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Babylon 5 Merchandise

Many Babylon 5 fans were shocked to find out about the lack of authorized Babylon 5 merchandise early on in the series. The show itself did a little spoof, poking fun at Star Trek in which Ivanova proclaimed “This isn’t some Deep Space Franchise!”

The first Babylon 5 merchandise was “pirate” merchandise made without a license, and was quickly shut down by JMS and con-goers when discovered. Some of the earliest included awful patch replicas, as well as plastic “ID cards” for various crew members.

Slowly, more and more merchandise was released. Below you will find some of my personal, historical record of merchandise I have aquired and mostly have sold. I recently discovered a web site backup that had these photos so i wanted to include them as part of the history of Babylon 5. I hope you enjoy.


Bubble Buddies



Coffee Mugs

Cast Only

More coming soon!

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