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One of the most fun projects I flew lead on during my tenure at Warner Bros. Online, was being project manager of the Babylon 5 360 degree “QuickTime VR” panoramas of various parts of the station. We had already completed some of these for other shows such as ER, Friends and Lois & Clark, and I begged and pleaded to let us do a few around the Babylon 5 set. They eventually agreed.

We called upon the services of Janie Fitzgerald of Axis Images. Janie was (and is) an expert in 360 degree photos, and we set up a time with the studio and production crew to be on set to shoot them.

(More on the creation of the panoramas coming soon…)

Click on a panorama to view it. You need to have QuickTime player installed. These are the original files.

vr_customs vr_medlab vr_obdome1 vr_obdome2 vr_sheridan vr_zocalo

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