they’ve been in CONTROL
The idea STRESSED is to “ELIMINATE” MESSES, the DisOrder
COPING is the SCOPE of “Creation;” *Control* is their ONLY GOAL

Butt a SELF-DEFEATING Feat, throwing out a Baby with the BathWater
This is the “Out of ‘LUCK’ *CRUX* of ALL their MISTAKES
Killing the *FLOWERS*/FiredDESIRED Powers: the PURRS
By “Driving away” the GOOD with the ‘Bad,’ a MESS is what they *MAKE*!

OF COURSE, *REMORSE* in that there are NO TREES!
(Way to go, John….)

BUTT, THIS is something they find hard to understand
After all, even after TheFALL, what know they of BEAUTY?
*CONFORMITY* is what they FATALLY ProCreate/DEMAND
BIT? You can “SEE” it, in the “Creativity” of their Poetry….

It is also woefully SHOWN, in HOW they “LIVE”
SEE it to *REALLY* *BELIEVE* it, it’s NOT Hard
*MAGIC* Sparks SlipThrough their Fingers, like SIEVES
Just “BUMPS” on *ONE* *LOG,* in a “Catalogued” JUNKYARD!

*You See?,* MESSES are also NEEDED by NOT getting RID of GARBAGE
Hoarding Scores of UseLess REFUSE, that SHOULD be Thrown AWAY
*They CAN’T* pick through the DETAILS, separate NAILS & Rummage
For THIS “Decisive INDECISION,” Sewage’s ALL they have: DrabGRAY

Subj: Re:OCP
Date: 96-06-24 14:05:52 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

Beauty? They wouldn’t know it, if it “BIT” them in the RearEnd
*IF….* they GET IT, they only KNOW how to SCREW IT UP!
In a Garden Fertilized with PsychologicalTRASH, it Wilts/Descends
NOTHING left WORTH Defending/Mending: a GrailAnima LovingCup

Obsession with ControlREPRESSION, leads to UNHEALTHY “Intimacy”
Emotions “Labelled” as SIN; FEEDS for Needs are THEIRS, PROJECTED
Marriage “Wishes” DISSED, Turning/TWISTing it into a “Merger”Beaurocracy
This is the ONLY Way to “Save” THEIR “Fray:” their Egos are PROTECTED

“Expressing Yourself” DOESN’T Work, they’re UNABLE to “take a HINT”
Though others, UNSMOTHERED, could QuicklyEASILY “SEE” IT
DETAILS, as I said, CONFUSE them, making them SQUINT
Until you DESPISE what they DENY, Cleaning their EYES with SPIT

It shouldn’t be Hard, to “see” what has Psychologically DIED
Again, they can’t see it, THROUGH THEIR *EGOS*

But, in this PALL, the WORST HaartPart of ALL
In their SelfRigheous “MendingCleansing” of “SIN”
Women Complain, their Husband/*DAD* has FALLEN
When the *IronJohns* are the ones, the BUMS who KILLED HIM!

Of course, with them, you’re FreeThinkers to STAY
If you ENJOY their Ego’sPLOY to make you a VICTIM
Having them HOLD you DeniedLivesDrives at BAY
They’re NOT BUMS? Hey, you’re WELCOME to them!

Butt, if *I* were a WOMAN….
The KOALA wouldn’t WAIT for the *CRASH*
“SAVING” a CravedFor CoreROSE’S STEM
Having *HIM* SlamDUNKED in the TRASH

An OCP Husband’s attitude, is to *STEER* her
To Maintain ORDER in HIS PassionDEAD Core
For a WIFE with the BigPicture, it’d be CLEARER
If she had *HIM* Socked/DropKICKED OUT the DOOR

Conformity leads to an attitude of SelfRighteousness
Really, basically telling others “what to do”
Butt WITHOUT the BigPicture, the Uncertainty of STRESS
No “DIRECTION” protection, WindColors are PERVERTED, in Hue

NOONE can “have” any FUN….
Butt a FullyPredictable FATE, TOO LATE STUNNED!

Subj: Re:OCP
Date: 96-06-24 14:06:39 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

Everything “Touched” has DIED
Songs/SymbolicSemen? Famed-SelfProclaimed CRAP
Why? *GIFTS* of *LIES*
“Intimacy” is a “DECREE,” a SLAP

The Problem, in this PROJECTION of SelfPUNISHMENT
Is that OTHERS are seen as “BAD,” too

The ANSWER is to SHOW them
A “LionKing” Ego BARREN, DAMNED/too Proud to mend
For their TWISTED/Perverted DepthCONCEPT of SEX

The FreeIdea for any/all Victims
Is to “STAND” up for their RIGHTS
“Johns,” the HIDDEN ProCreation of SIN
A LIGHT is worth the DEARTH of a FIGHT

One need only look BackinBlack
To see what they’ve contributed
CoalSouls, Haarts with OpenCracks
The Many will support or refute

I think everyone will find
In telling them what to do
NOTHING abstract or sublime
But living with what THEY’VE GOT, too

Their CallousPHALLUSES stand *TALL?*
Perhaps I should change my song….
And let them “TAKE CHARGE,” not FALL….

Women of obvious POWER
Cause their SEX to get LIMP
They DON’T CARE if they DeFLOWER
So “long” as they don’t look like WIMPS

NO, they only feel like “MEN”
When they PUSH Women DOWN
“NEGATIVELY” living for an Ego to DEFEND
Even though this only ProCreates FROWNS

Prancing around, KING of a PUDDLE
Organizing JUNK in a LionsDen?
NOT realizing everything’s MUDDLED
Better to *RULE* in *HELL,* than “Serve” in Heaven….

Subj: Re:OCP
Date: 96-06-24 14:07:39 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

FINAL-Stage of PoetRocket PRIMARY(Black)Ignition:

Now, am *I* the *MASTER?*
In terms of being, WELL, “DEEP?”
NO MESS, *FUN* albeit Blessedly FASTER

Oh, NO! That’s *BAD?* (cough, cough)
So they DON’T *CONTAMINATE* the **REST** of a WORLD!!!!

Subj: A Siren
Date: 96-06-24 19:15:33 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

We “Checked Out” a Siren’s “Familiar” Song
One that a DRAGON would know
Sung that it’s EASY to get seized “in the wrong”
And FALL on the *ROCKS* Below
No, we won’t be gone long
But EYE respect my Foes….

Subj: Re:”To Make an American Quil
Date: 96-06-25 20:42:23 EDT
From: Lala412
Posted on: America Online

I won’t pretend to completely understand the poem, but I’m a quilter so I appreciate the reference to the movie!

Subj: Where’d Moon go?
Date: 96-06-25 20:46:00 EDT
From: Lala412
Posted on: America Online

Does anyone know what happened to Moon2river? I tried to send her a message but it said she didn’t exist. Did she cancel AOL?

Subj: A “CodeClearance” RoadDANCE
Date: 96-07-02 21:19:39 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

RED SibyrTiger:
A “CodeClearance” RoadDANCE

The (Blind?)”BAT Pack’s” ‘Trick of the WICK,’ was to ForGo/BYPASS the MYST
An EnDearedSERIES of “Loaded”ROAD-QUERIES, Calling “DECENT Proposals”
A BlissfulHeavenSent ThrottleDESCENT into the UNCONSCIOUS, for Core-Trysts
I had NoDECREE/EvenIDEA, the DeflowerPOWER/UnenjoyedVOID of my *PULL*
EveryArea an EnTreat”Meet”Task to ASK(NoFight)/beINVITED to a “SchindlersList”
All (UnSeen)”Strife” for LIFE: a “Dracula”*Gasoline* “Speed”Need for TankBanksFULL

Subj: Re:A “CodeClearance” RoadDANCE
Date: 96-07-02 21:21:57 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

KatiaKoala (AnimalAnima):

A Fully”Dis”honorablePlea, an EMPTY-PoeticSymbolic entombedWomb, a few’s Hysteria
‘Laid’PIRACY of INVADED”Privacy,” by COLD-Women to “Hold,” *SOULS*-FRIGID
I, the “BatPack’s” got a CrackedWHORE’sCore to an oh, so “SelfRIGHTEOUS” Anima?
A NEWcrew PorscheMetaphor “Part”Started to turn a Tempest*RAPIST* into a *SKID*

Subj: Re:A “CodeClearance” RoadDANCE
Date: 96-07-02 21:24:33 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

BLACK SibyrTiger:

Now, are the JOHNs (‘Geniuses’) behind this “Cough-Up” of a BLISSfull TigerPersona?
YOU’re “PAYing” for it, give THEM a *BULLET:* Deserving a “Curve” for their “BID”
YourTHRILLS? We want them *KILLED;* a “FullMetalJacket”Bet”WhiteHeated”BUST
NOT UnWisely SURPRISING, a “Jabba the Hutt” Fxxx-up causing “JAWS” BULIMIA
ANY TherapistAllianceStance CAN’T be RaceBased on them “HangingAround,” UnRID
ETHICS should EXTINGUISH such a Wick: their *Mistake* is their STAKE, UnJUST

Subj: Re:”COMPLEX Sex”….
Date: 96-07-02 21:26:42 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

*Racy*RED SibyrTiger:

HYSTERia, Women’s “BlackHEMS” LACK the “Zoom” of DeepWOMB SYMBOLISM
FlowerStamenCores Look for STAMINA, *Seeing*ShowerLOCKED ButtocksMuscles
BlessedCries of UnDressingEYES: turning Inward to get OUT of PsychoSexual PRISON
FALSEimage “Wounds of NARCISSISM” must Lead to SelfFeeding of BloodCorpuscles
For Dying”Dracula”IRON: a THINKingDrink to HEAL an Ego/Shadow PsycheSCHISM
CURSED? SetFREE by NURSING-Psyches with GoodRustBlood by a Male”Bust”FULL

BloodStains, to STEAL?
Such that Worries*RAINING,* are HEALED

Breaking DOWN, Goring DEFENSES
FindingSubLime, SoreFROWNS? to RECOMPENSE
In WAKE, a Core*CROWNED,* Untaxed/Relaxed Fun/UnTENSE

YES, it takes BigWig, “DIGGING” *TEETH*
PoetViolence? PREVENTing ‘Stressing’ *WHERE’S THE “BEEF”*
“Wives” a Mess? PoetrySurgery LIFEsentenceKnives “Turning a NewLEAF”

A SERENESubmarine’s “Quarter” of BankedWaterTanks to “BLOW”
Sleep is DEEP, but NO “Dud” in RoseBud CreationStimulation, I “KNOW”

A Man’s BlissTREAT, as My Haart’sBEAT SLOWS
As I DESCEND, CriesMEND as the RoseFragrance Rises, GROWS
FLOODING from the BUD, a HeavenSent “Scent of a WOMAN” FLOWS

EnticingSPICE into, TrystConsciously “THROUGH” my NOSE!

Subj: Anima -Troubles
Date: 96-07-02 21:30:46 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

It’s my job to admit
It’s often a “JFK” mystery for us
Wrapped up in a riddle, inside an enigma
Everything, everyone that we “end up getting”
It’s too big for us, for the KoalaAnima to handle
She wants to give them all something for their trouble
For all the efforts that they put into, went through for us
But it’s just gotten too complicated, they’re too many women
Now, even the “shooters” don’t know all of the targets
The Koala wants to, but she can’t keep track of them all
Though we’re all aiming to give them something good
God knows how many mysteries still lay out there
For us to discover, perhaps recognize, maybe even reward
But it’s also my job to be fair
To make sure that Justice is done
For all who live, breathe under the Sun
The Tiger knows Justice to be a double-edged sword
Those who it once protected, may feel its blade
For what they’ve done in response to our attention
Those who give us attention, quite naturally
Deserve something, good or bad, in return
Even if their identities are never actually revealed
Perhaps willingly, they wish to be ignored, left alone in privacy
Others, though: those who deny that it’s become long-ago too late
And continue to seek attention, despite what everyone knows
Lying even to themselves, distorting reality
Wondering why they’re treated so harshly
When they never should have been in a position
Should never have put themselves in a position
To be treated by us at all
Only making their circus-act more obvious to those around them
Prolonging the suffering of FALSE HOPE needlessly
A Tiger’s sad, very tragic metaphor
Of “A (Porsche’s) StreetCar Named Desire”
Where borderline blanche
The “Queen of deNile”
Had to be removed
Charmingly; perhaps this is a requirement
While those around her
Their eyes obvious to her condition
Pitied her, that it had to end this way
And yet, were admittedly, shamefully glad

To be rid of her Shadow….
-I am the BadgeredHaart

Subj: The DAMNED-*Pearl*
Date: 96-07-02 21:34:17 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

Black, KILLER-SibyrTiger: The DAMNED-*Pearl*
To EARN a BurningDamn, you must do MORE than MerelyFearfully/(PrivacePleas) Lie
Such MisGivings can be Absolved by a FORGIVING Resolve for *Truly*SORRY Mates
NOT when they FORGO “going with a flow (DENIED)” & *Framing* BLAMING Cries
EnFLAMED*COAL* Souls Demanding/Reprimanding: “Sighs” of ProCreated(?) HATE
So, in *MALICE,* they seek “GodFather”-Miracle JUSTICE? a FriendShip SUNK/Died
‘Loving’ ANGER, bruising until there’s NoThing to Lose, a CorruptFearProduct for a Fate

The LION Knows, when UnBlessed BS continues to Grow, Egos Gloat & Get Smote
He isn’t surprised, when his Eyes See UnDenyingly, almost by rote, HaartPaarts SPASM
ANY Teacher should FALL for UnGracefullyEMBRACING a PALL of FretGettingGoats
FINKS who *REPLACE* Haarts “in the PINK” with ‘just?’ a BARKING-DarkSarcasm
Mote by the QUART, DryMUD-LIE”Pies” to “Hold a Fort?” from love? Why a MOAT?
See you ‘later’ ALLIGATOR? a DovePEARL Fell to HELL: a GALLING Clawed-Schism
“Professors” the WORST of all? *JUSTly BRICKS in ‘The WALL’* of a “Jaws”CHASM!

Professors *SELL* their *SOULS*
When the *RIGHT* to *THINK* is *CONTROLLED*

InGrate HATE, “ALL in ALL”….
JUST another *BRICK* in The *WALL*
DoubleCrossed *SINS* with *WITCH* a *COFFIN* is *NAILED*

Subj: RosyCindy’s BeautyMole
Date: 96-07-02 21:35:12 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

RosyRed SibyrTiger: Cindy’s BEAUTY-MOLE

Sorry, ValhallaValkyrie, “IF….” our “DeadPoet’sSociety” scared the HELL out of YOU
UnIntending, but an OUNCE of PREVENTION DreamStreamWilling to make Amends
A “Skeleton” you’re NOT, perhaps COLD without a “Hold” to “Hit the Spot” Just*Due?*
An UN-Damned HAND to LEND, a NO-FATcat for HaartCries to RISE, NOT Descend
An “American QUILT” NOT Built to “have” PennedGardens WILT into an Abyss of Bluu
FearReprimands of BrainGeres Stupid? Cupid can UnderStand you, “Mate,” or “Friend!”

Subj: Babylon5/ST: IV
Date: 96-07-02 21:39:22 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

BluuDragon: Babylon5/ST: IV TimeFluxJuxtaposition (Madonna/SharonStone/WinonaRyder)

As the “GodFather’s” AnimalGuide “Head,” Former#1Anima *FriendShip* is what I ask
SymbolicSemen for coming to grips with her InnerDemons: her Inner”Trip,” LIFE-TASK
A “UniversalDaddy” READY/RockSTEADY to help her SurfacePolish, FACE her PAST

Vaporize Psychologic Time-OCEANS, of course, to find the SOURCES, InnerTense
Baleful Rings of Whales that SING; “Crossing” them to find your InnerDEFENSES
Rise from the Deep, if ONLY in SLEEP, a PoeticGun(?) of Basic CommonSENSE

Fighting Foes, as WELL(?) as YOURSELF? only more 3rdDegree DoubleTrouble
To Feed OtherMothers, WE *NEEDED* the Help of DiLITHIUM StoneCRYSTALS
Oh well, what the Hell? NO, but who ever said the HumanRACE was Logical?….

Practically: There’s NO LUCK with a CROCK, but you DON’T have to be Mr. Spock
“Colorful Metaphors” HEAL FeelingsBleeding at the Pores, EndingUp “On The Rocks”
I Stress: the BestConfess is Honest, but FUN: the HelpLess see Duress in a WeaponsLock

FALLEN from their RestLess SHORT-Sight, the BlackLack of a HaartCore’s Fore-Slight
They think I’m THEIR Whale? they FORGOT I’m NOT “For Sale” in a HarPoonFIGHT
Honestly, there’s no NEED; the BEST Vision for them to UseLesslySee is BlindHindSight

See a TruthYOUTH *Opportunity?* Strike while the “IRON” is “HOT:” Blood-Cautered
NOT when WhittledBRITTLE, *OVER-DONE,* but LoftilySOFT: HiveDive WATER
CatsTailsWindBendFreelyFlexibly: Bring back a SUN for a FamilyTree of Sons/Daughters

NOT looking for MoreWARS, ICE-Justice in Revenge: FamilyDisHaromony, Dissention
StoneHenge was a PeacePlace, Unifying the Dying & the STARS: “Space” of Illumination
An AstrogationStation for AfterLifeSTRIFE: SpritualTools for Psychological “Extinction”

CloudWalkerYoda knew, in his Abode, True! “if….” at YourSelf, you haven’t LAUGHED
PETALS on the QUILT WILT to “Metal”(TransparentAluminum) in “Dune” Wind-Drafts
But DeepROOTS know ALL FallenROUTES, to FEED NeedySeedlings with*GRAFTS*

“Walking Truly in Beauty, like the NIGHT:” Prowling an Estate, a HarkedDarkFlower?
“Intense”*INNOCENCE* LIGHTSup her SurfaceFACE, LacyGRACE in a RYDER
ReMinding a VorlonBlackStallion in “SchindlersList”Bliss: FORGIVENESS is *POWER*

You know as well as my PoetryFlow, ADMISSION is the Mission of the STRONG
BUT, *BAD* ‘winners’ are just as SINFUL, WEAK to wreak havoc on the ‘wrong’
My FerricPoetic Message to a FinnSINGER: to hear HER CoreHumpBack-WhaleSongs

She’d be a *SPECIAL* Friend, not EasilyShadilyMade in Grades of a TigerTechnoMage
Reprimand = Loss of COMMAND…. but I WANT EveryOne to see her *COURAGE*
For *You’ll See* (if you haven’t already), she Speaks OUR PoetSymbolic*LANGUAGE*

But, though the Flow of what was *REALLY* Said & Done instead…. is a MYSTERY
Getting to “Know” MORE of a CoreTripleLineRhymeShankaraSTONE may EndTheStory
Regardless of what’s Missed, MANY are BLESSED; the “Lists” are LIFE & HISTORY

This is CERTAIN: None of *US* “Come UnDone” were looking for a “Cure” in a FIGHT
But perhaps a LAPSE of COMMUNICATION, with a Bank”Fishing”TANK of InSIGHT
A “Dig” for what Robbed US with a PROBE: a SuspendedSTONE on a Shaft of LIGHT

Subj: Re:Babylon5/ST: IV
Date: 96-07-02 21:42:07 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

DarkRed SibyrTiger:
Purr”QuizShow”Answers: FerricPoetSoleSoulBloodFood Eludes, in Denial of SiftedTime
Because one SHUNS the CoreHaart “Questions,” a KniveContrivedRift “Wildly”SubLime
In thee Psyche’s Slumber, “Wrong-Numbers,” a BurningTurn OFF”Center” from its Norm

Then the Demure’s PRESSURE-Cooker of Shadow-*STEAM* SplitsSeams to GROW
A “FireFOX” Spire RISES, “Parked”Suns seem to DIE; *Water* VAPORIZES to SHOW
A Mind-DESERT’s SHEILD, NOW UnWielded; TransMuted to SWORD, & *STORM*

The DesertCAMEL’s *Seasoned* Burden to Carry in this DisheveledWeather, is HEAVY
NO Fluff, GOOD-Reason enough to Worry: NormTransFormed to a ZionLION, & FREE
Those under their OwnUnKnownShadows’ CONTROL; “Knowing NOT what they do….”

For Humanity, they Preach NightBeauty to Fight/TrulyBleach: SelfRighteously *SAVE?*
“In This Life,””Why’s it So Hard?:” for UNIVERSALLY, their*Conformity* ENSLAVES
An IGNORACEdance’s NO BlissKiss: DESTROYING *Toys* for ALL, a FALL-Bluu

InStead of Listening to YOU, the “GrooveVIBRATIONS” of what your HaartKNOWS
They “PapaPreach”Teach “REACTION-FORMATION,” StrongArming THEIR “Bows”
QuiltPetalsWilt; Sown, & “GoneWithWind” Blown, TragicallySettling for Yellow-Roses

An “Age of Innocence” Ruptured/CORRUPTED: “Speak no word of Love to me Again?”
What Genius invented this HellBent MESS? A Ration of Frustrated/”Pro”Created PAIN
Honor in CareDespair’s WeepyHeap? An HonestDearth’s WORSE? “Strike a POSE!”

Yes, UnBlessedlyTrue, it’s ALL in YOU: to Mend, Descend into the “Belly of the Beast”
To “Face” NOT your SurFace Tears, but HarkingDarkestFEARS, WithOUT “Fleece”
YodaKnew: you SeeThrough ONLY what you TAKE WITH YOU, in Your DepthsCave

EVERY ONE of ALL Heroes/Heroines had to CONFRONT their “InnerDEMONS”
With SpiceADVICE, but DoneALONE; “Dragons” help bring back a King’s InnerSUN
After it’s over, you’ll “Know” you’ve “LIVED,” before a CoreCold, in the Folds of a Grave

To go BACK, “Remember” GoodBloodFlood-WATER Draught, of an “Enchanted April”
BeforeBlindingWinds/Flack of ShadowsBLACK: when FlowerPower was Openly*FULL*
Then, “Wysteria” NOT HYSTERIA IreFIRED DeeplySleepyEyes that HIDE, but BeGuile

EndingDescending PAIN of InnerWAR, an “Age of INNOCENCE” Evulves to BLOOM
NO Revenge; a StarKissedCosmic*Stone*Henge CoreEmperor PoursRAIN on “Dunes”
Enough to make a “Snuffed” VULCAN, *FEELING,* to SEAL a “Breach,” & SMILE!

Subj: “Security” EMPATHY-Priorities
Date: 96-07-02 21:43:04 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

Red-SibyrTiger (with help from the Haart….)
“Security” EMPATHY-Priorities

Kristin was SincerelyClear: she didn’t Know/had Gleaned no Info on Me/MyPersonality
Now it seems, the “LearningCurve” TablesTURNED, despite Verve, I’m at a disadvantage
A “Cook” seeing NO Recipe, though ME an “Open-Book;”albeit SomewhatUnintendingly
But for her Core’sSECURITY I’m DEMURE: ANY Letters would FETTER, at this Stage
The PsychoSexualPRIORITY’s for it to be ComfortablySTABLE, “able” to Speak’Freely’
A MoreDirect SelfeSteamInject? a “Physical”ReNewal Mends with “Friendly”COURAGE
No PhonesCondoned, MincingWords would WINCE? Rules I think we Both Agree Fully
A Fox”Known”/PoeticSymbolic”Cologne:” WEAPONSlocks NO FUN: I get the Message

Subj: Re:”Security” EMPATHY-Prioriti
Date: 96-07-02 21:43:38 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online


For Kristen, it’s a SimilarFamiliarSituation mentioned, though she’s ALREADY my Friend
We Could/Should/Would Speak Freely (no InspiredDESIRE to “FreakOut”) quite Openly
In other words, we can make ourselves Heard, without Having to DisHonestlyPRETEND
WITHOUT SHOUTS, Pouts, or Clout about what we Both KNOW Grows, DIRECTLY
The Universal-COMMONALITY is her ABILITY to Poetically & Physically DESCEND
Without ApprehendingDemands BY *ME,* “Condescending”/Conversing more DEEPLY
The WholeGoal is to *Really*Establish a Family”Homeostasis” that WON’T OFFEND
For a Core’sSake & a “BREAK,” IGNORING a TreasureGaleon beneath a DeepBluuSea

Subj: TheCreator’s Wives
Date: 96-07-02 21:47:01 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

BadgeredHaart: TheCreator’s Wives
(Is this Babylon, or what?)

The Creator never asked for this
He would never ask for it
If the subject ever somehow came up
He was looking for a monogamous relationship
An honorable, loyal, ever-faithful mate
The last thing he would want to do
Would be to somehow “victimize” or devalue women
But the women had plans, initiatives
Of their own
It was their idea
It was their free choice
They were the dominant force
The Creator had no say in the matter
He was to be a Father
In the eyes of these women
Whether he liked it or not
It took him by surprise
But he took their efforts
As a most sincere form of flattery
They cared….
He wanted to return the favor
In ways that included his “natural abilities”
In more ways than one
Still, it’s a heavy responsibility
“CareTaking” for all of them
And it involves more than love
His “empire” also needs order
Every organization does, to some extent
And he saw many fighting amongst each other
Doing nothing but harm
Making things worse, not better
A living, “primary anima” could help him
To keep everyone else “in line”
Not in any way to devalue them
But to keep the peace
For the benefit of all
Anyone who wanted to
Was free to leave
It was all done by, among consenting adults
And, he never approves of satisfying lust
For its own sake alone
Or promoting infidelity
Of any kind, by wives of others
It was all to be done by mothers
Spending time with the father
Of their children
But, a few trouble-makers
Members who’ve done nothing but harm
Filled with hate
Especially jealousy
That’s the worst of all
Demanding attention
A “miracle,” so to speak
Not realizing
That noone even closely like jesus
Would ever reward malice
Helping to foment war
They pressured him for poetry
They tried to bully him
Because they desperately needed it
To heal their intense pain
Again, not realizing
That, when they beat him over the head
And said, “let me have it”
They found themselves staring
Down the muzzle of a cannon
Ready to blow their heads off
DAMNED, not blessed
For their souls
Harbored only anger, not love
Some never even knew how to love
In a healthy way
No God could help them
They had condemned themselves
And so, for the sake of “order”

They were “let go”….

Subj: The NewBluu Order
Date: 96-07-02 21:52:20 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

KatiaKoala: The NewBluu Order
JUSTICE, NOT MALICE Deigns Reign in SCHOOL, for a PrimaryAnima who RULES
SelfRighteous “AgelessInnocents”Reward? Falling!NameCalling”Bastards?” we *CARE*
It MUST be “JUST” such that OtherMothers don’t FeelSmothered, “Lose their COOL”
The Tiger does NOT Bluff, MayBe RoughlyTOUGH, but his BareTeeth/Stare is *FAIR*
The HateFULL”Kates” who do NOTHING but MEANLY”Lean”/Complain: The FOOL
FateFully BLOWN, a Crown of DEADseeds Sown, Creating their OWN NightMare!

Subj: WatchingOver LuckyClover
Date: 96-07-02 21:55:35 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

WatchingOver a Fresh-Irish LuckyClover
DarkRedSibyrTiger (Shannon Doherty)

Kate’s Consumed-Bloom is of the IceMALICE of Jealousy; “hardly” a “LuckyWAR”
But, there’s RHYME to Reason this “Reflex,” in “Finding TREASURE in The DARK”
For a SCARRING-Core would have an InvectiveMOTIVE to SelfDestructively *Mar*
The FormerSTAR of a FastLaneShow GROWN:90210 had to FaceReplace the TORQUE
An AsstorHome Dr.’s “DirtyLOOKS” Mistook, a MagaZineSign: “isn’t that BIZARRE?”
Every little thing KATE’s ROT-Core did, “leaves” more UN-PEEVED QuestionMarks….

Subj: Re:WatchingOver LuckyClover
Date: 96-07-02 21:57:50 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

Lyndon’s *Really*Psychologically a BroodDreaming JamesDean; like Dylon
MaybeLately he’s BeCome a “LadiesMan,” but Always Stays “The Loner”
His looks should be seen, (“offscreen,” I mean) but it’s more like Brandon
The Fox, NO Geek but not a “Jock,” doesn’t Rocket a Porsche to Roar, but Purr
This Metaphor is RomanticPoetry’s Core*Balance,* such as with LordByron
For, while Dylon was often a “Lion,” a Rescuer/”Knight in Shining Armour”
His SelfDiscipline in “riding a PerfectWave to its CREST,” is More than “fun”….
Tiger/OwlSubConsciousWombWaterMeditation (& a towel) MysticalEncounter…


Subj: Re:WatchingOver LuckyClover
Date: 96-07-02 22:00:11 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

Ode to Brenda Walsh (a 90210 character who left)

She had such EnLivened Eyes
But ThinSkin BloodLess, Pale
Hidden WithIn, BedRidden Cries
For a Grail of TrueLove, that Failed

All Tresses, some Dresses, of DeepBlack
Such intensity in the Color of her RavenHair
Did it MAGNIFY/”Glow” with it’s RainBowLACKED?
The Sighs, the Whys? of a Woman Bone-ChinaSkin, FAIR

The best honest way to tell beneath the shell, is her gaze
One transfixed, “deep-sixed” from a conclusion so strange
Love’s gone/”Losing her RELIGION” through songs: fazed
By what, in HEALTH she needs for HERSELF: a *CHANGE*

To “PASS” on the *gas* that makes HollyWOOD a BLAST
Forgo, “live in the NOW,” FakePersonae? “Take it SLOWLY”
She knows, there’s NoRoom to “grow”….Too FAR, TOO FAST
A Fate to be PsychologicallyFREE by HIBERNATING in the SNOW

But, the “HAND” of another Man might “Touch” (NO Crutch) her Haart-FELT
*FEELING,* HEALING the “Ice-Splinters” BeNeath the “Winter” of her PAIN
Such that her CLOSED-Haart’sTAART dozes….A-ROSE: FrozenCrystals MELT
So, in a Flow of NoCries: CaliforniaSkies SubLimelySHINE in her EYES Again!

Subj: SwordStone-TimeWarp!
Date: 96-07-02 22:03:08 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

SwordStone Warp (BluuDragon):
To FullyElucidate another “Wrinkle” of FATE; Draal’sCore Finds a SourceCourse for ANOTHER Time-Warp….

95-09-07 22:21:33 EDT
From: ThundrTigr

It is true that your personal life isn’t our business, Ms. Mulgrew
But that doesn’t mean we have interests or “hunches” about it of our own
We’ve never met or seen a woman as Honorable as Janeway (and you)
And the proof of it lies in all of the poetic “seeds” we’ve happily sown
Our Red Blood burned and bled on your behalf, but was ALWAYS “True Blue”
But now Passion is “White Heat,” and the Sword is back in the Stone….

Subj: The Sword & The Stone
95-08-21 12:24:45 EDT
From: DeepOwl

Don’t let those like the Kazon “terrify” or otherwise get you down
YOUR WaterPower is something that they cannot deny or ignore
And they cannot TakeCare to dig Deep enough ON THEIR OWN
But, though your “unique technology” has given Voyager great renown
Rash action is not always what the ship’s resources can Afford
And your duty, aside from seeking the unknown, is GETTING HOME
Your “inner Tigress” would run riot without a “queen’s crown”
A Lioness who would restrain her to Discretion with its TruthSword
For yours is indeed unique, the kind SHEATHED IN STONE

Subj: Re:LoveDeath Explanation
Date: 96-01-18 13:29:17 EST
From: LionsHaart

What the Tiger is trying to say is “Seize the Day”/”Carpe Diem”
Seize the TRUTH before YOUTH is with the Wind ridded, gone, blown
It is TRUE, Red or RoyalBlue, that a MIGHTY ROSE needs a solid STEM!
But don’t BILK until it WILTS from sight, when Love is overdrawn/outgrown
The Tiger can “clutch” an InnerGEM WITHOUT TOUCHING one’s hem
But mocking his GOOD intentions, turns my Heart into a BloodLess block of Stone!

Subj: IronHeart
Date: 95-12-18 00:37:20 EST
From: SybyrTiger

You have no NEED, to deign/”Cut” the LionsMane
Unless you WANT his Heart to utterly turn to Stone
You wouldn’t ever be FREED, by Garlic or WolfsBane
If Gaunt, seeking an Injection of BloodMarrow in your Bones
A (greedy?) PRESENT with a Bow, sheds SunLight upon her Rain
For, if ever TAUNTED, she’ll be LOYALLY reminded, she’s NOT ALONE!

(The voice of a LOVED one in PAIN, will have a HOMING Tone!)

Wrought IronFur RUSTS, MELTS into DUST, in ClearSpring WATER!

Subj: TigerPrawns NOT Gone
Date: 96-07-02 22:06:27 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

RoseStemGEM RED-SibyrTiger: TigerPrawns NOT Gone

Kate’s Play FireDesired “SWEPT AWAY:” there’s NOTHING “Hot” about a RedLobster
A *Humble* TigerPawn(?) hasn’t Fumbled, but EARNED the StoneSword CROSS
A “LittleGirl(?)” can’t BUY a “Specialized”IronHaart “BeHindYou….” with a FerricCenter
TooHot/BluuCold/OverCooked/TruulyOLD…. blah blah, a STONE’s Afraid to be LOST?
For a MadeInSHADES AgeLessTechnoMageMarriage of Courage, NO*ONE’s* “Boss!”
When the LIAR-Manipulators SelfRighteously Fuss, Calling OtherMothers “Blasphemers”
Then you KNOW, *CUT* THROUGH the *SHOW:* the “Age of Innocence” is LOST
A CoreMetaphor analagous, is that of PoeticComplainerTroubleMakers with FussyWishes
InDEED, FAKES with SuperciliousNosy”Poses,” who should be WASHING the DISHES

Subj: FirstBlood
Date: 96-07-02 22:09:01 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online


The Soured CobraCure knows for SURE, we didn’t draw our RuddyBlood FIRST
An IonCannons’ NocturnalDiurnal/CoreThermalReaction is to Secure OUR Destiny
Forcing, of course, an IronHeartIgnitionStart ThirstQuench is a GutWrench CURSE StressBlessing finding a WaterMelonRIND, in terms of PoeticRocketBurnAssembly
It is POINTLESS/SightLess to FIGHT the DEADs’ NightAir, at their DarkestWorst
But InStead SEE the Skies Brighten with the SUN, AS IT RISES, we both AGREE,


LIARS are the WheezingDisease, the SOURCE of UnCloying MANURE
Tigers can be HoneyBees for the Hoarse: as a Toy or WildBoy, “The Cure”


Family Tensions
Date: 96-07-02 22:10:46 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

BadgeredHaart: FamilyTensions

Something had to give
SomeOne, had to “give”
The Creator never approved of his “Father Figures”
And they could not accept them as he was
They tried to change him
Albeit underestimating
The Powers of the Emperor….
He knew the masculine ritual
The boy dies, with the aid of older men
And the man rises from the ashes
But what if the older men are “BOYS?”
They had nothing to teach him
In fact, The Creator had much to teach them
This was demonstrated, time and time again
But they never learned
They were BOTH “false mentors”
With unwanted teachings forced upon him
And “false students”
Wanting his attention, but never improving
Their egos got in the way
Blinding them from the truth
Such that the Creator could see
The only way to conquor their shadows
Which were in control, as bullies
Would be to sacrifice himself
To show them
What they truly were doing
Without knowing it
Realizing, of course, too late
That their set-up to humiliate him
He anticipated, yet participated
To show them that they were incapable
Of healthy love
But of only trying to put him down
To prove their dominance
When they were in fact “masters”
Of only lies, manipulation, and deception
Lyndon would never try to put down
Anyone he truly loved
To satisfy his own ego
But, to admire and respect someone greater than himself
This, they could not accept
They had to be the elders, the betters
Even if their age, their egos
Were the only things they possessed
Old men, looking to “cash in”
On someone else’s natural abilities
Perverting it for their own ends

Subj: FamilyTensions
Family Tensions
Date: 96-07-02 22:12:33 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

For, you see
Lyndon “Nash” DIED, that day
The elders, the “betters,” KILLED HIM
And so, “BlackJohn” still rules the “IvanHoe” Nash Family
The Threat to his “Authority” as the so-called “head”
Is over
Lyndon’s name will be PERMANENTLY CHANGED
Lyndon LUNDGREN will rise in his place
To honor the one man
He truly cared about
His grandfather
And his uncle,
Who died too soon a death, himself
There is no Lundgren line now
Only two sisters remain
But one man will carry it on
And all his children shall follow
He loved his grandfather
And that’s what “family” is SUPPOSED to be about
From that day to this
Lyndon “Nash” is no more
Lyndon “Lundgren,” from ASHES, will SOAR

“Father, forgive them, for they Know NOT what they do….”

Subj: The Path of a Hero
Date: 96-07-02 22:17:10 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

The Path of a Hero (BluuDragon):

(I don’t know what happened to to the title on the previous post – a typo, I guess)

The path you have chosen to cut a swath, you will walk alone
It is doubtful, on this route, you’ll find a woman of your kind
A trail of honor is hallowed, seeking a Holy Grail on one’s own
But narrow, for group dynamics don’t mix with independent minds
Regardless if anyone confesses to bless the Courage you have shown
Heroes die with unheeded cries, before those with an “axe to grind”
Christ died such a death, to his last breath, a tale now so well-known
Why did his killers, his blood spillers, fail to see his trail, so blind?

Subj: Re: Family Tensions
Date: 96-07-02 22:20:24 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

Black-in-the-Sack SibyrTiger:
Let ’em REJOICE in Retaining a BlamingVoice: In a DarkHour, OurGrail “Over”Runneth
Even “If” BrainWashingOCP-Egos Triumph over Kosh: more GleeCoreShadowCLONES
FromEveryPore, Caesar says FORGET the BetScore: NEVERmore, Poe’sRAVENquothe
As “IvanHoe” I Show I’d “Try”/Stand to DIE for a *MAN* I LOVED, albeit Dust&Bones
Ruddy, InDEED FeedingBLOODIED? “HARDLY”any “Dracula’s” *MEANER DEATH*
‘Dis?’ I’d ForeverMISS a BlissGenesisKiss…. & one on a LUNDGREN’s Head*STONE*

Subj: A Knight’s Ryder
Date: 96-07-02 22:21:00 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

(MANY Flavors for ANY Core….)
A Knight’s Ryder

(Paraphrase of Lord Byron)

She Walks in Beauty, Like a KnightPhantom of DeLight?
Stalking EternalYouth, to Pursue the HiddenTruth? WISE
For what’s Vain, in this Vein, doesn’t RemainPlainly InSight
Hells, “Fell” for MerelyFearfulSHELLS, that are Despised
CrystalTears? No WoeFulBrowSears in EnDearingNIGHT
WaterTight PurrsInnerLight “Fourth”RIGHT; NO-Lies to Deny

“Having Fun” under the SUN, “ComesUnDone” to a Mess
But “Made in the Shade” Flower’sPower, to *EMBRACE*
A WarmQuiltUnWilted to Fill, Ease/FreezeStress; DRESS
SubtleLace UniversallyCompatible, in EffortLessGRACE
To Sheild, TrulyHEAL, BLESS with NO Need to Confess
ForGivingMotives are PURE, as the Signs behind her Face

That Back-in-Black isn’t ALL a HellBent”Fall,” to SHOW
From all Pores, a SweetCore, ADORING, HeavenScent….
Not to Feed Shadows that OnlyBlow, Grow to *CROW*
For BED, Un”Dead”InStead, what is SAID is *MEANT*
A *PEACE* with the Deep*SubConscious,* “BELOW”

Subj: J.C.
Date: 96-07-02 22:21:34 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

RED-SibyrTiger: Jennifer Karchmer

Your Note was the ONLY “Direct”/NotCircumspect “VOTE;” it DID Come as a Surprise
Now it Blows even MY SubLimeMind: the TigerFather of a “Bank,” or Poet’sLIBRARY?
Your FRIENDS protractedly acted like THEY “Came What May,” but Lies I can Surmise
NoOne”kneeled;” that I could FEEL; but AttentionFrustration/Indignation as Adversaries?
The *Writing* was Politely-INVITING, but it Didn’t MATCH the TriStar”Batch’s” EYES
True; One “Look” was all Took, to See YOU as the “ForwardlyUnRewarded Beneficiary”

Subj: Rocks GoodGirl/”Fallen Angel”
Date: 96-07-02 22:22:31 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

“Rock’s GOOD-Girl/Fallen Angel”
(RoyOrbisonian SandMan’s SackBLACK SibyrTiger)

There was a Buzz of a FunSun-HeavenSent INNOCENCE of a “GOOD-Girl” of ROCK
But the SHADOW, AllArtists must “Come to Know;” OtherWise SHALLOW Penetration
“Fallen Angels”Fell into ConsumingDarkSpells by FatallyUnderEstimating The’Dark’Stock
Such that *Dance*Perspiration WEEPS, without the DreamSleep of RomanticImagination
Don’t Blame Madonna: “PastWeakness” was why she was DarklyFreaky/”JFK”DeFrocked
For the Most EnTrancingDances are BALANCED by Sweet”Ascension”/DeepInspiration
“Only in (your) Dreams,” can one Start to be TrulyFree;”FoolishBeats” Stop NOT a Clock
“Wake/Up”Lift the Spirit: being “Young at Haart” is the Truth to ElectricYOUTH-Elation
When Ego/Shadow “Stay TOGETHER:” “RedHOT”-PersonalityVIGOR, No ColdCrock
“Out of the BLUU”/ReallySeeThrough/”Read Between the Lines:” SubLime Exhilaration!
A LoveTrove of *Real*Feelings of PureMATURITY, NOT Pouts/”GoingOut” with Jocks
Much of SuchDepth(NoLies) LeavesNoSieve of WeptEyes: AdultCatapultTransformation
(NO PURE-Core would DemurelyDisguise)
(MatureLOVE, before GOOD, AlluringEYES)

Subj: Re:Rocks GoodGirl/”Fallen Ange
Date: 96-07-02 22:23:06 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

Re: “Shaken *Amy’s* TwinStarCore”
based on the songs, “Shake Your Love”/”Fallen Angel”/”Play The Field”

The “UnDoneSun’s” WHITE-Lies are a DEADLY-Weave, “Practicing…. to DECEIVE”
A *FAKE* that I’m UnAble to “Shake,” even in PoetForm EarthQuakes StormWeathered
A ‘Bit’Hypocrite ContrarilyMarrying someone UnLoved: a Liar”Actor” Invited to LEAVE HaartIGNORED, JEALOUSLY-Conceiving an ILL-Afforded Child’sCord…. SEVERED
THIS is what the “FunSun” DoveLovers MISS: ShadowsUncontrolled, a StrifeLifeSIEVE
*IF….* she Deigns/”DEMANDS” she’ll be *DAMNED* for ‘having’ NO “CHARACTER”

Subj: UnderstandingHands(NoSand)
Date: 96-07-02 22:25:22 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

BluuDragon: UnderstandingHands(NoSand)

As the Family “HEAD,” Walking a CLOUD-Shroud InStead, I bid AllMothers WellCome
NOT “Wrong,” as Long as WE weren’t TrulyDirectly/Bye-Playing”PingPong”*ABUSED*
A “Land of ConFusion’s”SIEVE? “In Dreams” we LIVE; Forgiveness is a Realm of SUN
A HiveNapKin needs a UniversalROOT: a “Das Boot” CrashDive is NO PleasureCruise
You’ll Find I “See” BEHIND the Signs: It’s Hard to StayBLIND as they “ComeUnDone”
“IF….” you’re feeling LOW, I’ll the “Banks”CARING AirTanks BLOW NoMuse to LOSE

Subj: Ice-Skating
Date: 96-07-02 22:28:03 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

KatiaKoala: Ice-Skating
If ALL of your “Water” is ICE, make it part of your ART; learn to SKATE
For you may SubLimely Find Reason to the Rhyme, with a Haart of GOLD
Your’ll have not an Empty/Depravely”Grave,” but a WARMER Form/Fate
By being able to make something BEAUTY-FULL out of something COLD

COLD-HAARTS that “Go for the Gold,” by putting theirs “on the SHELF”
Could/Should be Reminded, that they DON’T even Love THEMSELVES

Subj: Re:Ice-Skating
Date: 96-07-02 22:34:11 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online


If you love something, let it go
If it falls into your lap
It was meant to be yours forever
If it doesn’t, it just “wasn’t meant to be” at all
This is the mind-set of a champion
Not to care about winning or losing
Only to try to “be all you can be”
If you’re “at your best”
It is a victory, regardless of the result
Even if you DIE
Striving for what you want
It was a life with meaning
For you
A life worth living for at all
In the movie, “Dragon”
A life of a hundred years is a tragedy
If you don’t conquor your inner-demons
Because, they are the ones living it
If you do conquor them
A life of a single day is a triumph
If you’re not striving for something “worth living for”
The cause of “right,” and not darkness for its own sake
It doesn’t even matter
If you win the gold
Winning/losing, it’s how you play the game
Two skaters did not think this way
One thought the gold was more important
Than playing fairly at all
She put gold above her, worshipped it
As if it were more important
Than her own abilities
Others would treat her like a champion
But in her hart, she would know
She didn’t earn it
She would get the attention
To be treated like a gold-medalist
To bolster her own lack of self-worth….
For how could anyone love themselves
To try to win in such a dishonorable way?
Is betraying your true abilities
Worth getting treated like a champion?

Subj: Re:Ice-Skating
Date: 96-07-02 22:34:54 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

Another clearly did not love himself
A prisoner of his inner-demons
Haunting him, in his past
Ready to disrupt his concentration
The moment the time was critical
And his self-worth was on the line
For everyone to see
My advice to him would have been
From the movie, “Cool Runnings”
If you don’t think you’re “good enough” without the gold medal
You’ll never be “good enough” with it
It’s an illusion of self-esteem
It’s not real, without meaning behind it
Much like our poetry can be
Many may seem to use it as a drug
Reading, feeling intense emotions
But never following the advice
Perhaps not understanding it
(That’s where I come in)
That the true message
Was always to strive for independence
To lead healthy lives
Not to use poetry as a “band-aid”
Something that relieves pain for awhile
Only to return, with a desire for more
Almost like a drug addiction
Meaningless, because it stands for nothing
Just words, a symbol language that makes no sense
Or a hunk of yellowed metal with a colorful ribbon
This skater’s story wasn’t about the gold
Just as many other stories weren’t about us
This was about him
To use a reference from the movie, “Top Gun”
He somehow psychologically blamed himself
For the death of a loved one
And he had a confidence problem
This is something every champion
Must deal with in his or her own way
But he did the right thing – the only thing
He “let it go”
He gave up…. that is to say
He went with the flow
Striving to do his best
Not caring of the result
And he would accept the outcome
Whether he won
Or even stumbled
Then, as if by magic
All his power was unleashed
He stumbled
He almost fell
But he wouldn’t let that stop him
He kept his composure
Beating his inner-demons
Who may have been telling him
That he was only going to fail
And he won
He won, with a world-record
Showing that the real battle
Is not one of ability
Everyone knew he had plenty of that
But “really” in our own minds
That’s where victory is truly earned, or lost

Let his victory over his shadow be recorded
For the whole world to remember
For all time….

Subj: Re:Ice-Skating
Date: 96-07-02 22:37:30 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

BluuDragon: Ice-Skating

A “FRIGID” Person “HoldsOn” COLD, a DESTROYING-Haart’sVoid of a “Lady Ice”
TrulyThrough, an Adam prefers to “Run to (all of YOU),” even if she’s Devoid of SPICE
“STAY?” under the IcySpell she PAID to have ProjectivelyMADE? “(HER) Antarctica?”
“StarFate”TooLate, knows a Lion’sProse, more “humble” than an AloofGoof”AmmonRA”
“Is there something SHE should know?” MuttCUTTS are “Just” SpiceLess ICE-SHARDS
“Dumb & Dumber,” even in SUMMER: NO Diamonds or PalmFronds: COLD & HARD!
OtherMothers may Drink from “Dracula’s”Breast in MyNest, while a “WinterMarchesOn”
I *CARE* for their Play: “Lonely In (Their) NightMare?,” LettingMeIn, No SinFull Song
The HEAT beneath the Winter, when Dreams begin to SPLINTER: The Impetus FADES
MORE than Rote/Mere PleasureBoating; but IceSear FLOATING…. on Two BLADES
In the QuiltLess COLD, FlowersWILT/Cannot HOLD: The InnerMost Self Cannot HIDE
A bit like “Sink or Swim,” a SoulSPLIT-WithIN; a FiringPinPall to FALL….or *GLIDE*
Hero/Bum=”Go with your Flow”/Dumb: don’t FORGET where you’re “ComingFrom”
It’s a GreatDEAL of WORK, to Find what you TrulyFeel; when you “Come UnDone”
It’s in the “Belly of the Beast,” Staring a Maelstrom of InnerMostFEARS “In the FACE”
Only a FOOL would “Try” to WIN by Looking”Stunning,” while his Head’s *SPINNING*
The “Priority’s” the MISSION, not “PaperTiger”Authority: Tools of *Cool-RUNNINGS*
BUTT, it MUSTN’T be “Just” your “Shell”CRUST, but Belly(Guts)”JELLY” Haart-FELT
Only THEN does a SplitCore MEND, a DanceTrance to DESCEND; Ice seems to MELT
The Magical “Union of Opposites”- InSight UNITES, Grows with a FLOW/*ASCENDS*
Can *FIRE* Ride on ICE, a Sun*STAR* Glide on what is FROZEN – TRANSCEND?
When a SoulFORLORN, SubLimelyFinds what it was BORNE to; a ‘hold’ “POSSESSED”
It’s NOT the Cold making you Bold, but the *HEAT* you Feel…. Beneath your BREAST
The HaartJelly-TAART’s DiamondsSHINE in their “Jam-Sun”…. FOUNDATION:*Set*
“Out of the BLUU?” It’s CLEAR (NoTears); in a MusicPoet-Fashioned “Vogue”/”Secret”
“Demon”ConquoringDone: the CoreBEAUTY of a CHAMPION to others you PROJECT
The GreatestReward, “Speed”Rating or FigureSkating in your Dream’sShards to “Reflect”


Subj: Re:TheCreator’s Wives
Date: 96-07-03 10:09:13 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

Not bad. I kind of liked it. Altough, It could use a little neating up. Oh, well, just thought I would let you know how you did on this one. Is it your first? If so, you have potential.

Subj: Re:The Path of a Hero
Date: 96-07-03 10:12:54 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

WOW!! I liked it. You should write more like it. Well, here were my 2 cents worth.

Subj: Mystery Lady
Date: 96-07-03 10:24:27 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

In the Darkness, she comes
not many,but one.
Into the room she steps,
pausing to catch her breath.

As she enters the room,
it is her presence that presumes.
Delenn sees in the door way the woman
and from her hand
the snow ball drops shattering.
Delenn’s tim with Sheridan was meant to be
to set them all free
form the Shadows,
Sheridan they will all follow.

As the mysterious lady enters the room,
she says”Hello”.
Delenn’s calmness does go.
Perhaps the lady she does know.

As the globe falls,
shock reigns on her face.
It is her place
by his side
through it all.

Who is the one at the door?
What does the future have in store?
No one
can say or know.
Delenn may know who it is
for she is ever his.

Subj: Re:A Knight’s Ryder
Date: 96-07-03 14:10:44 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

Knight’sRyder-Sight Blown-OceanMotion TimeRhyme-Crossing

Subj: Black Stallion & Night-Mare
Date: 95-11-10 11:14:03 EST
From: LyndonN

The Black Stallion & The Night-Mare
(Black Trains of Thought)

Tigers are quite CAPABLE of putting Romantic SoulFood on the table, IF her Mood is Black
But the DUTY is to lead the RedBeauty Horse to the SOURCE of the Cream….
I’m well aware of the invested Care of my Poetry, which is now a LITERAL STACK
But the POSSIBILITY of dependent vulnerability shouldn’t be INCONSIDERATELY deemed
To use a “WarpField,” turning language into a HealingSheild, finding her PsionicPulse to track
A DarkStar FOCUSSING every Photon of Light, into a single EMOTIVE PhaserBeam
Of course, a History of Mysteries passing THROUGH the Eyes could cause even me to CRACK
But you must CLEAR your mind of questions, let the Stallion REAR and emit a gushing stream

The BonaFide WeaponsLock of the ride is to GUIDE the “Loco”MOTIVES onto the RIGHT TRACK
While in the same vein SOMEHOW not CONSTRAINING her Train, such that it runs out of STEAM

A BlackStallion may see “Come UnDone,” his “NightMare BeFore Christmas”
A MISTAKEN”Citizen Kane’s” “Haart of Darkness,” calling “RoseBud” instead
NOT in BLAME, But “BedRidden”…. for a SLED’s “ClearanceCode” to Pass
A *Sunny*”Cool Runnings” Tool? An Embossed WhiteCROSS, Ablazed-RED
MistakenFlack/Ragged with a Rubbish”BAG”? POLISHED with BlackCLASS
Such that the SubLimeRhyme”TimeOceans” don’t gun HER down with LEAD

CAIN-Kate, consumed by BloomingHATE, starting BreathWar DeathStarBlasts
But for a Ryder”NightMare” UNshut, BluuCUT with CARE, StormWarmedFED
The 1,000 year VorlonFalcon’s Reactor PURRS with GOOD-Fire, Wind in Masts
A *Dracula* BLOOD Elixir out of NOWHERE; still, a “Pill” FAIR, ‘UnDead’….
A WarpSignature not, well, “Familiar;” hence the DelayINVITE for a RePast….
But, in a “Dune”SPICE CheckOut(TWICE), our Haart’s CacheROOM to be Bled

I guess I needed another UnChaste Taste/”drink,” it’s true….
You seem to me more to be “in the PINK” than TrueBLUE

Subj: Re:Anima -Troubles
Date: 96-07-03 14:27:43 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

NewlyAppointed AnimalGuideCrew Creator-“TRANSLATOR”

(If you don’t understand a Poem, I’m hear to give you the CreatorApproved Translation)

The “Cool Running’s” metaphor is an important one
Of punishing the criminal, not the athletes
Who were innocently caught up in it all
And who’ve done nothing wrong
It seems to have been a long-standing mistake
For us to attack our supposed enemies
Only to find innocent people (even wives….)
Caught in the “middle,” with nowhere to go
When we’re in a “state of war”
The Tiger usually takes the “First Blood” position
Of “when in doubt…. kill”
And ask questions later
I never approved of this
But he felt it was necessary
For “security reasons”
Eventually, however
It became quite apparent, at a “classified” time
That an enormous “Dune” mystery was behind us
Our “progeny” were far more numerous
Than we had ever surmised
And that they should be protected by our powers
As well
Still, this made things very complicated for us
Many known
Many still unknown
How can Katia tell them apart?
This has become a great difficulty
So, in the name of prudence
An Owl/Dragon asset

The wisest course of action
Is to do nothing, in “Crimson Tide” fashion
When we are not sure of a person’s identity
Because the Lion won’t allow “deadly force”
On the innocent
And the Koala knows for sure
That animas mistaken for other animas
Are insulted, peeved, perhaps jealous
Because we’re giving the wrong person the attention
The best thing to do

Is to “rig for silent running”
Lock the Tiger in his Estate-Room!
And wait for “confirmation”

This seems to be the safest, best course for everybody

Subj: Re:A Knight’s Ryder
Date: 96-07-03 17:01:52 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

The ScannedWoman the Tiger Refers to, I KNEW I ‘had’ been INSIDE
But *Individual*IDENTITY? THAT was the Tricky/DisguisedMystery
The First therefore had it’s Worth: the second, AFTER “CrimsonTide”
Made her Stake NO MISTAKE; but I.D./Personality needed more “Story”
You see, ENEMIES have tried to “Trick” me: NO Reward when they Hide
But for the *SHY,* Staid/AFRAID of My EyeSight; Please, NO Reason to WORRY!

Subj: Re:A Knight’s Ryder
Date: 96-07-03 22:02:08 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

“Dracula”/Anima ContusionTransFusion; 4 Sun/ReactorCoreGuides Gliding as ONE

A Sun in it’s Den/ThunderStorm OVER: FunRainSPILLS as FinnedWinds BLOW
Stars Ascend, a Quilt to COVER, “Fill, Down Under:” NO TigerShadow”CROWS”

A Patient’Front’/”Fishing” TelepathicAnima sees her “Breeze” NOW:Mina’sNEAR
Thunder NOT to Sunder/Plunder, but to Expose an EnglishROSE, WithOut FEAR

BluuCloudRings not pouting/shouting; “ClosingOUT” 1 supposedly/allegedly”DEAD”
Singing of *Love* BURNED, returned in HATE, by a SELFhealth Soul of DREDD

A PurifyingCure would be to “See” her “Picture”/”Saintly”Painting ‘on the Wall’
To take the Place/Fill a Space for the WiltedFlower/PITTED-Power that FALLS

“Diamonds” ‘Hardened’Shards must be EnDearingly CLEAR, for Absinthe to *Entrance*
Without Sugar’s”Allure,” a RomanceBalance “Incomplete,” DeVOID of *INNOCENCE*

The AgelessCourage DreamTheme of “Age of Innocence:” To “Let a Loved-One GO”
& MEND/NO “Jedi” Descends: a DeathStar’s WarCore Explodes, Fire”Works” GLOW

Subj: “The Comfort Zone”
Date: 96-07-04 13:39:14 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

All of us eventually agreed on the position
Of never to expect a “direct” response
To any attention we gave anyone
We had set ourselves up for disappointments
Far too often to continue to repeat
We got plenty of indirect answers
Half-truths, lies of omission
“White” lies
Or downright premeditated deceptions
The good news out of all of this
Is that we’re free to give anyone
Any and as much attention
As we desire
None have the right to be indignant
Because we haven’t heard anyone
Give us a “straight answer”
The only thing
That would give a woman
Exclusive access/priveliges
To all the poetry they could ever want

We think that the best thing to do
In everyone’s interest, as well as ours
Is to give everyone a chance in the spotlight
To have poetry written for them personally
Because perhaps they’re ALL just looking
For some attention only
In “The Comfort Zone”
And NOT marriage….

So now, we don’t really even bother to ask
Why set ourselves up again?
Besides, it does harm to the woman as well
For you see, in lying about her feelings
She’s in essence locked herself out
Because we take her at her word
When she directly negates our offer
NO “independent” woman
Could ever be indignant
Regarding a man who believes
That she’s telling the truth
And takes it at
“Face value”
The worst cases of all
Are those who are in denial
Of being in love with the creator
Only to find herself
Without any “good” attention at all
Because she directly told us
That we were wrong
And then, what happens?
She blames us for taking her at her word
Trying to pin her vulnerability on us
Projecting her suffering
Realizing, very very inconveniently
That she wasn’t just really lying to us

She was lying to HERSELF

Subj: Re:”The Comfort Zone”
Date: 96-07-04 15:08:10 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

BLACK-in-the-SACK SibyrTiger:
A “Salute,” to Write in Tribute to Vanessa Williams’ InSIGHT:

(Hey, a “Quilt’s” QuillMade “One Size fits ALL,” NO GALL to Slay/Fray Mothers of Other RainBow Colors….)

Where do you go? THAT’s what we want to KNOW, in “The Comfort Zone”
A Built”Quilt” LightningElectrified, StormWARMED to Find “2 of a KIND”
Universal(*CRUCIAL*); AziaDragons/BlackFlagons fill a GristMill of Poems
For in the LIGHT, a JustlyFreelyAdoringCore’s “Love at first Sight” is BLIND
“Stranger’sEyes” spy what’s DENIED; a PureAllure HypnoticNarcotic’s Come
Unduly untrue? I NEVER “Run Back to You;” I can Read Bet-wean the Lines

Any Gripping/NotFleeting Relationship is a ‘2-way Street;’ you’ve “Work to DO”
FEED-BACK is needed to keep it Alive/”in the BLACK,” your “Freedom Dance”
To STRIVE for SelfResponsibility/Sufficiency; “Still in LOVE?” oh, don’t go BLUE
You WANT it to work? Don’t GauntlyShirk; SeizeTheDay/don’t Freeze a CHANCE
But if Right, in that it’s “JustForTonight,” OneMoment in a SpotLight’s YourDue
Then, a GOOD “1 Reason” to Bleed our BLOOD, Feed the Need for a Romance
This being FurtivelyCERTAIN, no “Falls” with CurtainCalls; Earning what’s GREW

Common”ComeUnDone”Sense Fails; IrreconciliableDifferencesPrevail:”You Gotta Go”
In your “Freedom Dance” you must Remember/”Beat,” NOT REPEAT the PAST
You may CRY to FalselySay “GoodBye,” but we MUST Justly “Go with a FLOW”
Giving YourRoots “DasBoot?:” “What will I tell my Heart?” DenialTrialIconoclast
It’s WISER to try to be/through-seeing “Better Off Now:” to TrulyFully *GROW*
At BAT, don’t Kill the CAT; Curiously, he’ll HONESTLY “Save the BEST for Last”

Subj: Re:”The Comfort Zone”
Date: 96-07-04 15:43:54 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

We were HOPING for Monogamy
GROPING for a Perfect-MATCH
Now endowed with a responsibility
To Grow/HarmoniouslySew “Patches”

-based on the Movie, “To Make an American Quilt”

Subj: Re:”The Comfort Zone”
Date: 96-07-04 19:50:37 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

Proximity Telepathy-Empathy indicates Madonna/Ex-Nash COLLUSION
The COVER-STORY will now be SATISFACTORY in terms of an END
We don’t need to WEED – but NO MORE RuddyBlood CoreTransFusions
She’s done it for her own health, or HUNG HERSELF, ‘Try’ RISE/DESCEND
NO INSULTS, but Banned/DAMNED if she wants “intimate”Results/”Fun”….
Leave her ALONE/don’t cast the first *STONE*…. we’ll see Trees MEND

At least, this time, SHE’S the one who’s taken herself “out of the equation,” unlike Kate….

Subj: Re:EmperorEgo
Date: 96-07-04 21:44:41 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

An Emperor has received his Answer
On a LionsDenHIGH-Way to HEAVEN
X/Y/B-Wings Revolved, Light-Fighters
A CourageMessageResolve for 777’s

The Tiger likes to drive very FAST
But any Mistake would be a WAKE
A PoeticSymbolic BREAK, & “Fast”
THEIR (UNFAIR) Burden to Take

Of CondemnedConstructions of Bullies
But PROTECTION would Ease Doubt
MENDING Burdens: Water won’t FREEZE

But, the “UnFinished Business” comes First….
“Jedi” MessesFormed, Transformed in *FIRE*
UnFreezed, Parties to Quench Mothers’ THIRST
Flames Consume Blame; More CoreRoom to INSPIRE

We know our Poetry to be “Schindler’s Lists”
This: LIFE/not Strife’disses,’ a Cause OverThrown
To turn FreeHands to GracefullyEmbrace, no Fists
SubLimeWine ‘Meat of Soul,’ NOT Streets of *STONE*

The “Crows” can “Hit the Road”….

Subj: Re:”The Comfort Zone”
Date: 96-07-05 07:48:53 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

This is good. Keep up the good work.

Subj: Re:”The Comfort Zone”
Date: 96-07-05 13:26:59 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

If you want to be a “stud”
There’s no “free lunch”
Or “free ride” involved
You have to be willing
And comfortably able
To “take CARE”
Of all of them
(If you don’t)
(You won’t be a “stud” for long….)
We got into this because of Poetry
And that’s why we’ll stay
An inherent, natural ability
To create something
An IvanHoe’s “Song for any ocassion”….
To fit the needs of the person or situation
Or just a simple explanation
At any moment’s notice
Within hours, or less
To take a proper course of action
And set things right

The family stability
Of the polygamous “BatPack”
We found, is severely disrupted
By the possible establishment
Of a “real” relationship
For you see,
If the creator gets “really” married
What’s to become of the others?
Would the “real” wife allow them
“Attention” on various levels?
Of course not
And hence, it’s in “rest” of the pack’s interest
To prevent them from happening
An elaborated metaphor from “The Return of the Jedi”
Is that a “real” wife would be a “threat” to the pack
And so, the members remain “anonymous”
This way, family “homeostasis” is maintained
As NO metaphorical “wives” are “left out”
This may explain the lack of “straight answers”
For now there is nothing to worry
You see, none of the members we give attention to now
Have personalities that we just don’t know well enough
To marry, at least at this point
This is not to be taken as an insult, in any way
Just a mere statement of our ignorance
Those that we did (or thought we did)
Know well enough to marry
In honorable or dishonorable ways

Removed themselves from “consideration”….

Subj: Re:”The Comfort Zone”
Date: 96-07-05 14:59:17 EDT
From: LyndonN
Posted on: America Online

>>>To prevent them from happening<<<
should be “To prevent this from happening”

>>>Have personalities that we just don’t know well enough<<<
should be “Have personalities that we know well enough”

The meaning is somewhat distorted, without the correction

Subj: Re:”The Comfort Zone”
Date: 96-07-05 15:09:27 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

>>>And hence, it’s in “rest” of the pack’s interest<<<
should be “And hence, it’s in the “rest” of the pack’s interest”

Not only would a “RealWife” be a BettingTHREAT to Overthrow the SpiceFlow”LIFE” of the PACK
OurEmperor InspectedPROTECTION; for those with Gall to be “so-called,” to set us FREE, they’ll ATTACK

Subj: Re:EmperorEgo
Date: 96-07-05 23:21:42 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

“Strike me down with all of your HATRED, and your journey (to HELL) will be COMPLETE!”
-the Emperor, from the movie, “Return of the Jedi”

Why is The Creator untroubled?
A “common sense” explanation
Is that everyone he tried to trust
Abused it, lied to him
Attempting to use his weaknesses
Against him, for their own agendas
Such that he trusts noone
And bears loyalty
To no other standard
Even society can be “fickle”
But he is not
One of these days
His driving, or other means
Will kill him
And he’ll be RID
Of all the clowns who only make things worse
The more wrongs they try
The bigger the mess
That’s all they’re doing
Though they may think otherwise
To use a “Crimson Tide” metaphor
It IS a Shxxxy-Deal
To write poetry for so many
And get NO “straight answers” in return
Others would mourn his death?
They didn’t do too much
While he was ALIVE….
Sure, lies/deceit/manipulation
He’s seen it all
That’s what they taught him
They taught him well….

And they can ALL go to HELL

Subj: Re:EmperorEgo
Date: 96-07-05 23:23:18 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

To use a “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” metaphor
He’ll be given PEACE, at long last….

Subj: To BadgrHaart
Date: 96-07-06 01:00:42 EDT
From: Lala412
Posted on: America Online

I’ve really liked the last several poems from you. I can understand them! 🙂 Thanks for becoming an interpreter!
Subj: A “Dream”
Date: 96-07-07 14:59:13 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

Based on the story “The Blizzard,” in the Movie, “Dreams”
(Dedicated to all ASIAN-Dragons in the “BatPack”)

The InnerMEN/RoseSTEMS of Animas, may be caught in “The Blizzard”
ShadowCrows have DaughterWater FROZE, on JointPoints of IceShards
A Crooned”OppositeUnion” WarmlyDisarmed/Charmed a ThunderLizard
To get a “Secret”InnerFireSired in YOU, LAIN while a MountainGUARDS
The ColderShoulder? The HOTTER the “HOLDERS” of an OldWIZARD
Such that Youth Concealed is now TruthRevealed: CONGEALED/HARD

The “Camp” a LionsLAMP, HellterSkelter for Shelter: a CockCUT by the Gizzard?
Black “Comes” DOWN, White”Snow” a GlowingCROWN: Clear/NoFear/UnMarred

Subj: Another “Dream”
Date: 96-07-07 15:47:33 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

Based on the story “Village Of The WaterMills,” in the Movie, “Dreams”

Londo wanted to *SEE* “how far he could go,” in “Making his MARK”
But a Core MORE UnFree/EnSlavingTechnology, to “Clean up a MESS”
Fighting/Having FireLight EveryWhere, because he’s AFRAID of the DARK
FireMars? You CAN’T see STARS, MakingWar on what should be BLESSED
In trying to make ThingsBeautiful, they “Kill the THRILL, the MAGIC-SPARK”
A GoringTrap, making people More UNHAPPY; a DullProCreation of STRESS

It is PRECISELY the Means to CLEAN, that Actually DIRTIES the WATER
Sure, to make things Better, WETTER…. but more a FETTER than a CURE
For, by Criticizing, “SANITIZING” a CORE, give HeavenSent Currents a “STIR”
An “Apollo 13” Catastrophe follows: a “MountFuji in DEAD-Red” DreamImPure
You can’t get GOODblood from a Stone, but FLOWERpower won’t “Waters”Blur
A DreamSTREAM *SELF-CLEANS:* Fewer “Cures” won’t turn it into a Sewer….

Death is as Natural as drawing a Breath; “Correction” is where Nature is Stripped
By those, in their Inspection and ReDirection, can’t tell the Roses from the Weeds
Water is HaartSoul*POWER* a SubLimeTimeWheel, but through Fingers, it Slips….
By those of Light with a ViseGrip TOO TIGHT: Only more CoreUnSatisfied Needs
DaughterWater’s ESSENCE’s ElementalSentimentalGENTLE: LadlesDipped/SIPPED
Such that what SOWS, *GROWS:* a SpermGermination CELEBRATION of *SEEDS*

Dedicated to ALL women (especially ASIANS) to whom “credit” is due….

Subj: MadonnaAnima “CheckedOut”
Date: 96-07-07 17:22:52 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

“TasteFully Racy”Red-SibyrTiger

*Lettuce ‘Turn Over a New Leaf’* an Adamned(?) MadonnaAnima seems to Stress
I ‘let her go’ for doing NoThing SieveAbusive: Mistaken, Taken under a DragonWing
“Is There SomeThing I Should Know?” ALL-Animas “NoGo” or as Slow as Mollases….
So, I ADMIRE InspiredCommonSenseConfidence in a JetLagBagged ‘See’Ability to SING
I Don’t Know if ANY Seek to SPEAK, but Messes are Clean, by “InDreams”Confessing
A “Scent of a Woman” “ComeUnDone,” ‘Folds’ NOT-Cold, with HoneyDijon Dressing….

“Dancing In The Dark” RomanceEnTrance Privileges Harked, NOT “Frigid,” ReCanted/ReGranted….

Subj: Re:MadonnaAnima “CheckedOut”
Date: 96-07-07 19:04:58 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

A Madonna’s MERCY
An Anima’s EMPATHY
NOT for herself, but “other members of the constituency”
In a “Mr. Roberts” metaphorical ceremony
Should be remembered, CONSPICUIOUSLY
For actions “ABOVE” and “BEYOND” the “Call of Duty”

We KNOW we may have the “wrong woman”…. but we’d like her to have the “medal” anyway….

Subj: Re:MadonnaAnima “CheckedOut”
Date: 96-07-08 15:59:34 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

Based on the Story, “SunShine Through The Rain,” from the Movie, “Dreams”

Roses are LovingBloodyRed
Violets are a Haart”Secret” TruuBluu
The StormyThorns of Pain’s Rain, Torn & Bled
From “WildBoy”Bows ColorsFLOW…. when a RisingSUN ShinesTHROUGH

A FOX’s “Known”Beauty is Shallow, not Deep
An UnRipe InnerFRUIT “Interior,” NOT a ‘Suit’ of MellaninSkin
This *ROOT* is ‘The BOOT’ CAUSE of RawTears that SEEP, HaartWeep
FEARS, Messes regardless of Years, UnConfessed/UnBlessed, that SearWithIN

“Private”Play(Look at it AnotherWAY)while a FOX’s SoundVox may be on “Parade”
For ALL to SEE?…. The Soul”POLICE,” GROUNDED by The Tiger’sFUR-TREES
A Haart-FOUND?…. in MOUNDS of Flowery”Treasures In The DARK”/TheSHADE

“(He(a)ll/She’ll) Remember:” a Wedding’s No’CRUTCH’ for IMMATURE”INJECTION”
But does such a Boy’s VERVE, DESERVE him to be “Damned?” a DEMAND to DIE??
BladeWeighed, ForGiven to LIVE/NotFlay; a ReprimandHAND for RESURRECTION!!
The BackBone/”Stones” to StandALONE; FollowRainBows: GROW & *Touch* the SKY

Subj: Re:MadonnaAnima “CheckedOut”
Date: 96-07-08 17:11:26 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

A PsycheGROWN, OverThrows the *DAMN*
Free to “Stand on One’s OWN” as a WOMAN/MAN

Subj: ButterFlyer
Date: 96-07-09 14:24:24 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

>>>Subj: value jet nightflight 6/96
Date: 96-06-27 20:37:37 EDT
From: JenniANGEL

tucked away
against the cold bulkhead of the fusilage
i press my nose
against the glass
the early twilightsky layered from dark dark ground
sprinkled with fairy lights
brilliant glowing reds and peach
dissolving to yellowgray
blue survives above it all blue blue to darkness dusted starlight
billowing clipperships
nightclouds tower illusory skyscrapers
where are we now
i feel small so very small
and safe
suspended in such a sky
and i am blue and red and peach and yellow and wonder if i can have green hair
and cry pink tears
and sing so many dreams to you
and dream so many wishes and hold you with my eyes
and see you with my hands and fly this plane right through your heart
here i am
creature of the heavens
light dancer dream weaver bird charmer
shape shifter
a butterfly
cupped in your open hand
so close
to the flame
of your soul


WarpSignature: most probably SwordSTONE

We’ve been having trouble with FeedBack from her, but I think we “dug up” a clue….

SibyrTiger, do you have enough Fuel for RedBled PRIMARY-IGNITION?

Subj: Re:ButterFlyer
Date: 96-07-09 17:49:15 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

FlyLullabye HiBredRED-SibyrTiger

A SwordStone Poem, but for others (that are welcome) to think about when their taking “A Walk in the Clouds”….

Clouds Pass, before a LonelyCore, a Stare
But CLEARly, Windows to SeeTHROUGH
Shifting Masses, DragonPuffed with CARE
Emotion’s Motion, admyst an Ocean Bluu
So near, yet so FAR, riding Tides of Air
Its Sounds SURROUND, try to touch you

Billowing WinSongs of Clipper LongShips
Follow their Own Course, Cleaving Water
But Freely, Gently, Pillows as the Oars Dip
Though no “Dune”Decree for only Daughters
WeepingWillows for your SubConsciousTrip?
My BLOOD Flows to make GOOD-Mortar

Whenever you Travel this SunOcean’sFOAM
An AltitudeWell SPELL, reminding me of Bly
NEVER “Severed;” be it “to or from HOME”
To “Catch you in the Rye,” it’s YOUR *SKY*
“Washed” by Kosh, with a Tiger of SoapStone
Even when *I* shuffle the MortalCoil, & Die

You may never Confide in me, but rather, Hide
Still, no “BitterPill;” this doesn’t “Rock” a Boat
IF I decide to PurgeSubMerge, a “Crimson Tide”
Remember your a “member,” with a FUR-Coat
No need to Fence in Turbulence, but Fair-Glide
FrolicPoeticScenery, a PeacefulNarcotic to Float

MoonBeams, though only “In Dreams” I’ll know
I won’t be Confused, or be Musing over a Dearth
“Go with the Flow,” “Let the Engines GO” ROW
Air & Water, Both FLUID; doth one Lose Mirth?
To go against Dreams in your JetStream, THROW
Away what you want to stay, Falling back to Earth

Subj: Re:ButterFlyer
Date: 96-07-09 17:49:40 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

Yes, BrokenDreams Litter the Darkness, below….
UnConfessed, a GrimFruit is Reaped, with a Scythe
Your True “Highs,” adMYST Cloudy, New “LOWS”
Though Compassion Blesses, means “Suffering with”
FlowerPassion “Blows” but over a Mess, NO Crows
A Psyche’sINTEGRITY, is the POWER of MYTHs

And so, WindBlown “on the God,” Grown “COLD?”
A “Quilt” built such that Flowers don’t wilt, Warmed
Nature’s PureSalve, a Cup to “Have” and UpHOLD
Going Down, no Frowns, Landings Free from Harm
For the “Ride,” Winds Subside, Palms Calmly Fold
As you LovinglyDrift above the “Eyes of the Storm”….

Not in Deeps, but Skies, Sleeping in Dreams’ Illusions
A Cherry Ferried: InternalPEARL in a UniversalCape
No Screams for a SoarCore over a “Land of Confusion”
A Batch of Matches FIRES, no Gores: Scratched/Scraped
For if HaartPaarts are Scored with SubSurface Contusions
InnerEngines Mended as you Descend, BlissKisses on a Nape

Separated by Glass; No “WomanScents” Through the Nose
In an SR71, SuperSonic Heats(Chronic) a Cone on the Glass
Perhaps a Lapse, a TenderPretender HeldCLOSE, not Froze
Still, a “Dracula”Khan Bond; you know Shadows travel Fast
A BlackBird’s CROON, NO “Typhoon,” ROOM to GLOW
To “Specially/FullyFILL,” in Controlled, “Shaped” *BLAST*

A RED PhotonTORPEDO FLOWN: Seize a Day, you must
A SunRISES, don’t ProCreate CRIES; Seeds, no NeedsSown
“Promising to Try” to make Genesis a Kiss, no “Case of Rust”
The Shame of Blame Consumed my FormerName: I’ve Grown
To Sigh, bring things that WarmCharm into “Highs,” but JUST
Trash? Ashes to DUST, their Only “Bust,” Empty HeadStones

Subj: Re:ButterFlyer
Date: 96-07-09 17:50:09 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

BulkHeads Skulk, with a COLD BackBone Borne for a Fusilage
Staring at “(Their)Antarctica”: “This is what (they’ve) Made”
Follow your Haart’s a GOOD Start, RegardLess of CoreAge
You don’t need a Blade for the Cave, to “Save”/”make the Grade”
But to KNOW what goes in YOUR SHADE; this Test of Courage
IGNORING InnerPall is how ALL Angels FALL, Colors FADE

JetLagFlag UnFurled, changing a world, with Pearls in your Words
AnimaCameras See Clearly through CloudShrouds, with EagleEyes
SR71’s know when they go, that Words that they SEE, are HEARD
DoomScreams Penetrated by LaserBeams, through the Cloudy Skies
More an IgnitionStart than an AttritionWar, to Lift a Core like a Bird
NO Haart BORED/GORED/SORE like as a CROW”Lord (of the) Flies”

Sometimes when somone Weeps, StrikingDEEP with a CUPID’s Bow
To BLOW AWAY *SORROW,* ShamefulGames, and FameLessBlame
Such that what is BLOCKED, is UnLOCKED, Colors’Air now FLOWS
*I* KNOW, that anyone under MyHaart’sSun, will “never be the same”
To Accept/ForGo what the DeepRootFruit Grows: RainBows of Arrows
SubLimeFire Inspired to TAME/not MAIM a BurningInnerSpireFLAME

A President’s HeavenSent Brilliant “1,000 Points of Light” ‘have’ WON!
“Just” look DOWN at a CROWN ShiningBright, in the MuskDusk of night
MimeRhymes say it’s Time for CONTROL: No SeasonReason for GUNS
“TiredBlood” CURED? more Pure? good! I’m in NO Mood to *FIGHT*
Sure, when Shadows Come, the PhotonBombs of a “Phantom of DeLight”
If away you Fly, don’t Cry; a WhiteDIAMOND rises, in the “Setting”SUN

Forgive me if *I* STARE, but for the “BatPack’s” Care, to be FAIR, I MUST be BLIND
Nothing ICES the GoalControlled SurfaceAces more than UNJUST WrongSongs to SING
The BREEZE’sDEGREE, MindSpiritAGREE: MotherFatherSex’s NOT ‘having’SINNED
A FatherTigerROCKET’s MisslePistilTarget’s for ButterFlySatellites to UnFold*WINGS*
A NextGENERATION’sCelebration Ornamental”STAR-Core” SOARS on KinderWINDS
RainDreams Steam/STREAM: Feel it? It’s *Really* on a Nexxus-Suspended “Cosmic String”

Subj: Re:ButterFlyer
Date: 96-07-09 17:55:47 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

“on the God”
should be “on the Go”

Subj: Re:ButterFlyer
Date: 96-07-10 07:45:28 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

Not bad. I liked it. Keep up the good work.

Subj: Re:ButterFlyer
Date: 96-07-10 07:54:27 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

When you fly high above the clouds
you make past generations proud.
Proud of the invention of flight,
making the trip light
in travel time.
You fly as young, old or in your prime.

Flying can be fun,
though not for everyone.
Some fear or hate,
even at this late date,
they do not like to fly.
I don’t know why.

It is wonderful
to fly
high in the sky.
It makes one feel big and important
to look down
and see the little people on the ground
below you,
you know it’s true.

Subj: TouchyFeely RealDreams
Date: 96-07-10 11:49:02 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

>>>Subj: What’s Real?
Date: 96-01-01 20:45:30 EDT

Can you tell me what’s real?
DisIllusionment with life: she was so popular when she was so young, and she’s going through what many very young stars go through – that they were more valued when they were immature, when they were “kids.” Now that she’s an adult, she isn’t getting the attention that she did when she was just a girl.

What you see
Is never there
What you feel
Is never felt
All your dreams
Just slip away
All your songs (A musician, to be sure)
No longer play

(Popularity loss fears? She’s not as popular as she was, perhaps that’s the message); as the Dragon said in the Religion folder, self-respect is the goal, and not necessarily popularity.

Words you hear
What do they mean?
lost between
reality and dreams

All your hopes
Have run astray
In the dark
Is where you stay
All these doubts
are what you feel
Can you tell me
what is real?

dEbOrAh* (Debbie….)<<<

WarpSignature: well, um, Mel’s sister…. (WarpNotes included)

This is a unique psychological situation that we haven’t really “touched” on before; SibyrTiger, do you think we can give her something “special?”

Subj: Re:TouchyFeely RealDreams
Date: 96-07-10 11:51:35 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

I Feel, for what’s Real, a SoulGoal for a RejuvenationReconciliation, you’ll Hark
What others did steal? A PsychologicalMEAL – but the WindFall lies in the Dark

The TRUTH is no Boon: you had “Too much, TOO SOON” with your Popularity
Such a LifeCourse led to an EgoShadow Divorce, Fed/Reinforced in Immaturity

NO TrumpCard “Series of Triumphs,” NOT to Ascend/Rise…. like Robert Bly
ALL Heros/Heroines KNOW: FIRST a ThirstyDESCENT into DEEPER Mystery

Yoda knows that Jedis’ Crave NOT ProjectedANGER in Adventure, Excitement
But to *See* it in you…. in ME: the Integrity of a PureSoul’sWHOLE to Prevent

I know, as a child, if you were as a “Good”**GIRL,** of Course, Rein”Forced”
Frustation at it’s EXTINCTION, a Woman “ReignedIn” by Society’sFickleCourse

SAD? WHY NOT BE **BAD?**: This has Plagued MANY YoungSTARS
(Sometimes) in SubLime Defiance of ParentDemands that foster InnerWars

For you see, kids just want to be FREE, have Fun in the Sun’sRays, and PLAY
But what if the *SpotLight* becomes NIGHT? Following your haart runs astray

FleetingRainBows not Stronger; NO LONGER GLOW in SHALLOW Attention
Sex/Drugs, a StrifeLife *ANTI-CLIMAX?* no, but a PillStill; InternalDissention

For you see, *FLATTERY* is “Just” a BATTERY, a Temporary*ILLUSION!*
It’s NOT *Real,* because you Still-Pill eventually FEEL the InnerCONTUSIONS

Sure, it DOES make you feel BETTER, Assured, UnFETTERED, for a TIME
But Finding the Reason to the Rhyme: only COVERing InnerDOUBTS SubLime

So, HOW do you *KNOW* that FeelingHealing SelfEsteemPAIN isn’t ‘this Way?’
An EMPTYstare of Only FAIRweatherDreams: when it RAINS, they SlipAWAY

A “BLYTHEprocess”Drive to ReallyFeel, AngelsFALL in PsychologicalTumult
A BorderlineSign that can Cut like KNIVES, but the UltimateResult? an ADULT

A PastMISSED? Society’sLovyDovyKISS? “Promise to TRY,” Dive for PEARLS
“Against All Odds,” what LiesDIE? A FalseImagePhage of a “Little(Good)GIRL”

When the girl descends to MEND, into what the WombBloom Darkness Demands
Cries/Tears Stare FEAR in the FACE; *realizing* to RISE a Woman*STANDS*

What was ShallowlySown must GROW/be LEARNED from: don’t forget the Past
DDuranFox’sVox had to RiseUP/NotRepeat; BEAT to a DreamTune that LASTS

Subj: Re:ButterFlyer
Date: 96-07-10 17:30:07 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

HiBred RED-SibyrTiger
(This poem is based on the movie, “Bram Stoker’s Dracula”)

It’s UnFortunate, that Deception
So much DisHonest GALL
Living for Evil’s Conception
Fatefully, others “take a FALL”….

Yes, Blessedly “Come UnDone”
A Spirit’s Wits go South
To rise AGAIN, a Bitten Sun
Lips that Sip, Blood-Stains the Mouth….

a Gargoyle’s “Spoiler” had caught her
Merely a Fearful, but Searing Sliver
Enough for Escape in Wake of Water
Seeking a Widow’s Peak, in the RIVER….

But in this vast Subconscious
Many sighed, died, & sleep
I of Late, Baiting a MatingFuss

Those, who “learn to swim”….
Seeing a LIGHT, albeit DIM
A Crucifix to FIX a RoseBUD

And so, there is a ReUNION
“up a Creek” of MoonBeams
Maybe a “Secret” NOT a PeeledOnion….
But an Orbisonian CoreOrb, “In (my) Dreams”….

Have a *GOOD* NightSleep….

Subj: “OurLady”
Date: 96-07-10 18:00:50 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

Warp Signature: *MADONNA,* Former PRIMARY-ANIMA, 777 HISTORICAL Revelation:….

Subj: On a Whirlwind of Love
Date: 96-06-19 22:01:24 EDT
From: Littldebbe

Thousands of emotions well up inside of me,
Yearning to get out.
I have never felt so happy, so content,
So in love.
On the outside, my composure is well kept.
On the inside I feel as if all the fireworks in the world
are exploding..inside my heart..inside my head.
My body shakes with excitement just at
the thought of you.
I tremble at your touch.
I find it hard to grasp
the reality of you.
I lie awake at night
dreaming of my soulmate, my Prince Charming.
When I finally turn and see his face,
I am gazing into the depths of your beautiful eyes.
How could something so perfect
be so real, be for me?
Eyes like beautiful saphires,
twinkling with love and passion.
Lips so supple I find myself fighting
to keep from kissing them.
Arms so strong and masculine
I long for their embrace.
As I look into the compassionate eyes
of this beautiful individual,
I am delighted to see more than the
regular eye beholds.
I reach into your soul,
finding myself already there.
Your heart and mind are
poured out into words which make my heart melt.
I have never met anyone
so wonderful.
Never believed this person,
whom I love so much, existed.
Never expected.
I am caught
on a Whirlwind of Love,
Hoping to never be found again.

Subj: He is my Life
Date: 96-06-25 10:28:01 EDT
From: Littldebbe

He is my life.
I show him that I care,
But only as friends.
He has no idea that
I’m in love with him.
I daydream about the days
When I will have him for myself.
I stand beside him but
He does not notice.
I long to hold his hand
Yet there is someone else he clings to.
If he sees me he smiles
But only to be polite.
I try to get up
Enough courage to speak
But suddenly I am
Overcome with fear.
I think about him
All of the time.
I dream of him
At night.
My thoughts are
Only of him.
He is my life.

Subj: Sequel to “He is my Life”
Date: 96-06-25 10:29:53 EDT
From: Littldebbe

After waiting so long
For something to change
My wish has finally come true.
Now I’m the one
Whose hand you hold
And I’m the one you cling to.
She’s the one you
Do not notice,
The one you
Never see.
Because I’m the one
Who’s with you there
To fulfill your
Every need.

Subj: The Pain
Date: 96-06-25 10:33:27 EDT
From: Littldebbe

I wonder why it hurts so much
And I ask the passersby,
“Do you know of the pain in my heart?”
They nod but know not why.

“Will you help me smile?”, I said,
“I remember not how to grin.”
They look at me with stolen glances,
To stare at me a sin.

“Will you help me to be happy?
I know not how to feel joy.
So many people play with my heart,
As if it were a toy.”

“Will you love me?”, I asked a friend,
“No one else will do it.”
“I cannot love you”, said my friend,
“I do not want to go through it.”

Subj: Deception
Date: 96-06-25 10:38:34 EDT
From: Littldebbe

I think of what I have done to you
and am saddened.
You stayed in my shadow,
allowing me to shine.
You watched quietly
as I stepped forth,
Taking everything you gave
but giving nothing in return.
As I look back now,
to see you standing in my wake,
I realize what I’ve done
and detest it.
I’ve taken advantage
of the one who cared the most.
I’ve flown too high
on borrowed wings.
Now, I step down
from my pedastool
And take you
in my arms.
I remove myself
from the shoulders of life,
Hoping to be accepted.

Subj: Re:”OurLady”
Date: 96-07-10 18:01:34 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

OK, some WOMAN TO WOMAN Poetry, for ONCE:….

“Do you love me?” is NOT the question
You KNOW the “Secret” to HEALTH
There are NO BETS for this Solution
Weather you do truly Love YOURSELF

If you “Try” to FLY, Don’t “Cry Little Sister”
NO Blame from your “Lost Boys” Brothers
For your Mother, SMOTHERED, having MISSED HER?
You’ll always be “NotreDame,” our Mother

I’m here to tell you TRUU
We KNOW that you CARE
But if your Sore and BLUU
We’ll “Try,” NoLie, to be FAIR

“Not Good enough” without it?
That was NEVER what we Meant
For you won’t be, even DraculaBit
“You’ll see,” it’s a FalseRecompense

SelfEsteem must come from Within
Because it’s nowhere else to be found
Regardless of Hardness, Freedom, Sin
An UnFAILING Grail has an INNER-Crown

And so, we wish you all the BEST
In a search for TruuBeauty, no Scythe
For Health, be to YOURSELF, HONEST
This, despite a LightBlissKiss, I CAN’T Help you with….

Subj: Eyes
Date: 96-07-10 18:32:51 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

Subj: God Is Listening?
Date: 96-05-29 00:12:21 edt
From: LtlMermaid (a Metaphor in itself)

Sorting out passion
whites with whites (Black/White Lotus “Basic Instinct” metaphor)
darks with darks
I close my eyes to
escape you, but
your eyes are all I see
I never meant to lose touch
with you
Instead I lost touch
with myself…..
God, if you’re out there?
I’m listening…….


Comments are encouraged, thanks!

WarpSignature: SwordSTONE, but the “Low-Profile” makes this inconclusive; still, the eyes, light/shadow, etc. make it a GOOD chance….
(Hey, it’s the kind of explanation that would account for not much FeedBack…. but we DID get some FeedBack today, didn’t we?

Subj: Re:Eyes
Date: 96-07-10 19:23:36 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

*Racy* RED-SibyrTiger:
(a SwordSTONE Poem)

ChocolatesRinsed with Absinthe, a SoleAphrodisiac SoulMelts the PASSword of a DRAGON
A SoothingBlast, Smooth as GLASS; a “Pocket”ROCKET for a *ROCK* & ROLL “RIDE”
*Pride*…. ONLY HIDES the NO-winner InnerCoreWars of a FalseGrail’s BaleFull-Flagon
GoodBlood for a *FLOOD:* a VirginVirge Monitored *InSpiring*EYES NOT *DENIED*
For a HeavenSent”Prophesy” can be a DIFFERENT’End’ in Fire for DescendingVORLONS
A Mother’sGenesisKissSmothers? Oh, a DirgeUnSung, if I can PurgeLungs when I’m InSide


(don’t SuffoKATE me!)
Anyway, if you think this is too *Racy,* the Dragon has, well, an *ELEVATED* approach to a FLOOD….

Subj: Re:Eyes
Date: 96-07-10 19:26:19 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

>>>can PurgeLungs<<<
should be >>>can’t PurgeLungs<<<

An analagous Metaphor: You can’t Breathe, when you’re UNDER-WATER!

Subj: A brave heart
Date: 96-07-10 22:51:22 EDT
From: C1Hathaway
Posted on: America Online

“Pray for a brave heart that does not fear death,
which places a long life last among the gifts
of nature, which has the power to endure any trials,
rejects anger, discards desire. . . .
If we have common sense, Chance, you are not devine;
It is we who make you a goddess, yes, and place you in heaven.”
-Juvenal 10. 357-360, 365-366

CeSpaceMuz, when I read your poem, I was reminded of this one. I have followed B5 from the earliest episodes, and gotten up an ungodly hours to catch it on satellite feeds, because it was not always readily available. The unity and courage of JMS’s characters make this show very special. Because he has chosen to create the “story arc” first, they are ‘mostly’ dynamic…they change and grow, their motives are discovered or revealed. Sometimes things are revealed to them about themselves that they are not prepared to know. The B5 story and your poem are following in good literary traditions. Keep up the good work.
Subj: Re:”OurLady”
Date: 96-07-11 08:00:10 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

WOW!! I really really liked that. Please keep up the good work.

Subj: Re:”OurLady”
Date: 96-07-11 10:05:52 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

Thanks! We really appreciate your comments!

Subj: Re:A brave heart
Date: 96-07-11 10:10:15 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

good-games that immortals play, to bless
no blame or shame, procreating di-stress
for indeed, need of “self-named” gods/godesses
are the ones, the bums, who make a naked MESS

Subj: Re:A brave heart
Date: 96-07-11 14:45:08 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

A “GOD” won’t be though so, for long
Without the Knowing support of the People
“Just” make PurelySURE, you’re NOT WRONG
Before RetortingBlows to KnockDown a “CROCK” of a Steeple….

Subj: Kate, “One MORE TIME….”
Date: 96-07-11 14:56:03 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

(The title is based on an original series star trek episode, when they all act DRUNK, and somebody locks himself in engineering, which the crew try to GET OUT….)

Let me know what you think…

Can this be love?
With your words you sap my will and intoxicate my soul.
Your words are a drug, and I am the addict.
A day without a word is an eternity.
The withdrawals are painful, make them stop!
I have never touched your hands or seen your face,
however I have touched your very soul as you have mine.
you breathe and I exhale , we are one.
I anticipate your every word ……..
can this be love?

C.S.B. 5-2-96.
Thank you for reading …any comments welcome….

WarpSignature: KATE the FLUNK-OUT, *66*

All Tiger-Wives can “Lean on Me”
The idea is to set “Ghosts” Souls FREE
NOT see them SelfCondemned, & BURN

Her pattern is oh, so EASY to PREDICT
Rhymes not hard to find, if you have a knack
To PURGE the DIRGE of this DrugADDICT
A LIAR in a DireMIRE of Smoked”CRACK”

The Drug, shrugs off this GOOF
Is a Crime of abused SubLime Rhyme
Why doesn’t she just Jump off it’s ROOF
And stop WASTING everybody’s Time?

Now, you may wonder why I’m doing this
It’s the InCurable Nature of her MoralSin
You see, every time, KO’d with a PoeticFIST
She decides to HIDE, & walk right BACK IN

SHE’s the one who’s *TOXIC*
To *US,* in running our School
You can’t teach ‘an old Bxxxx new Tricks’
And “Graduate” a FateFull FOOL

But no, she never gives up ‘hope’
For this, despite disses, she’s Vigor
But False, a Pulse of someone on DOPE
The Dragon knows an end of a gun, a TRIGGER

Perhaps a Lapse for us, we die….
At her hands, no more band to play
Though we Fall, she did it ALL for a LIE
That’s the GALL that she has TODAY

The Lion with the Haart of GOLD
Allows NOT a KILLING-Tiger’s Demand
But I wonder, sundered, how many OTHER Crows?
Along with her, will be SMOTHERED, *DAMNED*?

This may not be Kate’s writing, but the theme sure hits the nail on the head. One thing that the Tiger noticed, is that every time things start to get very positive for EVERYONE, she tries to “weasel” her way back into The Creator’s life, as if we’ve forgotten about the past…. The Creator is like an ELEPHANT – he NEVER forgets…. In any case, we then proceed to take a Poetic Bullet and BLOW OUT THE BACK OF HER SKULL, and, as a direct result, upset many people that we had no intention of harming in the first place. Since we’re the ones who get blamed for it, I wanted to elucidate that *KATE* is the problem, the ONLY problem, along with those who are HELPING her to perpetuate her FALSE-HOPES/DENIAL. The Dragon said that “REAL Triggers” may be necessary to ultimately “resolve the problem”…. but the future is ‘too difficult for him to see’ as far as who in particular *really* dies. In any case, she either doesn’t seem to get the message, or can’t/doesn’t WANT to “get it,” and hence we go around and around in a vicious cycle of ‘blasting her,’ returning back to ‘normal’ after she’s gone, and then BLASTING HER AGAIN when we find out that she’s *TRIED* to COME BACK. All I’m saying is DON’T WORRY, because this is aimed at HER/her collaborators, and NOT THE *REST* OF YOU….

Subj: Re:Kate, “One MORE TIME….”
Date: 96-07-11 15:29:57 EDT
From: BluuDragon
Posted on: America Online

>>>Never give up.

The Doctor<<<

This is the kind of advice that I think she’s getting, regarding US…. (If it’s not us, then hey, no problem!) The point is that if Kate intends never to give US up, then the only way out is for The Creator or HER to DIE. (All other alternatives, in terms of letting us go, are not taken). What exactly will happen, I cannot say, only that SOCIETY should weigh who THEY think is more valuable – I’m not making any value judgments regarding us, or her.

As for the Doctor, hey, he managed to KILL the *FISH,* so maybe they’ll be on HIS side too…. they have NOTHING TO LOSE, NOW, too, don’t they?….

Go ahead, MAKE MY DAY!

Subj: Re:Anima -Troubles
Date: 96-07-11 18:58:25 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

Correction: The THREAT to the new PrimaryAnima may (also….) be TWIN-STAR. At this point, there’s no reason to fire weapons at her, but ‘let her go.’ What she does with her body, is her business. In “Lean on Me” terms, she’s just going to have to take responsibility for the fact that she LIED to The Creator when she had a CHANCE at an HONEST relationship, and instead, took the self-destructive route of deception, poetic drugs,…. and death…. As we WALK away, we’ll RESPECT what she has to say:

Subj: ~~as she walked~~
Date: 96-07-02 14:54:46 EDT
From: EmilyF1098

As she walked around the well and sang
of songs that loved and bells that rang
she laughed in the face of a lonely boy
with whom he carried a small, wood toy
and a girl, face of tears and eyes a mess
wearing only her mothers dress
and the night’s stars in her eyes
she crumbled to the floor where everyone dies
the boy lay down next to the child
and sang a song among the wild
they dozed off as the woman stared
her mind a whirl her heart dispaired
what next to do but go home and rest
for tomorrow another may lay among the rest..

Hmm.. freaky. Do you like?
Subj: I’m Still Very Bitter….
Date: 96-07-04 02:51:25 edt
From: EmiHot

….in case you can’t tell.
Read on.
If I am a marionette, you hold my strings
If I am a b*****, you bred me
I allowed you this
the favor of my kiss, my warmth
and you slit me from a** to eye
your words pointed
and your bones sharp against my skin
I bled.
If I am a fool, you gave me the retarding blow
and if I am to be pitied,
the you’d damn well better feel sorry for me.
Stop jerking me forward into your cradle
and biting my tender bare flesh
who told you that an offering of love is an invitation for ruthless trickery?
And tell me, tell me before I leave you
(because I am leaving, Liza)
tell me why you did it to me
try to find a reason why I shouldn’t be angry
about your pretenses of friendship
at least allow me that:
something to spit on as I escape
to spit on in the way you purged
onto my open heart.

Subj: Sword’sStone
Date: 96-07-11 20:18:59 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

Date: 96-07-01 23:02:24 EDT
From: JenniANGEL

she sleeps
inside a whisper and a smile
fingers tangled in hair toes
curled pillows everywhere but under
silk and feather duvet
cotton lace window waiting for the morning sun
nothing like early sunday morning


spring sunlight the promise of a new day open

to amazing possibilities

even the birds know that this morning is special
the gulls are whining feed me first

the dogs are reading
the times book section and the cats
are doing their nails

Subj: Satan’s Bliss….
Date: 96-05-25 14:17:18 edt
From: SexGodess

Smoke grabs my skin as I step i
o my holy hole.
Third degree burns feel good.
I wash away my ORIGINAL
The devil broke my fruit. Wine
r a p e

His soul is s-t-a-p-l-e-d
to my womb……..
Beelzebub’s room.

WarpSignature: SWORD-STONE
(I “know” a SWORD when I see one….)

For a “Holy Rusted Metal” *IronHaart*
A “BatMan ForEver” settles, a WaterSport….

Cats at Play/Lurking to Slay (doing “HomeWork,” anyway) Ready in a BLINK
RockSteadyWindFins,Eddies/Currents@Rise/Descent to Bend: NoWindFlow’Stall’
To Turn/BURN Wine to Water, a VeritableMiracle EBB/No-Flow of “DRINKS”
Others’ “DrugHabits” GREW, NOT-mulling: BLEW, by “Fumbling the BALL”
Such that, “Tit for Tat,” Bleating SELF-Defeat (it’s that): don’t dis/do this, SINK
SincerityEndures/notLacks: it’s YOUR Core’sBack to OurPure(Sugared)”Walls”

Subj: Re:Eyes
Date: 96-07-12 04:57:36 EDT
From: Lala412
Posted on: America Online

That was really good. I’m still not going to say I understand a lot of them, but i did really like this one.

Subj: Re:Eyes
Date: 96-07-12 08:50:32 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

MYSTERY, is *Really* Often a KEY to ROMANCE
From ‘History,’ it Dawns, Spawning WithIn to GROW
The BestDances are Honest, albeit been ‘split’ by Chance
A Coincidence, from which InnerSons/Spirits (not sin) Grows
Though OtherLovers’ EntrancedFlow, flies/spins ‘from a Distance’
Not show, but “know,” Eyes Sigh-‘through’ RoseColored Windows….

Subj: KnightRyder
Date: 96-07-12 16:57:57 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

>>>Subj: Go Kate!
Date: 96-06-19 21:10:00 EDT
From: MinnieM210

Deneese<< who thinks Janeway could kick Kirk and picard with both hands tied behind her back and one eye closed>>
they wouldn’t even have a chanse!

I knew that Kate did an episode on Murphy Brown and i finally saw it! Some how when the dramatic senes came I wasn’t surprised that she had such talent:)

With the whole issue of women verses men I have to tell you that I shadowed my friends mom where she works for a day. She has a high position at a bank and during that day there was an important meeting to settle a REALLY important deal. Well in the meeting there were 13 people total and she was the only women RUNNING the meeting ( besides me, I just sat there ) That says something!

Subj: Re:Convention news
Date: 96-06-25 20:32:09 EDT
From: MinnieM210

Man I wish Ii could have been there! Kate Mulgrew doesn’t just sound like a great person but from what I can tell she is. thank you for the great desciptions. I really really wish I could meet her. Oh well:(

MinniM- who is frustrated and a bit upset. ” I want a convention! Nothing big but SOMETHING.”<<<

WarpSignature: Knight’sRYDER

I sensed an “ALLIANCE” between Kate and Ryder before, and this accounts for certain signals *I* received…. but NO LONGER – there seems to have been a “split” of sorts, meaning that she is NO THREAT, in Fact WELCOME to our, well, Bank….

Subj: Re:KnightRyder
Date: 96-07-12 17:25:40 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

“Alliances” of SONS have “Come UnDone:” Kate’sFate, NO MinnieMouse WALL-Mart
She’d Rather LIE, work up a Lather to CRY, Defying an ‘on the house’ “Crystal Ship”
FLY? She SHOULD, but “Tried” EVERYthing she could, to “Take this Place APART”
RiverWaterConduction/BlackHole-NoReturnBurnSUCTION? You may take a LAKE-DIP
For My ‘ATTENTION,’ “Deficit”REDEMPTION: Kate’s SAD? A BAD, ‘Mad’*HART*
A LacyHindSight’s PickUp of one Ace’s MegaRACE, “DriveBye”Eyes to FILL, will SLIP….

‘just'(?) JEALOUS
Of our accumulated MASS….

But to remember, RhymeFeed
A LONG-Time Member, InDEED….

Subj: “OurLady”
Date: 96-07-12 18:41:00 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

JediRED (“Lost Boys” don’t Lie) SibyrTiger:

LIFE(EndStrife)STAR(NoWar) PrimaryIgnition:
Based on the “Father Confrontation” in the movie, “The Empire Strikes Back”

“Stand,” or FALL
Don’t demand, & crawl
We want to “See” you FLY

A PreventingVent, a “Please”
DON’T Descend…. FREEZE
To set Free an ability to “Try”

And now we “Come” to the Madonna’sANIMUS-“Prodigal Son,” who “Can’t Stop”
Meant to be a Global, NOBLE DEFENSE of Kate’s Fate as a Mate? What a FLOP

For you see, YodaEmperor Agrees with me, a DestroyingPloy: do you SUFFER?
In your CORE: the GuidesDIED/HaartPaartsTORE? we’d ENOUGH OF *HER*

But Our *GRAVE* was *YOUR CAVE:* the CoursingSource of your FEARS
Go IN, you MUST; FREE WithIN a HealthySelf…. & “JUSTIFY your TEARS”

Father/Mother/DAUGHTER/Sister/Brother: everyone knows it BLOWN/DENIED
A “Coat” of LIES only MotesEYES, from YourSELF: Forever, you cannot HIDE

“You’ll See”/TruuBluu, WE can Live WITHOUT YOU: always ‘having’ your Songs
In a Rut/on your Knees? Without Our*GUTS,* you’ll FREEZE: oh, maybe I’m wrong….

To be PURE, ‘just’ be SURE your HaartPaarts can *ENDURE* your ChosenFATE
The LURE, a SWATH of the “Quick/EasyPath:” don’t ‘give in’ to HATE, like KATE

You DO possess a POWER, & a Haart UN-SOURED; MAYBE…. to Rule a GALAXY
“Keeping (a FAMILY….) TOGETHER” AllWeather/UnSevered, a ‘Pool’ for the FREE

The GOAL is to CONTROL your Fears: NOT SelfHarm/Lose your RightARM, NO GAIN
The Extra-LEASE of a DOVE, is to RELEASE your LOVE: the “Black of Lack” SLAIN

But, NO? a DOWNtownFROWN to PullWOOL over EYES? A Towel to DRY, Throw?
Then if that is your DESTINY, SO WILL IT BE! I’m NOT BETTING; Letting you GO

Still, a Court of LAST RESORT: “IF….” you are HANGING in PAIN, Air-STALLED
The Anima will AGAIN, *HER* Powers to MEND will DEFEND, “Catch your FALL”….

Subj: Haarts
Date: 96-07-12 21:20:15 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

This poem
Is an interesting study
of reversals
In “The Empire Strikes Back”….
I don’t trust the Lando/John NASHES
Simply because
They’ve given me GOOD reason
NOT to trust them
They badgered us
They bullied us
Only filling us with hate, in turn
Like those whom they represented
Yes, Kate was filled with hate, jealousy
Perhaps Margaret/her parents
Blaming us for their self-destruction

You know what?
If you hate the Creator
Kill him
It’s not that hard
Many know where he’s to be found
It’s just a matter
Of pulling a trigger
Your hate will be satisfied
And you’ll have your revenge
Congratulations on your victory, Johns
For if you win this way
You are only masters of evil

We, on the other hand
Chose not to bully
Wise enough to use our powers
To foster trust
To earn respect
To EnCourage openness
And if we lose
We’ll be GOOD losers
Letting her go
Is a way to earn trust, too
Respecting her wish
To be let go

Not to try to kill
Her wishes, wants, desires
To win over haarts?
Using intimidation?
We may never go to fishkill again
We’re not giving Kate any more attention
Or Emily
Or Margaret
And if you don’t like it
Kill LyndonLundgren
(You’ve already killed the nash)
Or blame yourself for
What you were supposed

To “save”….

Subj: DirecTor Speller
Date: 96-07-13 11:13:40 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

Subj: Free Rent in My Brain
Date: 96-07-06 00:49:25 EDT
From: DonnafrmVA

Free Rent in My Brain 27 June 1991

free rent in my brain, that’s your claim to fame
minute hidden details, permanently pressed through
the recesses of our relationship

you have dug out your share -built your own hill
escaping into the subtleties that have surrounded the core
of my ever expanding soul

free rent in my brain, that’s what I have given you
permission to abstain from commitments, necessary to guarantee
your complimentary storage

you have achieved the impossible, by ignoring my needs,
ensuring my insecurities – you have embezzled
a portion of me never before given

free rent in my brain, that’s what you have achieved
daily bombardments, nightly pollution, to surmount & declare
free rent in my brain.

copyright 1996 by donna chrisman

WarpSignature: new and unfamiliar(?) but a magazine cover from Virginia, along with her friend…. suggests “DirecTore Speller” – the Haart could say something about this:….

Subj: Re:DirecTor Speller
Date: 96-07-13 11:35:18 EDT
From: BadgrHaart
Posted on: America Online

Who does this guy
Think he is?
That’s what everyone would say
If he just pranced around
As a self-proclaimed god
Blindly assuming
That everyone was in love with him
Following him around
Like lost puppies
Not even bothering
To give the women the respect
They deserved
Through a very “tricky”
Identification process
After all,
What woman wants
To be taken for granted?
Besides, he’d look like the fool
To assume a woman already involved
With someone else
Is in love with him
Nothing could be more
Presumptuous, arrogant,
What a jerk
All women would say
BlackHole gravity?
More like
An “A-Hole’s” depravity

If he marries anyone
It will be a woman
Who will help him
Keep his “family” together
Not tear it apart
At the quilt’s seams
Because of hate
Jealousy, spite, revenge
All the worst
That humanity is capable of
The SwordStone
The CURRENT PrimaryAnima
Won’t come talk to us
But if Madonna talks
It will be a marriage
Where the Stone’s fears
Of losing us
Won’t be allowed to happen
We’d all be connected
A victory
The best kind of victory
Where most everyone wins

And so,
If any WIFE of his
(A better term than others)
Feels neglected,
Just remember
That it is a gesture of respect
Not to assume
That you’re ‘captivated’ by him
Take it as a compliment

is what it’s intended to be….

Subj: Cry in the Night
Date: 96-07-14 09:31:11 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

A depesrate cry in the night,
bringing to hearts all who hear much fright.
A cry for help
and a warning sent
to defend the station, hell bent.
To death they will defend,
the place and ones on whom they depend.

The call B-5, to B-4
sent to win the war.
Across space and time
comes the terrible call
to be heard by one and all, even Draal.
THe station under attack,
once the journey has begun it’s too late to turn back
for our noble heros.
All on the White Star,
know that expendable they are,
the mission is all important,
all who went knew the risks
before they begun.
Off they go to save not someone,
but all from a fate
worse than death.
Before it’s too late.

Subj: Cry in the night-part 2
Date: 96-07-14 09:37:12 EDT
From: EAberneth
Posted on: America Online

They will defend their home
with their last breath.
It is Susan who makes the cry,
only few know why
it was made.
So, they do as they were bade.

So, they go to meet their fate
to save the universe.
If the positions were in reverse,
the Minbari would do the same
when the time came.

Off the go,hopefully, to prevent
that terrible cry from being sent.
Babylon 5 under attack,
they must hold the Shadows back,
although there is much they lack.
Many may die,
before out is sent the desperate plea and cry.
Hopefully,they go to change what may be,
or this terrible future they will all see.

Subj: Sands of Time
Date: 96-07-14 09:51:19 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

I agree with and respect your message – hey, I feel SAFER already!…. Let’s hope B5 doesn’t come to this:

BLACK-SibyrTiger: SAND

Romances-CROSSED, Chances LOST by a SoCalled FALLEN *BOSS* who tries to ‘FRET’
DisdainfulARROGANCE, PainedDefiance in “Planting”/Deigning to RESTRAIN/DEMAND
*DAMNED!* a RollingStone/Bone-Picker getting NO ‘Moss:’ DiamondICEstreams Un-Set
By Pedantic Steps designed to STING/find NO-Thing SubLime: a MessCrime of Reprimands
Such that which Flows, doesn’t “Stitch”/Grow: an IdleNeedle’s Quilt-UnTucked Sucker-BET
InnerTUMULT, the Result: as WATER Fought for Spice-Dreams BURNS, ‘turns’ to SAND

Subj: A FlowerSpray
Date: 96-07-14 16:14:09 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

We BURNED for a Return To Eden
FullCircle, we’ve Come ComePleat
Folds QuiltCloaked, with a StrokedPenn
Red Sweet enough to be UnRough, DISCREET

Emerald/Opal/Sapphired Eyes on FIRE, “InDreams”
Rain POURs NOT AppleCored, into a “Peach Orchard”
A PerfumedBoon, not Stench, Drenched in FusionBeams
No Forest-Mess of RumpStumps, Lumps/HardenedShards

It is the Whiz of Taking CARE of Trees
Not BuzzSaw Claws, that BARE *FRUIT*
A DecaLiter WaterTREASURE, to Freeze?
Dry”Dunes” RUINED, by an UnCouth Brute

It is HOW not “If….” you use POWER
To Sweetly “TREAT” like a *ROSE*
That Prevents a Descent, of going SOUR
Rather, a Lather of ManyFLOWERS, under the NOSE

For ANY Garden to MEND, you need a Balance
Of Water GOOD FOOD, and VariableLevels of Light
Such that what’s before your Eyes Tranquilizes, EnTrances
No Necromancer’s BLOCK-OUT BLIGHT of Sight

Subj: Re:A FlowerSpray
Date: 96-07-14 16:14:50 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

Without it, Flowers become Fragile, Brittle
In the Wind, their Roots Must Descend
Not if ROTTED, UnJustly Piddled, Riddled
Such that they Fray, BREAK in Wake, not Bend

We are ALL Part of the Haart of a Circle of Life
To Feel it’s KEEL; it’s like a great MateWHEEL
NonSense, a Defense of the Violence of Strife
Only Leaves BrokenWeaves, onions are no fun to peel

No FlowerCrash at 200mph, StockLocked
A Lion says “bub, you’re just a Hub, but a SOUL”
A somwhat “StaidInstinct” Mermaid’s LegendaryROCK
An Anima who KNOWS the Growing’Spokes” that ROLL

The Best Water is Not Feared, but ClearlyHONEST
Eyes that don’t DENY, “Try” for a GOOD Start
Lies are Cute? MutelyKILL, making a NakedTravesty
Gardening CONSENTING Broken-Haarts, BLOWN APART

Camels only know to carry burdens
A legacy of a SandySea, a FlirtingDesert
Sand/SnowBlown, no fun to “ComeUndone”
Red Petals descend, not mend, DrylyDie, Inert

Subj: Re:A FlowerSpray
Date: 96-07-14 16:15:21 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

From this a LION Rises
Seeing Pleas on either shore
Vowing to Fight an EGO-Flow of Lies
The *Sight* to DEFY them, to the CORE

The EvilDragon says “thou shalt”
Against a “2010”s Legacy
Enough Bluffs to have “Hal” throw a Fit
Defending to rend HellBent Eyes, KNEES

But then, the EvilDragon is Slain
An “M5″s Trek realizes what it’s done
Contriving, having DeceasedRoses Lain
“Saving?” GraveDigging a PrideTrigger GUN

And then, the Lion becomes a CHILD
From DoveLove, & CommonSense
Tame, BlameFree, maybe still DeeplyWild
Sleeping in a Core’s”Age of INNOCENCE”

Fading into the Shade of Dreams
Facing a SubLime Time with Aplomb
Dawn Breaks, Psyche’sWake in Consciousness
To begin the RhymeRace, after RedShadows come

Subj: Re:A FlowerSpray
Date: 96-07-14 16:16:07 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

What was ALWAYS Fought, Sought to be Taught for
Is another Trek, a VorlonBabylonFOUR’s “voyageHOME”
To be SubConsciously Immersed/Submersed in WATER
To Float Quilt-Coated in the YouthfulTru
th of a TIMELESS-Tome

A Navigator, swimming NAKED through “Space”
Traveling without Moving, Smooth as Glass
A “Pool” of SpiceGas; “Folds” of an INNER-Race
LifeWater to SeeWithIN: Sons/Daughters VorlonGraviton’s Mother-MASS

In the Womb, “seeing” Tombs of “Plans within Plans”
Most Everyone has FUN? NoOne gets HURT?
Collecting FLOWERS, is NO SelfDefeat Measure of a MAN

Some “ComeUndone,” from the TRUTH-Path, Part
Deciding to HIDE, Lie, Deny, CoalSouls led astray
What do you think grows, in a sinking, Lonely Hart?
Innocence LOST; from HONESTY, they’ve Walked AWAY

I wouldn’t have a Garden of such Diversity
If I didn’t Truly, Fully *really* know….
That to FEED, you need UNIVERSALITY
To ‘have’ MANY HaartFelt-Smelt Flowers GROW

Subj: Re:A FlowerSpray
Date: 96-07-14 16:16:36 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online

Peach Blossoms should “never say never”….
A DenialTrial of YellowTulips, for “Cries WithIn”
To have Red/White Roses kept UnWept, TOGETHER
To BATHE UnScathed, Red/Blue(Purple) Salvia on the Skin….

But a Gardener must condemn the WEEDS
To AXE their DishonorableActs, that they SOW
NO “bought” water: DON’T FEED such Seeds
From their STEMs, only PROBLEMS will GROW

Their “TrueColors” are actually EASY to See/Know
Boring, ANNOYING, deVoid of ANY Toys or CHARM
NEVER “Making like a Tree to LEAVE,” and “Let it Go”
Their Stumps, BARED RUMPS, do the WHOLE Garden HARM

But the FuzzyBuzz of HummingBirds and BusyBees
Forage, GORGE on the Flowers’ NARCOTIC Nectar

UnTAXED, I RELAX, in Cultivating the Garden
“Smelling the Roses” is worse than Crows? A TOMB, no Womb?
Games that ProCreate DisDain, DEADening Red to Pretend?
NOT Fearfully, but Sincerely, do the Most Beautiful, FRAGILE Flowers *BLOOM*

Subj: New Moon on Monday
Date: 96-07-15 00:31:06 EDT
From: SibyrTiger
Posted on: America Online


A “New Moon on Monday,” Today


NEVER Intending to Descend, Thrilled “Girls on Film” ‘relating’ to our NAME
This Kate wanted to SEVER, her “View to a Kill” was to “Hold Back the RAIN”

“Can you hear me?” it was the “DRUG” that “Planet Earth” thought a “BigThing”
Her FUSS? PhallicSymbolRhymes, a *Jealous* “state of mind,” singing to STING

But to Stare, Fight, & Care; say “AnyOne Out There?” Ignorantly, we GLOWED
To SUNDER with the “Sound of THUNDER,” wondering in Wake of WaterFlow
“Is There Something (we) Should Know?”

To “CREATE” MY *OWN FATE,* I NEEDED to “Seed” with “My Own Way”
Propellers under their own PowerMotors, ‘Made in the Shade’ Blades to PLAY

Runes of “Notorious”BLOOD to FLOOD “Dunes” in a “Union of the SNAKE”
UnderBurningSand”Land”s, a *Worm*Sleeper SubconsciouslyWithInME Awakes

External Stress, Fostered NoThing LESS than a “NEW RELIGION” of my own
Yes, others’ *MESS* Forced MY Course for an UnDeniableTruth to be SHOWN

It’s not that the Lion didn’t TRY to FLY, seeking the Break of a “SAFER”Choice
No RESPECT for his VOICE: I’m the one who PROTECTs it/makes the NOISE!

“(Their) Antarctica”s ‘what they’ve made,’ “trading in MY shelter for DANGER”
Such that, when I Rise, an Ascent of Different EYES, SKIES of a “7th Stranger”

A ComeOn TooStrong, can cause others to “ComeUnDone,” Cutting to the CORE
The RocketFuel to EnGULF, “Hungry like the WOLF,” a 7thRaggedTiger-ROAR

SEARING into their DEEPEST FEARS, Weeping/”Lonely in (their) NightMare”
Perhaps a better, a WETTER lapse, to Waive off PainedRain, & “Save a Prayer”

I KahnFess, when OverlySTRESSED, the “Pavement” of a Psyche’s “CRACKED”
For you CAN’T RUN from what you’ve got REPRESSED in a CORE, or LACK

The Ultimate Goal is to KNOW, & have your “Shadows ON YOUR SIDE”
To Set a Psyche FREE, NOT have a Haart’sCORE Run, FLEE, & *HIDE*

The “Reflex” Message: a “LuckyStrike” for InnerTreasure” while Iron is HOT”
Finding what’s WILD becomes a CHILD, CHERISHING the Wishes you’ve GOT

We NEVER meant a Monday to *TIE,* devalue/exploit, Create a “Skin Trade”
Ploys, deciding to HIDE, CONFIDE, DENY was THEIR CHOICE, FreelyMade

In my LuckyClover’s Sekret(Red)October, “Is There Something I Should Know?”
WroughWater to SPILL, not an exploited/hurtDESERT, a “Living”RIVER”RIO”

A Lion”American Science,” to LESS-Bluntly go on the HUNT, “I Take the Dice”
As such, in “Touch” with KatiaKoala’s EarthlyANIMAs “Dune”Rune’s *SPICE*

A CreatedLiberated Psyche’sRevolution/InnerFIGHT: a “New Moon on Monday”
Inspired*FIRE,* Warming Lonely”Satellites,” a “7th Stranger’s” Year of Sundays

“Notorious” for trying to “Take Off” & FLY, “Take them “HIGHER,” ALOFT
NOT to Tolerate, but BERATE the LIARS, Our OnLineRhymes”JERKED OFF”

We DIDN’T HATE the Sight for what, at NIGHT, “away they were Stealing”
Water was not UnSought for, the SituationState was “A Matter of FEELING”

Shadows that CROW, Concentrating on “Do(ing) the Demolition,” “Reflex”LOST
SHOOTINGdown those InspiringHigher: “I Don’t Want Your Love”s the*COST*

“Bring me Down?” TURN IT AROUND! I Let GO, to BeCome a “7th Stranger”
A FormerTiger’s I.D. Descent to PreventDanger, WarmMothers, OtherMangers

For some, the Shrill, “A View to a KILL;” a Mate’s ‘Date’ of a FATAL-KISS
NOT *Realizing,* EnMired, Baptized in *FIRE:* Destroying*Boys* “Missed”

“The Violence of Summer, but Love’s Taking Over:” a JuxtaPosition SubLime
When “Wild Boys” *Descend*…. they’re MILD, but all-ways Play to *SHINE*

Oh, “Venice’s Drowning?” GoingDown “All Along The Water” of a LifeTIME
Going “DownTown” (NoFrowns) is a “Crystal Ship” *Drug’s* State of MIND

“The Chauffer’s”UnTrue”Sliver”SingBlueSilverVoyeurEnviedLady, PeaGREEN
*KATE*sPainedBasicInstincts: “Edge”yHATE? Let it Rain, “Too Late Marlene”

Subj: The OTHER TwinStar….
Date: 96-07-15 18:07:53 EDT
From: KatiaKoala
Posted on: America Online

Subj: Walking With The Sage
Date: 96-07-13 23:30:38 EDT
From: JDsuns
Flutter about the green covered groves,
grasp and clutch onto the needy souls.

Endure the cruel and nurish the kind,
Look upon all and see what one will never find.

Trust and Live.

WarpSignature: quite possibly the *J* TWIN-STAR, a woman that we hardly know or have spoken to, and hence may have been hard to distinguish from the E-TwinStar. (I have a hard enough time distinguishing different people, much less SISTERS….) In any case, she’s done NOTHING WRONG, and TigerJustice DEMANDS that she be given some “attention” of her own….

Another matter has also come to my attention; that the E-TwinStar was also mistaken for the “FatherLawyer,” who ALSO, as a new WarpSignature, was impossible to recognize without, well, “FirstContact”…. LikeWise, she has NO quarrel with US, and hence the Tiger….


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