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Babylon 5 Lego

Greetings to Babylon 5 – Some behind the scenes stuff and The Zocalo Today!

I’ve been wanting to create a replica of the Observation Dome main control panel (Ivanova’s station) for years, but the sheer size of the project was intimidating.  Then I had an idea to make it out of Lego.  In mid-2011 or thereabouts, I searched on YouTube and found someone had done a few stop-animation movies with custom Babylon 5 mini-figs. Mark from Balsa Wood Studios replied to my email enthusiastically, and then sent me some close-ups of his custom figures.

He appreciated my interest and said I could share them here.

I am still working/designing my Babylon 5 Ob Dome in Lego – I’ll keep you posted on my progress.  -Troy

Update 7/28/2014 – I still have not completed my personal lego obdome, but hope to get working on it again soon!

Here are Mark’s original Lego stop-motion films. Be sure to Comment and Like the video on YouTube as well!

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