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Babylon 5 Previews

I was hired to work on the Babylon 5 web site in October of 1995. At that time the site was still on the rapidly becoming obsolete Pathfinder portal run by Time-Warner. Visitors to the site were often greeted with ridiculously long URLs that attempted to keep their session ID in the browser query string.

Once I got settled in and established as the resident Babylon 5 expert, they began to ask me what types of things (programming) I would like to see on the site from a fan’s perspective. I looked at some of the other things we were doing, including our fancy new multimedia digitizing room and said “episodic promos.”

Babylon 5 and EXTRA Online were the #1 online properties for Warner Bros. at this time. Even after the addition of Rosie O’Donnell, The top three remained the power-hitters for the division, and company, for years. So when I made a suggestion, more often than not I was met with a “do it.”

The studio sent us the episodic promos on 3/4″ tape every week. Either myself or my immediate supervisor, Sam Smith, would digitize the video at 160×120 mode and post both an AVI and a “Quicktime Theater” version. You can see from the list below where we actually started doing this. I believe it was around “The Fall of Night” and the ones previous to that were the rerun previews.

The response to the episodic previews was incredible, so we kept the feature going throughout the 3rd and 4th seasons of the show. When I left to work on the game show Pictionary in the fifth season, suddenly the previews stopped. I came back to the division in late 1999, but at that point Babylon 5 was considered a “legacy” property and I was not allowed much time to bring it back up to snuff. Somewhere between 2000-2001, the site was completely turned off and forwarded to the Warner Bros. Home Video site.

So, here are all of the episodic previews myself and Sam created at Warner Bros. For the sake of space, I am including only the AVI versions, and then the MOV versions, which we switched to in the fourth season.

Season Two:

209 The Coming of Shadows Rerun
214 And Now For a Word Rerun
215 There All the Honor Lies Rerun
222 The Fall of Night Rerun
Season Three:
301 Matters of Honor Rerun
303 A Day in the Strife Rerun
304 Voices of Authority All New
305 Passing Through Gethsemane Rerun
306 Dust to Dust Rerun
307 Exogenesis All New
308 Messages from Earth All New
309 Point of No Return All New
310 Severed Dreams Rerun
311 Ceremonies of Light and Dark Rerun
312 A Late Delivery from Avalon Rerun
313 Sic Transit Vir Rerun
314 Ship of Tears Rerun
315 Interludes and Examinations Rerun
316 War Without End Part 1 Rerun
317 War Without End Part 2 Rerun
318 Walkabout Rerun
321 Shadow Dancing Rerun
322 Z’Ha’Dum All New
322 Z’Ha’Dum Rerun
Season Four
401 The Hour of the Wolf Rerun
402 Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi? Rerun
403 The Summoning Rerun
404 Falling Toward Apotheosis Rerun
405 The Long Night All New
406 Into the Fire All New
407 Epiphanies All New
408 The Illusion of Truth All New
409 Atonement All New
410 Racing Mars All New
411 Lines of Communication All New
412 Conflicts of Interest All New
413 Rumors, Bargains and Lies All New
414 Moments of Transition All New
415 No Surrender, No Retreat All New
416 The Exercise of Vital Powers All New
417 The Face of the Enemy All New
418 Intersections in Real Time All New
419 Between the Darkness and the Light Rerun
420 Endgame All New
421 Rising Star All New
422 The Deconstruction of Falling Stars Rerun

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