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Babylon 5 Furniture

There is a joke among the set designers and fans that the B5 set was furnished by items from Ikea. On this page I am attempting to showcase some of the furnishings I have found. I will try to keep this updated as my sleuthing progresses.

Glass Etched Table

glass_table While the glass table is custom made, the chrome chairs have been located as a “Vienna Chrome Chair” at http://www.cellaluxuria.com/vienna-chrome-chair Vienna-800x800

Council Chamber Chairs

and-all-my-dreams-torn-asunder-01 The high-backed chairs dating back to the first season are commonly referred to as Mackintosh High Back “Barcelona” Chair. http://interiordesignblogbylegacy.wordpress.com/tag/barcelona-chair/ charles_mackintosh_cm_41_stuhl_gr_big Hopefully more coming soon!

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